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Old 10-11-2010, 03:25 AM
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 1

This is the text-only version of a webtease series that I'm posting at milovana.com.
The URL for the series there is: http://www.milovana.com/webteases/sh...pavlova-series.

It's very story-like, but to accomodate the webtease format, it has all short paragraphs. Enjoy!


As you may have heard, the International Society on Sexuality In Human Males (or ISSIHM), was shocked by accusations of ethical misconduct against the founding editor in chief of our journal (JISSIHM), Dr. Maria Pavlova, whose picture you see on this page.

Indeed, these revelations are so shocking that we will be printing (in the next several issues) the transcript of an interview with Dr. Pavlova. In this interview, Dr. Pavlova describes the history of her relationship with her husband, Dr. Tom Swift, and of the quasi-experimental program which turned out so badly for him. The interview was conducted by Dr. Richard Joff, who is the head of the psychology department at Enormous State University (ESU), who was in charge of the internal investigation at ESU into Dr. Pavlova's research methods.

It is my hope, as interim editor of JISSIHM, that the tale that this interview tells will serve a cautionary purpose for the psychological community, especially for the growing community of women researchers interested in the the sexuality of the human male, as represented by ISSIHM.

We must always place ethics above considerations of scientific advancements and prestige. And we must never let ourselves succumb to the temptation to take advantage of the men who agree to become our experimental subjects. This is especially important as we know from results, published right here in JISSIHM, that heterosexual adult males are very susceptible to suggestion (by women who know the proper techniques -- see the special issue in volume 2 of JISSIHM).

Every scientific laboratory, hospital, and university has a review board that is charged with protecting our experimental subjects. However, if the subject is our boyfriend or husband, then there is no check on our experimental procedures except our own ethics, and that is why I believe that this interview is so important to publish.


[This interview was conducted by me, Dr. Richard Joff, at Dr. Pavlova's home, since she was under house arrest. I was shocked to find the furnishings of the house in complete disarray, as if a tornado had swept through it. Dr. Pavlova ushered me past this chaos into her bedroom, where, I hasten to add, I sat in a chair and she sat on the bed across from me. We then started the interview which follows.]

"Why don't you sit right over there in that chair, Dick. I'm sorry that the rest of the house is a wreck, but I haven't had time to clean up from my husband Tom's wild rampage."

[I asked if that was the reason he was committed to the asylum.]

"Yes, he went completely crazy with lust and desire, and he tried taking it out on me and my research assistants, as well as the house. He complained that we were all conspiring against him!"

[I asked why he felt that way.]

"I can tell you what I think led to his feeling that way, but to do that I should probably start at the beginning..."

"Here's a picture of my sister, Erica, before she was killed in that tragic auto accident."

"Tom loved her deeply, and she really enjoyed being with him. At the time this picture was taken he was her husband and just my brother-in-law. They had two kids, who were ages 6 and 8 when she was killed."

"Tom was a successful professor in engineering here at ESU. He was just coming back from a year's sabbatical in Saudi Arabia, and horny as hell from being deprived of Erica, or even pictures of women while over there. Ironically, she was on her way to the airport to pick him up when she was hit by that truck..."

[Here Dr. Pavlova suppressed a tear.]

"Earlier, I had promised Erica that, if she ever was killed, I would help take care of her kids; she was a bit paranoid about details like that, but in the end it turned out to be a good thing. So I moved in with Tom and the kids..."

[I asked if this was when she first met her future husband.]

"No, I had met him before.... I think the first time was at my sister Erica's wedding. He first met me at the ceremony, where he kept staring at me. So at the reception he sought me out. He felt so turned on by me that he followed me onto the balcony, despite his natural shyness. If there hadn't been people around, he would have tried to get closer, but as it was he got as close as he felt he could."

"I admit I flirted with him. I couldn't help it, really, even though it was my sister's wedding and I shouldn't have been flirting with my new brother-in-law. But that's just the way I am and always have been. Besides, he was really cute and a bit shy, probably because he felt guilty about the feelings I was arousing in him..."

[I could imagine this, but I asked her to explain how she knew.]

"Oh, I could see it! His eyes got all wide, and he kept looking me over hungrily. He especially kept looking at my breasts and the bottom of my dress... And later he told me that at that moment he felt very drawn to me, but fearful and shy because I looked so 'impossibly beautiful.' And he felt very guilty for feeling so aroused by me during and right after his wedding."

"Back in those days I was an incorrigible tease. I knew that guys thought I looked sexy, and I exploited it. So I just did with Tom what I always did: I flirted shamelessly with him..."

"I even remember saying to him: 'Do you think I'm sexier than Erica, your new bride?' That made him feel very flustered. Having me mentioning 'sex' sent his mind reeling with possibilities. He considered it for a long time and he knew deep down that I was turning him on more than Erica did. But he didn't want to admit it, so it took him a very long time to deny that he thought I was sexier than Erica."

"Then I said: 'Do you think I'm good looking?' and this made him all flustered again. He thought I was a vision. He especially thought that the way I teasingly looked at him was irresistible. He was getting more and more horny the more he thought about it, and he enjoyed the deliciously sinful feelings I was arousing in him."

"Even then I was enjoying the way he got all flustered and horny around me, I just loved how he was losing all his self control -- on his wedding night!"

"He couldn't think of anything to say, so he complimented me on my looks! I pretended he was joking. I teased him, saying: 'You know, no woman can compare with a man's new bride on her wedding night, right?''"

"Then he swallowed very hard, since this was another sexually-charged topic. All he could think about was how much he wanted me, and thinking about Erica was now the farthest thing from his mind! But he immediately started fantasizing me in his wedding bed!"

"And I suppose I should have worn underwear, because he mentioned that he liked the way I was so free and open with him. He couldn't stop looking at my pussy, which was quickly becoming a fantasy object for him."

"I tried to cover up my pussy, but in the process I'm afraid my dress slipped off one of my shoulders... He felt his arousal ratchet up another notch, as he thought I was deliberately teasing and seducing him."

"As I watched him squirm as I slowly covered up my exposed breast, I teased him, saying:"

"'Try not to think about me when you're with Erica tonight... Can you do that for me?'"

"He thought about it, and quickly knew he would never be able to get me out of his fantasies. But he was still trying to be a good husband, and croaked out that he would try..."

"In fact, this kind of tease is indirectly why it was the first time I had met him. My sister, Erica, way back when we were in high school, had made it a rule that I was never to meet any boy she was dating. So I always made myself scarce when they would come calling. And I went to a different university than her..."

[I asked if anything like this had ever happened before.]

"Well, we had a bad experience early on, when one of Erica's dates met me, and then he dumped her right on the spot! Trying to understand the power I have over guys was part of the reason I went into psychology. I wanted to understand why Erica didn't have the same effect on boys as I do."

"Anyway, that was the reason Erica insisted that I keep away from all the men in her life. The wedding was the first exception to that rule, and the last."

"After the accident, Tom called to tell me about the accident, and to ask that I help carry out Erica's wish that I help take care of the kids. He was still shy, since he hadn't stopped fantasizing about me all those years, and from the tone of his voice, I was sure that he wanted me sexually. And of course he did need my help with the kids."

"My motives were purely to help Erica's children. So without worrying much about Tom's feelings for me, I came to stay in his home..."

"When I first saw Tom after the accident, I tired hard to be a good sister, and indeed I couldn't help but be sympathetic. Tom felt so lost without Erica and trying to manage the kids and the funeral. I did everything I could to help, and I could tell he really appreciated it. And the kids were so sweet, they kept calling me 'Aunt Maria'; they were so happy to see me, I came just at the right time to help out."

"But right away I began to suspect that the reason Tom was so glad to see me was more than just the help I could provide with the kids."

"When I arrived at the house, he immediately gave me a big hug. During that first hug I could tell he was still sexually excited by me. He hadn't forgotten our previous meeting at the wedding..."

"But much as I tried to be good and not flirt with him, I'm afraid it's just not in my nature. Right away I could see what a great guy he was. And I knew that he wanted me, and so I knew that it would be very easy to get him to marry me."

"But at first, I was determined to be a good girl. And if I smiled at him a lot, who could blame me? Because he always looked at me like he was totally in love with me, right from the very first day."

"I could tell, however, that my smiles made him feel like melting inside, and always got him turned on. And he couldn't stop looking at my lacy underwear, even though I wasn't trying to show it to him..."

"It was only after several months of this that the inevitable happened. One Saturday morning, one of the kids was asking for me, and Tom came to find me, and did -- in my bathroom! I was wearing a rather transparent nightgown, and when he saw it, I could tell he had seen too much."

"He stared at me while I smiled back at him. He got instantly hard and was very aroused by seeing me through the translucent material. The way I smiled confidently at him made him feel weak. It also puzzled him, because he could tell I wasn't mad."

"And I didn't stop smiling at him, since this was the kind of situation I was so used from my teasing and flirting days at the university -- I automatically just started flirting with him. I said:"

"'I hoped you don't mind seeing me like this... It's not making you get too excited, is it?'"

"He got very flustered; it reminded me of how he acted when he talked to me out on the balcony after his wedding. He knew he was staring at me and looking at me hungrily and kept expecting me to get upset. So it took him a while to process my teasing questions, and when he worked up enough nerve, he said he liked the way I looked very much and hoped he could see more of me!"

"I slowly turned to face him and said, sympathetically:"

"'I know it has been a long time for you without a woman. But we should think of the children....'"

"His eyes were all over me, and much as he tried, he couldn't look away. He agreed that it had been a long time for him, as he continued looking me over like a wolf looks at a chicken."

"But I didn't cover up, as I knew just what effect this nightgown was having on him. To continue the tease I told him:"

"'I probably shouldn't take advantage of you too much, after all, you are sure to be on the rebound, and you just spent an entire year in Saudi Arabia before we started to live in this house together!'"

"Then he got all shy, because he couldn't say that he wanted to fuck me in the worst way, that was be too embarrassing for him to admit. So finally he blurted out what the kids wanted, and he left as soon as he could after telling me."

"After he left I knew this was a turning point in our relationship. For one thing, I knew he was desperate to have me, sexually, even though he couldn't verbalize that. Before that I had sensed the effect my flirting was having on him, but this encounter ramped up the sexual aspect of our life in the same house to a new and much higher level."

Also, I decided right then and there that it was meant to be, and that I wanted to make him my husband. I had grown to like and respect him and I knew I was in love with him for all the right reasons. I even thought to myself that for once, my looks were going to make him very happy, instead of ultimately frustrating him..."

"Or at least that's what I thought at the time."

"After that, I started flirting with him non-stop. Every night I'd leave my bedroom door open, so that when he came by to wish me good night, he could see me all alone in the guest room, in some skimpy lingerie."

"When he first saw me like this, he didn't know what to think. He wanted me, and he stared and got all flustered and turned on, but he was too shy to take the hint."

"Every night I tried to give him a view that revealed just a bit more than the night before, to keep him interested and coming back for more. I'd teasingly say:"

"'I don't think the kids will mind if you don't sleep in your own room, do you?'"

"After the second night of this, I could hear him sigh when he saw me and wished me good night. He was captivated by these views and seriously fantasizing about me now, but he was still too shy and scared to take the rather broad hints I was giving him. But when he went to bed, he couldn't stop thinking about me."

"We liked to take the kids hiking, and since it was summer, I took advantage of the weather to wear very skimpy outfits."

"Tom was continually looking at me while we hiked, and felt a constant hard-on, which was very embarrassing to him. His every thought was devoted to catching glimpses of my breasts and hoping that the flimsy strings holding my top together would break!"

"And whenever I'd catch him looking at me, I'd flirt with him and tease him with a bit of skin, saying something like:"

"Isn't it just too beautiful?'"

"Tom didn't know what to make of all this flirting, since we were outdoors and in public. He constantly felt more and more horny, and each time I flashed him he wanted to tug on his cock and imagine how my lips would feel on it! If only he could have gotten away and masturbated! But he couldn't! Seeing the effect my tease was having on him, I kept up the teasing pressure relentlessly!"

"The kids saw what was going on. Of course, I made sure they didn't see all the skin that I was showing Tom, but they could see we were flirting and looking at each other. And they encouraged our relationship. I know they liked me and they wanted a mother."

"Soon after one of these hikes, I let Tom see my breasts when he came by to say good night. I flirted even more with him, saying:"

"'I know how much you were trying to see my breasts during the hike... But now you can look at them all you want!'"

"Tom felt like he was about to burst from the intensity of his horniness, his long deprivation, and my teasing. He felt like crying and burying his head in my breasts, and at the same time he was afraid that whatever he would do would drive away the beautiful teasing vision that I had become for him. He was scared and horny, and he didn't want to leave... but he was too scared, and so he tore himself away from my door that night."

"So the next night, I said:"

"'Why don't you stay with me tonight? I'm sure you're lonely, and I want to hold you and comfort you!'"

"Tom was elated at this. He was so very eager, not just for sex, but for companionship. He needed my approval, comfort, and love desperately. We hugged, and then started kissing, tenderly at first, and then more and more passionately! That night he slept in my bed, although I didn't let him make love to me."

"You see, I wanted to build his anticipation to a fever pitch before I let him inside me... And it worked! He was feverish with lust after 10 minutes of hugging and kissing, so by the end of our make out session, he was climbing the walls with lust and desire!"

"But still I didn't let him have any relief that night...."

"The next night, he was back, and more bold and insistent. He poured out all his feelings for me. He really loved me for the care and comfort I gave the kids and him, and he confessed that he lusted after me sexually. I said:"

"'I really like you too, but I think we shouldn't make love until we are married, to set a good example for the kids...'"

"But I didn't let that stop me from teasing him. I let him kiss me for a long time and all the while I subtly toyed with his aching hard-on. I teased it and rubbed it against his stomach in ways that drove him wild with desire."

"Tom found that he was getting more and more excited as I kept up this teasing kissing and touching. He felt like he was melting into me and that his rational senses were leaving him. He began to think of nothing but the ache in his cock and how much he wanted me desperately...."

"The amazing effect my tease was having on him revived a lot of memories from my wild teasing and flirting days in the university. I found I was still very good at it! I remember being amazed by how much Tom was getting all worked up from my subtle tease extended over a very long period of time, since we spent the entire evening making out like teenagers!"

"The next night, when Tom came into the guest room, he knew that he would do anything to make love to me. But I was still insistent that we should wait, on account of the children...."

"So we just kissed passionately while I teased his cock until he was practically dripping with excitement!"

"Finally, he tore himself away from me, got down on one knee at the side of the bed, and proposed to me! He realized that not only did he love me, but that he couldn't wait another day to make love to me!"

"I accepted, since that's what I wanted. But I didn't let him make love to me that night either, despite his pleading!"

"Everyone was very happy and we got married in a quiet little ceremony at city hall the next morning. I kept my name, since I already had a few academic publications using it, and Tom was fine with that."

"I made our time that first night extra special for him. I was very gentle and coached and encouraged him in our lovemaking session."

"He felt guilty about marrying again so soon after my sister's untimely death. He was worried that this might make it hard for him to have an orgasm, but seeing me all naked he got very turned on. And he got even more turned on as I kept telling him what to do, since whenever he got really excited he would lose all initiative and had tendency to be quite shy. So when I told him to put his cock in my pussy, and how to best fuck me, he felt relieved that I was taking charge."

"I had built up an amazing amount of lust in him, so when he was inside me, he became very wild and passionate! It certainly didn't take him long to release all his pent-up frustration! And after a very satisfying release, he was very relaxed and happy cuddling with me."

"So all the energy I had built up over the previous few nights of teasing really paid off, and I remember thinking that was very interesting."

"I knew from my research that guys masturbate very often, and I somehow got it into my mind that I would turn his masturbation against him, and use it to just get him hornier and hornier, but at the same time get him addicted to fucking me. I really enjoyed making love with him, and so this worked out well for both of us."

"So I always tried to be a good wife to him, and kept our love life interesting and exciting by using all the tricks I had learned about flirting, teasing, and love-making from my wild years in the university..."

"When he would see me wearing some skimpy lingerie around the house, he would remember all the times I flirted with him and teased him before we were married, and all the times after we got married, and he'd get extremely turned on and shy."

"It was hard for him to remember that I was his wife, since he had fantasized about me before we got married. He felt like he was living in a dream with his fantasy woman!"

"And if the kids were out of the house or away, then I would step up the tease without limits, stripping down to some sexy lingerie..."

"At times like this Tom's eyes would go wide and he'd start to panic. He'd ask where the kids were, as if he didn't know, because seeing me strip made him forget everything else! All he could do was look at me and lust after me."

"Then when he was speechless with lust and his shyness had kicked in, I'd take charge. I'd walk up to him or pull him close and say something like:"

"'The kids are at soccer practice, and we have a few hours alone...'"

"And then, since he would be frozen still and staring at me, I'd be more direct and say:"

"'You want to kiss me, don't you?'"

"Of course he wanted to kiss me, and hold me, and feel my warmth against him. He knew what wonders I had in store for him, and the kissing was always a prelude to more intimate sex. Since he knew that, kissing me got him incredibly turned on. He'd get all hard and I'd have to adjust his pants. He also felt very shy at these times, and I'd put his hands on my breasts to get him even more worked up."

"From the way he reacted I was sure I was succeeding in keeping him horny. Tom was always very eager to kiss me, to hold me, and to make love to me. Very, very eager! And I made sure that we did it very often, basically every night."

"But in the daytime, when he was all worked up, I'd take his clothes off and say: 'Why don't you sit and masturbate for me?' while I masturbated for him..."

"Tom could barely stand to look at me, he got so turned on. But as exciting as he found looking at me, he was ashamed and embarrassed to masturbate in front of me. He felt it was humiliating, and constantly begged me to let him make love to me. But I told him:"

"'It's okay to masturbate, as long as I am here with you. When I'm here, I will take over your hands, and your hands will become my hands, so that you should feel like it is my hands playing with you! Now I want you to tell my hands everything they need to know to turn you on and to get you ultra excited! But remember that my hands only want to tease you and get you ready for my pussy! So you have to let my hands know just what will get you the most excited, and get you on the edge of cumming! But they will be cruel, since they won't ever let you cum!'"

"And this tactic worked beautifully! Tom found masturbating before me very exciting as he imagined his hands were part of me, but knowing everything he felt..."

"He even got into the habit of verbalizing what he was telling my hands about how to rub his cock, forming his hands into a shape that he could simulate fucking, or stopping to apply only the lightest pressure when he got too close to the edge. So, despite getting turned on, we both knew he could never cum that way."

"Watching him tease himself was fascinating for me, as I learned all kinds of techniques for getting him excited and just when to stop and how to keep teasing him even though he was on the edge. But unfortunately for poor Tom, I would often get so engrossed in watching him tease himself that I would forget all about the time."

"Besides getting me all excited, this tactic of taking over Tom's hands had another great benefit, which I hadn't anticipated: It made him stop masturbating when he was alone, because when he was alone his hands didn't weren't 'under my control.'"

"I tried to reinforce this tendency by making love almost every night, to get him more and more 'addicted' to the wonderful feelings he got from being inside my pussy!"

"So, if I was teasing him during the daytime, while he'd be teasing himself silly with 'my' hands, he'd beg to put his cock in my pussy, telling me that was what he desired most of all at that moment. He said he wanted to kiss me and fuck me like there was no tomorrow!"

"But if it was daytime, I usually wouldn't let him have an orgasm, as I wanted to get him all worked up for the night. I don't know why, but that was the way I felt. But I also wanted him to still be into these kind of teasing sessions, so every once in a while I'd give in. But I decided that I'd only give in if I'd been wearing black lingerie, since I wanted to see if he would associate that with our wild daytime fuck sessions."

"If I decided he wasn't going to let him have an orgasm, I didn't tell him that. No, I had him put his cock right inside my pussy and start to kiss and fuck me."

"Tom found the feel of my pussy indescribably wonderful. When he was married to Erica they had always used condoms when they weren't trying to have kids, and so he savored the feel of being inside me bareback and feeling his cock sliding into my pussy lips, breaking through the outer lips and then being sucked into the vagina. I worked my Kegel muscles to the point where I could grip and pull his cock, and squeeze the tip at just the right times."

"But Tom also had specific positions that he needed to assume to cum. When he was on top he always needed me to cradle his head with my arm with my hand behind his head, pulling him down to my lips in a tight kiss. If I didn't do that, he couldn't cum! So it was very easy, once I discovered this pattern, to deny him that final spurt of orgasm, simply by not putting my arms into the right position to trigger him."

"And the best part was that I didn't have his hangups about particular positions I needed to be in to cum! But I did find that I was getting more and more excited by controlling his orgasms. When I was teasing him in the daytime and having him penetrate my vagina, but without letting him cum, I would get terrifically excited!"

"Tom was always very excited by this too, since he feared being impotent, he would try to fuck me harder and harder, as our session would go on. And that was great, because the more desperate he became, and the harder he would kiss and fuck me, the more I got off, especially if I knew he wasn't going to get his rocks off that time!"

"And then when it was obvious that he wasn't going to cum, I'd push him off of me and ask him, innocently:"

"'What's the matter, honey? You seemed all excited, why didn't you cum?'"

"And he knew, deep down that it just hadn't felt right, but he couldn't put his finger on just what I was doing or not doing, that made it so hard for him to cum! And he'd blame himself, because as he looked at me, he'd see just how hot I was, and he knew how much he still wanted to fuck me, but he knew it was over for the moment... He was going to be even more frustrated for the rest of the day, and he'd have no way to relieve his horniness!"

"And I was so bad, I'd continue to tease and flirt with him even though he was feeling low and didn't know what was wrong. I'd say:"

"'Was it something I did?'"

"Of course, I knew it was something I did... but he didn't know that and continued to feel confused and frustrated... Then I'd say:"

"'Why don't you snuggle with me a bit more and kiss me? That will make you feel better!'"

"And when he'd start kissing me again, he'd get all excited all over again. This is when I got to learn most about what kissing techniques got him most excited, because he would moan and squirm like crazy."

"He loved the way my kisses made him feel inside, like he was melting into me! And his cock got harder and felt tighter and tighter as it sought a way into my pussy. Soon he was begging me to let him inside me again."

"And I'd tease him, saying:"

"'I can't believe you want to fuck me again and how horny you are! I mean, if you were so horny, then why didn't you cum when you were inside me?'"

"And as he looked at me, he knew that I was his fantasy woman, but he felt all helpless and controlled, and even used by me. It was still a real turn on for him, but he was worried that he was growing to like the feeling of being so turned on but unable to cum. This is when he first started wondering if he was normal, or if I was just playing some of my psychological tricks on him."

"As I noted before, I tried to flirt with Tom and make him feel all needy and horny whenever I could. It didn't always go very far, especially if the kids were around, but that was the fun of flirting."

"Tom loved being with me, even though he often felt utterly turned on, helpless and needy, since even flirting that didn't go very far reminded him of the times when he got to be inside my pussy!"

"But despite being turned on, he considered me to be such a goddess that he never felt confident enough to initiate sex. This made him even more frustrated and horny, since he had to wait on my whims."

"In addition to controlling Tom's urges outside the bedroom, from the very beginning of our marriage I found that I was in charge of what we did in the bedroom."

"When Tom saw me flirting and stripping for him in bed, he would immediately become so turned on he that just became a lustful animal and couldn't think of anything except how much he wanted to make love to me!"

"In those situations he became like putty in my hands!"

"It was during this time when I got used to the idea of completely controlling his sex life. I was working on my Ph.D. during those early days, and sometimes I had to put my foot down and tell him:"

"'Sorry, dear, I need my sleep, so we can't make love now!'"

"When I'd do this he became intensely frustrated, like a kid whose candy has been taken away. But he also felt strangely turned on by this behavior from me, and he wondered about his submissive feelings."

"It didn't help that we would always start out in bed with a lot of kissing... and only after it had continued a long time and he was feeling loving, submissive, and ready to burst would I say, 'Oh, dear, look at the time!' This set of circumstances would always make him feel extremely frustrated."

"But when we were in bed, he was always willing to snuggle up with me, with his hand resting on one of my breasts. So although he was horny and frustrated, he felt privileged to be with me, and holding me, even if it made him so horny he couldn't fall asleep quickly."

"Besides, when I decided that I did want to make love, I made sure he realized how intense I was about it. We would make love with wild passionate abandon, after he got me off first with his mouth, of course!"

