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Old 03-31-2009, 02:38 PM
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Default Gynocracy Fan Fiction

A few months ago, a fellow poster here called Longhair posted a story called "Gynocracy". I loved it and posted a sequel to it. I then started working on yet another sequel. The basic premise is a future society in which women rule. Its the story of one family in that world. The mother's name was Donna and the father's name was George. They had a sixteen year old daughter named Dana and a fourteen year old son named Jimmy.

The problem I started running into was that there were certain directions I wanted to take the story but to do that, it would start involving blatant incest. For some reason, I just didn't want to do that. Strange because I've written stories before that had blatant incest. But for some reason I was feeling like, 'Oh please, I don't want to write another one with that in it.'

So what I decided to do was use Longhair's "Gynocracy" as a premise but I decided to change the premise just a bit so I could take it where I wanted without it being incest.

This is not in any way meant to be an insult to Longhair. Quite the opposite. His story was one of the hottest I have ever read and has inspired me to write three chapters worth of sequels or at least slightly alternate sequels. I also changed the names of the female characters only to make it slightly separate from his story.

So here I will post my slightly alternate version of the first chapter. This is really totally his story with just slight alterations to set things up for the direction I wanted to take things.

Chapter One
By Longhair
(ever so slight changed by me)

George Hammond often asked himself how he could have passed from being a

normal free man to a slave under the control of his wife and his step-

daughter. He was now 50 years old and could remember everything of the

world of his childhood and adolescence. In his memories the world had been a

nice place for both men and women. The balance of power was just a little

bending towards the male gender but females had earned a lot of civil rights

and social consideration. All that started to change when George was 11. A

third World War for the possession of the main resources of the planet

ravaged almost all the nations of the world and a lot of innocent victims were

made. All the young male generations were sent to fight against each other

and of course the civilian world was left in the hands of women. The war was

devastating but quick, and the immediate result of it was a deep disgust for

the political and economical system that had allowed that war to begin even

after the horrors of the Twentieth Century. Everybody spontaneously looked

with admiration to the only nations that had managed to stay neutral or to

minimize the damages and they found out that those (small) nations were all

matriarchal societies where young boys were not grown for war so that they

were not sent to fight and die, where female rationality led the

economy with a semi-communistic method and where the political power was

not the object of desire of males because it was in the hands of females. In

a few years a non-violent world revolution led gradually women to the power

in almost all the main and industrialized countries, men were gradually

deprived of any political power and forced to a second role in society, and

soon the male impulse to this revolution was replaced by the female

self-consciousness of the new order, with a resulting new culture, new

morality, new political and economical system. The universal fear of the

possibility of a Fourth World War convinced men that yielding to the new

female government anything it asked was the only reasonable thing in order

to build a world of peace. It all seemed wonderful till George was 16.

The new president of the USA (the most powerful woman in the world)

created the Ministry of Public Morality and appointed a female scientist as

minister. In a few months were promulgated 20 new laws about sexual

morality, pornography, female rights and male behavior, and that was the

sign that women had reached such a power in the world that now no popular

male movement could deprive them of it. The appearance of females in

pornography was forbidden, so that now existed a pornography just for

females, not for males. Male sexual crimes over females (rape, incest and all

else) were decided to be punished with the death penalty in the whole

country. Males were forbidden to have money. Their money had to be

owned and managed by their mothers, their wives or any other female

relative. In the end, the minister-scientist published a research about male

sexuality, led by a group of (female) scientists, that had found out that the

male instinct towards violence, fighting and killing was just the result of male

sexual freedom. In particular it was the freedom to have orgasms that led

men to see themselves as gods or supermen. The minister-scientist, taking

this scientific research as evidence, decreed that male sexuality had to be

put under the strict control of females who received the duty and the right

to lock their men up in modern chastity devices for as long as they wanted.

Males had to be locked up when they were out of the house and they were

at the mercy of their women when they were at home, with the only

condition that any male had to receive at least one orgasm a year.

The application of these incredible laws was the essence of the Second

Sexual Revolution in history. In a few years almost all the countries of the

world took upon themselves this totally new “American way of life”. Of

course there were some rebels against this new morality, mainly mature and

religious men, but they were all banished to the last, few, small countries of

the world that had refused to acknowledge women as the new ruling gender,

and that still believed in male sexual and political freedom.

