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Default Summer Break

Okay, since you guys were so good with the comments on "The Procedure"...

Summer Break

The Dylan brothers thought they had hit the jackpot. A full summer in the city away from their prudish mother, and she had finally, finally agreed to remove their orgasm blocks!

Tyler couldn’t stop grinning during the bus ride to New York city. “You brought the stuff, right Jake? The good stuff?”

His identical brother groaned. “For the fourth time, yes! I snuck out last night and bought your stupid baby oil. I don’t know why you use that stuff.”

Tyler giggled. “I’ll show you- you won’t believe how good your hand feels!” He actually started getting hard, right on the crowded bus, imagining a whole summer with all the masturbation he could stand! “This is going to be great!”

Across the aisle, the soccer mom whose feet Jake had been trying not to stare at the entire trip coughed disapprovingly. Jake elbowed Tyler in the ribs. “How many times have I told you!” he hissed to his brother. “They can hear it when you get hard! That’s one of the Powers!”

“Okay, okay,” Tyler replied, then forced a few deep breaths. “There? Happy?” He waited ten seconds, then giggled again, quietly. “This is going to be great!”

“We don’t even know if Aunt Miranda will let us,” Jake warned.

“Oh, she won’t care,” Tyler replied. “You’ll see- she’s the cool aunt!”

Tyler and Jake had called Miranda “the Cool Aunt” as long as they could remember. She was the one that gave them sweaters under the Christmas tree, then slipped them the cheerleaders-killing-zombies video game when their mother wasn’t looking. She was the only one of their sexy aunts or hot cousins who accepted their invitation to swim at the Labor Day Party, laughing and splashing with them in a tight one-piece which clung to her like a second skin, as all the uncles tried not to ogle. And she was the one who always dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, in a short cocktail dress that almost covered the tops of her sheer stockings and high heels that made her already long legs look impossible. And she never mentioned it when Tyler dropped his napkin again and again trying to look up her skirt under the table, or that one time Jake’s hand brushed against her tight ass when he was trying to squeeze past her in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Jake said, eying the New York skyline as it approached. “She’s always been cool before.”

Miranda swung open the door thirty seconds after Jake had rung the bell, in a long but tight business skirt and high heels, looking just as great as they remembered. “Boys!” she cheered, pulling Jake into a big hug and pressing her hips against his just long enough to make him hold his breath. “My, you’ve grown so much, look at these shoulders!” she said, rubbing Jake’s wide delts. “I’m going to have to put a steel bar across the door or the neighborhood girls are going to break it down!”

Jake blushed, stepping back. “Oh, Aunt Miranda...”

“Hey, where’s MY hug?” Tyler demanded.

“Right where your mind is- in the gutter! Put that thing away and then we’ll talk,” she laughed, pointing at his crotch and the slight tent in it.

“Tyler!” Jake hissed.

“I’m sorry!” his brother laughed, rolling his suitcase into the apartment. “Did you see those girls we just passed on the sidewalk? And the ones before them?”

“Tyler! I’m sorry, Aunt Miranda.”

“Oh, I understand. Summer is prime girl watching season in New York,” Miranda laughed, ushering Jake in and closing the door. “As the temperature rises, the dresses get shorter and shorter. Trophy wives, snobby models, even powerful business women, all of them show some thigh in summer. Some of them stop wearing bras in mid-July. And in August…” She had their full attention now. “some even go without undies! You boys got here at just the right time! Come on, your room’s this way.”

“Are you speaking from experience, or...?” Tyler asked, with his trademark lopsided grin that Jake hated. Jake tensed, waiting for Miranda to explode.

But she just laughed. “Tyler Dylan, as your aunt, I make it my mission that you’ll never find out! Now, here you go.”

Tyler looked inside, then said, “But… it’s just one room with two beds. And it doesn’t even have a door. We won’t have any privacy!”

“Now what would you boys be needing to do in here that required all that privacy?” Miranda asked, smirking at them until they looked away.

“Now, you can change out of your traveling clothes if you’d like before dinner. I promise to make noise if I come down the hall!”

She turned and left the boys to stare at the small shared room. They each put their suitcase on their bed, but neither undressed. They hadn’t shared a room since they were ten years old! They awkwardly put their clothes away in their side of the dresser, then walked out to the kitchen.

Miranda had changed out of her crisp professional clothes into a loose t-shirt and short running shorts. The boys had never seen her casual side before, and both were amazed she looked just as sexy dressed down, like a tall, runway model girl next door. Jake, especially, couldn’t stop looking at how her long, thin, perfect feet padded across her kitchen floor, stretching when she reached for the glasses or toes curling cutely when she sneezed. Before she caught him, Jake forced himself to pull his eyes to something more appropriate, like where her thighs almost touched, or her tiny, firm ass.

Which Tyler had been looking at the whole time. He grinned and elbowed Jake in the ribs as Miranda bent far into the refrigerator, her shorts riding up, up, up the back of her thighs as she rooted around. “Stop it,” Jake mouthed silently to his brother, with a warning glance.

“Nooooooooo,” Tyler mouthed back.

Miranda pulled out of the fridge and both boys pretended they were looking at the paintings on the wall. “So,” she smiled, holding up a bottle of wine, “you boys must want something cold to drink.”

Jake’s eyes got large. “Aunt Miranda- we’re not 21 yet!”

“And I’m not the wine police. You both are going away to college next year, right?” They nodded. “Then you’re old enough. God knows you should learn how to handle it here instead of at some frat party.” She poured three glasses as the pasta cooked.

Jake sipped his, found the taste incredible and tried to save it for his meal. Tyler drained his glass right away, then held it up. “Refill, please!”

“I’m not crazy either,” Miranda chuckled. “You mother would kill me. One glass a night, max. That way I can still pretend it’s for your heart.”

“You know, I’ve read that somewhere,” Jake said, sipping his glass again. “Red wine only, though.”

“That’s right, Jake!” Miranda replied. “Okay, pasta’s done, let’s eat!”

Tyler gave the smug Jake an angry look as they sat down. They talked about the boys’ college plans and the past basketball season where Tyler had scored more points than Jake in every game, but where Jake had hit the game-winning shot at Homecoming and Senior day.

Miranda tried to explain what she did, but Jake and Tyler still didn’t understand how Sex Powers crossed over to medicine, especially since their Aunt left out all the R-rated or even PG-13 bits, over the boys’ protests.

Even though she was at least ten years older than him, Jake found himself hooked by the way Miranda laughed, wild and unafraid, or the way she smiled with just the corner of her lips. And, more than once, when she crossed her long legs, Jake fought his good sense and snuck a peek at her bare feet. He was sure she didn’t notice.

After they had sat for a while, Miranda leaned back in her chair with a satisfied grin, and propped her feet on the next chair.

“You boys clean the table at my sister’s place, right?”

“Yes, Aunt Miranda,” Jake gulped, trying to look away from her soles but not make it obvious he was looking away.