"Tom loved eating me, as he knew that that would almost always lead to penetration and usually an orgasm for him. When I positioned him so that I could play with his cock while he ate me, I could tell he was getting harder and harder, even if I didn't have the concentration to tease him."

"And whenever we did make love, I always made sure that he was completely worked up and that his orgasm was totally satisfying!"

"Tom enjoyed this so much that he thought he was becoming addicted to making love to me. He craved it intensely every moment he was around me, but especially at night when we were in bed."

"I was very pleased with the way he felt that kind of addictive intensity in our love-making, as it was just what I wanted."
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 2

"Shortly after we got married I also finished my psychology Ph.D., since I was already writing up my thesis when I came to live with Tom and the kids..."

[Here Dr. Pavlova addressed me, Dr. Richard Joff, as I was part of the ESU hiring committee in psychology.]

"You'll remember this, Dick, because then I started applying for university professor positions around the country, and Tom had me also apply at ESU. He told ESU that he would leave to go where I was hired, and so if they wanted to keep him, they should hire me. And eventually, maybe thanks to you, I did get an offer from ESU and started to work here in the psychology department."

"Eventually my work here at ESU focused more and more on the sexual psychology of human males. I had always found it personally fascinating, and it seemed to be a topic that made a big impact in the field of psychology."

"For my research in the psychology of human males it was wonderful being married to Tom... He was always willing to try new things in bed that I had read about."

"And if I wanted a penis to experiment on... he was always more than happy to oblige!"

"I guess that is how I slowly started seeing him as an aid to my research."

"For example, at one point I started experimenting with sucking his penis a lot more when we made love..."

"I was fascinated with his penis and how he responded, so I tried lots of different techniques."

"But I was even more fascinated one day at around this time when I caught him staring at me as I ate a strawberry. He was looking at me with a look of obvious sexual lust... So I asked him:"

"'Does the way I'm eating this strawberry turn you on?'"

"He admitted that it did turn him on. He found my kisses so stimulating and so tied to making love to me that he strongly associated my lips with sex! And since I was also sucking his cock a lot around that time, this made the association even stronger!"

"So I started eating the strawberries in all kinds of ways and asking things like:"

"'How does that make you feel? Can you rate the level of arousal you're feeling? And just what part of my body are you looking at when you feel that way?'"

"I remember this because it was the first time I really did a kind of psychological experiment where he had to tell me how he was feeling -- sexually."

"He would watch fascinated as I ate the strawberries... And when I'd ask him:"

"'What are you thinking about?'"

"Often he wouldn't hear my question, as he was so lost in his own world of lustful adoration, just staring at me. When he'd answer, he'd say that he was just admiring my lips, or looking at my breasts, or that he was imagining me kissing his cock!"

"I'd say: 'Why don't you take out your cock and show me how excited you are getting?'"

"When he'd take it out, he'd tell me what he was imagining what I would do to his cock, such as teasing it with my lips or nibbling at it with my teeth. But at first he wouldn't show his cock to me. No, he was embarrassed to show me, even though I had of course seen it before. When I pressed him about it, he said that he wanted to keep hidden from me, so that I couldn't see how to make him get even more turned on."

"But then I'd tease him even more, telling him:"

"'If you won't show me your cock, then I'm going to stop eating these strawberries!'"

"This threat always excited him, as he felt like I was taking charge and forcing him to degrade himself. So, eventually, after much teasing, he'd get so excited that he would just give in and do as I asked, unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard, throbbing penis!"

"I'd immediately taunt him, saying:"

"'I'm going to lick that cock of yours and twirl my tongue all over the sensitive tip! But that will be after I finish eating these strawberries... Why don't I taking over your hands again in the meantime? Just tell 'my' hands to show me, on your penis, what you are imagining!"

"And when he'd start playing with himself, using 'my' hands, that would get him even harder. Then he'd start to moan a bit, watching me tease him. I'd ask him what made him moan, and he'd confirm that it was my teasing taunts that were getting him all hot and bothered."

"Then I'd continue eating the strawberries and teasing him, saying:"

"'Tell me everything you are feeling! Good boy! Now make 'my' hands bring you to the edge and show me what you are imagining!'"

"Then his hands would take on a life of their own, since they were now 'my' hands, teasing and taunting his cock gently and delicately, in time with my actions."

"He was very turned on by all this, but a bit scared and apprehensive about telling me his exact feelings. He felt like he was having to give up too much of his own secret, inner thoughts and reveal all his secret, sexual feelings. And he worried about how much more I was going to be able to turn him on using that knowledge."

"But I didn't worry about his fears, and since they were turning him on all the more. Yes, I'm afraid I played on them to make him more and more excited by teasing him about them. And it gave me a sexual charge to find out more of what was going on in his brain!"

"I enjoyed this scene so much that I repeated it several times, each time wearing the same strawberry colored lingerie, and using the whipped cream that he found so appealing."

"I'd surprise him in the kitchen and say:"

"'Want to watch me eat strawberries?'"

"Immediately he'd get all hard, knowing that I was going to be probing his sexual feelings in a way he found both uncomfortable and very erotic. Part of him wanted to run away, but he couldn't resist me looking at me and desiring me, and then it was all downhill. So, getting turned on, he'd croak out that yes, he really did want to watch. Then he'd feel both turned on an shy at the way he was giving up control to me. He especially feared what his hands would do, since they knew everything going on in his mind and could tease him mercilessly, keeping him right on the edge!"

"So I loved flirting with him and teasing him with the strawberries, especially since I could get him to tell me exactly what he was feeling!"

"I'd save the whipped cream for later in these sessions, as I knew from experience that this would really get him going!"

"When he's see me reach for the whipped cream, he knew what was coming, and he'd get even hornier..."

"Then, after I got out the whipped cream, I'd say:"

"'What are you fantasizing about when you see me eating these strawberries with whipped cream?'"

"He always fantasized in the same way, about the strawberry being his cock, I mean his penis, and the cream being his jism, I mean his ejaculate."

"He also saw the can of whipped cream as another representation of his cock, and loved it when I'd hold it and make the cream come out of it!"

"All this time his hands would be working his cock right up to the point of cumming, but then they would turn cruel and stop any forceful movements and just start lightly tickling his cock's tip, to keep him from spilling his own cream!"

"'And where would you like that cream to go?' I'd tease him, 'On my breasts?'"

"And he would always say 'Oh yes!' very excitedly, and watch as I put the whipped cream on my breasts."

"He'd imagine me using my hands to force the cum from his cock onto my breasts, forcing it out in great gushing streams! But his own hands would always betray him at the last possible second, so that he would get so very close but never go over the edge!"

"I'd let him lick that cream off my breast, or I'd do it myself, and then, as I pulled back my panties, I'd say:"

"'Where else would you like to put your strawberries and cream?'"

"Of course, he wanted to put his cock in my pussy, he was getting more and more obsessed with that. And he found my pussy so beautiful and alluring, the object of his worship and desires!"

"He'd form 'my' hands into an upside-down 'V' shape and pretend that those teasing hands were simulating my pussy, to tease him more effectively with the thought of how wonderful my pussy felt!"

"He'd get so excited, that he couldn't say what he wanted... even though I knew what he was thinking... So I'd say:"

"'I bet you'd like to put your strawberry right here in my pussy, wouldn't you?'"

"He'd stare at me, and his cock would twitch between those merciless hands, and he'd make an effort to answer, but his thoughts were crowded with lust and desire!"

"He would eagerly nod his head to agree, but now I was in complete control of our session, as he was too excited to take the initiative."

"This is another way I started to dominate in our sexual relations; I would tease him like this and get him so excited he couldn't speak! Then he would just go along with whatever I suggested."

"And I got really turned on by acting like this! I was so teasing, and it felt so sinfully sexy to be driving Tom wild with lust and desire!"

"Tom could barely stand it, being so close to the object of his desires, but not getting to put his cock into my pussy. He ached for relief as I taunted and teased him!"

"And all the while his hands, which in his mind were 'my' hands, were teasing him and keeping him very close to the edge!"

"Then I'd start to put the whipped cream all over my body, and I'd taunt him and tease him, saying:"

"'How much do you want to lick this cream off of me? Hmmm?'"

"Tom would be going crazy, seeing how easy it was for me to get the whipped cream out of the container, and he'd say that if I would just touch his cock a bit he would be able to cum too! So I'd tease him saying:"

"'Go ahead, why don't you make yourself cum if you're so horny?'"

"But he he said no, that 'my' hands wouldn't ever let him cum. It was amazing how much that was ingrained in him in so short a time! But I loved it, since we could go on and on like this, with him keeping himself on edge for hours."

"After a while I started consciously reinforcing his desire to worship my pussy. And it seemed to work more and more as time went on. Eventually he would even tell me that he couldn't cum at all by masturbating and that he didn't even like to masturbate if I wasn't there to control his hands. That revelation made me feel wonderful!"

"So, after he was truly worked up and in a very submissive place, I would tease him saying:"

"'What would you give to lick this cream off of me?'"

"He was so excited by this time, that he'd say that he'd give 'anything' to lick it off of me!"

"But I wouldn't let him, not right away... "I'd tease him more first, drawing a strawberry along the whipped cream between my breasts and saying:

"'I bet you'd like to have your cock between my breasts, wouldn't you?'"

"And he wanted to have his cock on me desperately, since it was always good whatever I did with his cock. So he'd start begging me, literally, to let him do it."

"I'd taunt and tease him until he was nearly crying with desperation! And all the time I'd keep saying:"

"'Now tell me exactly how you are feeling! What are you imagining when you see me like this?'"

"He'd tell me that seeing the whipped cream jetting out of the container made him feel more and more like cumming, and that he felt it was more and more difficult to hold his cum back watching that, especially when it was going directly into my mouth. He'd say how much that reminded him of my sucking his cock, and how wonderful that felt!"

"And all the while his hands were trying to duplicate what he was imagining, which just got him more and more horny!"

"Unfortunately for him, in order to find out more about his mental state, I had to push him farther and farther each time we played this game. I'd taunt him, saying:"

"Oh look how close your cream is getting to my pussy! I guess you'll have to lick it all off!'"

"Teasing him about my pussy made him feel very excited and turned on; and I forced him to tell me all about these sexual feelings! He admitted that he practically worshiped my pussy, and wanted nothing more than to make me orgasm through his efforts in worshiping it."

"So after a few of these sessions I often had all my private parts covered in whipped cream, as I continued to taunt him about how much he wanted to lick it off me."

"He admitted that he was feeling very turned on and also helpless, since he desperately wanted to shoot his cum out, and seeing so much whipped cream where he wanted to put his own cream was making him feel powerless..."

"When I grew tired of the game, or when we had to stop, I would finally extract some promise from him in return for letting him lick the whipped cream from my private parts."

"At first I asked him to do some chores. But after a while I started asking for sexual favors, like having him give me cunnilingus for a certain amount of time, say half an hour."

"By this point in our sessions he was practically climbing the walls, and he was very happy to do whatever I wanted, just hoping for some additional stimulation from my hands or lips. He was particularly focused on my lips as I ate the strawberries. He loved doing things for me, and especially loved giving me pleasure through cunnilingus, so that was like a reward, he felt."

"It was when these sexual favors started to get really time consuming, like cunnilingus for over an hour, that we first started experimenting with orgasm denial. I'd taunt him, saying:"

"'Can you really hold out so long while licking me to orgasm after orgasm?'"

"He wasn't sure how he would manage, and he knew he was already very desperate. But he was getting used to being very turned on and loved the delicious feelings I was arousing in him."

"The orgasm denial was unintentional at first, especially since my intention was always to have him addicted to making love to me, so I always wanted him to have an orgasm..."

"But one day I had him promise to eat me for a long time, and we were so turned on he just started right in on it as he was licking off the whipped cream."

"It was great! But it took so long that when his time was up, we had to go get the kids from soccer practice, and then there was never any time during the rest of the day for him to get his orgasm."

"Unfortunately for him, that night was the anniversary of the first night we slept together..."

"I wanted this anniversary to be special, so I had him meet me in the guest bedroom, where we had slept that first time."

"Seeing me there revived all those old memories, and he wanted nothing more than to celebrate by pounding away inside me! So he was very eager to agree to join me in celebrating this anniversary."

"But then he was surprised when I started teasing him. I said:"

"'Dear, do you remember our first nights together in this room? Do you remember the first time you kissed me, one year ago?'"

"Of course he remembered. He remembered the love he had felt, but most of all the animal lust and desire for me, having been so long deprived of sexual contact. It was like it was happening all over again and it made him feel powerless and horny."

"Then I said to him:"

"'Why don't we recreate that night again, and remember how our love got started?'"

"I honestly thought it would be romantic... But he was only thinking about how much he wanted to be cumming inside my pussy, and feeling the slick friction of my vagina around his cock! He didn't want to feel horny and deprived again! So he started whining about how he didn't get to cum the previous day, and how he was really horny..."

"I countered his whining by saying:

"'But that's perfect, dear! I'm sure you were really horny a year ago too, right?'"

"He nodded... But inside, he deeply wanted to protest! Yet looking at me, he knew he couldn't help himself... He wanted to force himself on me, to take his carnal, animal pleasure, but more than that he wanted to please me, for I was still his fantasy woman!"

"He thought that he could perhaps get me to change my mind by trading some more of his secrets. He knew I liked hearing about how he felt..."

"So he started confessing how horny he was that first night, a year earlier, and how long it had been for him then. He confessed how much he had felt guilty about his dead wife, and that I was her sister, and on and on. He felt desperate, otherwise he would never have shared so many intimate, embarrassing details with me, but he was truly desperate to get into my panties!

"I really liked all of his sharing of his feelings with me, and I felt it drew us closer together."

"But then he started pressuring me to make love. This was a measure of his desperation, since he rarely had enough nerve to ask me for sex. But through his whining and pleading it became clear that he thought this sharing would get his penis into me! He pleaded and begged to make love to me, since we were sharing so much and since we were married now, etc."

"I listened coolly, knowing that by taking charge I would get him even more excited then he was already!"

"So I remained cool to his advances. I said:"

"'But dear, I really want this to be a romantic recreation of our first night together! And you remember how it was then... we didn't have sex that first night, one year ago!"

"Eventually he gave in, and we started kissing passionately, which reminded me a lot of that first night. In fact, it was so passionate that it started me thinking that maybe not letting him cum every day might be good for our relationship..."

"But after kissing for a long while, he started pleading and begging in earnest, saying he had to have some relief. He felt like his cock was getting very tight and ready to burst, and that he needed to be inside me!"

"I again remained cool to his pleas saying:"

"'You poor dear! But can't we just keep cuddling and kissing tonight? I'm really enjoying it, and it's so very romantic!'"

"But he got even more desperate when he heard this and started begging and pleading that he wanted to be even closer still. Finally, he begged me to at least take off my panties."

"At first I told him:"

"'No, I think I should keep them on, as insurance against you fucking me...'"

"But he was desperate to make some progress towards being inside me. So despite himself, he agreed to not fuck me. But by now was totally focused at getting at my pussy, and so he once again pleaded with me to take my panties off."

"I thought he wanted to give me cunnilingus, hoping to get me in the mood to make love, so I went along with his suggestion and took my panties off, knowing that I would now be able to tease him more effectively and get him even more turned on."

"I then played with the panties, putting them over his nose and having him smell my scent, and snapping them over his cock."

"'Mmm, you're getting all excited by my pretty panties, aren't you?'"

"He was surprised at this panty teasing, but it really turned him on! Now he knew there was nothing stopping his cock from going into my pussy, except for my control over him. And despite himself, he found it very erotic that I was toying with him in this way. It made him squirm and ache all the more, since he had never seen me like this."

"I was surprised at how excited this kind of play made him, and that gave me several ideas I used later."

"But finally I had to stop all of the fun. I rolled over and faced him and sternly told him:"

"'Look, dear, we both need to sleep, since we have to work tomorrow! So let's go to sleep now, OK?'"

"He was crestfallen. He thought he had made some progress in getting my panties off, but now he knew that all hope for him that night was lost. As he looked at me, he started feeling all shy again, as once again he couldn't help thinking that I was so hot and sexy that I was out of his league! But it was so frustrating, as he was so close, and after all, it wasn't a year ago, now we were married! So he pleaded with me, and, swallowing his pride, begged me one more time to make love..."

"But I told him:"

"'No, dear, I've already told you that I want to wait for our anniversary! Look, it's only three nights from now. Can't we just recreate our pre-marriage trysts in this guest bedroom until then? That would make me really happy...'"

"This completely defeated him. He couldn't imagine three more nights of this kind of teasing and denial! And there I was, so close and so warm, with my perfect breasts taunting him!"

"I could see that he wasn't at all happy to hear that he would have to wait, but for some reason I found myself enjoying the situation! I don't think I'm a sadist, but I was starting to realize how much I enjoyed dominating and controlling his sex life! So it was very interesting to explore my own feelings as he squirmed and tried to beg me one last time."

"But I finally told him:"

"'No, we should go to sleep! I'm enjoying these memories, and from what I can see it seems like your cock is enjoying them too!'"

"He felt his cock twitch when I talked about his cock enjoying this situation, and this made him realize how much he really was enjoying the whole scene. He didn't want to admit it, but he knew he was getting incredibly excited by my teasing and controlling attitude."

"After that we slept together, without making love..."

"I had him cuddle with me the whole night. I was really enjoying the control aspect of the whole scene."

"He felt very turned on and desperate snuggling with me, his hard, throbbing cock pressing into my butt crack, aching desperately for my pussy which was only inches away. He could smell my arousal, which reminded him of when I had forced him to smell my panties earlier. And he could feel the heat from my warm skin. It was all making him more and more horny, even as I fell asleep, trapping his hand against my breast with my arm. The feel of my soft, perfect breast in his hand, with my nipple poking into the palm of his hand, kept him hard and desperate and awake for a long time that night."

"The next night I started out without any panties on, to give him some extra hope..."

"When he saw me in the guest bed without panties on, he immediately thought I was going to make love with him. he was frustrated from the previous day and totally desperate to cum. But he was also frightened at the thought that once again I would be denying him what he craved. After I greeted him I teased him saying:"

"'I hope you are *up* for the second night of our recreation of our first nights together! How are you feeling about it?'"

"He confessed that he was very turned on by the thought of another night of teasing and denial, which I found fascinating. He could have just refused and gotten mad, but he wanted to be with me more than anything else!"

"But just like our second night together before we got married, I didn't let him make love to me. All his begging was met with teasing reminders:"

"'No dear, remember that we didn't made love on that second night, a year ago! I know you're horny, but that's perfect; it's just like it was then!'"

"He felt both incredibly turned on and incredibly frustrated. He overcame his normal reticence to telling me his feelings all on his own, and expressed to me that he didn't think he could take another night of such teasing frustration."

"I just teased him about that, saying:"

"'Don't be silly, dear, you held out a year ago, so I think you can hold out for another two nights, right?'"

"But he protested that back then he didn't know just how wonderful it felt to actually be inside my pussy!"

"The third night in the guest room was even worse for him, and his whining and begging grew more and more intense. He knew that I wouldn't give in to his begging, but he couldn't help himself. He poured out all his feelings to me, hoping to soften my resolve."

"So I was very pleased that he went to bed with me and let me control him for yet another night of kissing, teasing, and total frustration!"

"We kissed for hours, very late into the night, and it was really hot knowing that he was doing this to fulfill my whims and not his own sexual needs!"

"Whenever we'd pause, he'd wonder why he let himself be teased like this, since he knew it was just making the ache in his cock and balls worse and worse. But when he'd look at me he would know that he couldn't help himself, that he wanted nothing more than to please me! And the kissing felt wonderful, like a drug to him. It was all a total turn on, and he began to really enjoy the feeling of being horny and powerless."

"When it was finally too late for us to continue, I could see he was very disappointed that he wasn't going to get to make love again that night."

"But again, having him agree to go to sleep without making love, when I could see that he was very desperate and horny, was strangely satisfying to me."

"In fact, I let him continue to beg and plead for a while longer, just so I could enjoy his final capitulation even more."

"And he really begged and pleaded. He protested that he couldn't stand all the teasing and kissing when he wasn't going to get any relief! He said it was almost cruel, and also arbitrary, that he should be denied any release now, when I was exciting him so much!"

"But I didn't give in. In fact I insisted:"

"'But this is the last night, dear! You're being so good, helping us recreate those first nights of ours together! I think it's wonderfully romantic, don't you?'"

"Then, as he cuddled with me when we went to sleep, I could feel his hard cock throbbing in desperation!"

"He felt absolutely like he was going to climb the walls in frustration when he was cuddling with me. His cock was pulsing against my ass cheeks, and my smell and warmth were overwhelming his thoughts. The feel of my hot breast and my nipple under his hand reminded him of my sensuality, and made it very hard for him to fall asleep. When he did sleep he dreamed of sliding his cock into my pussy, over and over again! It was a very hard night for him and he woke up hard and throbbing from his feverish, sexual dreams."

"The next night was our wedding anniversary. We had planned a nice dinner out, while the kids stayed over with their friends, so we had the house to ourselves...."

"I came into our bedroom, where he was changing into a suit for dinner, but as I started to change and unbuttoned my top, I could see his mood flip to one of absolute lust."

"He stared at me and started to clear his throat, as if he had trouble speaking. Then he told me, hoarsely, how wonderful I looked, and how much he wanted me. Seeing my breasts had filled his thoughts with sex, and he cared nothing about the dinner now."

"I decided to tease him a bit more just to maintain control, and sat on the bed as we talked. I teased him saying:"

"'So, what are you looking forward to tasting and eating tonight? I hear the menu at this restaurant is a total delight for the senses!'"

"While we talked, I could see he couldn't take his eyes off of me! He was mesmerized by my tits and my sheer panties."

"When he looked at my panties, he could see the black pubic hair and my pussy lips protruding. He grew very hard and all his thoughts were focused on getting his cock into my pussy! But he didn't know what to do, as he thought I looked impossibly beautiful and yet I was confident and acting in control of the situation. And he knew that for the last 3 nights I had denied him any relief from the ache that I was causing him. It made him feel helpless and very needy."

"Seeing him like that, I flipped into total tease mode! Maybe it was all the memories of before we were married, but I just decided to lean back and very slowly take my skirt off in a way I knew would really get him going!"

"Seeing me do this reinforced my fantasy woman image, which he always had of me. He lusted after me and wanted to be kissing me and fucking me more than anything, but now I was beginning to seem like a teasing fantasy that was impossible to attain. He started feeling even more turned on and helpless."

"Finally he became desperate enough to overcome his shyness, and he said that I was incredibly sexy and that maybe we should skip the fancy dinner we had planned."

"I kept up the tease, and asked him:"

"'What would you rather we do instead? What do you want to do for dinner then?'"

"My teasing comments and smile made him feel even more powerless, which was getting him even more turned on. There I was, his fantasy woman, challenging him to step up and say what he wanted. He almost felt he couldn't speak, but he knew he had to, because he couldn't take another minute without making love to me!"

"So he said he'd like to eat right here in the bedroom that night. I chuckled, but I knew what he had in mind."

"I said:"

"'That's fine with me, but you have to promise to take care of me first, OK?'"

"He was really surprised at that, as usually he does that anyway. But he took it in stride, since he wasn't even thinking about me, he was indeed only thinking about his aching cock and how much he wanted to get inside my pussy! But he also knew that cunnilingus was always a prelude to intercourse, so he agreed eagerly."

"I teased him a bit more, saying:"

"'Good, I think it's important that we do this together, as a real celebration of our anniversary! I just don't want you to lose interest or fall asleep right away, especially if we are going to miss our dinner reservation, OK?'"

"He couldn't help staring at my mouth, which he now wanted to kiss in the worst way. But he slowly processed my request as he drank in my luscious curves and he agreed with me. As usual when he got sexually excited he was finding it hard to talk, so he just nodded his head."

"So I said:"

"That's good, babe. Can we kiss and snuggle for a while first?'"

"'Certainly,' he agreed. He loved kissing me, and knew that this was also part of what was necessary before he would get his cock in my pussy."

"As we kissed, I got him more worked up than he had ever been in his life before we made love, so that it would be really special for him. That was going to be my present for him."

"He felt like he was going to explode before getting inside me, both from his deprivation the past three days and from the way my hands, my *real* hands, toyed with his cock as we kissed. I had learned a lot from watching his hands when I had made him masturbate for me, and now I put many of those same tricks into practice!"

"So we kissed and made out like teenagers for a very long time, at least an hour."

