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Old 06-30-2008, 03:50 PM
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Default My wife's hot sister in law

As she snuggled up against me, I froze in a perplexing combination of fear and excitement, losing my breath for the moment. She had just gotten out of the pool and toweled off. Her bikini was low-cut, not even pretending to contain her ample breasts, their nipples erect from the cold water, like rockets reach to launch. Her otherwise petite body was amazing, toned by her aerobics and well tanned from her time by the pool. I sat there naked on the sofa, as my wife's sister in law Kim pressed her warm, amazing flesh up against my naked body, putting her left arm around my naked body. “Oh my god..” she said as her right hand pressed my legs apart, looking down at my crotch. My cock was locked in a chastity device, my balls were swollen with cum, and I'd had no relief in over a month. I had always fantasized about having sex with her. Now, here I was, naked before her, with her warm body barely covered and pressed up against me. “It's OK. You can look at my tits,” she told me. It wasn't like I could really look away, so I just admired her amazing body. Shamefully, my imprisoned penis struggled to become erect in its CB chastity device. She cupped my balls in her hand, as if weighing my manhood. She grabbed the CB and tugged on it gently. Her fingers traced the lines of the CB penis cage, my poor penis unable to enjoy her touch as it filled the tube completely, pointlessly trying to become erect. She took the lock between her thumb and forefinger, testing its security. She tugged on the device, playing with it to see how it affected my cock and balls. She tapped her fingernail on the tube, running it up along the plastic, reaching it inside the hold at the end to lightly touch my swollen head.

My wife Lisa was sitting on the chair across from us, watching and smiling quietly. She spoke, “Honey, I figured you wouldn't mind. I mean, you've always wanted to be naked with her anyway, right? It isn't like you're related. Don't be embarrassed. You're lucky that I let you be naked with a hottie. Kim - he's completely unable to be stimulated. He can't cum unless I permit him to do so, which I don't do very often. You're free to touch him or whatever you like – I don't mind. I do let him out and tease him every weekend just to be sure his penis maintains its erective potential, but he doesn't get much sexual relief. I like to keep him as horny as possible. He gets a little anxious sometimes, but I find that he behaves so much better that way!” She grinned. I wanted to shrink down and disappear into the couch. This was worse than any nightmare.

“How do you keep him from just cutting the lock?” Kim asked.

“Oh, he wouldn't do that. He asked for it! He likes how his penis aches and his balls are ready to burst with cum and he's so desperate for relief that he can't stand it.” Lisa responded, again grinning widely at me.

My head dropped.

Kim made me look her in the eyes. “You like this – the chastity, I mean?” she asked as her hand again cupped my swollen balls, fondling my package. I loved the feeling of her touch down there – it was almost my dream come true. It stirred me. The tube gripped my penis tightly in response. I loved it.

“Yes,” I admitted shamefully.


Looking down to avoid her eyes, my own eyes drifted to Kim's incredible cleavage and amazing body. My penis renewed its struggle against the confines of its imprisonment, aching to feel the grasp of her warm hand instead of its plastic prison. “It helped me quit masturbating, and I do act so much better. It drives me crazy, but somehow it feels so good. ”

“But you rarely get to cum,” Kim responded, her fingernail tracing lines on my testicles. My wife giggled, but said nothing.

“I know, but when I do cum, it's incredible. It's like the first time you ever got laid, all over again. Everything about her is sexy to me, especially giving her oral. I love to do that as much as she wants.”

“What's it like, wearing it? What does it feel like?”

“It never quite goes away. All day long I feel it. That makes me think about sex. When I start to think about sex, I start to get hard. My penis slides inside the tube, which stimulates it, making it get more excited. So it starts to swell, but that makes me feel the tube gripping me tightly almost like a hand, which then excites me even more. As this is happening, I feel my penis sliding inside the tube. The head rubs against the end of the tube. All day long it teases and torments me, stimulating and exciting me, but preventing any possibility of relief. I sit there at my desk at work, suffering as it sexually tortures me, no one around me even aware of my struggle. Each day it just gets worse. It is like a small plastic torture pussy.” My wife giggled at that.

Kim turned to my wife. “Can you show me how you said you let him out?”

“Sure! Honey, come to the bedroom.”

