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Old 03-31-2009, 03:34 PM
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Default Gynocracy Fan Fiction Chapter 2

Chapter 2
By Gloryboy
Based on and continued from the original story by LongHair

Allison Hammond looked on enviously at the power her mother had over her

step-brother and step-father. While the rest of the girls continued teasing

and tormenting the two men-for-rent, she wandered closer to her mother.

Laura Hammond was moaning in pleasure as her husband, George, ate her

out. She sat on the back of her step-son, Jimmy, and leaned against a wall

to support her back. Her husband was lapping away enthusiastically, lost in

the act of pleasing her. Allison so wanted to have that kind of power over a

man, to where his desire to please her became his greatest goal in spite of

his own frustrations. In spite of his aching needs, she suspected her step-

father, George, wasn’t even feeling the pain right now. He was in paradise

whenever he was in the presence of his wife, especially when he was

pleasing her like this.

Allison walked around to one side. Her mother was aware of her presence

but said nothing. Her daughter was curious and learning, as she should be.

The sixteen year old stepped to the side and grinned at the sight of Jimmy’s

face as he continued serving as a chair for Laura’s convenience. The

sixteen year old male, only four months older than Allison, was red-faced

and sweating. But it was not from the weight of supporting Laura Hammond.

She weighed perhaps one hundred and twenty-five pounds at the most, a

perfect model’s build even at thirty-seven. He was sweating from months of

sexual denial as he heard an attractive female, any attractive female,

moaning and crying out above him in sexual pleasure and release, a pleasure

and release he had been denied for four months, since his sixteenth

birthday, and had no idea when he might be allowed it. His need was so

overwhelming beyond anything a man in the old world could ever have

imagined. Any decent female form let alone a perfect form for her age like

Laura’s could not help but arouse him. The sounds she was making, in and of

themselves, reminded him of his agonizing needs. The same was true with

Allison. He was so horny he simply saw an exquisite female form and could

not stop the biological reactions after all this time.

As much as Allison felt she should feel bad for him, she was quite enjoying it.

It rather gave her ideas for the future. She really enjoyed the fact that she

could torment him like this. Even better, she didn’t have to actively do

anything. Her very presence tormented him. Frankly, she wanted him to be

her ‘fool’ and George her ‘throne’. She could train them both at once, Jimmy

to increase his oral expertise and George could continue learning to be a

good chair or throne as Mom called it. Jimmy looked up at her, sweat

clouding his vision. She grinned at the look of sheer frustration on his face.

Oh yes, this was going to be very enjoyable.

It was a week later. Laura called a family meeting in the living room. George

and Jimmy knelt before her wearing only their chastity devices. Laura sat on

the couch and called Allison to sit next to her.

“My Throne and My Fool,” Laura smiled, addressing George and Jimmy by her

pet names for them. “I have a very important announcement to make.”

She tried not to smile because she knew what they would immediately think.

It was what they were always thinking about. She watched as they licked

their lips and broke into a sweat. They dared not say it but she knew they

hoped the big announcement was that she was going to let them cum. With

Jimmy, it was mostly just that he was a young male and she enjoyed the idea

of a young male, one capable of the levels of arousal of the young, being in

this position where he was subservient and aching with needs.

“As you both know,” Laura began, “Allison has just turned sixteen. So she

too now has a lot of control over you two virile males. But as of now, she

has authority second only to mine. That is to say that, except for the law,

no one but I may countermand her orders. Is that understood?”

“Yes, my Goddess!” was the quick response from both George and Jimmy.

Jimmy looked more hesitant though. George had had over thirty years of this

teasing and denial lifestyle, more than ten of it with Laura. Jimmy had had

only four months to start learning to accept his place. But Allison gave him

no time to think.

“Jimmy,” she said, “that means I have authority to allow you to cum. Now I

would never give George permission. That’s Mom’s place. But I could give

you permission.”

He looked at her hopefully.

