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Old 03-31-2009, 04:14 PM
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Default Gynocracy Fan Fiction Chapter 4

Chapter 4
By Gloryboy based upon the story by Longhair

As Jimmy was about to leave, Laura said, “Wait a minute, my boy.”

She called George over and said, “Give him a ride to the school, dearest.

Then see if Allison has any need of both of you. I’ll just relax here.”

When they arrived at the high school, Allison, Maggie and Julienne were waiting.

Allison stepped forwards, letting her breasts sway in their tight halter top.

George and Jimmy both moaned as their cocks tried to harden in their

transparent cages.

“Allison, please,” George moaned.

“Kneel,” Allison ordered.

He hesitated. While a male was generally supposed to obey a female, she

was his step-daughter. But she was also a female now 16 and his wife had ordered

him to obey her. Allison now had authority second only to his wife’s. He

knelt. To his disbelief, Allison flipped her skirt up and held out the edge of

her panties.

“Pull them off- with your teeth,” she ordered.

George crawled forwards. Taking her panties in his teeth, he slid them

down. His eyes were forced to scan down her tanned and smooth legs until

his chin was on the sidewalk at her feet. She regally stepped out of the

panties and looked down at him.

“You need to learn your place, Georgy,” she smirked. “It doesn’t matter how

long we’ve known each other or how old you are. I am woman. You are

man. That means you are a dog at my feet. You obey and you don’t


She wiggled her toes.

“I think a good apology would be to get your tongue between my toes,” she


He started to lift his head to crawl forwards.

“No,” she snapped. “You don’t get to raise your chin from the sidewalk.

Crawl to me staying as low to the dirt as possible.”

He crawled, sliding his chin and licking between her toes and then suckling on

them and finally licking the dirt from the bottoms of her feet. Other high school

girls were walking by and giggling at this display. It was not common to

have such public displays though it was not unheard of.

While that was going on, Julienne walked behind George. She reached down

and felt his full, hairless balls, the skin tight they were so overloaded. He

gasped in surprise, pain and desire when she touched them. Of course, his

cock was pulled between his balls and sealed into the device. He found

himself whimpering and gyrating his ass as she fondled him.

“Please, please stop, Julienne, please,” he begged.

“Aw, what’s the matter, Georgy? Don’t you like this?”

“Yes, I mean no, I mean please.”

Julienne smiled. George was protesting but he was lapping away at Allison’s

feet with even more enthusiasm.

“Wow,” Allison laughed. “You’ve really got him worked up. But I’ll bet I can

get him really worked up too.”

“Oh I’m sure you can,” Julienne said.

“But why would I?” Allison smirked.

“No kidding,” Julienne giggled. “Why would any of us want to get some old

dude all hot and bothered?”

“Yeah,” Maggie chimed in. “Even your Mom is way young compared to Mr.

Ancient here. Geez, the only reason he’s even hard is because he’s gone

months without relief.”

“Oh, I know, “Allison sighed. “It’s disgusting but Mom asked me to keep him

nice and frustrated.”

The shame was overwhelming. Tears brimmed in George’s eyes as he was

humbled at their feet.

Maggie connected a leash to George’s collar.

“Well, she smirked. “Let’s find out if its true that you can’t teach an old dog

new tricks.”

Then she started walking.

“Heel,” she snapped.

He tried to crawl behind her but he could not move fast on all fours.

“Stand up, old dog,” she ordered.

She laughed once he was on his feet. His cock was trying to harden and it

was practically dripping pre-cum.

“Oh look at this,” she laughed. “The balls may be old but they still build up

the product. Its probably sour with age though.”

As George moaned in humiliation, Allison trailed behind him and her friends,

Maggie and Julienne. She actually felt a little bit bad about this. After all,

George had always been good to her. Still, the thought of being able to

make an older man aching and hard, to know his balls were loaded with

agonizing needs and his cock oozing with desires aroused her and she could

not help but smile at what she was putting him through. She would wait

until later and then let him know she was proud of him, as a woman should

be of her loyal doggy. She turned her attention to Jimmy who was limping

along with blue balls behind her.

“How are you feeling, Jimmy?” she teased.

“How do you think I’m feeling?” he snapped.

He knew he should not say that but he hurt so badly.

“I- I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

She was caught by surprise for a moment. Then she snapped, “I don’t care

how badly it hurts. You never talk back to me. Put your hands behind your

back and spread your legs- now.”

“Oh please don’t,” he begged. “Please don’t.”

But he was complying, assuming the position. She put her hand on his

aching, full sacs. He whimpered.


She started squeezing. He started slowly doubling over as her grip tightened.

“No, please stop. Pleaaaaa- oh god! Please. Ple-eeeeyyyyyaaaahh- gurg


The pain was unbearable.

“You- will- never- defy- me- again.”


She let go and he crashed to his knees and fell to his side, knees to his

chest. He was crying and blubbering. She again felt a twinge of

guilt but she had to be strong. She waited until the pain faded enough that

he could at least move. Then she snapped her fingers and said, “On all

fours, you bad dog.”

He got there, still wanting to double over.

“Heel, dog,” she snapped.