Into the bedroom we marched. I laid down on the bed, and she secured me to the four corners as usual, the leather cuffs snug around my wrists and ankles. Then she unlocked my cock. Almost immediately, it sprang to full attention.

“Oh my god!” Kim flushed with embarrassment. I am sure she never thought she'd be looking at her brother in law's erect penis, and I certainly never thought it would happen either. If I did think it would ever happen, it was under very different circumstances than this! My penis bobbed in the air, flexing uncontrollably. I lay in bondage, immobilized before my wife's hot sister in law.

“So can you show me how you tease him, without letting him cum?” Kim asked. My heart sunk and terror overcame me. I had always wanted her. Now she was going to tease my poor desperate penis for who knows how long, and I didn't even get to cum! It was the ultimate humiliation. But, somehow, I wanted it so badly. I wanted her to tease my penis and then deny me orgasm. I wanted her to make me ache for relief.

“Are you kidding me?! It'll be great girl-bonding!” My wife got out the box of implements from under the bed and unlocked it. First my wife fastened the cock and ball rings on me. Then, she used her hand to lightly smack my cock back and forth about a dozen times. Kim's mouth widened, but she put her hand over her mouth and said nothing. I was ashamed to be so hard in front of her from my dick getting smacked around.

The desperation in my cock had begun and it now ached for more, not knowing that while it would get a lot more pleasure in the hour to come, no orgasm waited at the end. Kim stood there watching as my wife then began teasing me with her mouth, licking my shaft, the frenum, and the head, making small tongue strokes. She then took me in her mouth, giving me a dozen slow strokes. Kim didn't see to like watching the oral, so my my wife stopped and wiped me dry.

What followed was an hour of blissful torture, as my wife and her sister in law used all sorts of implements to both please and torture my penis, alternating between pleasure and pain. They might use a feather duster for 3 minutes, and then smack my penis back and forth with a leather belt for another 3 minutes, taking me close to the edge but never letting me cum. Halfway through, my wife remembered the nipple clamps. She showed Kim how to put them on, and let her do it a few times, taking them on and off again to get a feel for it. As they brought me to the edge of orgasm again and again, my wife would point out to Kim what to look for, so she knew when to stop. She spoke about me scientifically, as if I was a lab animal. She explained how to take a man to the edge and keep him there, without ever letting him cum.

Kim had not touched my penis with her hand at all, having always used the implements. As she spoke she ran her fingernail slowly up my shaft, along the frenum, and around the head in a circle. “How long can you keep him like this? It must be unbearable for him,” Kim asked. My internal muscles clenched, my penis bucking in response to her touch, struggling for more. Gently, she squeezed my penis, as if testing to see how hard it was.

Then, she fondled my balls as my wife spoke, “He says that his cock aches terribly so I did some research. All the people online talk about it how a man's penis supposedly aches from not having an orgasm, but honestly I think it's all a big fabrication and I don't believe it. You can keep him on the edge indefinitely! You never have to let him cum again if you don't want to. For me, I still want the intimacy of a good fuck now and then. He needs that carrot and he needs to know it's real. But, some women make their husbands live the whole rest of the life without another orgasm. It's up to you. You are in complete control.”

“Well, I think it's a great idea. Are you sure you aren't going to feel funny about it? I mean, knowing that your brother is locked up like this?” Kim asked.

“It's his decision. I can hardly be upset if he chooses it for himself,” my wife answered. “Just don't tell me too much about it! But, you're welcome to practice with my husband any time.” What!? I thought.

Kim laughed. “Well, we do still have another hour...” grinning evilly at me. My cock twitched in response.

= = = = =

It all started years ago. I had always fantasized about bondage and whatnot, but my wife was never into any of that. We hit a dry spell in our relationship where we started growing apart. One day I stumbled across a website written by Mistress Lori who talked about how males masturbating all the time were stealing from their relationship, and that men ought to be locked up in chastity, with only their wife able to give them any sexual release. I was enthralled, and kept going back for two weeks, masturbating at the idea of being locked up. It hit me that maybe she was right. What if she was? What if men really did act better when they didn't get to cum so often? I needed to find out. I was not as good to my wife as I knew that I should be, and maybe that was the reason.