“Well, same rules apply here! Dish soap’s under the sink.”

As she watched Jake and Tyler bustle around the table and start filling the sink, she laughed. “I think I’m going to like having two young men living with me all summer! I’m going to take a shower!”

It wasn’t a lot of dishes, but Jake groaned. The sink was tiny. It was going to take a while. Especially since Tyler washed one fork, then started looking down the hall where Miranda had disappeared.

“Hey, pay attention,” Jake said.

“I am! Do you realize she’s showering right now!”

“No! Don’t you dare-”

But Tyler was already sneaking towards the bathroom, leaving Jake elbow deep in soapy water. Tyler tried under the door, then through the gap near the hinge, and then finally, because of the movies, the keyhole. Which actually worked.

His eyes got large he spotted his aunt, naked in the shower. The shower curtain was even transparent! She had her back to him, but her strong, well-defined back, her long legs and firm heart-shaped ass was enough to get Tyler rock hard in seconds. He gave Jake a big thumbs up.

“Stop!” Jake hissed, wet dish in hand. “She’ll hear you!”

Miranda smiled. The young, desperate hard-on outside the door, Tyler’s if she knew the boys at all, was like an alarm clock to her. There was no way she could miss it, being expertly trained in Powers. But, if she wanted this part of the game to last a little bit longer, she at least had to provide an excuse to why she was missing it. She reached one arm out of the shower and flicked on the bathroom radio with practiced ease. Loud Latin music started playing and she rocked her hips and hummed along, like she couldn’t hear a thing outside.

Tyler couldn’t believe it. He gave Jake a thumbs up so hard he almost sprained his thumbs. There was no way she could hear him now- he could look all he wanted! And, god, the way she was moving her naked, tanned ass sensuously from side to side- Tyler almost came in his pants! He had never seen a nude woman before, but he was sooooo glad that Aunt Miranda was his first! His hand started moving over the painful tent in his pants, stroking through the cloth.

Miranda listened to Tyler stroke with a smile. She was careful to keep her back to him as she swayed her ass in time to the music. She even bent over to pick up her shampoo, crossing her ankles slightly so that the innocent boy she was teasing wouldn’t see her shaved pussy his first peep. No, a boy’s first peep has to be more wholesome than that, she laughed to herself. And, it has to be unfulfilled…

She listened to Tyler’s orgasm approach, then pretended she heard a sound in the hallway just as he got close. The boy stopped in shock as Miranda leaned out of the shower to turn down the radio, covering her firm breasts with her arm. She pretended to listen for a few seconds, then shrugged and turned up the music again, hoping she hadn’t scared him away.

Tyler’s heart was pounding. If she opened the door, he would be caught! On the other hand, look at that ass! He wasn’t a pussy like Jake. He kept watching, just not stroking.

Perfect, Miranda thought, then really turned up the heat. She could hear his cock throbbing but untouched, painfully hard as she soaped her legs and ass, slowly and thoroughly. Tyler’s cock sounded like it was going to pop right off him, and knowing that she caused that, and was keeping him from touching it- it made her pussy burn.

She soaped her breasts and stomach, trying to decide. She had wanted to build up to that, to let each boy see her more and more erotically, to slowly ratchet up the pressure on their hopeless balls, but with the way the world was nowadays, there wouldn’t be time.

The horny boys would probably try to stroke it tonight, and then everything would have to come out in the open. Miranda shrugged, then, making sure to keep her back to the door, put a foot up on the side of the tub, closed her eyes, and let her hand drift down towards her pussy.

Tyler was dying, fighting his right hand. Even from behind, he could tell what his aunt was doing! The way she threw her head back, the way her hips pushed urgently against her fast-moving hand. He was watching a woman masturbate! A super hot woman! But he couldn’t do a thing about it! He actually bit his hand, trying to keep from stroking.

“What’s happening?” Jake hissed. Tyler just waved him off. That pussy was still cleaning dishes, while he was watching his aunt clean her pussy!

Tyler ached as Miranda lifted her head up, closing her eyes and opening her mouth to let the warm water flow in and around it. The way she licked her lips, underneath the showerhead- it was like she was asking for a dick to suck! Tyler couldn’t take much more, he was about to stroke, but then Miranda's muscles strained and she hissed through her lips, then relaxed, breathing slower, letting the water wash over her. Tyler almost came when he saw her lick her fingers clean, although he didn’t know why that turned him on so much. And when she suddenly wrapped a towel around herself and moved toward the door, he scrambled to rejoin his brother at the sink.

“What happened?” Jake demanded.

“Nothing special,” Tyler said with his lop-sided grin. “Pass me that last plate.”

Jake fumed as he heard Miranda’s voice behind him. “Tyler, you did such a good job drying those dishes- you got every one!” Then he turned to see her dripping wet, a large towel wrapped around her from armpit to thigh, and lost all thought.

“Boys, it’s been a long day, I’m going to turn in a little early,” she said, smiling at Tyler’s leer and Jake’s dropped jaw, adjusting her towel slightly. “Feel free to watch some TV, but not too loud. I'm a light sleeper. We’ll meet up before I have to leave for rounds tomorrow morning.”

Jake and Tyler watched her leave, close her bedroom door, and then did watch TV. For ten minutes.

Tyler moved to get off the couch, but Jake said, “Wait.” And then they watched TV for another twenty minutes. Tyler fidgeted on the couch the entire time.

“Wait,” Jake said when Tyler tried to leave again.

“She’s asleep by now!”

“We have to be sure!”

“Whatever. I’m going,” Tyler replied, then got up.

“Well, at least we have to make it look like we’re going to bed- not just rushing in there to whack off!” Jake said, but turned off the TV.

Miranda tracked the boys by their low-level arousal as she lay naked in bed, a silly romance novel in one hand and gently rubbing her pussy with the other. She laughed as she listened to them brush their teeth, turn off the lights, and go to their room, all with full, hopeful balls. She flipped another page of “Pride and Prejudice and Powers” and smiled, slipping a finger softly around her slick pussy lips and keeping an ear pointed toward the boys’ room.

The boys changed into their sleep clothes, sweatpants for Jake and boxers for Tyler, with their backs to each other. Jake’s dick was already getting hard as he got into bed.

“This will be our first time… in six months,” he gulped, pulling the covers around him.

“Eight months for me,” Tyler spat back. “Because you ratted about my baby-oil stash!”

“Because it’s disgusting. Just use your hand like everyone else does!”

“Why are you in here again?” Tyler demanded. “Go watch TV or something!”

“If she wakes up, I can’t be like, ‘Oh, Tyler’s in there jerking it. My turn’s next!’ We have to at least look like we’re sleeping if she comes by. Like mom does.”

“Whatever, just don’t look over here!”

“You either,” Jake replied, and there was silence. Heart racing in his chest, hand trembling, he reached down into his sweatpants and grabbed his rock-hard shaft for the first time in seven days. Their mother had been especially watchful the week before their trip to “the Sinful Big City”.