George remembered so well the beginning of HIS new world. The Peace-

Keeper Act (this was the name of the 20 laws about the new public morality)

had been promulgated in just a few days. His mom and dad had discussed a

lot about the new world order but George noticed that his dad was more and

more surrendering in the dialogues with his wife and his mother seemed more

and more dominant. One day a police-woman came to their house and talked

for about an hour with George’s parents, made them sign some documents and

gave them some brochures. The next day George came back from school and

found his mother waiting for him in front of his bedroom. She had a colored

box in her hands.

“George, you know what I have here?”

He feared what it was.

“It’s time to obey the government! The law says all males starting on their

16th birthday have to be locked up in a chastity device and you don’t want

the police to incarcerate you for not obeying the law, do you?”

George surely didn’t want that but he also didn’t want to have his cock

locked up. But there was no choice as his cock was locked into a metal

chastity tube.

Still now at 50 he could remember the horrible days and nights of pure

frustration when he cried and vainly begged his mother to unlock him! When

he married his first wife, his mother gave the key of his device to her.

George was only unlocked once a month and even then did not always get to

have sex with his wife. But he fathered a child nonetheless. Unfortunately,

the marriage did not work out and his first wife sold him and his key to

another woman. His first wife was not interested in raising children and

allowed him to have custody of their son, James. This second woman, Laura,

was beyond beautiful and proved to be a crueler keyholder than his first wife

had ever been. If he was lucky he had the privilege to fuck her just once in 3

months, but on the average he had to wait at least 6 months before sex.

Laura had a daughter named Allison who had turned sixteen about a month

earlier. James had turned sixteen a few months before that and today was

a day of celebration for Laura and Allison. George understood that his family

was just like all the families in the world now, with the males living under the

total control of the females.

It was a hot, sunny day of July and 16 year old Allison Hammond was having

a pool party at her house with all her female friends. She was really a

beautiful, sexy girl, with long blond hair falling over her elegant back, an

athletic body developed during her cheerleader trainings, green deep eyes

and also a pair of full breasts. Just like all the females grown after the rising

of Women to world power, she had learned all the power that nature and politics had

given her over the male gender and she loved using.

George Hammond found himself looking at his step-daughter and at her so

hot friends, almost forgetting that he had been ordered by Allison to cut the

grass as they were having the party. In almost all the houses all

females, as long as they were at least 16 years old, had power over all males. He knew it

was totally wrong to

have dirty fantasies about girls one-third his age, girls who were still in high school, but

he had not cum for about 4 months, and those beautiful

nymphs running through his garden and playing just in their bikinis were really

tantalizing his poor weak mind. He felt a huge painful pressure inside his balls

that no cold shower could make stop, at least not in that situation. He then

looked at his son, Jimmy, who had been forced to be the “waiter” of the


Jimmy was a nice young man. He had a fit body because of years of karate

and swimming. In general girls were attracted to him though not as much as

he was attracted to Girls. The “Ceremony of Chastisement” made on his

16th birthday, just 4 months before, had left him shocked and totally

desperate just as any male who had been a daily masturbator for some years

and that suddenly had to stop it would be. The last months had been

horrible for him, he was still not used to being unable to get fully hard, to

stroke his cock and to cum. He felt his sexual needs growing stronger day by

day and yet it was made clear to him by his step-mother that he

would not be allowed to cum until at least July when this party took place-

at least.

George Hammond looked at his young, extra-horny son and felt sorry for him.

He knew what he felt like. But on the other hand he also envied him a little,

because at least he had the chance to serve and be close to those young

goddesses, and that was surely a better role than working hard and sweating

without even the permission to join the party for a second. But Allison had

her step-father exactly where she wanted: close enough to tease him

visually but far enough to make him feel ignored. It was her mother

that taught her the pleasure of teasing and frustrating men, and at school all

the (female) teachers had told her that males were all the same. There is no

race, social role, background, religious faith or family background that

changes it. Just forbid a male to cum for 2 weeks and he will crawl at your

feet offering you the world in exchange for a little orgasm. Now Allison

Hammond was empirically demonstrating that all males were really all the

same after 2 weeks or more of enforced chastity.