"All the while he was pouring out his love and desperate frustration from the last three nights to me. He said he had never felt so frustrated and turned on in his life! He told me that my kisses were making him feel like his insides were melting. He admitted that his cock was dripping from his excitement, and I rubbed his pre-cum all over his cock-head, getting him even closer to the edge!"

"It was an incredible turn on knowing how well I was able to manipulate his desires, and how excited he was getting."

"Then, as usual, I had him give me cunnilingus, since that had always been a prelude to intercourse for us, and I knew it would get him even hotter."

"'Now it's time for you to eat me!'"

"Hearing that order, he started right in..."

"Because of the way I was sitting on the bed, he had to get on his knees, and kneeling beneath my legs pull off my panties and give me cunnilingus from a kneeling position."

"I'd never thought of it before, but it was an extra turn on for me to have him kneeling before me, totally subservient to my whims, despite how incredibly horny he was!"

"By this time it was standard for him to tell me everything he was feeling..."

"So while he was kneeling before me, he told me that he found my pussy beautiful and mesmerizing. Then his tongue was otherwise occupied and he devoted himself to serving me with it."

"He ate my pussy for a very long time, giving me orgasms continuously for what seemed like forever!"

"Finally, I stopped him and told him:"

"'OK, now the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived! I want you to make love to me!'"

"He was very happy, especially since he had been on the edge of orgasm so many times in the past three days, and even earlier that evening. He felt literally ready to burst and all his lust was directed at getting his cock into my pussy!"

"Then I let him fuck me, and it was the most intense time for both of us. I got off on how successfully I had controlled everything for three days to bring him to this point of utter desperation and lust, and how much he was submitting to me!"

"And of course, he just got off on being inside me! He loved the feeling of penetrating my outer pussy lips, especially when I was so wet, and he did it over and over again as he took long strokes into my pussy. Then he got more and more excited and couldn't help but speed up the tempo of his fucking!"

"And since I wanted him to cum, I put my arm around his neck and brought his head forcefully to my lips while we kissed, which was the trigger he needed to cum in that position. Sure enough, he came very intensely and with a very large volume of ejaculate.! At the time I wished I could have measured it."

"Afterward, I said:"

"'Tell me, dear, did you like your present?'"

"And he said it was great, the best fuck we had ever had. And he continued by telling me his feelings, saying that he felt very loving and submissive looking at me while on his knees again."

"This pleased me greatly, but I wasn't done yet. I wanted to reward his submission even more to reinforce it."

"So, to reward him even more, I did something outrageous. I got up and went over to my dresser..."

"He didn't know what I was doing, but looking at me he again was seeing me as his fantasy woman. He was surprised to feel his cock stirring again, especially so soon after such an intense release."

"And climbing up on the dresser, I said:"

"'Maybe that's the best fuck we've had so far because we've never fucked on my dresser before!'"

"He looked startled, but was very turned on by the idea. So he quickly came over to me and started to kiss me again."

"It was awkward kissing me while I was on the dresser, and it made him feel somewhat submissive, since I was dictating what was going on. But he knew it was turning him on as his cock quickly got very hard again."

"After a bunch of maneuvering and arranging, we were finally able to fuck on my dresser. It was very awkward, but unusual enough to get him all excited again, which is what I wanted."

"Unfortunately for him, however, in that position I was not able to put my arm in back of his head in the right position to trigger his release... So it ended up being another long session of having his cock in my pussy and yet being denied. He tried everything that the position allowed, but mostly had to content himself with long, slow strokes, that ended at the entrance of my pussy lips. He loved the way it felt penetrating me over and over again, but without the crucial triggers, he was unable to cum a second time."

"Finally I stopped him, saying:"

"'I'm sorry, dear, but I'm getting tired down there in my pussy... Do you mind if we stop now?'"

"He wanted to protest, but he knew he wasn't getting close to cumming in that position, so he nodded submissively."

"Another example of how I was taking charge of his sex life happened a few years after that..."

"One day I met him in the dining room when he came home for dinner and the kids were away. I said:"

"'Dear, I think we should have a little talk..."

"He looked at me and immediately got hard, since the way I was looking at him, and my dress, made him think of how much he wanted to kiss me and make love to me. He wondered what it was all about, but since he was trying to get me to make love, he agreed by nodding his head."

"Then I asked him this:"

"'Tell me, do you think of me primarily as a sex object, or as a real person?'"

"He was flustered by this. The way I was appearing to him was making him think of sex and how much he wanted to make love. These were the thoughts filling his mind as I turned and teased him with different views of my dress. But he knew that it wouldn't help him to say what he was really thinking, so he said that of course he thought only the best of me, and that he thought of me as a real person."

"I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he was turned on and thinking of sex, so I knew he was lying. But I had to have this conversation with him... So I said:"

"'OK... Then do you know what I have to do to get tenure at ESU?'"

"He knew, and said that I would have to write a book."

"Then I said:"

"'Yes, that's right. And where will I find the time to write this book?'"

"He immediately thought that I wanted to take time from making love, since I had brought up sex. But he didn't want that! Now his cock was getting very uncomfortable in his pants, and he knew he had to turn the conversation away from sex. So he volunteered to help out more around the house, to cook on weekends, and to do the shopping, all to give me more time. And I said:"

"'Great, that would be very helpful, but...'"

"This pause nearly made him panic, since the topic of sex was hanging in the air and on his mind."

"Since he was anxious to know what more I might ask for, he said 'But what?' Then I said:"

"'Well, I need your assurance that when I'm working you won't interrupt me for sex... Can you promise me that?'"

"He momentarily wondered if he could survive my cock-teasing without sex, and for how long. He was afraid he couldn't, since he felt he was addicted to making love to me. Indeed I had trained him so that making love was like a drug, he needed it more and more, all the time. And seeing me looking like this was making him crave a fix right then and there!"

"So he was panicked a bit, and to assuage his fears, he asked why was I bringing up sex? He asked if he was being too demanding..."

"Actually, since I was pretty much in control of his sex life, it was all my doing that he was constantly horny and in the mood for sex, but I didn't mention that. Instead I turned his fears back on him, saying:"

"'Yes, I'm worried that you are just so constantly horny and demanding that you will force me to stop working just as I am getting to some critical point in my work!"

"Looking at me, he knew he wanted to make love to me right then, and so he certainly could imagine interrupting me, although he had never done that before. So he didn't know what to say. He protested that he had never done that before and agreed that he would never do that in the future. He said he would leave decisions about sex entirely up to me for as long as I wanted."

"But then I said I had to be sure, and slowly pulled my dress down from my breasts and squatted down so he could see my pussy too..."

"This made him feel a bit panicked , as he wanted to make love and seeing me expose myself was getting him very turned on. There were my breasts and the object of his desires and dreams: my pussy! His cock grew even more uncomfortable in his pants, but he couldn't adjust it while I was staring at him."

"Seeing him get turned on, I pressed the issue, saying:"

"'So, even when you're sorely tempted, you will leave these decisions up to me?'"

"He didn't want to agree, but he had already committed himself, so he swallowed hard and said 'yes' that he would leave decisions about sex up to me."

"'But you'll still snuggle up to me every night, won't you?' I teased."

"'Yes,' he said eagerly, promising to be very tender but not force himself on me. He loved being with me, and he truly loved me. He knew that snuggling had the potential to frustrate him, but eventually I always got his rocks off in very satisfying ways. So he wasn't too worried."

"'Thank you so much, my love,' I said, 'I will appreciate it.'"

"Then I sat down in a chair and started fingering my clit suggestively."

"He was startled and amazed by this teasing display, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from my pussy as I slowly played with my clit. He grew harder and harder and could barely control his desires."

"Then I continued teasing him, by saying:"

"'But there's another problem... You know that a lot of my research is about sex... So I might look like I'm just sitting around masturbating, when I'm really doing work. Would you understand that?'"

"He got very hard and I could see the lust rising within him, but he agreed that he would control himself and understand."

"Still teasing him, I then asked:"

"'Thanks, could you do me one more little favor?'"

"'Sure,' he said, 'anything.' I could see he was so enthralled that he would have knelt down before me and worshiped my pussy at the slightest suggestion from me, but I had something else in mind..."

"I smiled at him as I played with my clit and pussy lips, getting him even more turned on... Then I said:"

"Well, you see sometimes I might ask you to let me play with your penis, since my research involves male sexuality, and I don't have a penis of my own... Would you let me do that?'"

"He got even more excited at this, since he loved it when I took control, and this seemed like I would be really using him. He found it very hard to speak thinking about this, so he just nodded very eagerly."

"Then I asked him:"

"'And is it OK if I still play with your penis for my research, even if we haven't made love in a while? Even if I have to go right back to work afterward?'"

"He got even more excited and just stared at me, thinking about how amazingly controlling that would be of me. He knew the idea was turning him on greatly as his cock got harder, began to feel very tight, and he started to drip pre-cum!"

"Seeing how turned on he was, I prodded him to answer, teasing him:"

"'Well? Would you let me play with your cock for my research, even when you feel all horny and needy?'"

"He just nodded, being too excited to speak."

"I thanked him. Then, to tease him some more and to find out more about his feelings, I said:"

"'Tell me, dear, does the idea of me playing with your penis get you all turned on?'"

"He didn't want to give up this secret, as he didn't want me to know how much my controlling, dominant behavior was turning him on. But he felt compelled by the way I was acting and since he was enjoying it, he made up his mind to tell me. So he nodded his head."

"I said excitedly:"

"'You're so good to tell me that! I thought you were turned on! You know, that makes me want to reward you for promising to be so helpful in my research...'"

"The mention of my research got him even more excited, since he now could see me as a fantasy woman who was controlling him in an institution or asylum, but he didn't say anything. But I could see he was getting even more excited because his breath got more shallow and his cock twitched."

"Then, as his reward, I laid down on the table and told him:"

"'Why don't you take off your clothes and join me?'"

"He wasted no time taking his clothes off, and laid down with me on the table!"

"But then I said:"

"'Oh my, you look so excited! I hope you don't mind that I was just thinking of having you kiss me.... Is that OK?'"

"He complained that he thought we were going to make love. He was so turned on that this behavior of mine just went into his image of me as a controlling, dominant fantasy woman, and it made him even more turned on. But still, his cock wanted relief!"

"But I countered that, saying:

"'I'm sorry, I wasn't planning to make love on this table! I just wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you!'"

"He said that he would be glad to kiss me, but after we made out for a half hour or so, with me using my hands to tease his cock the whole time, he started trying to stick his cock into my wet pussy!"

"I stopped him, saying:"

"'No! You get down off of this table and control yourself! If you can't control yourself, then I'll know that I'm only a sex object to you!"

"He bitterly complained that this was too much! He said that he didn't think of me only as a sex object, but that he couldn't help getting turned on by me, especially when I played with his cock like that."

"I walked over to him and knelt down in front of his cock and teased him, saying:"

"'Oh, really? Can you show me just how was I playing with your cock that got you so excited?'"

"He took his hands, and then showed me all of the techniques that I had used on his cock that had gotten him particularly excited. Of course, this just increased his ache, as I expected."

"To increase his submission, I made him tell me how each of these techniques felt, and made him repeat the ones that seemed to have the most effect, saying:"

"'Can you do that one again? I want to make sure I understand how to do that!'"

"When he was thoroughly and completely on the edge from all this, and had exhausted his catalog of my teasing techniques, I just smiled and said:"

"'Thank you for showing me all that. It's so interesting!'"

"Then, going back to the table, and looking down at my pussy I said:"

"'But it's too bad that your feelings for me are so completely sexual, and that you can't just love me as a real person...'"

"He stared at my pussy, lusting after me and feeling his aching, dripping cock tighten. He protested that he couldn't help himself when I was acting this way...."

"As he protested, I kept teasing him by laying on the floor and smiling at him. Eventually he said 'What are you grinning about?' I answered:"

"'Well, despite your protests that you don't always think of me as a sex object, I notice that you are still very hard, still dripping pre-cum, and that you can't keep your eyes off me!'"

"He felt helpless, since he could see he wasn't winning this argument, and he had no strategy for getting me to make love now, but he wanted me desperately."

"When I kept teasing him and grinning at him, he continued to stand there, lusting after me with his eyes roaming all over, from my smile to my breasts, then down to my pussy and my legs."

"He said that it was very hard to be anything but turned on around me, especially when I was acting 'this way'. I replied:"

"'What do you mean by 'this way'? How am I acting that got you so turned on?'"

"He said he couldn't describe it exactly. He knew how he was feeling, but he didn't know the right words for it."

"Then I started to act very lewdly and masturbated right there in front of him. While I did this I breathily asked:"

"'Is it because I'm acting like I'm over-sexed, like this?'"

"He was speechless for a minute, staring at me. There I was, his fantasy woman come to life, and he didn't know how to join in and make love to me! But he was enjoying the show so much that he just kept starting, hoping to draw out the show for a longer time."

"Then I rested for a minute, and so he eventually he said no, I wasn't acting like that before."

"I rolled over on my side and said:"

"'What is it then?' Can you tell me, honestly, what has gotten you so turned on?'"

"He tried to look away to collect his thoughts. When he looked at me, he could only think of kissing me and fucking me..."

"I watched his inner struggle playing out on his face. It was a turn on to see how deeply I as affecting him."

"Finally he decided that it was too sensitive, as he had to be a man and couldn't admit that he liked being teased, controlled, dominated, and denied. So he said that he didn't want to talk about it."
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 2 (continued)

"But then I *had* to know, so I said:"

"'Let me make you an offer, then. How about you put your cock in my pussy and enjoy the sensations of being inside me. And if during that time, if you tell me what it was that was getting you so turned on, then I'll let you cum inside of me, OK?'"

"At first he was puzzled, and asked me to clarify, and then when he understood, he did as I asked..."

"I loved having him inside me and being able to deny him the ultimate pleasure he so desperately desired! It was so easy, since all I had to do was not put my arm around his neck in the way he needed to cum. And knowing I was denying him got me all hot, as it seemed like it was the ultimate in my control over him!"

"At first, he enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being inside my pussy...."

"But eventually I started kissing him in earnest, while I said to him:"

"'Remember, you aren't allowed to cum unless you tell me what I want to know!'"

"He struggle between what he wanted consciously (to keep his realization from me) and what his body wanted so desperately (to cum). It was torturous for him! He instinctively realized that he wouldn't be able to cum without my cooperation and approval, so despite all my kissing, he just got more and more turned on! And since he wasn't going to get to cum, this just increased the pressure he felt to tell me, which part of him wanted to do anyway."

"We had been together long enough now that I knew just how to kiss him to send him right to the edge of orgasm, and I kissed him like there was no tomorrow!"

"He got closer and closer, and I kept the pressure on, using my vaginal muscles in ways that I knew would stimulate him! I was driving him crazy with lust!"

"He felt more and more desperate as his orgasm built and built in pressure. He knew what the price was and so he struggled to hold it back, but his need for release grew more and more intense with each kiss and stroke of his cock inside me!"

"We continued this fuck and make-out session until he was absolutely ready to burst! He was so into it, and I knew every button to push!"

"I was trying to make him cum so I could taunt him for his lack of control, but even though I kept pushing and pushing him he kept holding it in! I could see that struggle was adding to the frustration he felt over whether to tell me. It was making things very difficult for him!"

"Finally at the last possible second, I said:

"'OK now, either tell me or get off of me this instant!"

"But he was still very reluctant to tell me, so he actually pulled out for a minute! I writhed around a bit more, showing off in a mirror, while he thought about what to do."

"He struggled again with his dilemma, and then realizing that all his happiness was with me, in every sense, he decided to tell me..."

"He plunged back into me, as he told me his deep secret: he got turned on by the thought of me taking such control over his sex life and using him for my psycho-sexual research!"

"I told him: 'OK, now you can cum!' And then I put my arm behind his head, pulled his lips to mine, and kissed him very hard. This triggered his shattering orgasm!"

"Then I continued to kiss him very passionately as I used my pussy to milk out all his cum, making his orgasm very intensely satisfying."

"He felt like he had given me everything now, and was loving his feeling of total submission and release."

"Afterward, I said:"

"'Dear, I know that you get turned on when I take control like that... And you know what? I want you to be turned on all the time, which is why I am going to take control more and more in the future!'"

"He knew it was the right decision when his cock got hard again as I was saying this!"

"After that we talked for a long while, while I made him tell me all his thoughts about what turned him on, and what he felt his boundaries were."

"He repeated his confession about my controlling and domination turning him on. He also told me that he was very turned on by kissing me and especially by having his cock in my pussy. He raved about how wonderful my pussy felt for a long time. And he said that he was realizing he could only cum if I was 'really into it' (which I knew meant using my arm to kiss him in just the right way when we made love in the missionary position)."

"He told me some about his boundaries, which I don't want to go into now, and I promised I would respect them if he would trust me."

"It really got me happy and excited to know just what an effect I had on him, and I learned an awful lot from his frank sharing."

"Also, this session gave me some more ideas about how a woman can get a man to do what she wants, which was the subject of a special issue in the journal that I founded, JISSIHM."

"Over the years I continued to tease him every chance I got, especially when I had to work on my book and had an excuse to stop after getting him all horny and lustful."

"I'd tell him I was going to take a short break, and come out to where he was reading and lay down in some suggestive position..."

"He would immediately get very hard. To tease him more I'd ask him to let me use his hands to tease his cock, saying I was too tired from work to do it myself."

"He didn't want to masturbate himself for me, but he would do it anyway, since looking at me would get him so horny. This was especially effective if I was wearing black lingerie, since that meant he had a chance for a fuck later... (And you can bet that when he gave me lingerie for a gift it was always black!)"

"I'd watch as he would use his hands, now 'my' hands, to tease himself to the edge of orgasm. And I'd play with myself lazily as an excuse to show him more skin and get him more worked up."

"He found these times intensely stimulating. He knew just what to do with 'my' hands to get himself terribly excited and very close to cumming. And he'd tell me everything he was feeling, how much he wanted to kiss me and put his cock in my pussy..."

"I'd ask him to show me what it would feel like to have his cock in my pussy, and he'd go and fetch some lube and stroke in earnest, or he'd make an upside-down 'V' with his fingers to tease himself when he was too close to cumming."

"And 'my' hands would never let him cum, since I was still working on getting him addicted to making love to me. And if I was wearing black lingerie that day, then I'd follow through and let him make love to me. Of course, as you know, this kind of frequent but not automatic reward can lead to very strong emotional and behavioral associations, something like an addiction."

"He never knew for sure whether I was just going to tease him and leave him high and dry, or whether I was going to follow through and give him a mind-blowing orgasm. So the slightest sexual hint from me was likely to get him totally turned on... And when I really turned up the heat, by dressing and acting very sensually -- why then he would be right on the edge of an orgasm for a long time!"

"So, over the years I got to be more and more controlling, as I could turn him on with a smile, and I could also stop him cold while still smiling. And the best part was, he loved the way I was controlling him!"

"He felt constantly aroused when he was around me, even if I wasn't showing him a lot of skin. And if I did show a lot of skin, then he became putty in my hands."

"He was totally enamored with me, and loved me and the way I kept him turned on all the time."

"And our very frequent, but not regular or predictable love making, made him very eager to get me into bed every night! He was becoming truly addicted to sex with me, and I was loving every minute of it."

"When he thought about how things would be when the kids were gone, he got very excited, as he knew that then there would be no limits to my acting like the fantasy woman of his dreams all the time! This made him feel afraid of losing even more control, but then that turned him on even more."

"And the kids were growing up fast..."
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 3

"It was shortly after our littlest child had moved out and gone away to college that Tom gave me the idea that turned into my first really big break in academia... and that started all the troubles."

"Tom had asked me out to the best restaurant in town, since this was the first weekend that we were alone without the kids. I wanted to tease the hell out of him to celebrate... I was already an associate professor, so we were well off enough at the time to afford a hairdresser and makeup artist who made house calls. So I hired this woman to make me look extra specially good..."

"Tom came into the room when I was having my hair done and said, and I'll never forget it: 'Is that all really necessary? You always look great anyway... Why do women feel like they need fancy hairdos and makeup?' At the time I laughed, and said:"

"'You should be happy about this, dear. I've always taken special care with my makeup to look my very best for you... and I'm sure you will find out that it's worthwhile later!'"

"But, being a researcher in psychology, his remark got me thinking. I wondered if I could measure the effect of makeup and hairdos on the male psyche. It was certainly a big industry, but then again humans had evolved without all of these artificial beauty aids for many generations..."

"I tried to put it out of my mind and just enjoy the evening, but the more I thought about it, the more intriguing the idea was. I was sure this would make a good paper if only I could design the right experiment..."

"And I have to admit that as I was thinking about experiments, I was already planning to use Tom to test out experimental designs. By this time it was natural to me and I didn't think much about it. I suppose now that I should have thought about it, but that was the way I was then..."

"The first decision I made was to focus on one aspect of makeup in isolation. I decided to try lipstick first..."

"But knowing how difficult it is to conduct experiments on humans, I first had to work out some ideas to see what I wanted to measure and what experimental design might really work..."

"I decided that a basic question was whether it was the way lipstick looked or felt or tasted that made the difference."

"One basic idea I had is pretty obvious in retrospect. I could use a clear lipstick, like Chapstick, with and without flavors, to isolate the way lipstick looks from the way it feels or tastes. And I could use unflavored lipstick to separate the taste from its appearance."

[Here I, Dr. Richard Joff, interrupted to get the interview back on track, as Dr. Pavlova seemed to be starting into a lecture on the design of this particular experiment, which is by now so well known as to be a textbook example. I asked her to what extent she used her husband in designing this experiment.]

"That's precisely the point. I decided to try out my ideas for experiments on my husband, Tom. I knew he loved kissing me, and so each night I would say:"

"'You don't mind if we try out a new lipstick when we kiss tonight, do you?'"

"He was always very eager to kiss, as it really excited him! He felt like he was melting into me when we kissed like that, especially since I used all of Nicole's tricks. And as I would kiss him, I'd delicately feel his arousal, which got him even more turned on!"

"During this time I kept refining my ideas, especially about measurement. You see, the central problem was to reduce the effect of the different kinds of lipsticks to numbers. These numbers would ideally represent the level to which the man (my husband) is aroused by the same woman (me) wearing a particular lipstick."

"At first I would simply ask:"

"'On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you like my lipstick tonight?'"

"But that kind of subjective rating wouldn't lead to a good article, as I wouldn't be able to reproduce the results very well."

"And I noticed several confounding effects of these ratings. For example, he would give higher ratings if I touched his cock more while we kissed. And if I wasn't wearing black lingerie, he would know subliminally that he had little chance to cum that night, and so his ratings would be lower. And worst of all, if I had denied him for several nights in a row, then his ratings would rise steadily until he got to cum. So it was very interesting for me, but it wouldn't lead to a good experiment."

"And after a while Tom started to ask me what all this fuss about lipstick was about, so I told him my idea for the experiment."

"Tom was intrigued by the measurement problem, since as an engineer he loved that sort of thing. But he was finding it hard to think straight about it as we talked, since our bedroom was such a sexually charged place. He filed the problem away in the back of his mind as he prepared to devote himself to that night's sexual activities."

"A few days later Tom invented an electric measurement apparatus for measuring the strength of a man's arousal. The first prototype was something like a blood pressure cuff, that the man puts around his penis, and measures how much blood is trapped in the penis -- how hard he is. So we called it the hardness meter."

"This is what I think of as the start of the troubles, since now Tom was actively working to help me experiment on himself! I probably should have abandoned the idea then, but it was too intriguing to stop. I suppose it was professional zeal mixed with my own sexual nature, which by now was very teasing and dominant."

"And now that the kids were gone I could show Tom all the skin I wanted when teasing him, and there were no limits to far far I could take things when teasing him each night. So every night Tom was horny and needy from all my teasing... This made the continuing trials of lipsticks at bedtime very frustrating for him while the hardness meter was still being perfected! Every night I'd say:"

"'I know you want to make love, dear, you've been begging me all night long! But we need to test another lipstick now, OK? I'll try to keep my hands from teasing you too much while I see how hard you're getting, but if you get carried away and start rubbing against my hands like the last five nights, then it will be your own fault!"

"Finally, the prototype hardness meter was ready and Tom was so proud of it that he agreed to let me try it on him."

"Of course, I wanted to try out lots of lipsticks using it. All night I was saying:"

"'That is so interesting how you scored on that one! Let's try another one, OK?'"