I relied on my will power and denied myself from having any orgasm for 10 days. It was difficult, but amazing. I began to feel completely differently about my wife. Mistress Lori was right. I told my wife about it, how I had been denying myself. She agreed that I had been behaving so much better. I told her that I wanted to stop masturbating. She told me to just asked her for help, and she'd be happy to assist me. We did that for 2 weeks, but eventually I gave in to my prior patterns of masturbating to Internet porn. It was too easy and convenient. I needed to be locked up, and I knew it.

With fear and excitement, I ordered my chastity device. I had no idea how I was going to tell my wife about it. After fiddling with it for 2 days to be sure it fit and that I could wear it, somehow I managed to work up the guts to tell her and ask if she'd support me to help me stop masturbating. I did not tell her that ultimately I wanted her to take complete control of my orgasms – I just hoped that she'd eventually decide that on her own. To my surprise, she agreed.

A few weeks later, her brother and his wife came to visit. I hadn't cum since I started wearing the device so I was incredibly horny. Her sister in law was hot. She had come out in her bikini to get in the pool, and it was all I could do not to ogle her. I think that's when my wife got the bright idea to talk with her, for no other reason than to get back at me.

= = = = =

When they'd had enough fun, my wife got the ice pack and deflated my penis. Kim was shocked, but my wife explained it was the quickest and safest thing to do. Then my wife showed Kim all the parts of the CB and explained how to put it together. They both got on the bed, my wife on the left, and Kim on my right. My wife watched and explained, while her incredibly hot sister in law followed her instructions. She put the ring assembly on me, lubricated my penis, then I felt the cool plastic slip down onto my shaft, gripping me tightly. A moment later, I heard the click of the lock. My penis began to try and get hard almost immediately, but of course it could not.

“Oh my god, he's getting hard already!” Kim remarked. My wife Lisa responded, “He usually does. There's something in a man's head that excites him about having his dick locked up by a woman. Isn't that right, honey?”

“Yes, sweetie, but especially you.” It was the truth. I didn't want just any woman. I needed my wife to own me in this way. To control my penis, to control my orgasms, to only let me cum occasionally.

My embarrassment was complete. Now only only was I my wife's love slave, I had become a simple play thing for her sister in law. My penis was little more than a toy that she used for practice, developing her skills so that yet another man might be ensnared in the web of chastity. That night my wife didn't let me out at all. She did tell me that I had been a very good boy, which made me feel a lot better. I think she wanted me to quietly suffer in the humiliation that she had found a way to give me intimacy with a hot woman, but twisted in a way that only made my subjugation even more complete. It was no longer a secret. Who else would know? Who else would she let share in tormenting me? It terrified me... and excited me.

The next day, my wife and her brother needed to go shopping. He wanted her help buying something special for his wife Kim. On their way out the door, I saw my wife hand Kim something. I knew right away it was my key. Lisa looked at me and raised her eyebrow while she spoke, “I think Kim wanted your help with something on her computer. See if you can help her out?” This was an obvious fabrication. I knew what she meant, and she knew that I knew. Kim was going to have her way with me. What had they planned? I was both elated and terrified.

Once they'd pulled out of the driveway, Kim looked at me and smiled. “Are you ready?”

Fear and ecstasy had overcome me. My penis swelled inside its plastic cage. My body was no longer my own, and my mouth spoke, “Yes.”

She took my hand and led me to the garage. It was still technically winter. It was cool outside, but not cold. I had hung a heavy bag in the garage as part of my work out routine. The bag was no longer there. A different chain was hanging there. I was thinking this over, when she put her hands on her hips and commanded me to strip. Hurriedly, I did. She picked up my clothes and tossed them inside the house. Damn, she was sexy. I stood before her now naked except for my CB male chastity device, my cock pointlessly trying to get hard. It was delicious to be naked before her.

“Come over to the chain.” She put handcuffs on me, and had me stretch my arms up above my head. She padlocked the handcuffs to a link on the chain. Now I was REALLY trying to get hard! I was now trapped, unable to defend myself, alone in the garage, naked, with my wife's hot sister in law. I was in ecstasy. She got something out of a cardboard box. It looked like a gigantic fish hook, with a big ball on the end instead of a point. “Do you know what this is?”