“Hey Jimmy-Poo, come here please!” a red-haired girl screamed kindly to the

male who had already finished being the pony of another girl.

“yes Julienne, I’m coming!” he panted and ran like a fool to the beautiful girl,

admiring her athletic body (she was a cheerleader too) and her black bikini.

“I need you to lie on your back right here on the grass. Maggie and I have

made a bet!” she said with a large grin, pointing her finger towards a tall girl,

topless with curly blonde hair. Jimmy was captured by Maggie’s bare breasts

for some seconds, then he forced himself to obey as the two girls were

openly laughing at his horniness. He lay on his back, as ordered, and Julienne

squatted on his face. Jimmy, who was not prepared for this, arched his back

in response and started to moan loudly and to squirm as if electricity were

running through his body as he instinctively started licking.

“Aahahah, oh my Goddess, he’s so weak! At least when I do this to my boyfriend he

tries to hide his horniness!”

Maggie made fun of Jimmy, who blushed and felt humiliated and yet was

unable to move, his face trapped under the red-haired nymph, who was

evidently enjoying this so much. Suddenly he felt an incredible pain in his

groin, as his cock was trying to get violently hard, uselessly fighting against

the see-through plastic cage it was trapped in. His screams of pain mixed up with his

moans of pleasure, and as Julienne’s ass ground his face faster and harder,

he found himself licking faster and then begging her to stop.

“MMM..AAARRGHHH, please Julienne stop, this is hurrrrttiinng, MMMMM!!!”

All the girls who were now around him burst out laughing, but Maggie cursed

and said “Damn!! I’ve lost!”

Julienne rolled away and grinned evilly.

“I won! I knew he would beg me to stop! That was too easy! Come on,

Maggie, now you have to eat me out…”

“Oh, I’ll do that Jul, but first he has to pay for making me lose.”

Maggie approached Jimmy with an evil expression on her face but suddenly

everybody heard a bell ringing. Jimmy knew that sound so well.

“Ok girls, the party is over! I mean, this part of the party is over!” Laura

Hammond screamed as she came into her own garden, bringing a small bell in

her hand and wearing just a violet bikini. She was a beautiful 37 year old

woman, with blond hair and blue eyes just like her daughter and a body to

die for. As soon as Mr. Hammond saw her, he ran towards her and fell at her

feet, taking her right foot in his hands and kissing it all over eagerly.

“Welcome back, my dear, my love, my Goddess,” he said alternating a kiss

with a word.

“Ok, ok, now stop it and go back to cutting the grass!” she said, a little

bored, without even looking at her husband.

“Yes my Goddess, as you wish!!” he said and went back (ran back) to his

job. In that moment she had captured the admiration of all the girls in that

garden, who had the precise aim to become like her, having men kissing their


“So, as I was telling you, the first part of your party is over. Now I’ve

brought you the fun for the second part!” she announced with a large smile,

making a lot of girls giggle and grin.

“You brought us what you had promised, mom?” Allison asked eagerly.

“Oh yes my dear, a woman is always faithful to her own word, on the

contrary of a male!”

They all laughed, looking at the only 2 males in that garden. Laura looked at

her step-son still lying down on the grass.

“Hey, why haven’t you kissed my feet yet? You want to spend a full year in that device?”

Those words were enough to make poor Jimmy jump on to his hands and

knees and crawl to her feet faster than a hungry doggy, kissing her feet so

eagerly just like his father had done seconds before.

“Sorry. Please, sorry, please not a year, sorry. Welcome back!” he said

frantically between a kiss and another, as all the girls laughed loudly at him.

Laura looked down at him and grinned. She really loved having a young man

under lock and key. Controlling the wild sexual desires of a 16 year old gave

her a sense of absolute power that the control of her older husband couldn’t

give her. Having a young producer of hormones in the palm of her hand and

treating him as her puppy had always been a turn-on even when she was

that young herself and was even more of a turn-on now.

“Mmm, this is much better, my young pet. So it seems you were having fun

here with the girls, weren’t you?” she teased him.