"It was a long and very hard night for him, but I loved getting real data from the harness meter!"

"Tom was extremely excited by this as he felt like this was a natural step in my control over him: he was being reduced to an experimental subject. And the experiment was so arousing for him, since I was finding out so much about what lipsticks got him the most excited...."

"But there were also the inevitable technical problems. For example, I pointed out:"

"'This is great, dear, but one problem is we can't require that the men be naked, since we have to pass the university's human subjects board...'"

"So he was able to miniaturize the recording part of the hardness meter and allow that part to be put outside the man's pants, for example, in a pocket."

"Tom was very eager to fix these problems, and worked on them for the next several weeks in our garage, as we continued to use the prototype nightly..."

"With a better hardness meter, we duplicated many of our earlier tests and continued with new ones...."

"'Poor dear, I know we have to go to sleep in a few minutes, but let's try one of the lipsticks on which you got a really high score with the old meter, OK?'"

"Tom continued to be very aroused by this testing, since he loved kissing me and especially loved it when I was being very controlling. I had to constantly change my lipstick, and we'd have to wait for his cock to deflate after each test. This just increased his ache and need for my pussy, which was becoming a problem since I often got carried away with lipstick testing and didn't leave enough time for making love."

"Once I tried slapping his cock:"

"'There! Now let's see if that makes your cock get soft faster!"

"Unfortunately, the slap had the opposite effect, and just got him harder, which I found fascinating. He confessed that he found it very exciting when I abused his cock, since it was an assertion of my control over him."

"Since that didn't work, we started to use an ice pack, which was very effective in softening his cock!"

"All this kissing made Tom beg me to make love and give him some relief, but I always said:"

"'Sorry, dear, we have to wait until the end of the night, since I don't want to spoil the data by altering the conditions of each kissing trial. You understand, don't you?'"

"But making his cock get hard and then icing it down again over and over caused him to become incredibly horny, and we found that the readings increased during each night if he didn't cum the night before."

"We solved that problem by only trying one lipstick each night, to leave time for love-making. This spread the trials out over a longer period... So soon this routine became a habit: every night I'd put on a particular lipstick, we'd kiss until he wasn't getting any more excited, and then he'd jump up to take a reading on the hardness meter and I'd record it. Then if the reading wasn't very high, I'd change lipsticks to one that was already known to be more effective, and we'd make out for a long time, just to be sure he was really worked up, and then we'd make love. And usually I'd make him cum, since I wanted to still reinforce his addiction to my pussy."

"And after a lot of testing, which was very arousing for both of us, I found out what Tom's favorite lipstick was -- a red lipstick with a slight cherry flavor."

"After that I started to wear that lipstick all the time, since it really got us both turned on to know that was his favorite, and that I could know that about him! This lipstick made him very excited each time we kissed..."

"Tom remembered it as the same lipstick I had used when we first kissed in the guest bedroom, and of course it was the same one I used when we recreated those nights for our anniversary. So the memory of it was highly arousing for him..."

"It always gave me a sexual thrill to know that I could have the power to turn him on so much with just a few kisses, if I was wearing that lipstick. And it made me wonder if it was really the lipstick or the memories of those teasing sessions..."

"Once I had the experiment designed, I set about finding a graduate student to help me run it..."

"I flirted a bit with all the men in my department and asked them if they had noticed any female graduate students with great looking lips. Lots of them thought this was funny, but several of them mentioned Nicole, whom I eventually caught up with at an ice cream stand near campus..."

"When I saw her, I knew she'd be perfect for my experiment. Here's a picture of her that was taken later for an article in Cosmetics magazine...."

"Anyway, her lips were just absolutely gorgeous, and she herself was incredibly cute and sexy. Guys would be killing each other to participate in the experiment if she was the one they got to kiss!"

"She needed an assistantship, and so she agreed to do the experiment for her thesis. Besides, she said she really liked kissing guys and always wanted to know how to improve that!"

"The only problem was that, at the time, I didn't have any money to pay her. So I worked out a deal that she could stay in our house, so at least she wouldn't have to pay rent..."

"I probably should have consulted Tom about this, but I didn't and just went ahead and did it."

"Before Nicole moved in, I presented the experimental design as a problem to her. This was good for her development as a graduate student... At first I had to dissuade her from trying out extraneous ideas, like setting a romantic mood by lighting candles."

"Eventually she got the idea of controlling the sources of variability into her head, and then we moved on to discussing the kinds of lipsticks to use. I was impressed when she came up with the idea of clear lipstick herself."

"Then, when Nicole moved into our house, I decided to let her practice and refine the experimental protocol using my husband, Tom. He was flabbergasted when she moved in and I told him:"

"'Dear, I've hired a graduate student, Nicole, and I'm paying her by letting her live here with us in our house. She's going to do the lipstick experiment for her thesis and I want her to test the experimental protocol on you in a few minutes. Is that OK?'"

"This meshed so well with his fantasies that he nodded his assent. He was practically dripping with anticipation. When Nicole was ready, I said:"

"'OK, you put on the hardness meter, and I'll bring in Nicole!'"

"When Nicole came into the room, I read out the instructions we would have for our participants, but I could tell Tom wasn't listening. He was mesmerized by Nicole, who he had never met previously. Later I looked at the readings from the hardness meter, I found out that he was incredibly turned on."

"Watching them kiss, I quickly grew jealous, as I could see how much Tom was into kissing her and how excited it made him. I didn't like it, but I learned a few things from her, like the way she framed her head with her arms before moving in for the kiss."

"Tom was extremely aroused by Nicole, who he thought was so lovely, fresh, and beautiful. He thought her lips were perfectly formed. And her kissing technique was delicate at first, but grew more intense and arousing as she continued. And Tom also found the situation incredibly arousing, since I was essentially bringing this beautiful woman into our home to tease him and measure how hard he got in response!"

"I wasn't happy with how aroused he was. So I discussed the experiment with him the next Saturday afternoon:"

"'I assume you saw the data from the hardness meter? What got you so turned on with Nicole?'"

"He said that it was the situation itself, being an experimental subject, and being forced to kiss Nicole while wearing the hardness meter. He said it was like a threesome, or a fantasy from some dark novel. He was getting excited just thinking about it again."

"I told him:"

"'OK, but I'm a bit jealous! Is it really just the situation that is the cause of your arousal?'"

"Tom assured me it was the situation. I decided to see if that was really the main cause..."

"So then I made another mistake, at least a mistake that I see in retrospect.... I said:

"'You know, we have never done much role playing, but now I want to try to use that to get you more turned on, and also check on your story. Would you want to wear the hardness meter while we do some role playing?'"

"He found that idea very arousing, as he had fantasized about being teased by me while wearing it before. So he nodded agreement."

"I dressed in black, his favorite color for me now, and I put the hardness meter on him. Then I tied him to a chair in the living room. He didn't like this, since Nicole was now staying with us, but after he was tied up, he had no choice."

"Tom was very excited, but upset and scared at being tied up. He had never been tied up before, and was afraid of being discovered by Nicole. He liked me taking control like this, but thought that this was more than he could take, as he was already very excited."

"Then I adjusted the hardness meter so I could read it easily and I started telling him a story... I said:"

"'You are now an inmate in a retraining center for wayward males. I am be in charge of your retraining.... First, I am going to find out everything that gets you turned on... Then I'm going to use that to break you, sexually. And you can't hide your arousal from me, because I will know how excited you are getting by reading this hardness meter!'"

"Indeed, looking at the meter I could see he was already incredibly turned on."

"First I pulled down the top of my black dress, and showed him my breasts."

"Tom strained against his bonds, but they held tight. He couldn't take his eyes from my breasts, and was ashamed to know that his increased arousal was visible to me in the readout of the hardness meter. He cursed himself for inventing it."

"I had a lot of fun teasing him after that."

"'You have a pussy fetish, don't you? Is it maddening to see my pussy but not be able to put your cock into it?'"

"With the hardness meter, I could see exactly how each teasing technique of mine affected his arousal. Finally I asked him:"

"'Tell me, is the idea of being experimented on a fantasy of yours?'"

"Yes! His hardness nearly went off the end of the meter's scale! After some hesitation, he admitted that he sometimes fantasized about being controlled by women in a psychiatric institution who kept him aroused but never let him cum."

"Then I couldn't help using this as part of our role playing. I giggled as I teased him with it:"

"'Poor boy! It's really hard on the ones like you who find they are living out their own fantasy! But you know, that won't help you, since I still can't let you cum!'"

"And I kept on teasing him more and more and laughing at him."

"Tom got very hard! He was also scared that I was going to use the hardness meter to find out ways to make him more and more excited, to tease him better, and ultimately, to control him more. He was scared because I was already so good at teasing that he could barely stand it. But the thought of this fantasy blending with his real life made it impossible for him to think straight, and he started to focus more and more on my pussy."

"I masturbated lewdly in front of him, as I said:"

"'I'm going to masturbate now, but this is just for experimental purposes, so I can find out your maximum arousal level!'"

"Tom got more and more excited! Tom's every thought was now filled with both fear at what he had gotten into and lust for me and especially for my pussy. Seeing me taunt him with my pussy and play with myself lewdly in front of him just made him want to get his cock inside me more and more. He would have been climbing the walls with lust if he wasn't tied up!"

"I taunted him, saying:"

"'You know, this is turning me on too... If you weren't all tied up, then I be fucking you right now!'"

"This made him struggle against his bonds one more time, but despite his efforts they held firm. He started moaning and begging me to let him up, or to at least fuck him where he was! He said he was desperate and incredibly horny!"

"But then I made a show of looking at the clock, and said:"

"'Sorry, I can't let you out for at least another 4 hours!'"

"This was devastating to him. He didn't think he could stand the pressure from his balls for another minute, let alone 4 hours!"

"Then I could feel my pussy getting really wet from putting him in this situation, and I turned a bit so that I was sure he could see how wet I was."

"Tom was always obsessed with my pussy, and when he saw how hot and wet this was all making me, he struggled against his bonds again, even though he knew it was futile. His thoughts and desires tried to will my pussy onto his cock, to extend his cock all the way to my pussy, anything to get some relief! But ultimately seeing my wetness just added to his frustration."

"Soon he was begging me wildly for release, in every sense, but I just told him:"

"'Calm down, this is all part of the experiment...'"

"Tom didn't think he could get any harder, but now he felt the hardness meter gripping his cock because his erection was straining against it. The reading was pegged at the top of the scale!"

"I could see that this was all an incredible turn on for him, as it was for me! It was the first time I had really dominated him and put him in bondage like that..."

"I just kept teasing and taunting him over and over:"

"'Now, for our scientific experiments, I must ask you to describe everything you are feeling! Can you do that for me?'"

"Tom didn't like telling me his lustful feelings, as it made him feel ashamed, they were so animalistic. But he was too far into the fantasy to resist my commands, and so he poured out how much his cock ached for my pussy, and how sexy I looked. He loved how I was teasing him and told me that he wanted me more than anything!"

"And all this just kept getting him more and more excited...."

"Then I started asking him more pointed questions:"

"'Tell me, what did you think of me on the the night of your wedding to Erica, when we met on the balcony?'"

"He admitted he lusted after me even then."

"'And what were you thinking about me when you first called me after the accident?'"

"He admitted he was secretly hoping he would eventually get to know me better..."

"Tom resented the way I was using this session to find out all his secret thoughts, since he was ashamed of many of them. But it all blended in with his fantasy, which continued to arouse him, so he found it impossible to resist me."

"'Were you hoping to fuck me when I first came to visit after the accident?'"

"After a while he admitted that also."

"I was really enjoying this, as I thought that soon he would have no secrets from me!"

"'And what do you think about Nicole?' I teased."

"He was very reluctant to discuss this at first, but then I just kept teasing him and taunting him about the hardness meter readings he had registered when he saw Nicole and when she kissed him...."

"Each time he begged me to stop and release him, I just teasingly repeated my question:

"'You know, I can just wait until you tell me, so go ahead: What do you think about Nicole?'"

"When he still wouldn't talk, I said:"

"''OK, then you won't mind if I masturbate some more while I waited for your answer, will you?'"

"He didn't like it, but he could hardly refuse... since I was totally in control of the situation!"

"He thought he was going out of his mind, since he couldn't stop me from turning him on more, and yet he thought he had reached his limit on how hard and turned on he could get..."

"I masturbated in earnest for a long time, bringing myself to countless loud orgasms:"

"'Oh God! Yes! That is so good! My pussy is so wet! I might never need you inside me again if I can tease you like this: it's so exciting!'"

"Watching me ramp up the tease with my loud masturbation, he became more and more desperate, as he realized how much he was at my mercy."

"And each time I made some noise he panicked a bit more, and tried to 'shhh' me. He told me not to make too much noise, as he was very worried about Nicole finding us."

"Then I asked him:"

"'Why are you worried about Nicole?'"

"He admitted that he was very embarrassed and worried about her discovering us, and said it was natural to want to keep our sex life private. He said he would be humiliated if such a graduate student found him like this."

"I teased him by saying that he was just worried because he lusted after Nicole. Then I said:"

"'Actually, it was Nicole who put you in this psychiatric hospital. She wants you trained for her. And she's watching and learning how to better tease you and keep you horny!'"

"He just about lost it from the fantasy alone when I said that!"

"Just then Nicole came into the room wearing some purple sheer lingerie and said:"

"'Are you two talking about me?'"

"Tom just stared at her! It was his worst fears realized, but he was incredibly turned on as he drank in her legs and saw her breasts through the sheer material."

"'Yes!' I said, laughing at Tom's distress, 'Did you know Tom finds you an incredible turn on?'"

"Tom's jaw dropped completely on the floor when I said this! He felt very embarrassed and humiliated. And he also felt like I had taken too much control by telling Nicole this."

"Nicole didn't miss a beat, she turned to Tom, pulled at her lingerie to reveal a glimpse of her pussy, and said directly to him: 'You do?'"

"Tom gulped, straining his vision to look at her pussy. He was totally flabbergasted! He couldn't speak for a full minute. His eyes roamed all over her body and he couldn't stop looking at her lips."

"Nicole stood on some of the furniture to get a height advantage over him, as she continued a slow, sensual striptease. Then she said to him:"

"'You like being tied up and dominated, don't you?'"

"Tom stared at her more and got more and more turned on by her dominant attitude. But he eventually nodded, yes!"

"I was fascinated, as I watched, to see Tom nodding his head! This was the next step for him. Now his submissive nature was out in the open, and Nicole and I could both exploit it!"

"'You really like this?' I teased."

"Tom looked at me and realized that he had given away too much, and panicked. He now knew that we both knew about his submissive nature and how it turned him on to be dominated!"

"Then Nicole said to Tom:"

"'So tell me, what are you imagining in this scene? How do I fit in?'"

"Tom was too excited to speak, so I had to describe it..."

"I explained the premise I had concocted, saying:"

"'He's been tied up in a psychiatric hospital, and I am a doctor. And Nicole, you are the client who brought him in for retraining...'"

"Tom continued to look panicked. He was unhappy with Nicole being brought into such an intimate situation."

"'So,' Nicole jumped in again, 'you're breaking him and training him to be a good sex slave for me?'"

"'We had not gotten that far,' I said, smiling, 'but that will do...'"

"Tom grew more and more fearful at this exchange. He wanted to protest that all this had gone too far, but he was speechless with lust and desire. Two teasing and dominant beautiful women were more than he had dared to fantasize about."

"'Tell me, Tom,' she said to him, 'Do you fantasize about kissing me?'"

"Tom nodded vigorously. Bingo!"

"'Then it is too bad that you are all tied up,' she said, taunting him, 'because I am really in the mood for kissing right now!'"

"Tom was afraid to say more, but he begged to be let out so he could kiss her."

"'No,' she said, 'I think it will be more stimulating for you if I keep you tied up and kiss you right there! But first, I have to go get some lipstick...'"

"Then I said to Nicole: 'Let me get some lipstick for you! From previous tests I know the exact kind that gets him the most excited! Why don't you familiarize yourself with the hardness meter while I fetch the lipstick?'"

"Nicole walked over and inspected the meter. She said:"

"'Let's see what happens when I touch your arms... hmm... now your chest... that's odd... What if I touch your neck? Your legs, your inner thigh? It's all the same... Let's see, what if I touch your cock's tip, that should get a reaction! Oh, it jumped, and now it's leaking a bit, but the meter isn't changing...'"

"Tom was so excited he couldn't speak, but being teased by Nicole as if he were an experimental animal was getting him harder and harder."

"When I returned she complained to me: 'Look I think the meter is broken, it never moves, even when I touch his cock like this!'"

"Then I said: 'No, see how excited he is? The meter isn't moving because it is pegged at the end of its scale! Here, let me get some ice and we can deflate his cock and start over...'"

"Then I got some ice and we used it to deflate his cock, so she could start from scratch. She teased him, saying:"

"'Wow, your cock looks so small when it's like that! I don't think I want you for a sex slave if you have such a small cock!'"

"Of course, this made his cock start to erect all over again!"

"Then, after applying Tom's favorite lipstick, she bent over Tom's head and started kissing him sensually. She kissed him over and over again, slowly, deliberately, and very sensually."

"After each kiss she would look at the hardness meter, and say something like:"

"'Oh, that was good for you wasn't it? I can tell, you got all the way up to a 9.5!'"

"Then Nicole would then apply the ice to his cock to deflate him."

"Every so often she would teasingly toy with his erection:"

"'Let me just feel your cock to be sure this meter is working... Oh! it jumped and it's twitching! You naughty boy, I bet you're thinking some very naughty thoughts right now, aren't you?'"

"This teasing, combined with her slow, sensual kissing, was driving Tom crazy with lust and desire! Tom was indeed thinking very naughty thoughts about Nicole: how he wanted desperately to put his cock in her pussy and gain some relief from the torture that was making him ache and need her like nothing he had experienced before."

"Nicole kept kissing him very deliberately, and checked the hardness meter after each kiss."

"When she would apply the ice afterward, it was an additional torment for Tom, who found that even as his horniness and desire were increasing, he was losing control even over his erection. The constant erection and deflation made him feel more and more like he needed to cum. It built up the pressure and lust inside him relentlessly, past the point he thought possible."

"In between she teased him verbally, saying things like:"

"'Oh, you liked that kiss, didn't you?' or 'Did you like it when I swirled my tongue around your gums?'"

"Tom was moaning and aching the whole time. It was a total turn on for him! He desperately wanted relief for his cock, and the ice didn't provide any, but only increased his sense of helplessness."

"Even though I knew kissing was a big turn on for Tom, I had never thought to focus on it so intently and single-mindedly... For me it was usually a prelude to love-making."

"But Nicole wasn't going to fuck him. No, she just loved having Tom all tied up like that and took total advantage of the situation to perfect her kissing techniques! She really enjoyed all the feedback she was getting from the hardness meter, so that she knew what was getting him the most turned on."

"Eventually Tom was moaning and groaning every time Nicole kissed him, and squirming and writhing about to try to avoid Nicole's teasing hands, and then complaining and protesting about the ice. But it was no use, as he was tied up, so he couldn't get away."

"She kept up this teasing kissing torture all night long. It was so long that I finally fell asleep."

"But for Tom it was a nightmare! When Tom saw that I was asleep he felt even more abandoned by me, since now he was totally at the mercy of Nicole, who concentrated on teasing him relentlessly!"

"She was still kissing and teasing him in the morning when I woke up!"

"By this time he was past being desperate, past begging and pleading with Nicole to stop, and was blubbering, crying, and wild with frantic lust!"

"When I asked Nicole how she was doing, she just said: 'One more little kiss...' Then she applied the ice pack, and putting on some fresh lipstick, kissed him first tenderly and then very deeply, stifling his crying. While she kissed him, her hands played over the tip of his cock delicately, coaxing a drop of pre-cum out and rubbing it into his cock. Finally he moaned very loudly into her mouth, and she broke off the kiss..."

"Then she looked at the hardness meter, tossed the ice pack onto his cock, and left him there, tied up and desperate."

"I think she really did break him that night, as he was never assertive again after that, and he always seemed quietly desperate around Nicole."

"He could never get the image of her face and lips out of his mind after that, and it became a deep part of his fantasies."

"Tom was very bitter after that night, and expressed his anger at my letting Nicole tease and torment him all night long. I tried to console him saying:"

"'But dear, it was perfectly in line with your fantasies...'"

"But Tom wasn't buying my explanation. He said it was okay for us to role play, but that I never should have let Nicole take over like that, especially without his consent or any kind of safe word."

"I couldn't help but agree, and I promised to protect him in the future. But in the end I wasn't entirely able to keep that promise."

[I asked Dr. Pavlova to describe what else happened with Nicole.]

"Well, even though I didn't let Nicole tie Tom up like that again, I had to let her work out her experimental design in detail, and that required Tom's help."

"And although he said he was mad about that night, he never expressed any of that to Nicole. Instead, he was always very deferential to Nicole, since he wanted her and continually fantasized about her as the dominating mistress that he desired."

"He even helped perfect the hardness meter for her use, so in large way he really helped her experiment."

"But I think every time he was with Nicole, he thought about that first night, when she kissed him over and over again, and the though got him very excited and horny!"

"You could see it in the hardness meter when she would practice her experimental protocols on him: when she started to kiss him, his excitement would be off the end of the scale!"

"After seeing Tom help Nicole out like this, once we were alone in our bedroom, I would always say:"

"'So, how do you feel after being Nicole's' subject today? Are you OK?'"

"Invariably, he'd say that he was incredibly turned on. He attributed this to the memories of that first night when Nicole kissed him when he was all tied up."

"I'd then make a big show of putting on his favorite lipstick and climb back into bed. Then I'd say something like:"

"'So, you want to kiss and make out with me for a while with me?'"

"And he would eagerly affirm his interest and we'd start kissing and fondling each other like teenagers! It was great! I would use all the techniques I had learned to tease his cock and get him very excited."

"Then when I knew he was completely worked up and desperate, I would quitely ask:"

"'Is just kissing enough for you tonight?'"

"And of course, he would protest loudly: 'No!' He was always desperate to make love after so much kissing, and he was practically addicted to my pussy!"

"But I'd make him beg for it... I'd say:"

"'Well, OK, but I'm only going to make love to you if you think I turn you on more than Nicole!'"

"Then he would protest that of course I turned him on more than Nicole. He would start praising how I looked, and how teasing and dominant I was, and how he loved my hair, my eyes, my lips, my tits, my legs, and of course, my pussy!"

"And then I'd pretend to be skeptical. So I'd say:"

"'Well, I appreciate all that, but given how excited you looked to me when you were with Nicole, I think I'd like you to prove it to me with the hardness meter....'"

"He would put on the hardness meter, and we'd look at the reading..."

"If the reading on the hardness meter was higher than the highest rating he had registered that day with Nicole, then he got to fuck me and I'd make him cum in a very satisfying orgasm!"

"But if the reading wasn't strictly higher than his high that day with Nicole, then I'd say:"

"'Sorry, but we'll have to work to get you more excited before I can let you cum... I don't want to be jealous of how much Nicole turns you on!'"

"We'd take off the hardness meter, and then I'd kiss him some more, sometimes with his cock inside my pussy! He wouldn't be allowed to cum until we measured a reading that was high enough, so just when he would get as excited as possible, he would be forced to pull out and hurriedly put on the hardness meter to get a reading..."

"Secretly, I relished the times when the reading wasn't high enough, and with a big sigh, he'd start all over trying to get more excited..."

"I don't know if it was my jealousy about Nicole, or just that I was enjoying being a dominant tease; probably it was a little of both. But in any case, I got more and more excited the more he had to work hard to get that magical reading."

"He'd try to be all romantic, as we found that being romantic helped. He knew instinctively that he needed my cooperation to be able to cum."

"So kissing and praising my beauty, he'd eventually work up to putting his cock in my dripping wet pussy again..."

"And I'd do anything to get him all excited: sucking his cock was all part of the fun! I wanted him to always want me more than Nicole, and I was always happy to help him get a reading that proved it!"

"As he tried to get more excited, he worried that thinking about it too much was working against him. And no doubt it was, as he had a difficult time getting a very high reading as it got later and later in the night. And when it got later I would sometimes tease him more about it:"

"'Maybe I just don't excite you enough? All Nicole did was kiss you, but I've sucked on your cock and let you be inside my pussy, and you're still not quite up to that reading... You haven't been masturbating, have you?'"