It felt so good. Perfect, like God wanted them to be happy. Jake started stroking very slowly, and smiled for the first time during the trip.

In her room, Miranda brushed her now-dry hair a few times, then tied a short silk robe around herself, making sure the hem almost but not quite exposed her ass. She listened to the boys’ masturbating, their fantasies wide open to her perusal, as she tried to decide between wearing a silky pink thong or cute white g-string.

Tyler was thinking about her, obviously, although she was much more frantic masturbating in his fantasy shower than she had been in real life. And she didn’t remember spanking her own ass tonight. She shook her head and chuckled.

Jake was thinking about some plain but sweet-faced girl from his high school who could loose a few pounds but still filled out a pair of jeans very nicely. Good for you, Jake, she thought, slipping on the pink thong.

Miranda continued tracking their thoughts as she practiced her “shocked” face in the mirror, repeating it until it was just the right mix of scandalized and amused.

Finally, Jake couldn’t take it anymore. “What did Aunt Miranda look like...in the shower?” he panted, fist slick with pre-cum under his covers.

“Fucking awesome,” Tyler grunted back, his hand moving much faster than Jake’s. “Like those girls in Sports Illustrated. And I saw everything! And she masturbated, right in front of me!”

Jake was too far gone to call bullshit. He didn’t care anymore. His sap was rising, he was going to blow his first real load in many months, and it was going to be huge. He imagined his gorgeous, sexy Aunt Miranda masturbating naked in the shower, just for him, and went for the final stretch.

That’s my queue, Miranda giggled, opening her bedroom door. She slipped into her fuzzy slippers, the ones that made the loudest sound, and then started slowly down the hall.

Jake’s hand froze at the sound coming towards them. Flip-flop. Flip-flop. Fuck! He was so close! Fuck! His fist was covered in pre-cum; just a few more strokes! But he stopped and hissed to Tyler. “She’s coming! Stop!”

Tyler kept stroking at first, then stopped when the noise got louder. “Fuck!”

Both boys waited, frozen, hard and straining under the thin blankets, begging the footfalls to not get any closer. They reached the kitchen, and stopped. Then they reached the living room and paused. Then they started slowly coming down the hall to their room.

Jake wished he had pulled his sweatpants up earlier- they were at his knees but now it was too late, she’d hear the rustling! He had to hope that she wouldn’t see his tent in the moonlight.

Tyler wished he hadn’t taken his boxers completely off to masturbate- there was no way he could put them on now. He lay completely naked under the sheet, trapped and praying.

Miranda used her Powers to sense the poor boys’ hearts racing like bunnies, and took her time, drawing their torture out more. She paused right outside their door, listening to the beautiful sound of their hard cocks quivering untouched.

And then she flipped on the light. "What are you boys doing in here?" she demanded, her face shocked, scandalized, but just slightly amused. "I was dead asleep!"

Jake couldn't talk. He couldn't breathe! He was also sure his heart had stopped beating. "Aunt... Mir..anda- we're sorry!"

She strutted to the center of the room and put her hands on her hips, staring from one blushing boy's blanket tent to the other. "Does my sister let you do this sort of thing back home!"

"Yes!" “No.”

Tyler gave Jake a sour look.

"I'm glad one of you told the truth," she laughed. "Jake, what are your mother's rules about this?"

Jake couldn’t even look at her stern face, but looking down at his Aunt's body in the thin pink robe and all the warm flesh it showed off just made him harder. "We... we're not allowed to touch ourselves at all."

"Never?” Jake shook his head. “Then how do you release all that pressure in your testicles? At your age it should become unbearable after just a day or two."

Jake hated himself. He was getting even harder, being forced to admit this to aunt! "Mom... milks us every two weeks, on the dining room table."

Miranda put a hand over her mouth. "Oh my!" she laughed. "You poor boys." Of course she had known the basics already, the sisters talked every month, but hearing it from young Jake's trembling mouth just made it more pussy-tingling. She shook her head, eyes locked on the outline of each boy's hard cock under the thin blanket as they squirmed. "My sister's going about it all wrong."

"Boys your age shouldn't be kept from ejaculating, they should be encouraged! God knows the girls will have a field day with you two in college soon enough, so you might as well enjoy a little masturbation now."

She stopped at Tyler's bed, pulled the blanket tighter around his midsection. "Is that baby oil soaking through my Egyptian cotton blankets?"

Tyler looked away blushing. "Yes."

Miranda shook her head, then stood up again. "So here are my rules, in effect all summer long. First, if you're stroking, you have to do with the covers off. No dripping on my beddings, is that clear, Tyler?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Miranda smiled and crossed her arms. "Well, what are you waiting for? Peel that blanket off!"

"Now? But..."

"I've already seen what you've got, the moment you touched yourself, like a TV in my head. As if you were floating naked in front of me. So peel off or... we can always follow your mother's rules for the summer."

"No! I'll do it..." Tyler gulped, then slowly dragged the blanket to his stomach, then lower, looking away when it finally showed his cock. He folded it to his knees.

Miranda pulled it the rest of the way off, then picked up his boxer shorts and tossed them under the bed. "You won't need these, either. There you go, nice and nude, just like a young boy should sleep!"

She left the embarrassed naked boy and walked over to Jake's bed. "And you?"

"Please, Aunt Miranda..." Jake begged, blushing horribly. "Please don’t!"

"You’re so shy! Here, I'll help you," she chuckled, slowly pulling on his blanket. The soft cotton grazed his cock as his fear rose and rose and then- "There's your little soldier!" Miranda laughed. She pulled the blanket below his feet, then said, "Sweatpants, please."

Jake's hand shook as he pulled them off. Miranda's hands were steady as she folded them sharply and put them back in the dresser.

"That's rule one," she told the shivering nude boys trying to turn their hips away from her gaze. "Rule two is that I don't want you taking all night to play with yourself, keeping the neighbors up and cramping your wrists. If you're going to masturbate, I want you to do it fast and hard, like a real man! You know what I'm talking about, right, Tyler?"

"I guess."

"You guess? You don't like gentle stroking like a girl, do you? You love going all out and blowing a HUGE explosive load like a volcano, don't you?"

"Yes!" This he could understand!

"Demonstrate for me, please." Miranda laughed at the change in his expression. When he still didn't move, she leaned in close and whispered, "It would really turn me on."

His baby-oiled hand found his slick cock and he started pumping. "Faster than that," Miranda said. "Like you really mean it!" His speed increased. "Come on, like an animal! That's what women want!"

Tyler grunted and started stroking like he had always wanted to, like he was angry at his cock. "Yes, that's it- that's the speed I want the whole time!" she laughed.

His balls pulled tight to his body. He didn't feel like he needed to ask for permission, that men ever should ask for permission, but years of training kicked in. "Aunt Miranda... I'm gonna..."