She walked slowly and he crawled on all fours, staying on the grass as best

he could to protect his knees. But he had to crawl up the cement steps into

the building and along the hallway.

When Allison led him up to them, they saw Jimmy’s scraped knees.

“What happened?” Julienne said.

“He had to learn a lesson in obedience, didn’t you, pooch?” Allison said.

“Yes, my Goddess,” he moaned.

“Bark like the dog you are,” she ordered.

“Woof! Woof!” he moaned.

Maggie reached over and made George gasp as she fondled his balls.

“Isn’t that pathetic?” she said in mock seriousness.

“Yes, yes, pathetic,” he gasped as she squeezed slightly.

“But not as pathetic as an old pervert getting off- figuratively- having his

useless balls fondled by a young babe like me.”

“Yes. Pathetic, please,” he gasped.

She gave them one big squeeze that humbled him and doubled him over and

let go.

For the next hour, the girls enjoyed themselves as the enslaved males waited

on them hand and foot. Unfortunately for the boys, the reward for doing a

good job was to have their balls fondled which only drove them even more

crazy. The girls made them eat out of their hands, lap water from bowls

and then tossed sticks, making the two males crawl on all fours and return

the sticks to their hands. Neither George nor Jimmy had ever been so

thoroughly humiliated and seldom had either been so horny. They were like

powder kegs ready to explode by the time the girls were done with them.

Allison leashed them both and made them crawl on all fours

while Julienne and Maggie followed driving them on with boots to the butts

and the males heard the catcalls, whistles and laughter of the girls at the school.

The two of them hung their heads in shame as they got into

the car, both in the back seat.

“Georgy,” Allison said, “you did a wonderful job. You were very obedient.

I’m proud of you. You aren’t old. You’re seasoned.”

She petted his head to show she meant it. Somehow that made him feel

proud as she drove them home. But it didn’t change the fact that they

limped with aching sets of blueballs as Allison led them into the house.

Laura was in the living room doing her daily aerobics when they returned.

Her tantalizing form, tanned and bikini-clad, was covered in a sheen of


“How did it go?” she asked Allison.

She casually peeled her top off and continued exercising topless as she

spoke. Both males were squirming and gasping trying to adjust their cocks

inside their prisons and moaning in pain as their cocks tried to harden and

restricted their overloaded balls.

“Georgy was a good boy but I had to punish Jimmy,” Allison said.

“What did he do?” Laura asked.

“He talked back to me,” Allison said angrily.

“And what did you do about it?” Laura asked.

“I squeezed his balls- really hard.”

“Good,” Laura smiled. “Was that it?”

“No, Mom. I’m thinking about not letting him come until it’s been a full year,”

Allison said.

“No, please,” Jimmy begged.

“Silence,” Laura snapped. “Get over here, kiss my feet and apologize.”

Instantly, Jimmy was on his hands and knees and crawling to her. He abased

himself, kissing her feet.

“Please, I’m sorry I interrupted you,” he begged. “I’ll never do it again.”

“Oh of course you will,” Laura laughed. “You’re a male.”

“Please forgive me,” he begged

“For interrupting or for being a male?” she grinned.

He hesitated and then, lowering his head, he said, “For both, Goddess.”

“Oh don’t apologize for being a male,” she smiled. “Your silly male antics are

delightful. But you should also be apologizing to Allison although I’m sure you

have already. But there can never be enough groveling.”

He kissed her feet deeply again and then turned and crawled to Allison.

“Please, please forgive me,” he whimpered.

He kissed her feet repeatedly.

“Oh please,” she laughed. “You just don’t want to go a year without


“Please, Goddess, Please,” he begged as he continued kissing.

“Tell you what,” she said. “I allowed you to come a few days ago. So

here’s what I’ll do. There are still three hundred and sixty days that I could

deny you. But, for every day that you are a very, very good boy and totally

please me, I will subtract a day from those three hundred and sixty. So

think about it. If you completely please me every minute of every day for

one hundred and eighty days or about six months, I’ll let you come. Isn’t

that wonderful?” she gloated

“Oh, please, please, please, please,” he begged.

Allison just sat in a chair and Laura sat next to her. Both of them snapped,

“To me, my Fool.”

Jimmy crawled to Allison and George to Laura. Each of the women threw her

legs over the back of the males and relaxed as the males, on all fours,

moaned in frustration and used their tongues to bring the women slowly to

the sensual pleasures that the males themselves were denied.

To Be Continued...
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Old 04-01-2009, 12:46 AM
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This is a tremendous story. My only complaint is the double-spacing.
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Old 04-01-2009, 05:02 PM
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The original was an awesome story, and those sequels are even better. Great writing!
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Old 04-04-2009, 12:36 AM
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Thumbs up

Honour to Gloryboy !
And Longhair, of course.

What a beautiful story!

Laura and Allison are two incredible "Gynocratistes".
Laura is so strong and expert, Allison is so teasing and malicious!
What a innovative,wonderful and incredible femdom-family!
I wish so badly to live in that home!!!

This story make me crazy; so please Gloryboy, try to go on more
Thank you and very congratulations

The best femdom-story of the last year, in my opinon!
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