"And some nights were more difficult for him than others. Sometimes I was just plain jealous, especially when his hardness meter readings were especially high. And sometimes I admit I took it out on him by not being especially sensual or loving: I just felt like punishing him!"

"He would beg and plead with me. He'd give me foot rubs, anything to try to get me in the mood, because he knew that if I wasn't in the mood, then he couldn't get very excited -- he needed me for that at least."

"And on some of those nights, I had to do some work, either grading student papers or work on a journal paper that was due. So I'd say:"

"'Sorry, I've got to do some work... Yes, I know you didn't get a chance to orgasm, but you know the rules, and I really am busy...'"

"He would be nearly crying when I would get dressed, ending our session, but being a professor himself, he could hardly argue."

"In the end, I always had a clinching argument to use when his whining got too intense:"

"'You know, if you hadn't gotten so excited with Nicole, then it would have been easy for you to get a higher hardness meter reading with me, wouldn't it?'"

"And with that I would go back to work, leaving him alone and unsatisfied."

[I asked Dr. Pavlova if she was worried that Tom would masturbate on such occasions.]

"No, Dick, remember how I made him masturbate using his hands and pretending that they were 'my' hands? And that 'my' hands would always get him very excited but never let him cum? Well, this had been going on for so many years by now that masturbating would only get him more excited and frustrated. Try as he might, he would always tell 'my' hands when to slow down or tease himself more lightly at the last second, which would prevent him from cumming. So he could never cum that way. Besides, I had also gotten him so addicted to intercourse that masturbation just wasn't satisfying enough for him."

"In any case, I would check in on him every so often, just to keep him on his toes and to make sure that he and Nicole weren't making love!"

"Eventually Nicole refined her experiment enough, thanks to Tom's help. Then she was able to seek approval from the ESU internal review board for human subject research. However, they rejected her plan, because it required the male participants to put on the hardness meter. And if the subjects had questions about proper adjustment of the hardness meter, they couldn't exactly ask Nicole for help... So Nicole talked to Tom about it, saying:"

"'Can you help me? They say that meter you designed might be too hard for the subjects to use, and I'm not allowed to touch their cocks, if they have problems putting it on...'"

"Tom was always very turned on and desperate around Nicole; so it took him a while to focus on her problem. But doing a favor for her was more than enough for him, and he quickly he agreed to try to think of a better way to measure male sexual arousal that would pass the review board."

"It was a tricky problem. I mean, I can tell when a man is aroused, like you are, Dick..."

[Here I interrupted Dr.Pavlova, in order to get the interview back on track.]

"Sorry. Anyway, the question is how to reduce a man's arousal to numbers, and in addition, how to do it without having to put some apparatus on the man?"

"I think I deserve some credit for the answer Tom eventually came up with, since I jokingly said that we should just have a woman look at his hard-on!"

"But Tom, as an engineer, used that not just as a joke, but as inspiration! Eventually he designed a system based on an infrared camera, which was hooked up to a computer. The computer locates the man's penis in the picture and uses its heat signature to measure the amount of blood trapped in the penis, which is what makes a man hard! It was a brilliant concept, but it took a lot of computer programming to make something that was reliable and fast enough for our purposes. But as a bonus, we got a real-time record of the experiment on video."

"Should I demonstrate how it works with you, Dick?"

[I said that wouldn't be necessary, since I had read the published papers on the subject.]

"But it's no trouble, since I have the system installed here in my bedroom. In fact, we first calibrated the system right here. So I can tell that you're only mildly excited now, although I know that you got really turned on when I was describing the first night of Tom's bondage when Nicole was kissing him..."

[I asked Dr. Pavlova to stop at this point and instead to describe how she calibrated the system with her husband.]

"Right, sorry. Well, we got the system set up in here, and then Tom took some null readings while I was out of the room. Then I changed into some lingerie, and just sat opposite him. This got him a little turned on..."

"He knew the promise that lay under my lingerie, but seeing me in lingerie wasn't his fetish, at least not then. So it was only a mild turn on."

"So then we measured with both the new system and the hardness meter. We used the hardness meter as a cross reference..."

"It was interesting, since we were able to experiment with lots of different positions, to try to get small increments in arousal from him. The only difficult part was that I had to hold still so he could cross check the readings of the new camera system with the hardness meter."

"Tom was turned on and found it increasingly hard to concentrate on the work. And it added to his anxiety that he could see I was getting bored with how long he was taking making measurements."

"Eventually out of boredom I started teasing him a bit more. I said:"

"'Look, as much as you seem to enjoy fiddling with all the equipment, I just want you to get turned on, not to have an engineering orgy!'"

"This teasing made Tom a bit more flustered, since he really did enjoy the technical equipment side of things. But he was also getting increasingly anxious to make love to me, and was thus finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on the apparatus."

"Since I was getting bored, I said:"

"'Can you speed things up by wearing the hardness meter all the time? That way, you wouldn't have to take time putting it on and taking it off, OK?'"

"He was worried about the camera working through the hardness meter, but soon satisfied himself that the infrared radiation could penetrate the hardness meter well enough. So then it became a bit more fun for me."

"I asked him:"

"'Which do you like better: my tits or my ass?'"

"That got him a bit harder and it took him a while to answer. He first looked at my tits, which he adored, and then at my ass, which was perfect. He was getting so flustered that he couldn't speak."

"I bent over suggestively, and teased him saying:"

"'Do you want to fuck me, or just play with your gadgets?'"

"He said he really did want to fuck me, but then I was disappointed when he kept on fussing with the equipment and making notes! You see, he really wanted to please me, and Nicole, and he knew that this new system would please us both. So despite his lust and the sight of my pussy, he kept making more adjustments to his gadgets."

"I said:"

"'OK, if you don't stop fussing with that equipment immediately, then you'll lose your chance to make love to me today!'"

"Unfortunately for him, this got him turned on even more, and he lost his chance recording just how turned on he was getting!"

"Then I showed him my pussy, saying:"

"'It's too bad you won't get to cum today, because my pussy is so hot and wet right now! See? And I was so pleased with you that I had been planning to reward you... But now I feel sorry that your chance to cum inside me today is lost!'"

"And in order to tease and frustrate him some more, I kept on rubbing myself in ways that I could see were getting him harder and harder!"

"'Poor baby!' I said, 'it must be just like being in a psychiatric hospital where they keep measuring you but don't let you have sex!'"

"This really got him going, as it brought back the strong memories of his night of bondage with Nicole. And yet he couldn't concentrate on me, since he was still taking readings and fussing with the equipment. This brought back memories of Nicole's teasing of him also, since she had stopped and iced him down very often..."

"Then I had a wicked idea. I said:"

"'Dear, can you set it up so that the system displays your arousal level for me, so I can always know just how much I'm turning you on?'"

"He asked why I'd want to know that."

"'It's so I can perfect my teasing techniques on you!'"

"He got very excited, and being submissive in such situations, he started to tell me how he could do it."

"'Good,' I said, 'Can you install it for tomorrow? Then I might let you cum tomorrow if I can get you more excited than Nicole makes you...'"

"He said he would try... He got even more excited since I was being so dominant and controlling. And he was worried that he was looking forward to lots of teasing and possibly denial tomorrow. Since he wanted to cum desperately, he wanted to start right in on the work."

"But I told him:

"'No, don't work on it now. Tonight I want to play with you, so come to bed right now! Your work can wait until tomorrow!"

"He wasn't happy, since he knew he had no chance with me that night, and he wanted to get a chance the next day, and of course he loved a good engineering problem..."

"But he couldn't refuse me when he was so turned on and submissive. So it only took a minute for him to drop everything and follow me into bed."

"I told him:"

"'I'm wearing your favorite lipstick. Do you know why? It's because I want to kiss you until you felt ready to burst! I guess I'm a bit jealous of all your apparatus and equipment, which you seem to love more than me!'"

"Of course, it was untrue, but it put him in his place, which was just where I wanted him."

"Tom protested that of course he didn't love his equipment more than me, and that he was just trying to please me by helping out the experiment. But he became even more turned on and anxious to please me and said he'd do anything I wanted."

"We kissed for a very long time, during which I stripped him of all his clothes. I loved getting him all turned on when I was partly clothed and he was naked and submissive!"

"I used all the techniques I learned from watching him masturbate when his hands were under 'my' control to tease him right to the edge and hold him there, dripping and shaking and begging to cum."

"Every once in a while I'd stop him and tease him about the equipment some more, saying:"

"'I bet you want to take another measurement now, don't you?'"

"And he'd protest that all he wanted to do was to make love to me. But I thought it was best if he cooled off, and so I told him:"

"'No, you go take some measurements first; then you'll be able to concentrate on me!'"

"When he was done with that, I'd hump a pillow and tease him by saying:"

"'All done? Great! What do you want to do now?'"

"Of course, he wanted to make love more than anything!"

"I teased him still more, saying:"

"'Maybe, but only if you'll let me ride you... Remember, you're not to cum tonight!'"

"And he was so desperate, he agreed!"

"'You'll hold back?' I said, as I lowered myself onto his throbbing cock."
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 3, continued

"He looked like he was in pain trying to stop himself, but he swore, through clenched teeth, that he wouldn't cum."

"I knew he wouldn't be able to cum without my cooperation anyway, but this was insurance."

"With that insurance I felt free to push his limits even harder. So I kissed him and slowly rode his cock for a very long time, building his orgasm up and up to the edge..."

"And I had one more trick to play: each time I thought he was getting really close to cumming, I stopped, and said:"

"'OK, time to go make another measurement on your cock!'"

"In this way I kept him hard and throbbing inside of me for hours! He recorded some of his highest readings ever on the hardness meter, which were good for calibrating the camera system."

"Finally I said:"

"'Sorry, but we have to stop, as I need some sleep!'"

"He wanted to work on the new system all night, but I told him:"

"'No, leave that for tomorrow. I wanted you to cuddle with me in bed all night tonight!'"

"I wasn't sure which caused him more frustration that night: not being able to work on his apparatus, or being in bed next to me and holding me tight while touching one of my breasts but not being able to fuck me!"

"The next morning, when I woke up, he was already awake and fussing with the equipment. I said:"

"'How long have you been up?'"

"He admitted he was up with the sunrise."

"I then started to tease him again, saying:"

"'Do you want to try measuring your arousal while you are inside me?'"

"But he was so into his work, that he hardly looked up while he explained that the computer system couldn't handle that measurement yet."

"Still, all this was starting to penetrate his engineering brain and turn his thoughts in my direction. He started fantasizing about my being able to read his arousal on a meter as we fucked..."

"Then I asked him:"

"'Are you going to have the system ready to test with Nicole this afternoon?'"

"He got very excited again, either from looking at me or from the technical challenges, and said that yes, he hoped to be ready for that."

"I teased him, saying:"

"'I hope you save some of your excitement for me today, since I really want to fuck you tonight!'"

"He was very excited looking at me and hearing me talk this way, and he was still desperate not being allowed to cum the night before. But he knew that Nicole always got him very excited, so he was worried..."

"He asked if I was still going to insist on him getting more excited with me than with Nicole that evening. He was always worried about that with Nicole, as her all night teasing session had really lodged deeply in his psyche."

"'Of course!' I said, 'I don't want to be second fiddle in my own bedroom!'"

"This worried him even more, and he was troubled that he found the thought of being teased and denied again arousing!"

"In the afternoon, he finished getting the apparatus set up and we went to find Nicole."

"It was an unusually hot day that day, and because ESU is up here in the north, we didn't have air conditioning in those days. So we found Nicole trying to keep cool with a fan and some ice cubes."

"Tom was immediately excited to see Nicole in her lingerie, and started to worry that this would be too much for him, especially due to his frustration and denial the night before."

"Tom excitedly explained his apparatus to Nicole, who listened patiently, but seemed more intent on teasing Tom than on understanding the engineering details."

"Tom loved the way he could see the outlines of her breasts and her pussy through her soaking lingerie. And of course her lips held a special fascination. He knew by now that Nicole, like me, was always wearing his favorite lipstick."

"But perhaps I underestimated Nicole, as she asked Tom a very good question:"

"'But will it work reliably in this heat?'"

"Tom said he wasn't sure, as the infrared might get swamped by the general heat. But there was only one way to find out: they had to try it out!"

"But Nicole said that maybe they should wait until it was cooler, as in her experience, guys were always hornier when it was really hot like it was then."

"And the way she moved, lazily exposing herself, Tom knew he was getting very horny. Even though he could see her breasts, her lips were still the object of his fantasies."

"I was amazed at the way she was teasing Tom, and frankly it made me a bit jealous again. So I was probably less protective of Tom than I should have been in this situation."

"Tom, was totally captivated by Nicole's act. He became very hard and lustful, and stared at Nicole's lips, which he knew he would soon be kissing."

"I told Nicole that she should get ready, and then she surprised me by taking off all her clothes!"

"She also had a way of putting her head back in a way that emphasized her perfect lips. Tom moaned when he saw this! He had never seen Nicole completely naked before, and the sight and the heat were becoming too much for him."

"Eventually Tom and I convinced her to get up, but then she insisted on taking a bath...."

"Tom felt exasperated, as he really wanted to kiss her, and yet he was afraid of it at the same time..."

"But because of the way she was acting, Nicole's slow teasing was making Tom focus all his attention on her and how much he wanted her."

"She was a total tease, taking a long time and even asking Tom to help soap her up at one point."

"Tom could stop looking at her and fantasizing about kissing her, and then making love to her while he kissed her. The way she moved and acted was making him fantasize about her non-stop!"

"Then she lazed about in the water, all the time holding Tom's undivided attention."

"While she sat there she said to him:"

"'Have you forgiven me for teasing you so much that first night?'"

"Of course, Tom said that he forgave her. But the way she had treated him had gone straight into his store of fantasies. He longed to duplicate that experience again with her, but he also feared giving up that much control again. When he looked at her, he knew he would do it all again if she asked, even though it scared him deeply to think about it."

"And she teased him mercilessly, saying:"

"'Are you looking forward to kissing me more this afternoon?'"

"Tom blubbered that of course he was, very much! I knew it was now something he would kill for. He focused on her green eyes and her delicious red lips and could think of nothing else but how much he wanted to kiss her."

"Finally, when she had worked him up to a fever pitch without even touching him, she got out and dried off."

"I couldn't believe what an expert cock-teaser she was! It made me wish I had that camera system set up in the room we were in, so I could measure just how hard she was making him!"

"Tom felt totally turned on and submissive to her. His usual desperation stemming from that night of teasing was being taken to a whole new level, and now he was also hoping to get inside her pussy and to feel her breasts, while kissing her of course."

"Finally, Nicole came into our bedroom, and Tom made sure the equipment was all ready."

"Then time stood still for Tom as Nicole started kissing him. She capitalized on all the teasing she had done earlier, because Tom recorded very high readings on the hardness meter and the new camera system."

"He was totally lost in her kisses and his fantasies about her beautiful body. Her lips focused his desire and his lust, and he was begging and moaning in minutes!"

"That night I told Tom:"

"'I'm very disappointed that you didn't hold back on your excitement when you were with Nicole today, since it will be hard to achieve readings that high!'"

"He protested that it wasn't his fault, that Nicole had teased him too much, and that he couldn't be blamed for his reactions. He said that any red-blooded man would have felt the same way!"

"And he was scared that I would have to take him to that level again tonight, and even past it, if he were to hope for the relief he was so desperate for. He begged me to have mercy, saying I should be happy with him for getting the system to work so well."

"I teased him about his engineering skills, saying:"

"'I'm sympathetic, and perhaps the apparatus was confused by all the heat... But it's still pretty hot tonight, and you know the rules...'"

"He whined and begged me to help him, and I said:"

"'Don't whine like that. I'll do all I can to get you excited....'"

"But he knew that I was unhappy and that was never a good sign for him. And it didn't help his desperation when he saw that the lingerie I was wearing was white. Remember that I had made it my habit to never let him cum unless I wore black. Even if he didn't know that consciously, I'm sure it added to his worries unconsciously!"

"We kissed for a long time, but even with his favorite lipstick, it wasn't enough."

"Perhaps it was my mood, as I wasn't as into teasing him as usual, but each time we tried to measure his arousal, the ratings were lower than they had been with Nicole."

"Finally, I said we'd just have to try again tomorrow. And then I had him snuggle up with me in bed again."

"It was frustrating for him, I know, because this was the second night in a row he didn't get to cum. And while I hadn't gotten him ultra excited that night, Nicole had really pushed his limits that afternoon, so he felt very horny and desperate. He even tried to use that feeling to get one more measurement, but sadly for him it still wasn't high enough. So he climbed back into bed with me."

"I started to wonder just how long he could go before he went crazy with lust... little did I know I'd eventually find out the answer to that question."

"Tom dreamt about Nicole that night, as her naked tease had greatly added to his storehouse of mental pictures of her."

"Soon, with Tom's camera system, Nicole was able to get the review board's approval to run her study."

"Tom was still captivated with her, and she started teasing him more around the house, with my approval... It seemed natural at the time, but this kind of freedom for my research assistants would lead to disastrous consequences for Tom later."

"Nicole got lots of male students to volunteer to be experimental subjects by just setting up a table outside the library. It was an example of her magnetic effect on guys."

"Then, with so many experimental subjects, she had a very successful experiment and got great results. She often talked about how much of a turn on it was to excite so many guys, one right after the other, and to know just how excited she had made each of them!

"We wrote and published several papers about lipstick and male arousal based on her data. She even published one with me and Tom about the camera system. Then she combined them into a thesis and she got her Ph.D. Her papers were very well received and they helped her get a great job working as director of research and development for the cosmetics firm Estee Lauder."

"But when she moved out to take her new job, I know Tom was sad to see her go. He had really wanted to make love to her, but it never happened: she just teased and kissed him..."

"After Nicole went to Estee Lauder, she had a great idea, which not incidentally helped her company. She convinced me to help her write up a summary of her findings for Cosmetics Magazine!"

"Although this was a very strange place for an academic like me to publish, she got to fulfill her lifelong dream of being on that magazine's cover. And it led to a tremendous amount of new funding for my work, which allowed me to hire a new crop of sexy assistants to replace Nicole..."
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 4


In this issue of JISSIHM we continue the interview with Dr. Maria Pavlova of ESU, which was conducted by Dr. Richard Joff.

As interim editor of JISSIHM, I have received a few letters from readers commending us for publishing this interview. These readers agree with me that the interview draws attention to the ethical temptations of using our husbands or boyfriends in our research on the sexual psychology of human males.

However, I have also received several disturbing letters from other readers, who report discovering their sons or husbands masturbating while reading the first part of the interview! Apparently while reading it, they put themselves in the place of Dr. Pavlova's poor husband, Tom Swift, and masturbate whenever they find the situations described stimulating! These readers have urged me to stop publication of the rest of the interview, saying it is just providing masturbatory material!

At first I thought nothing of it, after all, boys and men will use any excuse to masturbate, unless a strong woman controls them...

But then I was very surprised to find my own husband masturbating while reading page proofs of the next part of this interview! When I asked him what he was thinking, he said that he was very excited by the description of what happened to Tom Swift, and that he couldn't stop himself from "tugging at his cock" when he read about that character's teasing.

I asked him why he was telling me all this, and he said it was because now he was imagining me teasing and dominating him! I suppose it didn't help that I was wearing black lingerie at the time. (In any case, he has been dealt with appropriately.)

However, I do want to warn my readers to keep this material out of the hands of impressionable male minds!


[As I, Dr. Richard Joff, was editing this interview I found the constant use of quotation marks to indicate when Dr. Pavlova is speaking a pain, especially as she relates other people speaking. So I have removed the double quotes from around Dr. Pavlova's narration. But anything you see below that is not in square braces is her speaking.]

Not only did the article about lipsticks in Cosmetics magazine lead to many inquiries by cosmetics companies, which resulted in lots of grant money for my research, but it also got lots of female graduate students interested in my work.

I was able to pick the very best students out of the dozens who applied, which was a major reason for my subsequent success in research on the psychology of sexuality in human males.

[I figure you can't take care of it yourself; you need me to handle it...]
However, interviewing these applicants was a very strange experience. The word had apparently gotten around that my graduate students would get to manipulate and control men sexually, and during some of the applicant interviews I felt like I was interviewing women to be porn stars!

I quickly decided that if I was going to have such a wide choice, I would pick the women who were not only incredibly well qualified in psychology, but also the ones who were the most sexy.

I didn't ask him, but I was sure my husband Tom would approve of this...

[Now, kiss me right here...]
Some of the girls, while very sexy, were not very innovative in their research ideas, and still wanted to do more with lipstick. But I wanted to move on from that...

[Oh, I'm sure you'll like it...]
Some of the girls wore the most alluring lingerie under their dresses, and insisted on showing it to me, explaining that it had something to do with an experiment they wanted to run to see how aroused it made guys.

I started snapping pictures of some of them and taking them home to Tom to get his reaction. We had the camera-based hardness meter installed in every room of the house now, set up with readouts that were discreet and hard for someone to see if they didn't know where to look, like the one in this room...

Anyway, I showed Tom these photos casually, and got his reaction to each of these young women.

[Did you lose something?]
One young woman that got a very strong reaction from Tom wanted to measure how excited guys got when she spanked them with a hairbrush...

Unfortunately, I knew that experiment would never get past the review board, but it gave me more insight into Tom's submissive side.

Then one day, while I was interviewing candidates, Tom came by my office. I was busy interviewing a candidate, so I told him to wait for me in the department lounge, which I was using as a waiting area for these candidates.

While he was there he sat across from a young woman who was waiting to see me, named Sylvie.

Sylvie was filling out a form that I had made up to screen candidates, and Tom was immediately taken by her.

As he later told me, he immediately focused on her beautiful legs. He found them quite sexy and thrilling. He stared at her and her legs for a long time.

When she finished her application he asked her if she was waiting to see Dr. Pavlova.

"Yes," Sylvie replied, "I am waiting to see Dr. Pavlova. I want to do a research project on how arousing men find different kinds of pantyhose... You see, men have always found my legs very attractive, and I think it would be a good generalization of Dr. Pavlova's earlier work on lipstick to see how they like different kinds of pantyhose."

Tom said he thought it was a great idea, and that he would put in a good word with me, since he also thought Sylvie's legs were very attractive.

"Do you know Dr. Pavlova?" Sylvie asked.

Tom replied that he knew me very well as we were married. This turned out to be a mistake for Tom...

"Then I hope you like the way my legs look..." she said, starting to caress them.

Tom swore that he found them extremely attractive.

Sylvie continued her tease:

"And as a psychologist, I know that it's not just looks that matter, the way that a girl acts can also be powerfully attractive!"

Tom watched fascinated, but the sight was driving all else from his mind, and so he was unable to reply.

"Some guys even have a fetish for feet..." Sylvie teased, "Do you ... like the way my pretty feet look?"

Tom said hoarsely that he liked her feet very much. He couldn't take his eyes off of them now.

"If a guy has a foot fetish," she continued, "then when a woman takes off her shoes, he can get very, very excited."

Tom was beginning to wonder if he was developing a foot fetish, staring at Sylvie's pretty feet and watching her slowly take off her high heels.

Sylvie continued to tease him, saying:

"I've always wondered if a woman can cause a man to have a foot fetish..."

She slowly removed her other shoe, saying:

"I wonder if making a man watch as I slowly take my shoes off would have that effect?"

Tom said he doubted if just watching it once would be enough.

She teasingly replied:

"But maybe if I teased a man with the way I constantly called attention to my pretty feet that would work?"

Tom nodded involuntarily. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

Then she slowly put her heels back on, saying:

"But I think these high heels really make my legs look better, don't you?"

Tom could only agree as he drank in her lovely legs.

Then Sylvie turned around and gave Tom a great view of her ass, saying:

"I see you do like the way my legs look in heels, don't you?"

Tom nodded his head vigorously, as he always became speechless when he was really turned on.

"You like my ass too?" she teased.

He nodded strongly again. At this point he estimated that he was harder than he had been since Nicole had left.

Then Sylvie turned around slowly and said:

"You seem to be getting all hot and bothered, are you okay?"

Tom said he was okay, but admitted that he was getting all hot and bothered.

Then Sylvie surprised him by saying:

"If only we had that hardness meter that Dr. Pavlova used in her research here, then I could tell just how hard I was making you!"

Tom agreed and said that he was the inventor of the hardness meter.

"So," Sylvie said, smiling at him, "then can you estimate how hard you are right now?"

Tom was very flustered by this, and although he knew the answer, and he didn't want to tell her. He didn't think he could give up that much control and tell his sexual feelings to a woman he had just met!