"Not just yet," she laughed, making a Loop around his cock with her finger, blocking his orgasm.

"No!" he yelled, his powerful biological reflex hitting an even older, much more powerful magic she had just put inside his body. His orgasm stayed just out of his reach, tingling at the base of his cock but no further. Tyler stopped stroking after a minute, exhausted, knowing he couldn't defeat it. Only when his hand left his cock did Miranda cut his Loop.

She looked at Jake. "Do you need to demonstrate for me as well?"

Jake shook his head. "No! I understand!"

"Good," she laughed. "And rule three- go ahead boys, you can touch yourself while I'm talking, it's okay. I know it feels good."

Looking at the tall, shapely woman standing feet from him in a wisp of a robe, Jake felt his hand wrap around his cock of its own will. His veins pulsed and he gave himself a quick stroke. It DID feel so good.

"Third and final rule," Miranda smiled, holding up three fingers, "is that you can orgasm all you want this summer. It's a biological need, and I'll never stop you. As much as you want."

Jake laughed in relief- this was exactly what he had dreamed of! His hand started stroking, and he could see Tyler doing the same.

"But," she added, "you have to clean up after yourselves each time. You know what clean up means, right?" Both boys nodded, stroking fast. Miranda smiled. "It means lick every drop of sperm up into your mouth!" THAT stopped them cold.

"What?!?" Jake gasped, hand flying off his cock.

"You can cum all you want this summer," Miranda repeated. "You just have to swallow every drop of cum you shoot, that's all."

"That's all!"

"That'll kill us!" Tyler added. "It's poisonous!"

"I assure you it is not," Miranda chuckled. "I’ve swallowed myself a few times, before the Powers came, and I survived. And don't get me started about your mother! God, back in college-"

"But, but... we can't do that!" Jake begged. “We’re...”

"Men? My husband does it. So do millions of other males." She smiled and looked down at the fearful boys. "Of course it’s humiliating, a man licking up his own spurt. And distasteful, for a moment. But that’s a small price to pay for a nice big orgasm each night, isn’t it?”

Miranda wished she had brought a camera. Their expressions were so precious! “Now, who's first?"

Jake looked at Tyler, saw him looking back, aghast. "I... I don't think we can do that, Aunt Miranda."

"Oh come on now, don't be such babies."

Jake swallowed. “Please, don’t make us-“

Tyler’s soft-spoken question cut across the room. "What does it taste like?"

Miranda smiled. "It's hard to describe, really. Some people say raw oysters, and I can see that. But eating your own load is so different from that- so much more special! In fact, some men come to love the warm, slippery feel of their own cum sliding down their throat. My husband said he never would, but now he loves it.” She laughed. “Well, tolerates it, at least. I'm sure you boys will, too, by the end of summer. It will just take some practice."

The boys looked at each other, still disgusted. Neither moved to stroke again.

Miranda tapped her feet. "Come on now. Really? Neither of you? You're both going to be little princesses, too prim and proper to open your mouths and swallow a big hot load like you're supposed to? Okay."

She went to the closet and pulled out a box. Both boys cringed at the familiar jingle the contents made. "Your mother mailed this to me last week, said I should use them if I needed to."

Confirming the boys' worst fears, Miranda pulled the two metal cage chastity belts out of the box. "Now, I know it's been a few years since you boys were fitted for these. And I can see you've -ahem- grown since then-“ She giggled, looking at their large nude cocks, “But I'm sure they will still fit, even if it’s a little tight!"

She started fumbling with the metal rings and cages. "Now, whose is whose? Did you engrave your names on these or anything?"

"Aunt Miranda, please!" Jake cried. "We haven't worn those in years! Mom just uses Powers to block us now!"

"And have you stroking yourself all night, keeping me up? No way, I've got a surgery in the morning!" She looked at the two belts. "Oh hell, you're twins anyway. Here." She tossed one belt to each boy.

Tyler was already deflating in fear, but Jake found himself getting harder. The thought of his aunt laughing as she stuffed him into the belt...

Miranda raised an eyebrow at him. "Getting hungry, Jake?"

"No, I'll wear it! I'll wear it," he said, trying to squeeze the metal ring around his full balls.

"Come on you two, hurry up!" she said, making her voice sound slightly stern, even as she was delighting in watching two attractive boys lock up their own horny cocks.

"Aunt, it's hard... with you here, to get soft, you know?" Jake said.

"Oh, you're such a flatterer!" she laughed. "Now hurry hurry, or I'll get an icepack!"

Both boys groaned, and with one last painful effort, bent their cocks into the metal cages. Miranda locked tiny padlocks around each, then patted their heads. "Now you're nice and safe." She walked to the doorway and put her hand on the light switch. "Good night, my little princesses- I'll see you in the morning!"

Miranda gave herself one long, vibrator orgasm that night, listening to the boys' penises strain and fight against the unyielding metal until they fell fitfully asleep.
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Jake awoke to a tightness around the root of his cock. It wasn't the hard tightness of a metal ring, but something stringy. And he was erect! He pulled his covers away and was shocked to see the cage gone, replaced by a pink ribbon tied around his balls. And a post-it note.

"You boys sure sleep in late! Took the cages off for safety, no block, but remember the rules! See you for dinner! -M."

Jake threw the post-it away and, with effort, untied the ribbon, almost getting caught up in stroking himself in the process. Tyler started to wake and Jake told him what to expect under the blanket. Tyler ripped off his own covers, flung the note away and started stroking.

"What are you doing!" Jake cried.

"She was here... touching us!" Tyler groaned. "While we slept, she was touching…us!" He stroked fast, just like he had last night.

"Stop! She'll sense you!"
"She's at work!" He stroked faster. "And you don't know what she looked like naked! God, did she look good in the shower.... "


"Tight wet ass, so fucking goo-UNNGH!"

Tyler exploded all over his chest, rope after rope of cum, while his brother watched. Tyler kept stroking, savoring every hard spurt, until he was done. He laid back, smiling his stupid lopsided grin. That's when the pressure on their balls started. Both of them.

Light at first, but growing. Squeezing harder and harder.

"Oh fuck!" Jake cried, cupping his balls. But the feelings were coming from inside! Then Tyler's cell-phone rang. "Answer it!"

"No! It's her!" Tyler spat back, holding his balls too, trying to rub the pressure away. "It's her!"

The pressure squeezing their balls kept growing, the edge of painful now. And still growing, as Tyler's phone rang and rang. "Answer it!" Jake ordered.


"If you won't, I will-"

Just before Jake reached it, the phone's ringing stopped. But the squeezing on their balls did not. Jake's eyes got very big.

"Oh, fuck! No! NO!" He held his balls as he started seeing stars- he was going to throw up-
Then his cell-phone rang. He answered at once.

"Tyler's not following my rules, is he?" Miranda purred.

"No!" Jake gasped, doubled over.

"Tell him to."

"Tyler! You've got to eat it!"