“It's your manhook.” She laughed, getting out some thick lubricant. Realization hit me as to where that was going – up my arse. Sure enough, she slowly worked the big ball up into my ass. She tugged the manhook up so it was snug, and locked it to the chain. I was now truly trapped. My hands were secured above my head, and my torso was secured by the huge hook up my ass, filling me inside. She unlocked my chastity device and removed it, and went back inside. “I'll be back.”

I don't know how much time went by. It seemed like an hour. The air was chilly and I felt my nipples tighten. I stood in the garage, trapped and naked. I did not know it at the time, but she had called my wife informing her of success and asking that she come up with reasons to stay gone longer. They wouldn't be coming home for hours.

She came back to the garage wearing black stockings and garter, black leather elbow-length gloves, black high heels, a bustier that lifted her incredible breasts without covering them, and some sort of a fancy mask like you might wear to a costume ball. It was black leather and had shiny stones and feathers attached to it. She wore no panties, and had shaved the traditional landing strip above her pussy. I could see her inner lips beginning to poke through with excitement. Her breasts were incredible with beautiful brown nipples taut as a drum with arousal. She wore black lace gloves that left her fingertips uncovered. My penis, which had begun to shrivel in the chilly air, stood straight at attention as she slowly approached me. God, she was sexy.

She cupped my balls gently, then ran her fingernail up along my penis, circling the head lightly. I was in heaven. “I'm not going to cheat on my husband, so don't get your hopes up. But don't worry - I am going to give you what you really need ...” She pressed her body against me, my erect penis pressing against the warm flesh of her abdomen. She grabbed my buttocks with one hand, thrusting me against her, while her other hand grabbed my nipple and pinched it hard. “Do you want more?” she whispered huskily into my ear.

“Yes...” I barely could get out. My head was swimming with desire. I was not even on planet Earth at this point.

She stepped back and slapped my cock, hard, smiling as I grimaced. She walked over to the workbench and got something else out of the same box. Walking back, I could tell it was the nipple clamps. She adjusted them a little tighter than they needed to be, and fastened them to me. They were too tight; I inhaled sharply but said nothing. Then she fastened a cock ring to keep me good and hard.

She got one of the barstools from inside and sat in front of me. She spread her legs wide, totally exposing herself to me. “Do you like my pussy?” she asked rhetorically.

“It's beautiful!”

She said nothing as she spent the next 5 minutes playing with herself in front of me, spreading everything wide for me to see, rubbing her clit, slipping her fingers inside herself and moaning. Her juices leaked out of her pussy. I wanted to be those fingers so bad.

Next she got out a riding crop, smacking it lightly in her hand as she approached me. Slowly, she walked around me in a circle, stopping behind me. I felt the light touch of the crop on my ankle, as she ran it up inside my leg, pushing gently on the manhook in my ass, then down the other leg and back up again. Suddenly SMACK, and popped one cheek. A brief pause, and then she hit the other. I struggled, but stayed quiet. She came around the front.

Again, she ran it up my left leg, not touching my privates, and down the right leg. Back up the right leg along my torso to my neck. Slowly, so slowly, she traced a line to my left nipple. Lightly, she smacked my clamped tortured nipple. I inhaled sharply but quietly, suppressing an 'ouch.' She traced a slow line to the right nipple and repeated. Slowly, she ran the crop down the middle of my abdomen. Slow, so ever slowly, it moved towards my cock. Then, I felt it under my testicles. She was using it to lift them, tossing them up into the air so they landed on it again. She used her crop to bounce my testicles up and down, smacking them lightly from below. She must have done this for a good minute or two, as I slowly began to enjoy it despite the minor pain. Then she ran it slowly up along the shaft of my penis, rubbing it finally against the head. She pulled it off, and suddenly smacked my penis with it. Again she smacked my penis with the crop, again and again. She began slowly but soon, my wife's hot sister in law that I had always dreamed of fucking, had me tied up naked in the garage and I was loving every minute of it as she unleashed a torrent of blows with her riding crop on my erect penis. I had never thought I could cum this way, but it had been well over a month and I felt an orgasm building. My body stiffened with impending orgasm, my breathing became heavy, and I began shoving my penis to her crop. As I started to get close, she stopped. Desperately, I bucked for more, thrusting my penis into the air. She laughed, and sat back on her stool

“Lisa said that I could let you cum if I wanted. But that's kind of icky and I don't know if I want to. You need to show me how bad you want it. You do want to cum, don't you?”