“Mmm, yes, Goddess, fun, please, mercy,” he answered without looking up at

her, continuing to kiss her feet like there was no tomorrow, with the hope –

his only hope- that if he pleased her she may decide to have mercy on him,

and let him cum. She couldn’t hold a giggle.

“Oh but look at yourself. Such a cute young man reduced to a little begging

worm. You must need to cum soooo much, don’t you? Awww my poor little

man, aren’t you a karate fighter? Yes, you are. You are a strong man and

yet just deprive you of the possibility of masturbating for some time and,

well, you turn into a pathetic foot-licker!”

She punctuated her words with cruel laughter and all the girls laughed with

her. But he didn’t stop his job and, on the contrary, that public humiliation

turned him on and made him worship her feet even more eagerly.

“YES, pathetic. CUM. I need to cum. I’m pathetic. Please. PLEASE!”

The tone of this last word was so desperate that she thought that the only

thing to tease and frustrate him even more was kicking him away and

ignoring him, so she literally kicked his face with her other foot to make him


“Enough!” was her only word, but he understood and crawled away from her,

horny and frustrated as hell.

“You see, young ladies” she then said, speaking to the girls, “men can be so

much fun. But you can find all the ordinary men you want. Today I’ve

brought you something different from that. Let’s admire. JOHNNY! COME

HERE!” she screamed very loudly.

The thin white curtain that separated the open dining room from the garden

was pulled aside and a tall young man walked out with a little hesitation,

walking slowly towards the female crowd beside the swimming pool. The eyes

of all the girls widened, as much as their smiles. The young man couldn’t be

older than 19. His body was a perfect harmony of muscles, not too engorged

and not too skinny. He had short black hair and green eyes and he was

wearing just a tight chastity device just like Jimmy, but the cock inside

that device seemed to be several inches longer and definitely thicker than an

average man's. The man reached Laura. She reached her arm toward him

and he took her hand gently, kissing it passionately, then she turned to the


“Ladies, this is Johnny! He’s 19 years old. As you can see he’s an athlete

and he has some special skills.”

“Is he a Man-For-Rent?” a girl asked loudly, and all the other giggled.

Jimmy, who was watching the whole scene from apart, noticed that Johnny

seemed quite in discomfort in front of all those young ladies. Laura smiled


“It seems you girls know everything, don’t you? Well, ok, yes, he’s a Man-For-

Rent. He’s the last acquirement of a brothel that I know,” she ended with a

malicious grin. Just like pornography, prostitution was forbidden only for

females, not for males, and the universal chastisement of the males had led

the governments to legalize and promote male prostitution as a possibility for

any female to fulfill her sexual needs without the help of oral sex, vibrators

and strapons. In any case that kind of prostitution had to be under the strict

control of a Maitresse, a woman who kept her Men-For-Rent in a chastity

device and that unlocked them just for the sexual act with a customer.

Besides, with all the men forbidden to own money for themselves, the

Maitresse received all the money and the only restitution for her men was the

possibility of cumming as many times as they had a customer, which was

much more than any other man could dream of! This led a lot of men to be

willing to become Men-For-Rent, but luckily for the female gender the

selections were very strict, so that a Man-For-Rent had to be beautiful, very

well hung and very submissive. It was also a career that could only begin at

eighteen and was almost always over by thirty. Being that 99% of the males

were under lock and key, almost all the women since they turned 18 (legal

age) became usual customers of the brothels, and that made the Men-For-

Rent the most envied and hated social class in the world.

“When I chose Johnny he thought he was going to fuck me and he was so

happy at the idea, weren’t you, Johnny?”

Laura teased the male slut, who answered weakly, “Yes Mistress, I was!”

His masculine voice was enough to make all the girls giggle loudly. Now

Jimmy could feel all them emanating sexual desire and that made his cock

twitch inside its inescapable cage.

“Yes, then I explained to him that there won’t be any fucking today for him

but he’s going to be the toy of a bunch of beautiful young goddesses. Oh,

and I know that terrifies you, Johnny, doesn’t it? Tell me, when did you cum

last time, boy?”