"She won't stop unless you do!"

Grimacing in pain and disgust, Tyler dipped one finger in the pool of his own cum, then quickly into his mouth.

"He's doing it!" Jake cried, and immediately the squeeze on their balls lessened. It was only a forceful clutch now, like when their mother wanted to make a point.

"Make sure he keeps going," Miranda ordered.

"He is, he is!" Jake replied, making a motion for Tyler to continue. Tyler did, and almost spat out his second finger-full.


Miranda laughed. "I heard that! That's more like it. Make sure he gets it all, will you Jake?"

"Yes, Aunt Miranda."

And so Jake had to watch his brother scoop up the puddles of cum that had landed on his chest, one finger at a time, into his own mouth. While his own balls ached, still carrying their heavy load. Tyler grimaced and made a face with each lick.

“Tell him to hurry up,” Miranda said. “It tastes worse when it gets cold.”

“Hurry up, Tyler! He’s almost done, Aunt Miranda. There! He's done!”

“Are you sure?”


“Make sure he gets what ran into his belly button. First timers always forget that.”

Jake relayed the message and Tyler gave him a hateful look, as that added two more scoops after he thought he was finished.

"There, that's all of it!"

“Okay then,” Miranda laughed, and the pressure on their balls vanished. “I left a key on the table, go enjoy the sights. I’ll see you boys at 6 for dinner!” And she hung up.

Jake and Tyler were alone in their room, looking anywhere but at each other. “I’m… going to go take a shower,” Jake finally said.

Tyler stopped him. “Let me brush my teeth first.”

Walking around the city did let the boys forget about what just happened, for a little while. They had their first real New York pizza, they stared at all the impossibly tall buildings everywhere, and couldn’t help but giggle when they found a shop that would sell them a glass bong. Tyler bought it immediately, even though they had no use for it.

But as the day heated up, the sights did too. They passed housewives walking to yoga class in tight tight spandex shorts. Goth girls, with tears in their tight jeans in almost indecent places.
Business women, secretaries, young models, all looking professional, stern, and hot. Hundreds of them. Streets and streets of them.

And what got to Jake was how many of them showed off their feet. Heels were everywhere. And the rest wore loose flip flops. Some of them let their shoes fall off in the subway, their bare feet totally visible for him to stare at. One sultry woman in a business skirt, mid-forties but still hot, even started rubbing her feet, massaging tension out of her high arches, right in front of them. That did it.

“Excuse me,” Jake mumbled, leaning towards her.

She looked up annoyed, then saw his age and nervousness and softened her expression.


“Where’s the best place to get… um, oysters around here?”

“Oh, Grand Central Terminal, of course. The Oyster Bar,” she said with a smile, crossing her legs to rub her other foot.

“Thanks,” Jake mumbled.

“What was that?” Tyler demanded after they got off the train.

“I have to know,” Jake said, checking his map and then walking away.

The waiter slid the tray of 12 oysters on ice in front of the two boys. “Enjoy.”

Jake raised one cold shell to his hand, gingerly sniffed the watery contents, and then tried sucking it into his mouth.

“Yuck!” He looked up at Tyler after only half of it. “Is this what it really tasted like?”

Tyler tried one himself, cautiously. “Kind of. Same texture.” He swallowed it, went for another. “But this is food! We know we’re supposed to eat it! The other thing…” He shuddered.

Jake tried finish his first, steeled himself, and finally did. “How many of these equal… “ he whispered- ”what you spurted?”

“I dunno. Four?”

Jake tried to start his second oyster, and couldn’t even stomach half, spitting the cold liquid out.

Tyler's second oyster hit him harder than the first. “Uugh!" he grimaced. "That one had grit in it!”

Jake motioned the waiter over again.


“Could you like, warm these up?”

The waiter was genuinely horrified. “SIR?”

“Like microwave them or something? To room temperature?”

The waiter took the dish away, frowning stiffy.

“Higher than room temperature!" Tyler called after him. "To body temperature!”

Warmer was a little better, but getting through four was still a long chore, requiring Jake to steel himself over and over again before swallowing the viscous, jelly-like fluid. He was exhausted as Tyler ate his fourth too. The boys looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t finish the rest.

The rest of the day was more of the same. Tan, toned legs everywhere. Midriffs in the park, bare because the girls had laid back, pulling their shirts up as they lay on a blanket. Jersey girls, big fake breasts and tight shorts, laughing and popping their gum at them as the boys started to get hard and had to walk quickly away.

Jake couldn’t even count the number of sexy feet he saw on the way back to Miranda’s apartment in the evening. As he used the key to open the door, Miranda turned to face them from the kitchen.

“Boys! I got a special treat for your first full day in New York! Authentic New York pizza, New York cheesecake, and for appetizers…” She theatrically lifted the top off a large metal dish, and the twins groaned. “Two dozen raw oysters!” she cheered.

Miranda made them eat six oysters each, by telling them how expensive they were, how much of a delicacy they were, and by just not taking no for an answer. In a cool way, of course.

On her own sixth oyster, Miranda let the fluid slosh in her mouth before letting it slide slowly down her throat. “Mmmmmm, I just loooove that feeling. It makes me wish my husband was here!”

Both boys grunted, getting painfully hard in their pants. Miranda laughed, “Don’t get any ideas, boys. I still make him finish what he started. I just like to hold it in my mouth for a while before giving his gift back to him!”

She smiled at the two boys in pain from their own erections and tight underwear. Jake tried to change the subject.

“Is Uncle Joshua.. um, coming back soon?”

“No, he’s in Europe for a few more weeks, unfortunately. Being a world-class underwear model involves a lot of travel.” Miranda picked up another oyster and looked wistfully at it, before sucking it down. “But these days,” she laughed, “with Powers and all, women don’t really want to see him model the underwear.

"Most photo shoots are him nude and face down in bed, the underwear flung artistically on the floor or something. Or him barely covering himself with his hands, in the shower. His days are full of being naked in front of five to ten female photographers, assistants and make up artists, saving all his sperm up so he can come back home and eat it in front of his dear wife.”

Both boys cried out as their pants felt horribly tight and she laughed again. “You boys like that story? We can try it tonight, if you two don’t wuss out again. Now, finish the rest of these. I’m going to start on that cheesecake.”

Eight oysters sloshing queasily in each of their bellies, neither Jake or Tyler felt the least bit horny as they changed for bed. Until Miranda came into their room and tutted at them, looking at their sweatpants.

“Come now, what did I say about wearing clothes to bed? Slip ‘em off!”

Blushing, Jake and Tyler dropped their sweatpants to the ground and jumped under the covers quickly. Miranda put their clothes away in the dresser again, then pulled a key from nowhere and locked it shut. “There, now you won’t be tempted later tonight.”

Hearing the lock click shut, knowing he would be nude until she allowed otherwise, Jake's cock started hardening.