“Oh yes...”

She gently grabbed my cock, rubbing it softly as she spoke. The leather of her gloves was cool and rough on my penis as she slid it against my skin. “How can you convince me?”

“I'll do anything...”

She grabbed my balls firmly with her left hand, and my penis with her right. I swooned with desire and lust. “If you want to prove that then do as I say right now. State your name.” I did.

“Repeat each word after me – don't wait, repeat immediately. Otherwise you will fail, and I'll tease you all afternoon with no hope of an orgasm.”

I repeated every word as she spoke it. “I am a slave. My penis is worthless and does not deserve pussy. My penis does not exist for my pleasure, it exists for my wife's pleasure. I am not a real man. I should be teased without relief. I will do everything that my wife or her designee commands. I forfeit my rights to my penis. I want my wife to keep my penis locked in a chastity cage for the rest of my life and never let me cum again.” What!? As she spoke those last words and I mindlessly repeated them, I did not realize what I was saying! That wasn't what I wanted!? Or was it??? My penis was standing rock hard at attention. Maybe it was what I needed ...

She smiled, let go of my cock, and went over to the corner of the garage. She pulled out a video camera that had been hidden, recording everything. “I need to go upload this, so you can't erase it.” I was horrified and the reality of it all seemed suddenly very heavy. She went into the house. My mind was racing trying to figure out where it was all going. A feeling of doom came over me. After a while she returned.

“Now that we have your confession and your verbal contract, I'm sure we won't have any problems, will we?” She smiled, and suddenly removed my nipple clamps. The pain was intense. I didn't immediately say anything – I was still stunned. She gave my left nipple a hard pinch – damn, that hurt! “I said, we don't have any problems will we!?”

I was quick to respond, “No, you won't have any problems! I promise to be a good boy!”

“Good!” She then iced me down, deflating my cock and locking me back into my CB. She then took the key and put it inside a very rugged looking MasterLock combination key box, closing it. “I don't know the combination, so don't ask,” she told me. My heart sunk.

“Let's talk about how things are going to go from now on. From this point forward, you are a slave. You have no rights and you will do everything I say. Don't try to be legalistic and play word games either – you'll know what I mean and I expect you to try your best. You will only be allowed out of chastity when you are restrained, and if you ever give either of us any trouble, we will put you in one that's made completely of metal and have it welded shut. You will never have another orgasm unless it's approved. Do you understand?”

This was my wife's sister in law. Was I going to have two mistresses!? I didn't know if I could handle that. But I wasn't sure it was up to me any more.

My eyes bugged wide open. “Yes.”

“Good! Now we're going to have a great day together! You're going to do everything I say, and like I said, there's a chance that I might let you cum later if you're good. Remember one thing. That video is nice and safe now, uploaded some place that you can't get it. Your wife is going to text me the combination later when I need it... if you're good, that is.” She grinned at me.

Soon, she had unfastened me (except for my CB). I was about to get dressed, when she appeared with a devilish contraption that I was forced to wear. It was a leather butt plug harness. The butt plug went up into my ass, filling me and stretching me, and the leather harness held it in place so that I could not possibly expel it even if I wanted to. This, too, she locked, then had me get dressed.

There I was with my wife's hot sister in law, a butt plug locked into my ass, and my poor aching penis locked up inside its plastic prison, desperate for relief but unable to cum. She took me shopping at the mall, leaving all the keys at home. She grabbed my arm and acted like we were together. Well, I guess we were, but not in the way she was acting. Whenever she got a chance, she's tap on my chastity device with her finger nails, or wiggle the butt plug from behind in my ass. She was all over me, acting like we had a night of hot sex planned or something. My penis spent the whole afternoon trying to get hard.

Eventually, we got home. “You want back out?” she asked.