Laura was now looking him right in his shy green eyes, and her so beautiful

breasts were now touching his bare sinewy chest.

“I, I came the last time 10 days ago,” he confessed, without daring to stop

looking the dominant woman in her eyes.

“Mmm, 10 days. And what is your average? How often do you cum usually?”

“At least once every 2 days,” he answered with a little hesitation.

At that answer both George and Jimmy Hammond felt their entrails twitching

with anger, envy and hate. It couldn’t be possible, a man with such a

privilege, when the average for a normal guy to earn an orgasm was 2

months! Even the girls were shocked and surprised. The (female) teacher of

Management of the Male had said no male should be allowed to have an

orgasm more than once a month. In fact in all the world almost no man was

allowed to. Laura grinned, knowing that her two men had heard Johnny’s

answers so well.

“Mmm, very good. Now, my young ladies, you must know my surprise is not

finished with Johnny. I have more,” Laura announced, and for the first time

after the entrance of Johnny in the garden all the female eyes stopped

admiring eagerly the Man-For-Rent and turned to her.

“MALCOLM!! It’s your turn! HERE!” she shouted, and this time a black male

literally ran out of the dining-room, reaching Laura in a few seconds and

kissed passionately her hand just as Johnny had done before. Malcolm was

very tall but he was older than Johnny and was even more sinewy, his so

short black hair and his oiled black skin made him ideal for a powerful and

lusty Mistress. He too wore nothing but the chastity

device and the size of what was inside it again seemed noticeably larger than

the norm.

All the girls grinned or giggled, exploring Malcolm’s body with their greedy

eyes just like a group of predators with a single helpless prey.

“Now,” Mrs. Hammond let her fingers slide inside the bottom of her bikini, and

took off a pair of silver keys, “their Maitresse, who is one of my greatest

friends, has kindly given me the keys of these two bulls. But of course I

already said that today there won’t be any unlocking,” she announced


Jimmy had two crazy thoughts run through his mind. First, when she said

there would be no unlocking today, she did not just mean Johnny and

Malcolm. She was talking about his father and him too. She had said he

would not cum until at least today. Clearly it was going to be longer. The

second thought occurred as he saw a lot of sad expressions on all those

angelic faces and a sudden, crazy thought came to his mind. She was

playing even with girls’ sexual needs!

The mere hypothesis of such a cruelty and power made him tremble with

horniness, feeling even more helpless in the delicate hands of his keyholder

even though she was meters away from him and she wasn’t even looking at


“But don’t worry, my young ladies, I won’t let you starve. I’ve rented these

two wonderful men for the whole day. I know you are eager to have some

fun with real men. You must know the problem of Men-For-Rent is that they

are not used to being teased mercilessly, for hours, without having relief.

But I’m sure you’re going to show then what it is like. They are all yours.

HAVE FUN!!” she screamed joyfully, causing all the girls to scream even

louder and to attack the now shocked Men-For-Rent with the precise aim to

vent all their feminine horniness in all the possible ways apart from sex.

Mrs. Hammond watched in amusement as her two human gifts were dragged

to the ground, straddled, ridden, kissed, licked and tickled. The desperate

moans of pleasure of the two male objects, as much as their weak pleas,

were music to her ears. She perfectly knew that all the girls, having just

come of age, had a massive surplus of horniness to vent in some way.

Laura stepped a little back from the wild group of young women who were

slowly driving the two male sluts insane, then she shook the small bell and

said “my Throne!”

Jimmy immediately jumped to his feet and ran to her, kneeling on all fours

behind her so that she could comfortably sit on his young but resistant back.

“My Fool!” the small bell rang again, and this time it was her husband who

stopped cutting the grass and ran to the feet of his beautiful wife, kneeling

in front of her stunning form as she pulled down the bottom of her bikini and

spread her luscious legs. As his skilled tongue made contact with her

delicious pussy, she started relaxing totally over Jimmy’s back, watching

those gorgeous young ladies making progress in their way to become perfect

Goddesses as she was, feeling her body on fire and heaven approaching

faster and faster. Goddesses had succeeded where Gods had failed, bringing

Paradise on Earth.

To Be Continued...
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HOT fantasy!
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