Miranda smiled at them and rubbed her hands. “Now, I’m so sad I missed Tyler’s one-man show this morning! But I think a two-load show now should make up for it!”

Even though he was hard under the blanket, Jake begged, “Please, Aunt Miranda, we don’t feel like it tonight! Not after all those oysters!”

“Oh, you two are such little princesses!” she laughed. “A little exotic food and you don't feel sexy? I’m going to make you both start wearing pretty bows in your hair! Okay, the belts it is.”

She pulled the hated jingling box out again. This time Tyler cried out. “No! Not that again! It hurt so much last night!”

“When did it hurt?”

“When… I tried to get hard.”

“Well, we know how to fix that, right? You already swallowed your yummy load this morning, Tyler, why are you resisting now?”

The young boy blushed horribly, turning away. “I just don’t want to do it again.”

She turned to the other shaking boy. “And you, Jake? Don’t you want your first big release of the summer?”

Jake shook his head. “No!”

She sat on his bed and stroked his hair softly. “Come on… it will help you sleep. I can tell you need it- the girls were pretty hot today, weren’t they? You can think of anyone you want, I won’t say a thing.” Jake felt himself slipping.

“The longer you wait the more cum there’ll be,” she reminded. Jake realized that was true, that he shouldn’t wait-

“No!” Tyler cut in. “We’re not doing it tonight! And I don’t want to wear that belt!”

Jake saw Miranda’s mouth set in a straight line, and shivered in fear. “Well, Tyler, we can try that for one night, but if you slip up, I’ll have you in the belts all summer, do you understand me?”

Tyler gulped. “Yes ma’am.”

“Okay, hands above covers!” Miranda ordered, and they did. She tucked their blankets under the mattress, so tightly that they could barely move. And then gave them each three Loops.

“No touching tonight. At all, do you boys hear me? Not even to scratch.”

They nodded, thankful the chastity box was going back in the closet.

Miranda paused at the door, hand on the light switch. “And masturbation really does help you get to sleep. I’m a little wound up myself right now, so I’m going to have a little fun in my own bed. You may hear some noises from my bedroom, some adult noises, but I don’t want to hear one stroke out of either of you, or those belts will become your second home, okay?”

They nodded again, now truly afraid. She flipped the switch and left.

Miranda didn’t bite her tongue this night, moaning and squealing as loudly as her body wanted to, as the vibrator did its work. After her first big one, she even went for a pleasant second orgasm, because the sounds of the boys’ steel cocks quivering untouched, especially Jake’s desperately backed-up balls, were just too hot for words.

Jake had set his phone alarm to go off early this morning, to prevent Miranda from putting another embarrassing girlie ribbon around his manhood. When it beeped, he ripped off the covers to find… himself wearing yellow thong panties, with bows on the sides.

He jumped out of bed, tried to find his sweatpants, then remembered. The dresser was still locked! He heard dishes in the kitchen, and took a long minute to realize, he had to face her like this, or nude. Only the thought that Tyler would wake up and see him in panties gave him the courage to leave the bedroom.

His cock strained against the sexy panties. He told himself it was just a piss-hard-on, but if it was, it was his hardest ever. And every time he looked down at the soft cotton he got a little harder.

“Morning Jake!” Miranda cheered, already in her work skirt and blouse. “Oh, don’t you look precious! I knew Kelly’s and Vickie’s panties would fit you boys!”

“Kelly… and Vickie…?” His cousins? His snobby, pampered cousins who Jake and Tyler had watched grow hotter each year as their breasts budded, their asses rounded and who just became more stuck-up the hotter they got? Jake wailed, his diamond cock suddenly trying to rip through the panties.

Miranda chuckled and sipped her coffee. “Yep, they left some clothes behind this winter. And I figured this was so much more befitting my two little princesses than a pink ribbon- don’t you?” She laughed, looking at the wet spot at the tip of his tent. “You boys really have to start getting up earlier!”

“Aunt Miranda, please- let me put on my clothes again!”

“I’ll unlock the dresser before I leave,” she said. “I just can’t wait to see Tyler in Vickie’s thong!”

They heard a cry from the bedroom. “What the fu-“

Miranda’s eyes lit up. “There we go! Fashion show time!”

She made the boys eat their breakfast and wash their dishes in the panties, smirking each time the soft material or just the humiliation of it made their young hard dicks cry out for a touch. After a horribly humiliating hour, she picked up her briefcase and walked to the door, then turned to look at them.

“Oh, my two precious little princesses in their sexy panties! Is there anything you’d like to swallow in front of me before I go to work?”

Jake’s balls were burning, aching, more than they ever had. He was dying to blow a satisfying load like Tyler had. But to eat your own cum in front of a woman, after prancing around her apartment in thong panties all morning…

“No, Aunt Miranda! I won’t!”

She shrugged, then pulled a key out of her bra and tossed it to Jake. “Okay, but I can’t believe you boys are being so stingy with your OWN orgasms! When Kelly and Vickie stayed in your beds they played with their little selves every morning and night!”

Both boys were bent over from painful erections again as Miranda opened the door and left for another day of work, laughing.

The boys tried to see the Statue of Liberty, but going in the entrance seemed too much like trying to look up a giant woman’s skirt, and the female security guard turned them away because they couldn’t get their erections to go down. Mothers and daughters snickered behind the boys’ backs all during the ferry back to New York.

Going anywhere in the city was the same- the temperature had risen higher than yesterday, and Jake and Tyler saw so many firm, big-breasted women wearing only tank tops, their hard nipples poking out, that the boys were walking bow-legged by noon.

“I can’t take this anymore,” Tyler whined, as a Latino women passed their table in the restaurant, her jeans riding dangerously low on her smooth hips. “It’s too tough!”

“You came just a day ago!” Jake spat back. “It’s harder for ME!”

“You don’t need to cum as much as I do. I’ve got more testosterone.”

“We’re twins! We need to cum the same amount!” Jake yelled, and the restaurant got silent for a moment. The woman behind the counter gave them a stern look, especially because they were both three-fourths hard under the table.

“I’m going to do it,” Tyler whispered after people stopped looking at them. “Tonight, and every night. I’m going to think of Aunt Miranda’s sweet ass and shoot!”

“We’re here for a hundred days!" Jake growled. "Do you really want to swallow that much cum?!?”

A girl two tables behind them spit her drink out her nose. She was still laughing as she started texting on her phone. The boys paid their check and left early, blushing.

The city didn't let up on them. The guide for their tour of NBC studios was a cheerful young girl in a tight miniskirt and heels. Jake peeked at her smooth, young legs all through the tour, even when Tyler slid up next to her and said something which made her giggle and squeeze his arm.

A college class let out near their subway stop, a group of young women wearing loose shorts which barely covered their butts as they laughed and walked in front of the boys for three long blocks. And their small feet- Jake was dying when they got home. Tyler was smiling.

"I'm going to do it tonight," he whispered smugly to Jake. "I'm going to cum."