"Would you tell me if I showed you my ass again?" she teased.

Tom shook his head, but her teasing manner was really getting to him. He knew he was thinking of giving in to her, and the thought of it made him even more excited.

Then Sylvie pulled down her dress and said:

"What if I showed you my tits? Would you tell me then?"

Tom stared, but still shook his head.

Then she moved closer to him and said:

"I suppose I could just put my hand on your cock and feel how hard you are the old fashioned way!"

Tom said no, not in such a public place! Now he was really getting scared, since she was incredibly forward...

Sylvie sat down and said:

"But there's only Dr. Pavlova and some aspiring graduate students around here, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind!"

Tom got even more turned on by this, but still shook his head.

Then Sylvie continued her tease: "I heard that Dr. Pavlova's student, Nicole, stayed at your house while she was working on her experimental design, is that right?"

Tom nodded, yes.

Sylvie continued: "If you help me to be Dr. Pavlova's student, then I could stay with you and then we could have a lot of fun!"

Tom nodded again, despite himself. He was already starting to imagine it, and seeing Sylvie's pussy through the transparent pantyhose was triggering his deepest fetishes.

Sylvie started to strip out of her dress at this point:

"But it might be that I'd only tease you, and never let you have much fun with me..."

Tom asked, haltingly, if she would really do that. He was scared of what she might make him do, but now he realized that he was at least as desperate to have her take control and fuck him!

Sylvie answered saying:

"I love to tease, but if you tell me how hard you are now, I might change my mind and have more fun with you!"

Tom swallowed, and asked her if she knew about the scale used in the hardness meter. He was fighting desperately to keep the conversation on a safe level, because he knew he was ready to give in to her...

"Yes," Sylvie answered, "I've read all about the scale in the journal paper."

Tom watched as she teased him more, and finally gave in to her. He told her that now his hardness was at the top of the scale, he estimated.

Sylvie continued to tease him, and at the same time asked:

"Could I verify your estimate?"

Tom asked how she proposed to do that. He saw more of her pussy through her pantyhose, and knew that he would now do whatever she asked, no matter how embarrassing.

Sylvie then said in a sexy way:

"I can think of two ways: you could let me feel your cock, or you could put it inside me!"

Tom said that he couldn't do either of those in this public lounge. He desperately wanted to fuck her now, but he was still scared and looking for a way out of the situation.

Then Sylvie started to play with her clit and moaned, saying:

"But I'm getting really hot from teasing you, can't you just help me out?"

Tom watched for a while, and he knew that he was about to give in again. But still struggling to avoid disaster, he whispered that he couldn't, not in this lounge.

Then Sylvie sat up and said:

"Then I think you either lied to me or your hardness meter has a scale that is too limited."

Tom asked what she meant.

Sylvie started to take her pantyhose off, as she answered him, saying:

"I would think that if you were at the top end of the scale, then you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from fucking me, even if I didn't give you an invitation like that!"

Tom knew that she was right, and admitted it. He was happy to have seemingly escaped from the situation, and said with some relief that he'd have to think about it more.

But Sylvie wasn't done yet. She kept taking off her pantyhose, and said:

"Maybe you just haven't experienced the most extreme states of arousal yet!"

Tom stared at her pussy and tried to control himself. It was getting increasingly hard to resist her again. He was worried at how far she would push him.

Sylvie continued to take her pantyhose off, slowly and sensually, as Tom watched and ached.

Tom was so excited, that he knew that despite his misgivings, he would fuck her if she invited him to do it again. He had to have some relief!

Sylvie teased him even more:

"So, you"re still able to resist your urges?"

Tom didn't know whether he was able to resist or not, and took a few steps forward, not sure of himself or of her.

"Is your wife's pussy this tight and wet?" she teased.

Tom shook his head, stepping closer to Sylvie as he did so. Her pussy looked very inviting, and he started to unzip his fly in readiness.

Sylvie noticed that he had gotten closer and unzipped his fly. Then she said:

"That's it, now you"re getting more turned on, aren't you?"

Tom nodded, speechless. He was just waiting for her, as he really wanted to fuck her badly!

Then she said:

"Should I take my heels off so I can fuck with you now?"

Tom couldn't help himself, he nodded vigorously!

Then Sylvie slowly removed her heels and even more slowly pulled the stockings off her feet.

Tom watched, transfixed, knowing he could not resist her now. He started at her legs, her feet, and her pussy, and wanted more than anything else to be inside of her.

But she continued her tease, saying:

"Are you getting anxious to fuck me now?"

Tom looked on anxiously and nodded. He had completely given in to her.

She played with her pantyhose, feet, and legs for the longest time, tormenting Tom with anticipation.

Tom started to get more interested in her legs and feet, and remained highly aroused.

Finally the pantyhose were off, but she continued to play with them, just to taunt and tease him.

Tom now dropped his pants and took off his underwear, getting himself ready...

Then she said:

"Could you put your cock inside me and kiss me?"

Tom was worried I would finish my other interview soon, but even this wasn't enough to stop him from putting his penis in her vagina while she kissed him and got him even more worked up.

Her pussy was as tight and wet as she had said. Tom loved the feel of it, and savored her kisses as he used his cock to explore the inside of her pussy. He wished she would grab the back of his head, as I had done to trigger his orgasm, but she kept her hands on his back and tickling his balls instead, so he just grew more and more excited without being able to cum.

Then at the last possible second she said:

"Wait! You'd better pull out for a second!"

And then she proceeded to writhe sensually in front of him while he stood there getting more and more excited.

Despite the lack of his usual triggers, Tom had felt like he was very close to cumming, and Sylvie made him pull out at the last second. Now he stared at her pussy wanting desperately to be back inside of it and to feel it's hot, wet, tightness! It was maddening for him.

Then, unexpectedly, she turned over and said to Tom:

"I think you have to agree that you're more excited now than you were before, don't you?"

Tom could only nod. He said he was considering raping her right then and there, he was so turned on.

But then Sylvie started to get dressed again. She said:

"I think if we continued any more you really wouldn't be able to control yourself, would you?"

Tom agreed. He didn't want to rape her. He quickly put his pants back on, since now he was very afraid of being discovered.

"So," Sylvie continued, "to go farther, I'd have to tie you down with my pretty pantyhose, so you wouldn't spoil the experiment. Isn't that right?"

Tom wasn't happy to admit it, but he did admit she was right.

And then Sylvie slowly and sensually got dressed again, leaving Tom still very horny and aching to fuck her.

Finally she bent over and said to him:

"So, you'll recommend me?"

Tom practically shouted out "Yes!" just as I walked into the lounge.

I was going to try to talk to Sylvie a bit, but Tom launched into a long verbal recommendation of her. Tom said that they had just met, but that Sylvie had a great idea: seeing how different kinds of pantyhose affected men's arousal. And he said that she had read the journal article about lipstick and understood the hardness scale, and that she even had ideas on how to improve it.

While Tom was recommending her so warmly, Sylvie sat on the couch, looking very happy and satisfied at the way she had wrapped Tom around her little finger!

I was impressed, especially when I saw how Tom couldn't take his eyes off of Sylvie's legs as we were talking. The girl definitely had made an impression on Tom, I could see that.

Still, I made Tom wait while I talked to Sylvie about her ideas and about her background. I knew Tom wouldn't like to be kept waiting, but I was a bit jealous of Sylvie already and I wanted to punish him a bit.

In the end I decided to take on Sylvie as my first graduate student after Nicole.

Needless to say, Tom completely supported my decision and even seemed happy when I suggested that Sylvie move in with us.

That night I had a talk with Tom. I said:

"Tell me all about your encounter with Sylvie!"

It was getting easier and easier to have him tell me his feelings. I'd kiss him and get him all worked up, and then I'd say:

"Now I want to take over your hands, while they masturbate you! They're going to know everything you know about teasing you, and they'll take you to the point of no return, but without letting you cum!"

While he was teasing himself on the edge of orgasm, I said:

"Tell me more about how Sylvie made you feel..."

He confessed that he found her an amazing turn on, especially her legs and feet. He admitted that he had never thought of legs and feet as incredibly sexy, but found that the way Sylvie acted and taunted him with them very arousing.

Then I asked him:

"Did you want to fuck her more than you want to fuck me right now?"

He was still very turned on by the idea of fucking Sylvie, but he knew that wasn't a good answer if he wanted to get somewhere with me that night...

I was still mad about his putting his cock in her pussy, and especially the way he described it to me. So I wanted to punish him for his lack of self control. I thought about how to best punish him, while I made him keep teasing himself silly with "my" hands. Finally I had a great idea and I told him:

"I'm tired from interviewing candidates to be my research assistants. So I appreciate your help with Sylvie. Honestly, it was great having you tell me how sexy Sylvie is, as I would never have been able to be so definite about it. But I'm still unsure about lots of candidates. However, I don't want a repeat of what happened today, with you losing all control of yourself and sticking your cock in the first candidate you met! So I'll make you a deal..."

"What I want is for you to interview all the other candidates, and see if there were any more you would recommend to me as being particularly sexy. However, I insist that you keep your pants on at all times, and not touch any of them! If you violate these rules, then I will let the girls tie you up every night and torture you, just like Nicole did, OK? Furthermore, I'm going to have you conduct your interviews in our home, so I can check the hardness meter ratings and the video."

"And remember, I won't play second fiddle to any of these girls, as was our rule when Nicole was in the house. So you had better keep yourself under control! I'll be very unhappy if you don't get harder with me than with the girls you interview..."

Tom was worried about my conditions for these interviews, and tried to weasel out of them. But he was having a very hard time forming a coherent argument while "my" hands were teasing him silly. But finally he said that he didn't like it, because he wasn't getting anything out of the time he would put into it.

"That's right, dear," I agreed, "But remember that this is your punishment for losing control with Sylvie!"

Looking at me, he felt more and more anxious to cum, and "my" hands kept driving him crazy with lust. The sheer fabric of my lingerie was very enticing and he couldn't take his eyes off me.

Next time he was able to form a coherent sentence, he said that he didn't know enough about psychology to determine who the best candidates would be.

"That doesn't matter," I said, "because I will evaluate their academic qualifications myself. What I want you to judge is how sexy each girl is, and how turned on they make you feel!"

He said said that none of them could compare with me, but that he was worried that these girls would tease him in ways that would make it very hard to get a higher rating on the hardness meter, and then he'd be deprived and even hornier the next day!

As he said this, one of "my" hands got some extra lube, and then both his hands started pumping his cock very strongly and quickly...

Then I asked him:

"Does the idea of a long period of teasing, without getting to cum, turn you on as much as it looks like from what "my hands" are telling me?"

And as I asked him this, "my" hands went into even more of a frenzy, spreading around the pre-cum that was leaking copiously.

I teased him some more:

"Wow! You do seem to be getting all excited about this punishment! If I had known how excited punishment was going to make you, then I would have punished you more often!"

Finally, as he was moaning and begging his own hands to let him cum, he admitted that he found the idea a real turn on. Then "my" hands slowed the pressure and tempo way down, and started gently teasing him, to hold him on the edge...

But he knew he wasn't going to be getting any that night, since I wasn't wearing black lingerie. Somehow I had gotten into the habit of wearing black when I was happy with him and wanted to fuck, and I'd wear other colors when I was unhappy and just wanted to tease him. And that night I had chosen a sexy white lingerie set. And since white is the opposite of black, this left little doubt about how I felt.

Tom subliminally had formed color associations with my lingerie, and so at some level he knew he was going to be frustrated that night...

But I had gotten the idea that it would be extra frustrating to him if I got him as excited as possible before telling him explicitly that he wasn't going to get to cum. So my every move and look was calculated to turn him on as much as I could!

So I teased him some more, saying:

"Thank you for agreeing to interview my research assistant candidates; I'm sure it will be very helpful to me, since they're all so incredibly sexy, it's hard for me to choose between them!"

This remark stimulated his fantasies a lot, as "my" hands picked up their tempo and he had to grit his teeth and moaned out loud!

"Oh, it looks like you're ready to kiss me now... I've been looking forward all evening to trying to get you harder than Sylvie got you, so we'd better start right in, OK? And guess what? I'm wearing your favorite lipstick!"

I slowly took my panties off, as I knew how much he fetishized my pussy, and then we started our second round of kissing for the night...

Tom had been keeping himself on the edge using his own hands, supposedly under my control. But now as we were kissing intimately, I used my actual hands to rub his pre-cum into his cock and keep him deliciously excited and increase his horniness. We kissed for a very long time...

Tom felt like he was melting into me, as my kisses were so loving and passionate. And my actual hands on his cock were very erotic and pleasurable... As we kissed I teased Tom, saying:

"Oh, you're moaning so much, it seems you could use some more self control, don't you think? I mean, when you interview those beautiful and sexy girls, starting tomorrow, I wonder if all this time we're spending together tonight will help you maintain your self control, or if this will make you just that more desperate?"

This made Tom feel even more under my control and desperate. He was worried that if he didn't cum tonight, it would be very hard to control himself when he met these girls... But I didn't let up, and continually ramped up the teasing! As we continued, his cock started to feel tighter and tighter and ache more and more... The pressure in his balls grew and he felt more and more like he not just wanted to cum, but that he needed to and had to!

Fortunately for Tom it was a school night, so I had to get some sleep. So at about 2AM I said:

"Sorry, but I think it's getting to be too late. Let's stop now and just go to sleep, OK?"

Tom was desperate and blubbering by this time, and he begged me just to give him a few more strokes to get him off! He said he couldn't take it, especially since he had to control himself with several interviews the next day!

"Sorry," I answered, "but this is part of your punishment, and I've decided not to let you cum tonight!"

I think this was the first time I had verbalized his denial like that. Normally I just wouldn't trigger his orgasm. By my being so explicitly controlling and dominating got him even more excited!

Then I put the final nail in his coffin, saying:

"Will you be able to control yourself lying next to me in our bed tonight?"

He was actually crying in frustration at this point, and tearfully said that he would try as best he could.

"Good!" I said, "I hope you can control yourself! Of course, you should remember that any frustration you are experiencing is your own fault, due to your lack of control with Sylvie!"

With that, he got even more turned on, and could only nod his agreement. As usual I had him snuggle up against me in bed, with one hand on my breast, and his hard, throbbing cock nestled in my hot ass cheeks.

I tried to sleep, but after a minute he had the audacity to rub his cock up and down between my ass cheeks, trying to get some additional stimulation! I rolled over, facing him and said:

"Hey! Obviously you need some more punishment, as you didn't seem able to control yourself!"

He apologized profusely, and confessed that he was too turned on to sleep.

"Why don't you sit down on that chair then," I told him, "and use my hands to tease yourself for another hour, OK? When your hour is up, then you can come... back into bed and snuggle with me, without waking me up!"

Then I laid back down in the bed, and went to sleep, knowing that "my" hands were going to be teasing him for another hour.

I figured this would make it virtually impossible for him to not get extremely turned on by the girls I was going to have him interview the next day.... I already had two in mind that I previously thought were so sexy and teasing that I was afraid to have him meet them. But tomorrow I'd see just how hard they could make him! And then, as he feared, it would be another night of teasing and denial for him!
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 5

Poor Tom. He thought the interviews would only start when he got home that night...

But since we live pretty close to campus and he liked to walk home, I had a special surprise prepared for him. The first girl he was to interview was Melissa. Her background was a bit wanting, as she wasn't very good with statistics, but I thought she was probably the sexiest girl of the ones I had interviewed so far. I told Melissa where she could wait for Tom as he came home... and she was such a tease that she agreed to my plan immediately!

Tom saw her as she hid behind a tree, half naked, and called out to him "Hey, Mister!" very loudly.

Tom was already very nervous about the interviews that evening, and was frightened to see Melissa's breast from her hiding place behind the tree. But he got excited immediately by her teasing attitude...

Melissa covered up a little, and said that she wondered if he knew where Dr. Pavlova lived, as she had an interview there and had lost her directions and didn't have a map...

Tom was captivated by her, and said that he could take her there as he was married to Dr. Pavlova.

"Oh wow!" Melissa said as she put her skirt on, "I knew Dr. Pavlova was into sex research, so I should have guessed her husband would be such a dreamboat!"

"Tell me, is it true that if I get to be her research assistant, she'll let me live in your house?"

Tom couldn't take his eyes off her. The way she moved was so sensual and everything about her was a turn on... He got especially excited as she bent over to pick up her books, and gave him an amazing view of her ass.

He was puzzled that as she bent over she seemed to be fingering her pussy, but he imagined that perhaps she was just trying to balance herself.

He was worried that she looked very young, but was happy that she was a graduate student, and so had to be of legal age...

Then he finally processed her teasing question about where she would live, and he admitted, hoarsely, that it was true that she would be coming to live with him if she got the job.

"You mean that I'd be living in your house, of course," she teased him, "I assume that's a Freudian slip. We wouldn't be sleeping together or anything would we?"

Tom hastily admitted that of course there would be a separate room for her. But he kicked himself for not saying that they would never be sleeping together.

Walking home with Melissa, he couldn't help but remember back in his high school days, when he would get so excited just to be with such a sexy girl. He fantasized about Melissa being his girlfriend who he was walking home, which led to fantasies of kissing and making out with her.

He found that these memories and fantasies gave him a powerful urge to hold her hand and feel her warmth and sweat. This urge kept growing as he looked at her, and it became more and more difficult to fight off, especially when she brushed his hand with hers a few times during her teasing conversation with him. Thus he was already off balance and excited when he got to our house.

Arriving at the house Tom was very surprised to find me outside the door with another girl I was interviewing, Crystal.

Tom was already very turned on from his walk home with Melissa, but he nearly lost it when he saw Crystal and I in lacy lingerie and high heels, looking for all the world like high class hookers. Tom was pleased to see Crystal's lingerie was black, but felt anxious when he saw my lingerie was white.

He asked what was going on in a way that told me he was worried that I was still mad at him.

I said that I was interviewing Crystal, who I introduced to Tom. I then explained:

"You see, Crystal has a theory that if a wife greets her husband at the door in lingerie, then he wouldn't be able to think about anything but sex that night! We're testing it out on you!"

Crystal was intent on impressing me, and insisted on telling me:

"Also, I'm sure that having two women meet him at the door will produce a measurably stronger reaction!"

Tom introduced us to Melissa. Then Crystal took his being with Melissa the wrong way, whispering to me:

"Is he cheating on you?"

"No," I explained, "I'm also interviewing Melissa tonight."

Tom added quickly that he had bumped into Melissa on the way home, and that she had asked for directions.

I smiled, as I could see from how excited Tom was that he was going to have a very hard time of it that evening...

"I'm glad we have everything all cleared up now," I said, taking charge since Tom was paralyzed by all the teasing and since the girls were focused on teasing him. "Let's all go inside!"

Then I told Crystal:

"I want you to show him your ideas for your research project first, Crystal. My husband is going to help me judge applicants for the research assistant positions, and so you and Melissa should both be sure to impress him!"

Tom was getting more and more excited by the second, as Crystal and I teased him with our lingerie, and he was starting to get worried about the reading he would present to the hardness meter as soon as he entered the door.

But then Crystal asked me:

"Is it really wise for me to present my idea to him right away? He looks like he's already excited and he might get even more excited if I talk to him right now!".

"Yes," I told her, "He's practicing his self control, and so you should go ahead and not hold anything back!"

Then, addressing both her and Melissa I said: "If you are able to get Tom highly aroused, then I'll know that you are top candidates to be my assistants. Just remember that you really need his recommendation, since he is the best judge of how sexy you are!"

Tom was very turned on by this talk about him, and his cock started feeling very tight and aching. He couldn't stop looking at Crystal and me, especially at where our pretty panties covered our pussies.

I told Tom: "Now you go sit in the living room while Crystal gets ready! I'll talk to Melissa first, while you interview Crystal, OK?"

Tom sat and stewed for a minute, trying not to fantasize about what was going to happen, as thinking about it was only making it worse.

Then Crystal came into the room and sat on the couch opposite him. She was wearing all black lingerie, per my instructions, as I knew that would have the greatest effect on Tom. Tom looked at her black high heels, and followed her legs up her black fishnet stockings. She also had on a black sheer bra and a black scarf that looked something like a tie.

Tom stared at her, drinking in the lovely vision while she appraised him coolly. He knew he was losing the battle to control himself already...

Crystal looked at Tom and said:

"Are you just going to stare at me, or are you going to ask me some questions?"

Tom was embarrassed, and blushing, he asked what the red fur piece was she had on her wrist was for.

"Sit forward in your chair so you're closer to me," Crystal said haughtily, and Tom instantly obeyed.

Tom's eyes roamed over Crystal's body, from her steely eyes, to her full lips, and settled on her alluring breasts. He was getting turned on by seeing her nipples through the sheer material of her bra. He was already forgetting his resolve to control himself...

Crystal deigned to explain: "This fur holds the promise of an amazing tease for you. If I stroke your cock and use this to lightly tease you, you would be a blathering idiot in no time!"

Tom wanted to ask her to demonstrate, but he knew he shouldn't, as he wasn't allowed to touch her.

Then after watching him stare at her for over two minutes, Crystal said:

"Now, are you going to ask me any interesting questions, or are you just a pathetically shy guy who wants to be controlled?"

Tom didn't know what to say. He wanted to tell her that he wanted her to control him and take charge of their love-making, but he couldn't. But he nodded his head involuntarily.

Crystal followed up on her advantage and said:

"That's what I thought. I don't think it will be too hard to get you to recommend me, will it?"

Tom shook his head and hoarsely croaked out that it wouldn't be hard at all...

Then Crystal leaned back and spread her legs, exposing her panty-clad pussy to his gaze. She said:

"I see you keep trying to catch a glimpse of my pussy, is that what you want to see most?"

Tom nodded, drinking in the vision before him and feeling more and more desperate.

Crystal stood up and said:

"I just love black lingerie, don't you?"

Tom nodded strongly. He had never thought much about it before, but now he realized that black was definitely his favorite color for lingerie, thanks to me.

"It shows that the woman is in control, just like I'm going to control you..." Crystal continued. "Do you like my pretty ass?" she teased.

Tom was unable to speak but nodded. He could see from the display of the hardness meter that he was already at 8 (on a scale of 10), and this made him more desperate, as he knew that now it would very hard for him to get a higher reading that night with me.

Crystal was relentless in her teasing, and said:

"But you probably like seeing my ass and pussy all at once, don't you?"

Tom was enthralled with the vision she presented. He was also continuing to wonder if he was developing a secondary leg and stocking fetish, as he couldn't take his eyes off Crystal's long legs in her fishnet stockings.

Crystal continued her teasing session, saying:

"You see, my theory is that black is the color that women can best use to dominate men. Men like you instinctively respond to black as a color of authority, but they also love the frilly feminine touches. That's the promise of black lingerie: strength and beauty, power and intimate tenderness..."

Tom couldn't help nodding.

Crystal held his eyes as she teased him:

"You want to submit to me, don't you?"

Tom panicked, he was supposed to maintain his self control, but how could he do that if he was submitting to Crystal's whims? But he really wanted to continue the fantasy with her...

"You want to submit to me," Crystal taunted him, "but you are afraid of your wife..."

Tom nodded, yes.

"But if I strip for you, I will take that last little shred of conscious willpower from you..."

Tom tried to protest, but as he watched Crystal strip, he couldn't get any words out!

Crystal started to remove her bra, watching Tom carefully. She teased him saying:

"You don't want to stop yourself, do you?"

Tom watched, fascinated, and shook his head. He was giving in to her! At this point his hardness meter reading hit 9.

"Why don't you take out your cock and show me how excited you are to see my breasts?" she teased.

Tom knew he was supposed to keep his pants on, but he rationalized that by just unzipping he could still keep his pants on. So he unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard, throbbing cock!

Crystal taunted Tom, saying:

"God! You're so horny, you're hard already and leaking pre-cum! Spread that around on your cock! I don't want to see it!"

Then seeing him do it she continued:

"Keep going, I can see you like masturbating for me! That will show me just how much you are going to let me control you when I'm living here!"

Tom could only nod and started playing with himself... teasing himself to further heights of arousal as Crystal watched haughtily.

"It seems like you have lots of experience masturbating," Crystal teased him. "You must practice a lot! Doesn't Dr. Pavlova let you fuck her?"

Tom didn't know what to say, and just increased the tempo of the teasing strokes he was giving himself, bringing himself nearly to the edge. He could see that his hardness meter reading was now a 9.5, and this just increased his desperation.