“Jimmy, I now have full authority over you including the ability to let you cum-

or decree that you don’t. Greet me properly as a woman.”

Jimmy finally ‘got it’. He slid to the floor and crawled to Allison on his hands

and knees.

“Please, mercy, Allison, I mean Goddess, please, let me cum. It hurts so

bad. Please mercy, Goddess.”

Between every word, he was either kissing or licking her bare foot.

“Am I a beautiful goddess, Jimmy?” she teased.

“Yes my Goddess, please, I want to please you, please.”

“You want to cum,” she laughed.

“Yes please, let me cum, please.”

“You are begging me, a woman your own age, and my Mom, to let you cum.

You are pathetic.”

“Yes, yes Allison, Goddess Allison, yes, pathetic but please, I beg you.”

Again, between each word, he was licking her feet. His toes were wiggling in

frustration. She and her mother glanced at each other and Laura nodded.

The two women had discussed this in private earlier. For a sixteen year

old male, a bundle of hormones, to be teased and denied any sexual relief for

four months was a torture beyond imagining. Granted that it only took about

two weeks, probably less at his age, for his body to be filled with all the

unreleased semen it could possibly hold. In that sense, the pain got as bad

as it could get within those first two weeks. His balls were burning with

need. His entire body ached. His cock sometimes oozed semen he was so

full and when he pissed, the semen in the water was obvious. But what

really wore a man down was that, once the level of frustration and need to

cum peaked, it just stayed at that intense aching level of need for week

after week, month after month. That intense level of frustration, those sore,

aching balls and inability to relax, the aching head and tension, that a man

might just sigh at and endure if he knew it was only going to last an hour,

drove him stark raving crazy when it went on and on and there was no end

to it in sight. Laura explained to her daughter that she had denied Jimmy for

four agonizing months for two reasons. The first was that she just plain

enjoyed his frustration. It was lovely to take a young man and make him her

groveling doggy because he knew he would never get relief if he was

anything less than that. The second reason was so he would know how bad

it could really get and would truly be a devoted and obedient puppy even

after she finally let him cum. Four months was extreme at his age and she

knew he would do absolutely anything to avoid it being that long again.

Allison said, “Poor baby, your little balls must ache soooo badly? You’re need

to cum must be mindboggling for you to grovel and debase yourself like this?”

“Yes, yes, hurts bad, Goddess. Do anything, please, please, please.”

“Well, Jimmy, if you are a VERY good boy and do EXACTLY what I say, I may

let you cum this next Saturday.”

To Jimmy, another week of this was an eternity but there was nothing he

could do about it.

It was a week of amazing eagerness to please, even by Jimmy’s standards.

He was at Allison’s beck and call every possible moment. While he was busy

washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the floor, sweeping and

mopping, doing the laundry, dusting and basically every scrap of household

duty, all naked except for the chastity device, Allison and her Mom relaxed

out back in lawn chairs.

“Of course, you occasionally have to give them rewards,” Laura was saying in

response to a question from her daughter. “If you don’t, they’ll give up. But

dear, a reward does not automatically equate with cumming.”

She was about to continue when Jimmy ran out the back door and knelt

before them.

“Would my goddesses like more iced tea or a snack or anything at all?” he


Allison giggled and he turned red but Laura held up her glass and said, “Yes,

dear, some more iced tea.”

“Yes, Mom, right away.”

He gently took the glass and ran back inside. As soon as he was gone, both

women giggled.

“Oh man, he is desperate,” Allison laughed.

“Yes, dear,” Laura smiled. “But watch what happens when he returns.”

They didn’t have to wait very long. Jimmy returned, moving as quickly as he

could without spilling the tea. He knelt and handed it to Laura.

“Thank you, dear,” she smiled. “You’re a very good boy.”

She rubbed his head as she might that of a puppy and put her palm to his

mouth. He looked humiliated but he kissed it. She put her foot in front of

him. He moaned, crouched down on all fours and kissed her toes. Then he

backed away and went to stand up.