“Of course!” I replaced. First, she handcuffed my hands to a bedpost, and my ankles together. Then she got my wife to text message her the combination to the key safe. She removed my chastity device, and had me get down low on my knees and bend over. She put a humbler on my balls, with hooks at the end to which she attached my wrists. I couldn't get up to walk, and I couldn't use my hands at all. She took the handcuffs on my ankles, and looped it around the bedpost, so that I was stuck and couldn't go anywhere. “Well, you're just my little bitch, aren't you!”

I wasn't ready for what came next. She spanked me, long and hard, until I begged for mercy. Then she kept spanking me until she was satisfied and I was crying for mercy.

She then stripped down completely nude, and carefully positioned herself on the carpet in front of me so that her pussy was just out of my reach. It was close enough for me to smell her and to see every detail of her feminine beauty, but just far enough away that I couldn't reach. Then, slowly, she began masturbating herself. I think she had three orgasms before she decided that was enough. My penis was bucking uncontrollably, desperate for relief but unable to get any stimulation at all. My balls ached worse than ever.

Then, methodically, she got me onto the bed and locked into the 4-point restraints. Still naked,she climbed up on top of me, sitting on my chest, her pussy spread wide for me to see. She smelled like sex and she was slick with her own bodily lubricant – I had never wanted anything so bad in my life. “I bet you'd do anything for a taste of this, wouldn't you?” She used her finger to wipe some of her juices and rub it in my nostrils. The smell of her pussy invaded me, driving me mad with desire.

“God yes,” I said.

“The only problem is that we're both married. So you can look and you can smell, but I'm afraid you can't touch. You and I share something very special now. You are my bitch, and you're going to do what I say. I know about your shameful cock and how you need to be locked up and punished and never allowed to cum again. I know how your balls are full and ache and how every fiber of your being cries out for relief. We're going to have regular play dates like this. I am going to make you suffer, and you probably won't get to cum but if you're a very good boy there is always a chance. Would you like that?” Her beautiful pussy was still right there in front of me, mesmerizing me. With each breath, she filled me with the smell of her power.


SLAP! She smacked me across the face. “That'll be 'Yes, Mistress' when we're alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress!” I was quick to comply.

She smiled at me. “You have been a good boy today. Would you like to cum?”

“Oh yes, mistress, please mistress!”

She said nothing, but put on some surgical gloves, lubricated my penis and began masturbating me. She began edging me, once, twice, three times... a dozen times. I was so ready to explode! Suddenly she let go and sat back. “No, not today. No cummies for you.”

“But, you said I could cum!?” I protested.

“No – I asked if you wanted to. I never said that I was going to let you, if you'll recall.”

“Yes, mistress.” My wife had taught her well. I quietly accepted my fate. Soon, I was safely locked back inside my CB. How many years of torment at her hands lay ahead of me? How often was she going to let me out just for the purpose of taking me to the edge but with no possibility of relief? How many times was she going to stick her beautiful pussy in my face, with me completely unable to touch it?

I realized what my wife had done. She had used my lust against me. This woman would now torment me for the rest of my life. My only possibility for relief was to try as best as I could to make my wife happy and beg for mercy. She, at least, still liked a good fuck on occasion.

Two months went by, during which I had only a single orgasm. In that time, I had two more encounters with Kim when her husband was out of town on business trips. My wife took me over and was there for the first, in which they tormented me together. The second time, she left me alone with Kim, which terrified me even more. Our session was much like the first – teasing, spanking, teasing, and look but you can't touch. I wanted her so bad, but she had taken the best precautions to be sure it didn't happen. On this second time, to my surprise, she allowed me to have a ruined orgasm. She masturbated me right up to the edge and then quickly took her hands off. A dribble of cum emerged, and it did very little to relieve my insane desire. A week later, my wife told me that her brother had chosen to enter chastity. I felt better. At least neither of us was going to be getting that pussy.

I had just come to terms with my new life, when my wife told me she was having some friends from work over for dinner and that she wanted me to cook. I agreed when she told me who was coming. One of her co-workers was really cute. She made me video my agreement to do whatever she wanted for the dinner or I would not get to cum for a year, which she emailed to herself so she could hold it against me.

When the time came for the dinner, it turned out that it was just her hot co-worker – nobody else, and I was going to be totally naked except for the chastity device. She was going to do it to me AGAIN! Where would this end? Had she gone crazy?