Crystal continued her tease, driving him to new heights of arousal, by pulling back her panties and showing Tom her pussy, as she fingered her ass!

Tom sped up the tempo of his strokes even more, staring at her pussy hungrily. He wanted to put his cock in her desperately, but knew it was forbidden...

Crystal noticed this and taunted him:

"You're a real pussy lover, aren't you? Wouldn't you like to have your cock inside me?"

Tom nodded, but hoarsely said that he couldn't!

"Poor baby, you're not allowed to fuck me during this interview, is that it?"

Tom nodded. He really wanted to fuck her, but knew he was already in lots of trouble, as his reading was already at the top of the scale... He continued to tease himself with his hands, as they took pleasure in showing Crystal how best to play with his cock!

"Come over here!" Crystal ordered him.

Tom didn't know what to do, but he felt compelled to obey her. So he stood up and walked over to her.

She teased him further as she sucked her finger and fingered her pussy, saying:

"I also have a theory that guys associate anything long and narrow with their cocks. Do you do that?"

Tom watched fascinated and nodded agreement. He was definitely imagining that her finger was his cock...

"But you're sure you can't fuck me now?" she teased, "I'm really craving a good fuck, since my boyfriend ran away from me..."

Tom shook his head, but asked why her boyfriend ran away.

Crystal said, teasingly, "Oh, that fuck-toy couldn't handle my dominant side... Well, perhaps I also got carried away conducting various experiments to test his limits..."

Tom sped up the tempo of his masturbation at this revelation!

"Oh, I can see you want to submit to me, it gets you so excited!" said Crystal, breathlessly. "You're sure you won't fuck me?"

Tom was very tempted, but he kept that part of his promise and through great effort of will and shook his head.

"But you can kiss me, can't you?" Crystal taunted him.

Tom really wanted to kiss her, he was so turned on and at that moment her lips looked like the most desirable thing outside of her pussy to him. But he fought this temptation and even managed to move back a step as he shook his head.

"No?" Crystal teased him incredulously:

"But my pussy is aching for your cock and I know you want it!"

Tom apologized and said that he had promised me...

"Well, maybe if I move in here, I'll at least get to experiment with your cock, OK?"

Tom nodded, eagerly.

"Then you'll recommend me to Dr. Pavlova?" she asked

Tom said yes, enthusiastically.

"Great," Crystal said, "because I think you'd really like being my experimental subject..."

Tom nodded again, and promised to recommend her without reservation.

I came out and was disappointed to find Tom stuffing his hard cock back into his pants. I said to him:

"What are you doing? I'm very disappointed to see you putting your cock away... Didn't I tell you to keep your pants on?" I sighed. "Well, I hope that you can control yourself during your next interview, with Melissa!"

Tom felt terrible, as he realized that he already had given up his chance to cum inside me, due to the high ratings he had already achieved on the meter. But he did say that he had kept his pants on.

"Come on!" I berated him, "you know that's not what I meant!"

Now he apologized even more for having his cock out with Crystal, but he protested that he had a very hard time controlling himself, since Crystal seemed to already know so much about him!

"I wonder how Crystal might have learned so much about you?" I teased him.

I didn't tell him that I had briefed Crystal, and Melissa, about Tom's submissive side and about his love of black lingerie and his pussy fetish!

I was already planning to make these two my research assistants, and was just using these interviews as a way to tease and punish him.

Then I led him into another room, where Melissa was waiting...

When Tom saw Melissa, his heart nearly stopped. She had gotten herself all dolled up, and the effect was extremely arousing for him. As I left them alone, Melissa greeted him, saying:

"Hey there! Why don't you sit down? Do you like the way I look now?"

Tom could barely speak, but managed to nod at her.

"You see," she said, "my plan is to demonstrate just how much makeup and the right clothes can turn a guy on..."

Tom couldn't believe this was the same girl he had met in the park, as Melissa now looked like a complete fantasy woman. He felt his cock getting harder and harder.

Melissa had a very southern belle way of acting when she wanted to, and now she really turned on her teasing charms to their full effect, moving slowly about and letting Tom watch and get more excited.

Tom moved a bit closer to her as she slowly draped herself into the couch...

She held his gaze and teasingly said:

"I bet that when you saw me in the park, without makeup, you didn't think I looked especially enticing, did you?"

No, Tom managed to shake his head.

She continued her tease, suggesting:

"You'd better sit down, or you'll find yourself kissing me in no time!"

So Tom sat down opposite her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her and was starting to worry about how hard he was getting again.

She continued her teasing questions after Tom had looked her up and down for several minutes:

"But tell me, what do you think of me now?"

Tom could barely speak, but after she waited patiently for an answer, he finally croaked out that she was a vision, and extremely sexy.

Then she got up and said:

"Now close your eyes, I think that surprises are very exciting, don't you?"

Tom nodded, agreeing that seeing her when he first walked into the room had been extremely exciting. Then he closed his eyes for a second...

He opened his eyes when he heard her slipping out of her lingerie, and drank in her long legs and her stiletto heels. He again wondered about whether he was developing a fetish for legs and feet, and had to admit that Melissa's were amazing!

Then Melissa turned to face him and said:

"You naughty boy! You have your eyes open already and you're spoiling my surprise!"

Tom apologized, feeling ashamed, like a little boy who found his father's stash of sexy magazines... and was caught by his sexy older baby sitter!

"That's it," she teased, "look at my tits! I want you to imagine running your tongue all over my nipples, and feeling them respond to your tongue and get all excited and perky!"

Tom couldn't help imagining it.

"Mmm, and speaking of tongues, imagine tasting your favorite lipstick from my luscious lips!"

This made Tom's arousal hit a 9. He was unable to stop himself from following Melissa's teasing instructions, especially since he would have imagined touching her breasts and kissing her lips in any case.

"Oh!" she teased, "Where else would your tongue like to go? Into my tight little pussy? Wouldn't you like to kiss my pussy and bring me to a screaming orgasm?"

Tom could barely make up his mind, as his eyes went from her alluring lips, to her breasts and then stared hungrily at her pussy.

She slowly sat back into the couch and teasingly took off her panties. It was no accident that they were black!

Tom wrestled with his next move, not wanting to give in as much as he had done with Crystal or Sylvie, but knowing that after two days of teasing, his resolve was at a very low ebb. He couldn't stop imagining making love to Melissa. His every thought turned to a fantasy of kissing her while having his cock inside her pussy!

Then Melissa turned around on the couch and laid herself into what appeared to Tom to be a perfect position for kissing and making out.

She smiled at him as she watched him look her over hungrily and ache for her.

He started to focus on her lips and her teasing smile and felt a very strong urge to kiss her. It felt like he was a puppet and she had a string tied to his chest that was pulling him toward her, irresistibly.

Then she teased him some more, saying:

"Your cock looks like it's all hard and trapped in your pants, does it hurt?"

Tom wanted to adjust it badly, as his erection was in a painfully awkward position, and Melissa's tease kept making it feel harder and tighter. But he wanted to be good, and so he managed to shake his head.

"That's good," she teased, "because I wouldn't want it to get any more painful from looking at my pussy!"

Then she slowly and sensually turned over and spread her pussy lips!

Tom saw it as an invitation to fuck her, but he felt trapped by his promise to me. However, his painful erection was getting much worse, straining and throbbing, and caught in his underwear!

She continued to play with herself, teasing her ass, while Tom watched, breathless and growing more and more horny.

Then she teased him some more, saying:

"I wonder how long you can go in this situation without taking out your cock and fucking me, or at least masturbating for me..."

Tom didn't know what to say, but just stared at her anxiously. His cock grew harder and more painful as it was still trapped in his underwear.

She then used something I had told her, saying:

"Imagine that your hands are under my control... Can you feel how much they want to unbuckle your belt and unzip your fly?"

And since Tom was already in the habit of letting his hands be taken over by me, he couldn't help imagining that Melissa's hands were under her control as she smiled at him.

Soon "her" hands were unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly, and freeing his cock from his underwear! He felt more comfortable, but now was afraid of what "her" hands might do!

And since Melissa knew how Tom's fantasy worked, she wasted no time, saying:

"Now just let 'my' hands play with your cock, and give them access to all the hidden parts of your mind that know best how to tease it to the limit, because I want to know how to get you so excited you're just about to burst!"

Tom couldn't help himself, and didn't even think about stopping himself. He started right in letting "her" hands stroke and tease his cock to the edge, and keep him dangling right on the very edge in the most delicious and teasing way.

Melissa kept moving around in the most sensual ways. She teased him saying:

"Oh, God! I just love the way your cock feels in 'my' hands!"

"And you know what?" she added, "Since your cock feels so good, I'm telling 'my' hands not to let you cum, because I want you to save all your cum for my pussy!"

This made Tom feel even more like his hands were under her control, as they instantly obeyed her wishes to keep him back from the edge, slowing down and giving him only the lightest of teasing strokes as he approached the edge of orgasm!
And I had also told her how the hardness meter display could be read in the room, and so she also watched the display to see what she was doing that enhanced his reading!

Poor Tom was really suffering. He was desperate to cum, but with his mind telling "her" hands what to do, he could only suffer. And he was constantly becoming more and more aroused at the teasing positions Melissa was posing in.

Melissa kept increasing the pressure on Tom's shattered willpower. At one point, teasing him while she was on her back and flaunting her gorgeous legs, she asked him:

"Do you find my lips, breasts, pussy, or legs more stimulating?"

Tom looked from one to the other and didn't know what to say. "Her" hands tried to give him an extra jolt when he looked at each of these parts, trying to make him long for each one more than the last. Finally "her" hands joined with his wayward eyes to try to increase his leg fetish!

"Mmm," she moaned appreciatively, "I like the way you're looking at my pretty legs! My hands want to give you some extra pleasure to remember them by, so that next time you see them, you'll get extra excited!"

And Tom found that "her" hands were doing exactly what she said! He couldn't tear his eyes away from her legs, while "her" hands used all their special tricks to get him even more desperate and excited!

She continued her tease, rolling over and saying: "And when you see my legs and my pussy, you'll feel like you have to fuck me right then and there!"

And again Tom felt "her" hands give him extra, fetish-inducing pleasure as he stared at her beautiful legs and pussy.

But she wasn't done yet, she rolled over again and spread her pussy lips for him, licking her lips suggestively.

"Now I want my hands to bring your cock to my pussy!" she ordered.

And Tom, despite himself, found he was being dragged by his cock to her tight, hot, and very wet pussy.

She looked at him, watching "her" hands pulling him towards her waiting pussy, and said:

"If you recommend me to Dr. Pavlova, perhaps you can participate in some more of my experiments after I move in, OK?"

Tom was very disappointed, especially as he had to watch her finger herself to an orgasm while he stood helpless and panting, inches away from her pussy."

He was nearly crying with desire, and begged her to let him help her orgasm. But it was very clear that she didn't need any help to orgasm!

Then, feeling like his chance was slipping away, he promised to recommend her for the position and begged her again to let him help her orgasm.

Melissa finally came down from her orgasm and teased Tom with one last view of her pussy, saying:

"I'm sure that I can offer a lot of ideas for Dr. Pavlova's research, don't you think?"

Tom moaned at the sight he had seemed so close to fucking, and which he knew would haunt his dreams... He could only nod in agreement.

Melissa was an amazing tease, and even while she was getting dressed, she kept Tom hard and aching for her by the languid and sensual way she was dressing.

"Bye," she said finally, as she sauntered out of the room.

Tom sighed as she left, totally captivated. Then he hurried to put his pants back on.

I was again disappointed to find Tom putting his pants back on. I scolded him, saying:

"I'm really disappointed to see this: how could you!"

Tom felt terrible about it and apologized profusely to me. He said he was unable to resist Melissa, since she seemed to know just how to get him going."

"We'll straighten that out later," I said. "Now go upstairs and say 'hi' to Sylvie! She's just now come to move in with us..."

Tom said he maybe should say hello in the morning, but I insisted:

"No, let's do it now. She's our guest, and I'd like you to be nice to her."

He felt very nervous about this, but I led him up to the guest room where Sylvie was staying and opened the door...

[You just want me to tease you like this?]
Tom nearly lost it as he saw Sylvie, making up the bed in white lingerie and stockings! She greeted him in teasing fashion, saying:

"Hi! Did you want to help me get into bed?"

Tom wanted to fuck her right there, but couldn't, because I was standing right next to him!

I watched the hardness meter reading in her room go up and up and up!

Tom realized that he was losing it, and didn't think he could control himself if Sylvie teased him any more that night, so he quickly turned and ran off down the hall to our bedroom!

Sylvie and I both laughed out loud, because of course I had arranged this little scene just to get Tom even more aroused before bed!

Sylvie was getting ready for the second part of what we had planned, but I told her:

"Never mind now, let's skip what we had planned. You just go to sleep!"

She was disappointed, but I told her:

"Don't worry, there will definitely be other times to tease him!"

In fact, we arranged something for the next morning. It's amazing how useful text messages can be for quick communication, even in the same house!
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Default Maria Pavlova, Part 6

The next morning Tom was still snuggled up against me. Since he always slept naked beside me, I could still feel his hard-on.

I rolled away a bit so I could get a good reading from the hardness meter that was installed in our bedroom, and I could tell he was pretty excited, I think it was about a 8 on the scale (out of 10).

I felt bad about the teasing punishment he had received the day before, so I started kissing him gently to wake him up.

When he got too excited, I stopped and wished him good morning. I apologized, saying:

"I'm really sorry about last night, dear. I see now that it was just too much for you. I mean, I can't have you crying in our bathroom because of all this, can I?"

He thanked me for that, and said that he was sorry he got so carried away yesterday. Meanwhile his cock was now very hard, registering 8.5 on the meter. He longed to kiss me more and was trying to see more of my breasts...

I started to get up, but he thumped the bed next to him, indicating he wanted me. Then I said:

"Don't you have to go in to work today?"

He wanted to stay and make love, but duty and nature were calling. So he reluctantly got up and went into the bathroom, still naked...

Just as he got into the bathroom, however, Sylvie turned on the water in the tub and started washing herself.

Tom was startled and said "Oh! Sorry!" loudly, and quickly backed out and shut the door.

Sylvie called after him, saying: "It's okay, the other bath doesn't work, so you can come in! I won't mind."

Tom turned to me and asked if it was true that the other bathroom on the second floor was out of order.

"No," I said, "I think that it's just the bathtub in that room, but maybe that bathroom's toilet also has problems. So I said Sylvie could use ours this morning until we get it fixed. Is that OK with you?"

Tom said that he wished I had told him about the problem, as he could have gotten a plumber. But now he needed to pee desperately, so he eventually did what Sylvie was saying was okay, and went back into our bathroom where Sylvie was waiting for him...

"It's OK," she said as he went back in, "I'll turn so I can't see you..."

Tom found it very difficult to pee as his cock wouldn't deflate while he was watching Sylvie tease him.

It didn't help that he could see her pussy from his perch on the toilet seat... He tried thinking of other things, but her pussy and her legs occupied all of his thoughts.

"I hope I'm not bothering you..." Sylvie teased as she soaped her nether regions and gave him a great view of her pussy.

But watching her, Tom found it nearly impossible to think of anything except how hot and tight and wet her pussy felt yesterday. His deep pussy fetish was making it very difficult for him to control himself.

Then Sylvie said: "I don't hear anything happening back there, are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Tom wanted her desperately, but he knew that he wasn't going to be able to pee while she was there. So he excused himself and went out.

"What's the matter, dear?" I said, seeing his hard on jutting out in front of him, "couldn't you pee?"

Tom slipped on a robe and went to try another toilet.

It was the perfect start of the day for him!

Tom had to get back into our bathroom to shave, and he was surprised to find Sylvie still there. She said:

"Sorry, I just have to take care of my feet. This is very important for my research, you know!"

Tom was captivated by the way she teasingly played with her feet. He wanted to look away and start shaving, but he found he couldn't stop himself from looking at her.

Sylvie eventually noticed him staring at her and said:

"Remember how I said I wondered if a man could develop a foot fetish if a woman constantly plays with her feet in certain ways?"

Tom nodded, wanting to stop staring at her feet, but unable to stop himself. He was worried that Sylvie's ideas might come true...

"Well," she continued her teasing, "I think that putting baby oil on a woman's feet is about the sexiest thing. I've heard that men with a foot fetish absolutely go haywire when they see that!"

Tom was mesmerized. He said he could believe it. And he was starting to feel powerfully turned on watching her.

"But you don't have to watch," she teased, "I'm sure you don't want to develop a fetish for my pretty feet, do you?"

Tom couldn't talk at this point, and he couldn't tear his eyes away from what Sylvie was doing with her feet, rubbing the baby oil between her toes in the most languid, sensual fashion.

"Does that look good to you?" she teased, holding up her foot near him.

Tom wanted to touch her foot, and not having any special prohibition from me on the subject, gently caressed it. He knelt before her in order to get closer to it. He said that it felt wonderfully smooth and oily. And he couldn't help noticing her pussy peeking out at him from under the part of her robe.

Sylvie started to put the baby oil on her other foot, and looking down at him said: "Is this getting you all horny?"

Tom agreed that it was. He was amazed at how sexy he found her feet and legs, watching her caress them.

"Can you tell me just how hard you are now?" she teased.

He didn't want to tell her, but trying to avoid a repeat of the tease from yesterday, he told her how to read the hardness meter's display in the bathroom.

"How does it make you feel, now that you've told me how to measure your arousal?" she teased.

Tom could barely talk as he watched her continue to tease him with her feet. He wanted to feel his cock inside her pussy, but was also worried about getting to the university: he was going to be late for sure! He said that he had to shave and get going quickly.

"Aww," Sylvie teased, "You can't stay here and let me tease you with my pussy? I liked having you inside it yesterday, and I was hoping we could do that now, with the baby oil!"

Tom said that he really had to get going...

"But you aren't getting up, are you?" she teased. "I think you want to see my pussy so much you won't leave until you've looked and looked at it!"

Tom couldn't say anything, but he gave a slight nod.

As Sylvie played with herself, she kept her feet in Tom's line of sight to her pussy. She continued to tease him, saying:

"I have this theory that a woman can build new fetishes on a man's existing fetishes. For example, if a man has a pussy fetish, then by constantly associating her pussy with another body part, like her feet, she can build a man's foot fetish, for example... What do you think?"

Tom said he was no psychologist. But he felt like he was developing a foot fetish from the way that Sylvie was constantly emphasizing her legs and feet.

"Didn't you say something about work?" she teased.

Tom shook his head, he had forgotten about it completely! His mind was totally filled with Sylvie's feet and with catching glimpses of her pussy.

"Are you going to work from home today?" she teased.

Tom shook his head. It came into his brain that he had to go in for his office hours.

"That's okay, you run along!" she said. "I'm living here with you, so we can play when you get home!"

Tom forced himself to get up, and shaved in record time.

As he was leaving he couldn't help look at Sylvie one last time. She kept up her tease saying:

"Think of me whenever you see pretty feet today, OK?"

Tom was aching for her, and could barely tear himself away. He didn't want to give in to her command, but despite himself, he nodded.

I was drinking my coffee as Tom ran out the door to go to the university. I said:

"I'll see you on campus later, OK?"

He slowed down and I was surprised to find how intently he looked at my legs and feet while he tried to answer. He was very aroused, I could tell, so I knew Sylvie's tease that morning had worked just as I had planned.

When Tom got to his office, he was very surprised to find a student waiting for him. This was Penny, a woman who happened to be a dual major in both psychology and a graduate student in Tom's department in engineering!

"Hey, professor!" she greeted him. "I came by for your office hour... do you have time to talk?"

Tom was worried about this, as women on campus typically didn't dress in silk corsets and high heels. After his encounter with Melissa yesterday, he was suspicious, but looking at her legs and feet, and seeing the small amount of material hiding her pussy, he quickly got turned on. He nodded, and then as she sat there, finally said that yes of course he could talk.

"Well," she said, "this is going to seem kind of weird, but I'm a graduate student in both psychology and in your department, and I'd like to do a joint thesis with you and Dr. Pavlova in the psychology department..."

Tom noticed that she was caressing her ankles, and couldn't stop staring at her legs. He also couldn't help notice her lips and how her breasts were pushed up by her corset.

Penny continued: "You see, I'm very interested in the kind of measurement techniques you published with Dr. Pavlova, and I'm interested in the problem of experimentally validating those techniques."

Tom said that he was doing the measurement work on the side, and that it wasn't his main academic interest. He was trying to get out of this interview quickly, as he suspected some kind of trick... But he couldn't muster the willpower to ask Penny to leave.

"Is there anything I can do," Penny said, "to change your mind about this? I really think it would be a great thesis for me!"

Tom was struck by the way she looked directly at him, and then his eyes started to wander over her legs and up to the spot in between her legs that he worshiped in women...

"You see," Penny teased, "I started here in engineering, because I knew I'd have my pick of guys... But then I found that I was an incorrigible tease." She pulled back her panties to reveal a shaven pussy to Tom's hungry eyes.

"See," she teased, "you're an engineer, so you're a pussy worshiper! Would you like to keep looking at my pretty pussy?"

Tom couldn't speak. He was incredibly turned on by this public display and now he wished his office door were closed! He needed to get Penny out of his office as soon as possible before she caused a scandal! But he couldn't help stare at her pussy, and the more he stared at it, the less he was able to speak. He finally just nodded.

"Good," Penny said smugly, smiling at him. "Why don't you keep looking at my pussy while I tell you my ideas, OK?"

Tom nodded again, unable to tear his eyes away. Seeing both her legs and her pussy felt like double reinforcement now and he knew he wasn't going to be able to resist her, no matter what the consequences.

"I found the engineering behind your camera-based hardness meter first rate," Penny began. "It made me want to meet the engineer in charge and... well, reward him in the best way I know how to reward engineers!"

Tom stared at her as she leaned back, closed her eyes, and thrust her pussy at him. He was realizing that she was talking about fucking him! Yes, he realized that he was the engineer on that project, and so she was talking about him! It was thrilling both in an engineering sense, to have his accomplishment appreciated, and of course sexually he now started thinking about fucking her...

"But," she continued, taking off her panties, "the psychology behind the hardness meter is virtually nonexistent!"

Tom wanted to argue, but couldn't get any words out. He was getting more and more turned on by Penny's tease, right there in his office!

"I mean, just because a guy's penis has a lot of blood in it, does that really mean he's turned on?" she said.

Tom said yes, in his experience that was always true. He certainly felt turned on and hard now!

"But," Penny argued, "A guy usually gets an erection in the morning and he isn't necessarily turned on then. And couldn't a guy be turned on even if his cock was surrounded by ice, so that he couldn't get hard?"

Tom loved how incredibly teasing she was, even when she was making good arguments. And seeing her legs and pussy at the same time made his hands start to acquire a mind of their own, and started their teasing minds thinking about taking off his pants and teasing his cock! He tried to get that image out of his mind, but he couldn't, which made him fear he was developing a fetish for legs, feet, as well as pussy.

"In any case," she continued, "Being aroused is as much a psychological state as it is physical. For example, if a guy has a leg fetish and sees me rubbing my thighs, even innocently, then he will become aroused, even if his cock were in ice."

Tom followed her hands on her thighs, and was becoming incredibly aroused. His cock was becoming more and more uncomfortable in his pants, and his hands slipped under the desk to adjust it. He tried to stop his hands, but they told him the were just going to help him avoid the pain...

"Are you okay?" Penny teased, "You must be getting all hard now, is it painful for you?"

Tom pulled his hands back suddenly and said that he was fine.

"It looked like you were having a painful erection and that you were going to adjust your cock," she teased.

Tom stared at her and despite his cock growing harder and tighter, shook his head.

"Are you sure? Because I've seen that look hundreds of times, and I am pretty sure your cock needs adjusting... Why don't you go ahead and take it out for me?"

No, Tom shook his head. He couldn't do that here, especially not with his office door open!

"No?" she teased, "but it might get even more painful as we continue..."

Tom wanted to tell her to stop taking off her corset, he was very afraid of what might happen if someone else came in, but he couldn't speak. His cock grew even more painfully as he watched her beautiful breasts come into view.

"Go ahead!" she said rather urgently, "I hate to see you suffer like that!"

Tom's hands took the initiative, and dived under his desk, unzipping his fly and letting his cock out.

"Would you like to kneel down in front of me so I can see it?" she teased.