“You may stay for a while, honey.”

She patted her thigh.

“Rest your head here.”

He did so gladly, first kissing her thigh either because he wanted to or simply

that he felt it was a requirement. Then he rested his head and she ran her

fingers through his hair. He began to relax as much as he possibly could

under the circumstances. She smiled at him and said, “You may lie at our

feet like a good puppy.”

Desperately horny as he was, Jimmy lay down at their feet. Laura used his

back as a footrest. She waited a few minutes and then sent him back to his

chores. Once he was gone, she turned to her daughter.

“There you see?” Laura smiled. “It doesn’t always have to be cumming. He

is so horny right now that the slightest touch, the merest show of affection,

is something he desperately craves. Some day soon, he will make a good

slave for some woman, probably you or one of your friends. At his age, not

getting relief for this long is sheer agony but here’s another little secret:

even when you let him cum, he’ll be right back where he started within two

weeks, less if you know how to tease properly. Then you can drive him

crazy for the rest of the month or several months depending on what you


The next Saturday finally arrived. It seemed to Jimmy that Allison couldn’t

get enough of teasing him during the week. She went out of her way to

always be wearing the most provocative clothes imaginable or no clothing at

all inside the house. When the day finally arrived, there was another party in

the back yard. Julienne and Maggie were there again and were doing all the

teasing they had done before. The only difference was that this time, it

would end with his being allowed to cum or so he desperately hoped. At this

party, Laura Hammond was again wearing the violet colored string bikini while

Allison wore an equally revealing black string bikini. But it didn’t go quite as

Jimmy thought it would. He fully expected that his release, if it happened at

all, would occur at the end of a long day of teasing. But as soon as

everybody was there, Allison snapped her fingers and said, “Follow me to the

center of the yard, on your hands and knees.”

Laura Hammond looked at her husband and said, “You must be my throne for


George immediately dropped to all fours to serve as her chair. She sat and

adjusted her butt on his back, noting that though she made him keep in

shape, it wasn’t nearly as solid as Jimmy’s back.

“This is a big day for Jimmy,” Allison announced. “I have decided that,

today, he gets to cum if he shows me how badly he wants it.”

She lifted her bare foot.

“Clean it, Jimmy.”

He was moving before she even said it, crawling to her on all fours and licking

the bottom of her foot clean, grass, dirt and all.

“Please,” he begged. “I’ll do anything. I’m a dog at your feet. I’m a

pathetic pet. Just please.”

Julienne and Maggie were laughing. Allison didn’t answer but made him

completely clean both her feet. Then she reached into her bikini bottom and

pulled out a small key. As he trembled, she placed it into the lock on his

chastity device. There was a click. As she slowly pulled the chastity device

off, he gasped. He had become so used to the slight but constant pressure

that it felt strange to be free of it. Although the device had allowed air in, it

muted it somewhat. Now he felt the warm breeze caressing his cock and

balls. He started hardening. His instinct was to think of something else to

prevent the pain from trying to get hard in the restrictive prison. Then he

realized he was free to get hard. He looked up at Allison with her perfect

form glistening with lotion, her long, soft blond hair falling down her back. He

looked at Julienne and Maggie, who was again topless. His cock throbbed to

incredible hardness, purple as his balls ached with need. Allison went and got

a bottle of oil and handed it to him.

“Entertain us,” she said.

He had the oil filling his hand quickly and had that hand wrapped around his

hard cock.

“Oh, there is a catch,” Allison grinned.

He froze.

“You have to be kissing someone’s feet while you masturbate. You have the

choices of either Julienne, Maggie or me. Whichever one you choose, it will

be your declaration of which one you really would prefer to be enslaved to.

So really think about it. Oh there is another catch. You have exactly two

minutes to cum. Oh, I know its not fair, poor baby. Two minutes after four

months of suffering. Too bad, so sad. And the time starts now. So you

have to choose one of us and still masturbate and be done in two minutes.