Sure enough, it was just the three of us for dinner. Thankfully, she never asked me to take my clothes off. I was feeling a lot better about the whole thing. But then after dinner, my wife said out of the blue, “So, do you want to see it?” A chill went down my spine.

Megan giggled. “Please – I'm dying to see it!”

“Honey, I've been telling Megan about how you're such a great husband when I rarely let you cum. She knows all about your chastity. She wants to learn more about it so she can lock up her husband. I've told her everything, so there really isn't any reason to be bashful. Why don't you go around and let her see your captive pee pee?”

Here I was again. Another woman that I had fantasized and masturbated about, that I was about to be humiliated before. She was still seated in her chair at the dinner table; I stood before her. “Drop 'em...” my wife commanded. I relinquished myself to my fate, and dropped my shorts.

I stood naked before her, cock locked, balls full of cum, and unable to have an orgasm. She put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my god...” She looked at my wife, her hand reaching as if she wanted to touch it but was unsure.

“Go ahead,” my wife said.

Then, yet another beautiful woman was fondling my captive penis. The procedure was all too familiar to me. She was fully dressed so there was no thrill there, but I could feel her breath on my privates. My penis immediately struggled to get erect. Cupping my balls in her hand, pulling and twisting on the CB-6000, testing to see how secure it was ... it was just as before.

What really made it mortifying was how my wife spoke about it. “He's such a good boy. The trick is that you have to let them out and tease them every weekend, but you can't let them cum. At most, it's one orgasm a month, and that's only if they're really good. Personally, I still like to get a good fuck from him regularly. I think he's pretty cute, chaste or not.”

“Wow that's not very often. What's it like for them to go that long without an orgasm?”

“If you believe their lies, you'd think it's torture. He says his penis aches – I've never heard of such a thing. It's inside that tube – what could be hurting it? Feel his balls – there's enough room for them to move around a bit. I don't see how they could hurt either. The truth is that they act so much better it's amazing. You just can't let them cum very often. And, never ever let them demand it. Orgasms are always on your terms.”

“Wow,” Megan spoke then laughed. She batted my caged penis back and forth a bit. “It's so cute! I could really get used to this.”

The next three months went quickly. We had settled into a routine. Every 4 weeks, she let me fuck her until I came. The other weeks were hard for me, though, because she made me wear a strap-on dildo and fuck her with it. So I had to eat her pussy, lick her titties, etc. and fuck her with a dildo while she pinched my nipples, but I got no orgasm. It was very tough.

At the end of the third month, we had another dinner party. She told me that Megan and her husband Steve were coming over and it was going to be very special. I was alarmed but she refused to elaborate. She said she didn't want to ruin the surprise.

When the dinner came, everything seemed to be going just fine. They came over, we had a great time cooking together and dining. My wife went to the bedroom to get some medicine for a headache and called for my help, saying she couldn't find it. Once I got there, she closed the door and demanded that I remove my clothes. “Honey...” I began to complain. “You take those clothes off or I'll superglue your device while you're sleeping!” she insisted. Good grief! Reluctantly, I stripped. She took me by the hand and marched us back down the hall and into the dining room.

To my horror, there Megan's husband stood, naked except that he was also wearing a CB male chastity device. He was clearly embarrassed, and did his best to look away. My wife smiled and looked at me as she spoke, “And to think – you didn't think you guys had a lot in common!” Megan giggled.

Megan grasped her husband's enslaved package and said, “He hasn't cum in almost 2 months. I thought 3 months would be a good break-in period.” Her husband's penis got as erect as it could inside the tube. This was the first time I had been naked around another man in a long time. My own penis stiffened in response to his plight. Somehow, the world seemed less dark to me. I was no longer alone. We shared in servitude, our cocks locked, balls full of cum, unable to have orgasms.

The women sat back and instructed us to do the dishes. We did our best not to touch each other, and in general to avoid interacting with each other at all. Finally, I broke down. “You doing OK?” I asked.

Steve paused, thinking, then shrugged his shoulders. “I guess so. Sometimes it's really hard, but I've never found her so incredibly sexy as this. It changes you.”

“Yeah, that it does,” I agreed.