Tom didn't want to, but his hands pushed his chair back from the desk, and he found himself kneeling before her.

"I think that a psychological scale of arousal," she continued, "would have to take into account how close a man is to cumming."

Tom looked at her, puzzled.

"Look at you," she argued, "You're hard, but not ready to cum yet. But if you masturbated, then you would be more ready to cum, even if I put your cock in ice!"

Tom was captivated with these thoughts, but he was also trying to get his mind off of Penny and her tease, so he tried to concentrate on her argument. Eventually he said he was pretty sure that hardness and arousal were strongly correlated.

"You see," Penny said, "it doesn't matter if you are right. The point is to get experimental proof."

Tom's hands were slowly moving toward his exposed cock, and he was trying to regain control of them. But seeing Penny's legs and pussy all at once he knew he was losing all his self control.

"Let's try a little experiment," she teased, "for science, OK?"

Tom found himself nodding.

"Why don't you masturbate yourself and then we'll take some ice out of that little refrigerator you have here in your office, and see how you feel when your cock is deflated?"

Tom's hands immediately took up the cause of science, and started bringing him very close to the edge of orgasm.

"Yes," she urged him on, "That's it, really stroke it! Harder!"

Tom was getting more and more turned on and was starting to worry that he was going to cum all over his work clothes, right there in his office. He felt very helpless and powerless kneeling before Penny, worshiping her legs and pussy.

"Are you getting close to cumming?" she teased a bit later. "You have to get the ice before you cum, OK?"

"Almost there!" she teased, "better get ready to stop and get that ice!"

Tom was worried about soiling his clothes with his ejaculate, but he was more worried about falling under Penny's spell. He found her legs and pussy utterly beautiful and got more and more excited. Soon his practiced hands were slowing down and keeping him right at the edge of orgasm...

"I think you'd better get that ice now!" she ordered.

And Tom's hands obeyed her, opening the little refrigerator and holding a rack of ice cubes to his cock, deflating it.

"Now," she said watching him carefully, "leave the ice on it and tell me how you feel! Do you feel aroused?"

Yes, he admitted, he wanted and needed to fuck her, even though his cock was completely flaccid!

"So," she said triumphantly, "Do you admit I was right?"

Tom nodded, yes, she was right, he still wanted and needed to fuck her, even though his cock was deflated by the ice.

"So," she said, "what do you think about working with me, together with Dr. Pavlova?"

Tom nodded his head, yes, he would work with her.

"Very good," she said, sitting down in the chair and towering over him, "I'm sure we'll have lots of fun doing science together!"

Tom hastily put the ice away and his cock started to grow harder again.

"You'd better put that cock away before someone sees you!" she teased.

Tom was frightened to hear feminine heels walking down the hall. He quickly stuffed is cock into his pants and started to zip up his fly...

Then I stepped into Tom's office, closed the door, and greeted him with an outrageous teasing line:

"Hey Tom! You want some of this action?"

I pulled one of the straps on my dress down, revealing one tit as I held his gaze.

Then I saw Penny, and I said in mock surprise:

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you had a student here... And why do you look all flustered? And what's that wet spot on the floor?"

Tom nervously introduced Penny and me, and then explained that Penny wanted to work with both of us on her thesis. He gave me an overview of her ideas.

Penny said she was honored to meet me, and said she was happy to find us both together. She said she wanted to work on research with me and him.

"Well," I said, asserting myself, "I'm married to him, and so don't get any ideas!"

"Oh," said Penny boldly, "they aren't just ideas. I have lots of experience with getting guys to do what I want..." She was looking right at Tom.

"Teasing and assertive," I thought to myself, she'd be perfect, if she knew her stuff.

Now Tom was worried as to what she would say. He was still horny from her earlier tease, and it didn't help that I was teasing him too.

"For example," she said, pushing aside her panties and showing Tom her pussy, "flashing my pussy is usually plenty to get an engineer to agree to what ever I wish!"

Tom nodded very slightly, despite his efforts to not let on what had happened.

"But Tom," I said to him, "you'd have enough self control not to fall for her, wouldn't you?"

Tom couldn't take his eyes off me. He particularly focused on my pussy as I raised the hem of my dress to reveal some sheer white panties and the outline of my pussy.

His eyes were pleading with me, but I didn't let up...

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I teased, "Nothing happened here before I arrived, did it?"

Tom looked very pained. He kept staring at me, and I was surprised to see his eyes looking at my legs and feet! That was very interesting.

Penny leaned back in her chair and said to Tom:

"Why don't you tell her? If we're all going to work together, we have to be honest about how I fascinate you..."

"Is there something you want to tell me?" I said to Tom. "She's right, you know. I'll find out sooner or later, and it's better if I know now..."

Tom was really torn. He was very afraid of confessing his loss of self control with Penny, but he wanted to please me.

After a bit more urging by Penny and me, he finally confessed and told me the whole story.

If I had planned it, it would have been perfect. But actually, I wasn't planning to start Tom's teasing until later in the day. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to endanger his reputation by setting up a sexual encounter in his office!

"Well," I said at the end of Tom's story, "it sounds like you are recommending her then, is that right?"

Yes, Tom nodded.

"And you want her to come live with us and all the other assistants?"

Yes, he nodded again.

"Then I'd better talk to Penny alone, OK."

Tom nodded again.

"I'll see you at home tonight then, Tom!" I said.

Tom nodded and stared at us as we left his office. He ached for relief, but as he was at work he had to try to put sex out of his mind for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately for Tom, even going to lunch on campus wasn't safe for him... All over campus there were beautiful girls, and each of them seemed to sense how vulnerable he was just then.

He nearly tripped and fell down when he saw three blonde triplets rollerblading towards him. He immediately noticed how lovely their legs were.

And one of them was looking right at him.

They stopped and flirted with him, saying:

"Hey, professor, are you checking us out?"

Tom stared at them, but couldn't speak. He kept thinking: "Triplets! Blonde sexy triplets!" All he could do to answer them was to nod.

"Why don't you stay and talk to us?" one of them said, pulling down her shorts a bit, "We won't bite!"

But Tom shook his head and walked briskly away to lunch.

But he couldn't help imagining their three pussies and picturing their three sets of long beautiful legs. He imagined them laughing and teasing him as these fantasies made him grow harder and harder.

When Tom got home he was very happy to see me in black lingerie. I smiled at him and said:

"Penny is a real gem! Thank you so much for finding her!"

Tom said he thought that I had sent Penny to him, to tease and punish him.

I took off my sweater, the better to tease him, and said:

"No, I understand you wouldn't trust me after yesterday. And even this morning, Sylvie was kind of arranged... But honestly, I never met Penny before you introduced me."

I pulled him close and kissed him until he was breathless and then continued:

"I think it's great to have someone who understands both engineering and psychology doing research here, and she seemed pretty sexy to me..."

Tom admitted she was very sexy, but said he didn't have much chance to evaluate Penny on her technical qualifications in engineering.

I stripped completely and Tom, as was our habit, did the same. He sat opposite me and let me take over his hands, which immediately started masturbating him and getting him hard and more needy.

"So that's why I invited Penny here tonight!" I said, "Remember our deal, you have to interview everyone here, in our home!"

Tom's hands suddenly doubled their tempo. He was very excited by the prospect of more interviews that evening. But he was worried about Penny. He finally whined that he wasn't sure about Penny.

"Oh, God!" I said, "When I heard you tell what she did to you, in your own office, with the door open, I nearly creamed myself! And I found later, when I talked to her, that she also has an excellent grasp of the sexual psychology of human males!"

Tom's hands grabbed a bit of lube and started stroking more strongly and quickly.

"And tell me," I continued, "are you developing a fetish for legs and feet now?"

Tom didn't know what to say, but seeing both my glistening pussy and my legs and feet at the same time, he started to nod, as his hands increased the tempo of their masturbatory strokes.

Then Tom was very embarrassed to hear Crystal clearing her throat at the back door:

"Sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to interrupt, but is it okay to park my car in the back?"

I told Crystal it was fine. Then I said to Tom:

"Don't just sit there! Get up and greet our guest!"

Tom protested that he didn't have any clothes on. But I said: "Don't worry, you'll get used to being naked!"

Tom nervously walked over to Crystal, his cock jutting in front of him, hungry and throbbing. He felt very humiliated and controlled by me.

And the way Crystal was appraising him didn't make him feel any better...

Crystal pulled up her dress revealing her black thong panties, and said to him:

"I wore black just for you... because I wanted to be ready to have you worship my pussy as soon as I got here."

"Can you kneel down before me and show me how much you appreciate my thoughtfulness?" she teased.

Tom didn't want to in front of me, but felt compelled by her look of authority. So he knelt in front of her.

She pulled up a chair and ordered him: "Now show me how your cock worships my pussy!"

Tom's hands betrayed him, and immediately started long full worship strokes as he gazed at her, getting more and more excited.

"This is what you want to worship, isn't it?" she said, pulling aside her panties and revealing her pussy.

Tom's hands sped up and he nodded vigorously.

Soon her pussy became Tom's entire world as his worship and his teasing hands drove all other thoughts from his mind.

I was fascinated and winked at Crystal, who winked back at me.

Crystal spread her pussy lips to reveal more of her pussy's beauty to Tom's hungry gaze. She continued to tease him, saying:

"Now that I'm living with you, you'll get lots of chances to worship my pussy as it deserves. Don't you think it's beautiful?"

Tom nodded strongly and his hands pumped his cock very powerfully. His hands wanted him to imagine what it would feel like inside her pussy, and he fantasized about it strongly.

"Later," she said, "maybe I'll let you kiss me while I keep you on the edge of orgasm with my pussy... Would you like that?"

The thought was magical for Tom and his eyes roamed from her pussy to her lips and back. He wanted to be inside her badly.

"It's no longer an interview," Crystal said, "So I think your wife will let you kiss me now, since she gave me some of your favorite lipstick!"

I said: "Yes, go ahead, Tom!"

And Tom obeyed! He felt incredibly turned on to be kissing Crystal and feeling her tongue do devilish things inside his mouth. And he found that he felt like melting into her as he tasted the lipstick that had so many powerful associations for him. His hardness meter reading hit the top of the scale!

But after taking Tom to the limit on the hardness meter, Crystal broke off the kiss and got up. She went out the back saying:

"I'll just go get my stuff now, so hold that thought!"

Tom was totally breathless and completely hard. He also felt embarrassed and worried at having me see his submission to Crystal.

I teased him when he came back to sit opposite me again:

"Oh my God! She really got you going, didn't she!"

Tom nodded glumly. He had seen the rating and knew the his chances with me for the night were now nil. He petulantly asked me why I had made him greet her if I was going to be holding him accountable for his arousal later that night.

"Aww, don't be mad," I said, spreading my legs for him, "Maybe I can make your cock feel all better?"

Tom didn't have to be asked twice, and immediately put his cock inside my dripping wet pussy. He relished the feeling of penetrating my pussy lips by pulling out and penetrating me several times, then he used the tip of his cock to explore my G-spot. He could feel me getting more spongy and bumpy there as I started to orgasm over and over again. He felt his frustrated cum boiling up in his balls and gathering force as we kissed passionately... He was very very excited and desperate for release.

But I didn't give him the crucial triggers he needed to cum, since I didn't put my arm behind his neck and pull his lips toward mine, so he was ultimately denied and frustrated.

Then after about five minutes of this kind of penetration denial, I heard knocking at the back door. I told Tom:

"Stop! You'd better pull out now, as I think Crystal is coming back!"

Tom protested that he just needed a little more time, and that Crystal had already seen his cock, but I insisted:

"No dear, I want to keep our own love-making private, even with all these girls living with us, OK?"

He glumly nodded agreement, defeated. His cock was dripping wet with my juices as he quickly started to put his clothes back on.

I put my sweater back on as I watched Crystal go upstairs. Then I said to Tom:

"Are you ready to interview Penny now?"

"Now?" he asked, "Is she here?"

"Yes," I said, "She's waiting for you in our formal living room..." Then I instructed him:

"Remember to interview her about the engineering side of things.."

Tom said that he had checked on Penny and found she was a straight "A" student. He said he was impressed with her academic qualifications.

"And be sure to control yourself with her this time!" I added.

Tom glumly said it didn't matter now, as he had already maxed out the reading with Crystal, earlier.

But I pulled him close to me, and kissed him deeply. Then I said:

"Hey, don't worry about that. Tell you what, we'll start over right now, since this is your first real interview of the evening. If you can control yourself with Penny and the others you interview tonight, then I'll guarantee you a reward you'll enjoy tonight!"

Tom was very excited by this, as he desperately wanted to and even felt he needed to cum.

I could see from the hardness meter reading he was already showing that it wouldn't take much for Penny to max out his reading! So giving him one last kiss for lust, I led him to Penny...

As I left Tom with Penny I said to her:

"Don't forget, Penny, you need Tom's recommendation, as we discussed before, on all levels, both technical and sexual!"

"Of course!" she replied in a sultry manner, focusing on Tom.

Tom was speechless seeing Penny all dolled up in black lingerie and black leather pants. He couldn't take his eyes off her chest and he found her face very mysterious and sensual.

After watching Tom stare at her for a minute, Penny got up a bit and said:

"Since this is supposed to be a bit technical, can you give me a demonstration of how the hardness meter works?"

Tom didn't want to show her, but he could resist her eager smiling attitude, especially as she was dressed all in black. So he explained where the cameras were in the room, and where the displays were that she could read.

"But," Penny teased, "as you may remember from our meeting this morning, I'm very interested in how valid these readings are..."

She then proceeded to pull down her pants and flash him with a view of her pussy through a pussy opening in her panties! She continued her teasing questions saying:

"Is there a way I can verify your reading now, my pussy-loving professor?"

Tom couldn't take his off her pussy, it was so dramatically uncovered by her panties. But he didn't want to get his cock out for her, as he knew he was supposed to control himself. So he just shook his head, no.

"But how am I going to show you what a good engineer I am if you won't give me access to your cock?" she teased.

Tom was desperate to stall for time, and asked about the courses she had taken.

Penny sat down and said:

"Do you really want to hear about my coursework? It's all the usual stuff, oh, well, I got my bachelor's from ESU also..."

Tom kept staring at her... and Penny watched the reading climb as he looked at her and she kept looking at him. She started adjusting her poses based on what got the highest readings on the hardness meter, but mostly she used her experience in teasing to give him looks that she knew would be effective in getting him to think about her sexually.

"Let me ask you a technical question," she teased, "Can you give an equation that defines the shape of my breasts?"

Tom stared at her breasts, and tried to imagine the equations necessary, but it was getting to be too hard for him.

"Poor baby!" she teased, "I bet if I asked you if you were imagining licking my pretty breasts you could answer that, right?"

This focused his attention on her nipples, and he found his tongue starting to rub against the inside of his mouth attempting to duplicate the sensation of her nipples...

"I can tell you're getting excited," she teased, "But I still want to correlate those readings with some 'hard' data! Can you take your cock out and show it to me?"

Tom still was afraid to disobey my instructions, but his hands wanted to tease him and started to move towards his fly. He fought to keep them under control, but they were developing a mind of their own. His conscious mind was concentrating on Penny's breasts, and so was distracted from the fight to control his hands!

"Won't you take it out for me?" she teased. "I saw it this morning and I'd like you to let me play with it now!"

Tom stared at her ass, breasts and lips and found himself imagining kissing her while she lay on top of him. Her lips looked so enticing! Then his hands, knowing that he was distracted by fantasizing about kissing her, took advantage of him and unzipped his fly and reached in quickly and pulled out his cock! These traitor hands immediately started teasing his cock!

"Oh yes!" Penny exclaimed, turning and extending one of her legs towards him that again gave him a view of her pussy through the hole in her panties. "I can see you like to masturbate! All my pussy worshipers do that, since they can never get enough of my beautiful pussy..."

Tom's hands started to give him more powerful, worshipful strokes so that he would become more turned on by seeing her pussy and her breasts, her legs and her enticing mouth. And his hands knew so well how to turn him on that they made him moan in desperate need for her!

"Are you just a pussy worshiper, or are you also a leg man?" she teased.

Tom stared at her and nodded. The sight of her pussy poking out of her panties, and with all her luscious legs around it, was driving him crazy with lust. He forgot all about self control and his hands emphasized Penny's legs and feet by giving him extra stimulation whenever his eyes dwelled on them. His hands seemed intent on building up his leg and foot fetish, and he got more and more excited as Penny watched in fascination.

"I see you do like my legs," she teased, kissing and licking them. "Would you like to kiss them?"

Tom nodded, but Penny was too into her teasing to notice. He really wanted to kiss her legs and her pussy, but he knew it was forbidden... But now his tongue joined his hands in developing a mind of its own and started teasing him by trying to feel what it would be like to kiss her legs! Meanwhile his hands reinforced his developing leg fetish and pumped his cock strongly until he was feeling desperately close to cumming!

"God!" she teased, "I've never seen any guy who's more into worshiping my pussy than you!"

Tom nodded as his hands intensified their teasing and began to draw out his pre-cum. He wanted to fuck Penny more than anything now, and the sight of her pussy was maddening for him!

"Seeing you is making me all horny!" she teased. "I've got to have something in my pussy, now!"

Then she inserted her finger and started fucking herself with it, while Tom watched in tortured frustration as his hands kept him on the edge... His tongue started licking his lips to give him extra stimulation, and he was soon feeling like he was going to explode any second! But his hands slowed down their pumping and kept him right on the edge!

Then she looked directly at him and said:

"That was nice, but now I need to do some experimental testing on your cock!"

Tom really wanted to let her have his way with his cock. He had lost all sense of self control now and felt lie a puppet to her teasing commands. He was so into it that the sperm were practically breaking down the barriers to exit his cock. But he still retained some semblance of hope with me, so he forced himself to shake his head, no!

"Still no?" she teased. "What does a girl engineer have to do to get laid around here?"

Tom stared at her as she found the position that was increasing his hardness meter reading the fastest...

"You know," she teased, "I'm not sure how valid that meter is, but teasing you when I can see it is like playing a video game! It makes it so much easier to get you totally aroused, especially when you're such an accomplished masturbator!"

Then she laid down on he side and started giggling and laughing at him.

He asked what was so funny, and she replied:

"You're an engineer, so you'll understand. Remember the Borg?"

Tom nodded, remembering the fictional race of cyborgs from Star Trek.

"Well, just think of me as the Borg, you know: 'resistance is useless!'" she laughed some more.

Tom felt humiliated and tried to gather some shreds of his resolve. But seeing her laughing at him in black lace lingerie, and feeling incredibly horny and frustrated, he found it hard to gather any resolve at all. Perhaps resistance to her was useless!

"Now," she said, spreading her legs wide, "It's time to verify your hardness readings!"

Tom felt drawn to her, and his hands were tugging his cock trying to pull him to her. He found himself approaching her... The sight of her legs and her pussy and her beautiful face and breasts were too much for him. He felt helpless and controlled by her whims.

"That's it!" she urged, "Stick your cock in my pussy, now!"

He tried to fight it, but found that his resistance was indeed useless...

Then he plunged into her, feeling how hot and very tight she was. He kissed her passionately as he could feel his arousal building to the point of no return.

Unfortunately for him, Penny didn't know how to trigger his orgasm, so he just got more and more aroused as he fucked and kissed her.

But like me, Penny had no such hangups, and she was soon cumming in multiple orgasms and loudly screaming her delight, as Tom frantically tried to quiet her by covering her mouth with kisses.

After 10 minutes of frustrating penetration denial, Penny finally pushed Tom off of her.

But she was moaning and carrying on so much and so loudly that Tom felt the need to quiet her, so he kept on kissing her in order to cover her mouth. This just got him more and more turned on and he wanted to go back into her and try for release, since he knew this might be his only chance that night.

So he begged her to let him inside her one more time...

"Oh no, no, no," she said happily, "I can't take any more right now. Why don't you go back to using your hands?"

Tom protested, but his hands immediately started teasing his cock, bringing him right back to the point where he felt so close to orgasm.

Penny eventually stood up and said:

"I liked that very much, but I'm surprised you didn't cum, since the meter reading is at its maximum! I think perhaps we need another way to measure your arousal..."

Tom was fascinated, watching her play with her pussy as she towered over him. He found the sight very erotic in the contrast between her finger delicately pulling back her pussy lip and the dominant black lingerie she wore as she stood over him. His hands started stroking his cock to worship her pussy and bring him even closer to orgasm.

Penny brought over a chair, and maneuvered it so that her pussy would be right in Tom's face. Then spreading her legs and pussy lips she said:

"There, let's continue your pussy worship, shall we?"

Tom's hands were already rewarding his eyes as he stared at her pussy in absolute lust. He got even more excited...

"Oh yes!" she said loudly, "Worship me with that cock of yours!"

Tom was very nervous, but couldn't control himself, as he felt his orgasm fast approaching.

Just then he heard Melissa from behind him, clearing her throat loudly. She said:

"Sorry to interrupt, ah... but Dr. Pavlova said to remind you that you have one more interview tonight, and that it's getting late..."

Tom looked Melissa over from the toes poking out the front of her high heels up her beautiful legs and finally focusing on her beautiful face. His hands didn't stop, but tried to reinforce his desire for Melissa so much that they nearly, but not quite, made him orgasm.

Melissa saw this and raised the hem of her skirt to show Tom her black panties, saying:

"I love the way your hands are helping me tease you! It's going to be so much fun living here with you! Are you excited to have me living with you now?"

Tom nodded, as he was unable to speak. His every fiber wanted her but she seemed too far away. He was very confused, horny, and frustrated!

"Come up to my room later," she teased as she exposed another breast to his hungry gaze, "And I'll give you a good night kiss!"

Tom's hands reinforced this so much that he started leaking pre-cum steadily, and even his tongue got in the act, licking his lips in order to increase his arousal.

"So," she teased, turning and revealing that she too had a pussy opening in her black panties, "I'll see you later then?"

Tom was transfixed and nodded strongly. He wanted to get up and go to her, but she walked out of the room.

He turned eagerly back to Penny.

"Wow!" Penny gushed, "I'm going to learn so much about teasing living here!"

Tom's hands continued to reinforce his fetish for pussy and legs as he stared at her. And he couldn't help nodding at her smiling, teasing statement.

Then slowly and sensually, Penny got up and said:

"I guess you have another interview, right?"

Yes, Tom nodded.

"But you'll recommend me, won't you?" she continued.

Tom looked at her and couldn't imagine not seeing her again. He nodded strongly.

"Good," she said, "because I'm really looking forward to verifying how valid the hardness meter is with you!"

Tom gulped and swallowed hard at this. He found the thought of her using him as an experimental subject thrilling.

Then Penny left Tom and told me she was done with him. I immediately went to see him and found him in the living room.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed, "You're still at a 9.5 reading! Did Penny max out your reading too?"

Yes, Tom glumly nodded, he knew he was defeated again.

"But at least you controlled yourself, right?" I teased.

No, Tom shook his head and apologized saying he was too horny from three days of teasing without any relief. He begged me to have mercy on him.

"Have mercy?" I teased him, revealing one of my breasts, "You want me to give you some relief? Now? Right here in the living room?"

No, he shook his head, and said he wanted to go up to our bedroom so I could give him an orgasm. He said he couldn't take any more teasing and feared that he had no self control left for another interview that night.

"But dear," I said, pulling my dress down farther to tease him with even more skin, "Don't you remember our deal? Don't you remember why you're being punished?"

He looked at me, his eyes pleading, although they were swiftly drawn to my breasts as I cupped them in my hands to tease him further.

"There's just one more interview tonight, dear," I teased him, "Let me make you the same offer I made before your interview with Penny... We'll start over and if you can control yourself with this next group of girls, then I'll let you cum tonight, OK? Isn't that more than fair?"

"Group?" he asked.

"Yes, a group of girls. You'll interview them all together."

"Tell me," I teased, "Did you fantasize about any girls on campus today other than Penny and me?"

Tom's eyes were roaming all over my body as I turned and teased him, and it took him a while to process my question. Finally he admitted that he had seen a group of blonde triplets on campus earlier.

"Can you imagine," I teased him, setting the hook, "if they were all psychology graduate students looking for an assistantship?"

I watched as Tom started fantasizing about it and his hardness meter reading rose to a 9. "A good way to get him ready for his next interview," I thought!
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Default Very nice

Very nice indeed. Look forward to more.


Robin Wilde
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As always, wow!!
Thank you for the great pictures and stories
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