OOPS. One minute, fifty seconds.”

He spent a few seconds looking back and forth as they all set, lifting their

feet and wiggling their toes. He started to crawl to Maggie, staring at her

fuller breasts. Then he looked at the red-haired Julienne, more willowy yet

still beautiful. Then he looked at Allison and he knew. On a superficial level,

he was more attracted to Maggie but Allison affected his emotions in ways

he could not describe. After another moment of hesitation, he groaned and

crawled to her. She giggled in delight as his tongue started lapping her feet.

He instantly started pumping. He had so wanted to build up just a little, to

actually enjoy the feeling of masturbating again. Still, emptying his balls was

the main goal. He really didn’t need two minutes as it turned out or even the

one minute he had left. Within ten seconds, he felt the pressure building and

actually had to slow down to make it last at least another precious few


“Fifty seconds left, Jimmy. Oh and, by the way, you have to be completely

done cumming within that time,” Allison said.

“Oh goddess, I’m pathetic. I’m yours Allison, your doggy, your pathetic

slave” he groaned as he stroked slowly for a few more seconds and his balls


Then he screamed in mindless pleasure and pain as he started spurting the

thickest, biggest gobs of white cream that any of the girls had ever seen.

When it looked like he was done, he would keep stroking and spurt more. He

was cumming for almost a full minute that was left before he finally couldn’t

get anymore out. Julienne started to say something but Allison held up her

hand and signaled the others to ignore that he really was still cumming after

the time limit. Allison just grinned. Plenty was still in there but he couldn’t

get it all out in one load. He finally collapsed forward on all fours at Allison’s

feet, gasping. He kissed her feet again.

“Thank you”, he moaned.

“You’re welcome,” she smiled.

“May I borrow Jimmy for a little while?” Laura said.

“Sure, Mom,” Allison said.

Jimmy half walked and half crawled to Laura while the slightly angry Julienne

and Maggie tagged along to see what would happen. As he knelt at her feet,

Laura said, “I know from many conversations with your father that a man

cannot be fully satisfied from one orgasm after all this time, can he, Jimmy?”

“No,” Jimmy groaned. “My balls still ache and need release.”

Laura stood up, offering Allison her ‘throne’.

“You have declared your desire to be owned by Allison. You shall begin

serving her now. Humble yourself as befits a pathetic fool before his


Allison giggled as she sat on George’s back and wiggled to get comfortable.

“Never thought you’d be able to do anything but look, did you, Georgy?” she


He could only groan and say, “No, Ma’am.”

Jimmy dropped to all fours and began kissing Allison’s feet again and again.

“You may cum, my fool,” she said.

“Thank you, Goddess, thank you,” he gasped between licks and kisses as he

humped away on the ground, feeling his balls tightening even more than


“AAAAAAAHHHH!” he screamed in mindboggling pleasure and relief as he lifted

his muscular ass again and again and humped the ground, spurting out rope

after rope of semen. Laura looked down at him. She always suspected he

would end up with Allison. He was absolutely crazed with needs as he lapped

and worshipped at Allison’s feet. He humped until he couldn’t force anymore

out and then lay gasping and continuing to kiss her feet.

“Thank you, Goddess, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, pet. Now the teasing begins again,” Allison said. “I get to

decide how long before he comes again?”

“Yes,” Laura said. “As long as you adhere to the restriction that it has to be

at least one month- well, two really as we let him cum twice.”

Jimmy groaned.

“Maggie and Julienne, would you like to help me tease him?” Allison said.

“I’d love to,” Maggie maliciously said.

“Me too,” Julienne said.

“Oh I think you’ve made them mad,” Allison giggled.

She put a new, clean chastity device on him. He groaned as he felt himself

being restrained again. Then Allison said, “I think Maggie, Julienne, Mom and

me all need some fresh lotion on us.”

He moaned as he realized what a fleeting thing relief was and was always

going to be.

To Be Continued...
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