"You always say that," Tyler laughed, opening the door.

Miranda was sitting at the dining table, four other attractive professional women around her.
"Boys, come in! Ladies, these are my hunky nephews I've been telling you about- the innocent country boys enjoying their first time in the city!"

A grinning redhead looked Jake up and down. "New York virgins? Well, that is special!"

"Come on in boys," Miranda said, uncovering a large tray of oysters. "We're just starting dinner!"

To Jake, dinner seemed to last five hours. The ladies passed the chilled tray of oysters around, each professionally dressed women putting lip-sticked lips to the slippery food and slurping it up with an “MMmmm!” or exaggerated swallow before handing the tray off with a laugh. Miranda’s face told Jake exactly what to do when the tray came to him, and he took his first gingerly, to the giggles of the women. His face burned- what had Aunt Miranda told them?

Tyler took his first oyster boldly, joking with the woman next to him.

Jake gagged on his second, and the redheaded woman laughed and offered him her wine glass. “Here honey- a little alcohol always makes swallowing easier!” The women laughed at some private joke and Jake blushed even more.

And as the wine flowed, the tight, professional skirts each woman wore rode higher on their toned legs and their heels dangled more and more precariously on their painted toe-nails until they all just slipped them off. Now Jake didn’t dare look below the table- every thin foot was calling his eyes.

As she finished her fourth glass, the redhead squeezed Jake's thigh and laughed, "Pour me another, will you honey?" She laughed even more as Jake's cock stiffened uncontrollably from her squeeze. Jake bit the tip of his tongue until his cock calmed down.

As the hours dragged on and no one left, Jake and Tyler started exchanging worried looks. If the women were still there when Jake and Tyler changed for bed...no, Jake thought, Miranda would never do that, would she? Tyler also started fidgeting and Jake knew why. His brother still wanted to cum, but if he had to do it in front of this many women...

"Clean up the table, will you boys?" Miranda asked, pouring herself a little more wine.

The women made appreciative noises as Jake and Tyler took the plates away. "Such well-trained young men!" the redhead laughed. "Can you send them to my house!"

"For one night, perhaps," Miranda chuckled. "Their sleep clothes are very easy to pack!"

Jake and Tyler blushed horribly as they washed dishes, but thankfully, Miranda didn't elaborate for her guests.

Finally the guests started leaving, the boys watching anxiously as the women kissed each other on the cheek and put on their coats. Jake especially watched each woman slip into her sexy high heels and totter out the door. Miranda, cheeks a little flush with wine, kissed the redhead right on the lips and gave her a pinch on the ass, which the redhead swatted away playfully, as if it was a tradition between them.

As soon as the door closed, Tyler ran up to his Aunt. "Miranda, please! I want to cum tonight!"

"Oh, I know, dear,” she giggled, patting his shoulder. "I could hear you’re testicles rumbling all night. You know the drill, my little princesses, get ready for bed."

"Yes ma'am!" Tyler raced to his bedroom, already taking off his shirt.

"You too, Jake."

"But I don't want to-"

"Sure you don't." She smiled and stroked his cheek. "But I am going to make you watch."

Miranda sat on the edge of Tyler's bed in her white blouse and pencil skirt, watching the nude Tyler furiously stroke his dick. She crossed her legs and relaxed, twirling her bare foot at the ankle and smiling as Tyler grunted and stroked.

"Really?" Miranda laughed. "You're thinking about her? Just because I kissed her goodbye and squeezed her butt? Sheila will be happy when I tell her she can still catch a young man's fancy!"

Tyler's eyes opened in shock.

"Oh, it's okay, honey, I won't tell her for a week or so. Enough time for you to swallow seven loads thinking about my sexy redheaded friend, okay?"

Tyler nodded demurely.

"Such a good princess," Miranda chuckled. "Now open your mouth, get ready for that big hot load you've been waiting all day to swallow."

Tyler grimaced, but did, closing his eyes and opening his mouth wide.

Miranda laughed and turned to the other boy. "See how good Tyler's being, Jake? That's why he gets a reward tonight."

Jake gulped, staring at Miranda's thin ankle and the foot the twirled from it. The motion of that foot made him just want to... he pulled his hand back.

"And his reward is knowing that Sheila and I go to the spa once a month, to get massages, naked on tables side by side as some woman rubs down all our muscles with baby oil. And then we go into the sauna. Just two women, naked in the sauna, sweat dripping from our bodies as we lay there, eyes closed. And sometimes, if there’s no one else in the sauna- Ooooopsie!"

Miranda laughed as Tyler shot his load violently all over his chest in long, messy spurts. Tyler yelled in pleasure as he did, arching his back in a hard orgasm. Miranda clapped, then put her hand over his to make sure he kept stroking to get every drop out. Then she sat back with a smile.

“You know what to do now.”

Tyler was still panting from the great orgasm, but scooped one finger into the lake of cum on his chest and moved it near, but not in, his mouth.

“First taste is always the toughest,” Miranda giggled, then pushed the dripping finger into his mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she laughed as he grimaced by reflex. “Feel that sliding down your throat- such a good little princess! Now, do the rest on your own.”

Miranda rose and came over to Jake’s bed, watching Tyler swallow each scoop. She patted Jake’s chest through the covers. “Come on, Jake, don’t you want to join your brother?”

Her legs were crossed so that her thighs were very close to Jake’s head. So smooth and long, he just wanted to kiss them.


Tyler gagged on his cum. “Keep going, princess,” Miranda laughed. “You’ve got to earn your panties for tomorrow morning!”

Jake felt the walls closing in. “Aunt Miranda, please! No! It’s too embarrassing!”

“Awwww,” she giggled. “Okay.” Then she dropped his chastity belt on his chest.

“No,” Jake begged. His balls were egg-sized between his thighs- he couldn’t survive a night in the cage! A squeezing pressure on his balls started again, from the inside, and Jake scrambled to put the cage on.

Miranda stood up and laughed, watching one brother in tears as he tried to force his rock-hard cock into a belt too small for him, and the other whimpering and gagging as he tried to swallow a world-record sized load.

“Beautiful,” she sighed, looking at the scene. As soon as Tyler ate the last slick drop, she tossed a pair of frilly white panties to him. “Here, you’ve earned these, princess. Sleep well tonight.”

Tyler slipped them on, blushing. “And Jake…” She laughed. “Let me know if you want a midnight snack.”

She turned off the lights and left the room, already unbuttoning her skirt. Jake heard the shower running a few minutes later, which made his cock painfully hard in the cage.

Jake set his alarm two hours earlier than last time, and when he woke up, he was still in the cage, Tyler was still asleep, and he heard breakfast noises in the kitchen. His morning piss-hard-on made him double over in pain and he leapt out of bed.

Miranda was wearing a fluffy bath robe and sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee. One smooth calf peeked out from the robe and she rotated her ankle absently.

“Jake! Finally, you got up early enough to eat breakfast with me!”

“Aunt Miranda, I need to take the cage-aaarrgh!” Jake couldn’t stop staring at her foot, her thin bare foot, and his cage felt like it was going to explode.

“Oh, Jake, is this causing your pain?” she asked, extended her foot and looking at it herself. “This little thing with its pretty painted toenails?”

The steel ring around his balls felt like it was cutting them off. All he could do was hold his balls and nod.

“Jake, you really need to empty your balls,” Miranda said, extending her feet so that he could see them both, resting on the tile. “Just my little feet shouldn’t cause that much of a reaction in you.”

“No,” he whimpered, clutching the cage, naked in her kitchen.

“We both know you’re going to break down some time this summer and swallow your load,” she said with a smirk. “Do you want it to be your last day of your vacation, before I send you home to your mother and her no-orgasm policy for another year?”

Jake shook his head, almost in tears.

Miranda laughed. “Well, then what are you waiting for? Do you want me to milk you like she does, up here on this table with a slick finger up your bum? I’ll still make you eat whatever comes out, you know.”

Now he was crying fully.

“I… just…” he sobbed. “I’m afraid… if I like it… it will become a habit!”

“Oh, Jake, Jake,” she said, pulling the boy to his knees, then laying his head on her lap. Miranda made sure to pull the robe away so that his cheek was resting right on her smooth, warm thigh and that he could still see her crossed feet. “There, there, don’t worry. It will.”

“What!” Jake tried to pull his head up but she pushed it back down.

“But it’s a good habit, dear,” she said in a soothing voice, although she was fighting hard not to break into laughter. “Many, many more women will let you have a nice cummie in their hand if you promise to lick it up afterwards. It shows you’re respectful of their clothes and their body, and they’ll know you won’t ask them to cum too often! You’ll be so popular in college! Cute little princesses that swallow always are!”

“But, but… they won’t respect me…”

She stroked his lower back with a soothing hand. “Honey, this is the world you live in. Do you want a little respect that you’re going to lose anyway when some girl makes you pop a boner in class, or do you want to make a nice big cummie on Aunt Miranda’s feet and then lick it off?”

He gulped. She wriggled her toes under his gaze. “Hmmm?”


“Good girl,” she giggled, kissing him on the forehead. She put the key into his chastity belt and opened it, having to pull fast to get it off before he fully erected. She gently curled her fingers around Jake’s desperate cock. “Trust me, it’s going to feel soooo good,” she said, giving him a few slow strokes. “And you’ll get to lick my feet, which I know you’ve wanted to do forever.”

He looked at her pleadingly.

“Oh, I know honey, I won’t tell anyone. But it’s pretty obvious.” As she kept stroking him agonizingly slowly, she asked, “That chubby girl you think about when you masturbate, that girl from your school, does she have very cute feet?”

His throat was almost too dry to answer. “Yes.”

“And does she let you see them a lot, almost as if by accident?”

Jake nodded, pushing his hips against her hand.

“Then she probably knows, too. And she’s trying to get you to ask her out. Do you like her, do you get along?”

His balls were tight against his body. “Yes!”

“Well, Jake, I’ll tell you what,” Miranda said with a smile. She stopped stroking and just ran a fingernail up and down his dripping cock, keeping it pointed toward her feet. “I want you to follow my rules this summer and set a good example for Tyler. He looks up to you. So I want you to ask to cum every night and then swallow eagerly, no matter what position I put you in, or how many friends I invite over to watch.

“And if you do, at the end of the summer I’ll write a sealed letter to your little friend, telling her exactly all the dirty stuff that turns you on the most, and how to use her soft feet and Powers to drive you absolutely insane with lust, okay? With any luck, you two will fall in love and you’ll be squirting your wet loads on her feet and licking them off for the rest of your life! Does that sound good?”

Tyler almost came. Miranda patted his head. “I’ll take that as a yes. But you have to do the last part. Use your hand, sweetie, and try to get it all on my feet. You’ll miss, but we’ll keep practicing from time to time.”

Tyler slowly moved his hand towards his cock. The moment felt drawn out, supremely important to how the rest of his life would unfold. But then his fist closed around his hard-on and he couldn’t think anymore.

Miranda patted his head as the boy grunted and started stroking. “Yes, panties every morning for you and your brother this summer, and warm cum swallowing every night. If you keep getting up early I’ll take you to my yoga class- it’s nothing but thirty gorgeous women, barefoot and stretching all around you! You’ll love it!

“And afterwards, you’ll be very very tense, so I’ll help you release onto my feet, so you can practice for the rest of your life, licking cum each morning from some cute girl’s tiny wriggling toes- Oooopsie! Great job, my little princess!!!”

The end.
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Very hot story. Thanks for writing and posting it. But I noticed a little oopsie that I thought that you should know about: the last two times when you say "Tyler", you mean to say "Jake".
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omg that was hot. please write more, that was hotter than any tease or story i have ever seen thank you so much.
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BALLS! That's what I get for posting late at night! Why can't we edit our posts ever?!?!?

Thanks though.

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Originally Posted by PancakesForDinner View Post

BALLS! That's what I get for posting late at night! Why can't we edit our posts ever?!?!?

Thanks though.

So that we can't hide the evidence!

You can edit, but only for the first fifteen minutes after you post.
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Originally Posted by Salamando View Post
So that we can't hide the evidence!

You can edit, but only for the first fifteen minutes after you post.
Yes. I noticed that when I wanted to go back and change the formatting on my most recent story.
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Great story. I love how getting to cum is what subjugates and humiliates them.
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Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to try something a little bit different.

But I guess folks didn't like this story as much as my other ones- cum eating only sounds hot if you're two plus weeks denied, like I was when I wrote it.

I liked your recent story as well- I'm a sucker for any brother/sister related teasing!

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Originally Posted by PancakesForDinner View Post

Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to try something a little bit different.

But I guess folks didn't like this story as much as my other ones- cum eating only sounds hot if you're two plus weeks denied, like I was when I wrote it.

I liked your recent story as well- I'm a sucker for any brother/sister related teasing!

[makes note] remove cum-eating scene from upcoming story [/notedone]

Naw, not really. There is one and it's staying.

My guess would be that probably a story that revolves around the humiliating circumstances of getting to cum doesn't turn the crank here as much as a story about strictly not getting to cum does.

I know, btw. When one is two weeks without or three days or four days for that matter, certain things seem painfully hot

For instance, I'm sure that the guy from "The Procedure" and the guy from that other story (name escapes me right now) whose sister takes him in for the Procedure would think of Jake and his brother as, "Those lucky little whiners who get to cum every night and whine because they have to eat it."

As to the sister- brother related teasing, I don't know what it is. I don't have the hots for my sister, never ever did. BUT in the context of fantasy, when I'm fantasizing some other woman or girl I think is hot and fantasizing that she's my sister, well, there's this whole primal craziness that happens in my mind.
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