I'd like to say that was the end of my story, but it wasn't. Over the next year, the circle grew and there were now 6 of us locked in chastity. We didn't see Kim very often, and she wasn't part of the circle that developed. The women would take turns hosting dinner parties, during which the men would all be naked except for our chastity devices. Our cocks locked, balls full of cum, and unable to have orgasms, our lives were that of sexual desperation, hoping that if we were good enough, our woman might grant us a rate orgasm. The worst part wasn't the chastity, though. It was what they did with us at the parties twice a month.

They had devised a number of games that seemed to get more creative (and cruel) as time passed. The deal was that half of us would get to cum at the party. But we had to earn it via competition that showed how desperate we were. One dinner it was a tug of war with nipple clamps – I kind of liked nipple clamps and won that contest. Next time, it was a tug of war using our testicles. Next time, it was the “testicle lift” where we had to lift increasing amounts of weight. Another time, it was a contest to see who could wear the biggest butt plug for the longest. Another, they made us drink a bunch of liquid when we got there, then we had to hold it as long as we could. I always had a small bladder and lost that one. Not only did you not get to cum if you lost a contest, but you had to go down the line and get a spanking from literally every one of the women.

If you did win an orgasm, it was almost given in a degrading manner. My wife liked to use a leather belt and spank my penis until I came from the cock-whipping. Some other men got ruined orgasms.

Later in the year, a couple joined the “Chastity Club” as it had become known, who lived kind of out in the sticks. Sherry had a big back yard that was totally private. They took the parties out doors there, so we (the men) would be totally naked except for sandals, mostly cooking and cleaning and making drinks for our wives. Our cocks locked, balls full of cum, and unable to have orgasms, we made terrific servants. As the holiday season drew near, I wondered what it would bring.

Soon I found out. We were going to have a normal family lunch for Thanksgiving, then we were going to Sherry's. It was pretty cool that day. They women had bought us a special outfit to wear. We wore leather riding chaps on the bottom, which left our ass and genitals exposed. On top, we wore a black leather vest, nipple clamps, and a bow tie. Because the holiday was about giving thanks for what we'd received, and not about taking for ourselves, the women decided it would be selfish for the men to cum. So none of us got any relief that day.

As Christmas approached, I began to get nervous. As I suspected, my wife told me that I could not cum until at least Christmas, meaning that I'd be going at least 2 months without an orgasm. I would hear snippets of conversation of my wife on the phone talking about the big party. She was letting me hear just enough to make me wonder what was going on. She would laugh devilishly and then give me a big innocent “What?” look. The big party was on Christmas eve. My wife promised it would be very special.

When the time arrived, the men were all going like Santa, and the women would all be dressed like elves. After everyone had eaten, we went inside and the women made us take off our Santa suits. Our cocks locked, balls full of cum, and unable to have orgasms, we stood ready. Then, they stood us up in a line and took off our chastity devices, using their hands and mouths to get us hard. My wife, somewhat the leader of the group, spoke, “We have a special surprise for you today since it's Christmas. Everybody gets an orgasm! Here's the catch. You have to give it to each other. This is how we are going to do it..”

Next, the women put a blindfold and a gag on each of us, so we couldn't speak, or see. They explained the game to us as follows. One of us would be led to a chair to sit down. Another of the chaste males was sat down at the other man's feet, where he was given lubricant and instructed to take his time giving the man an orgasm. It was a contest against the clock. My job was to make him cum before the alarm. His job was to resist my stroking and last until the alarm. Whoever lost got a ruthless spanking. They would roll dice to see who jacked who off. Nobody would ever know. You might not have to do any, or you might have to do three in a row.

I got lucky, and didn't have to give anybody a hand job. I wasn't sure that I could do it anyway. When my turn came to receive one, I wasn't sure. I was kind of disgusted with the whole idea. But once I felt those hands on my hard cock, massaging me and tickling my frenum and rubbing the head, my resistance dissipated. It felt too good, and I just let him make me cum as fast as possible. It was an incredible hand job. The spanking was pretty bad, but it was worth it. I hadn't cum in 2 months.

It was degrading, and I was inwardly disgusted with myself. I had always thought homosexuality was disgusting. And yet I had completely abandoned myself, letting another man make me cum. It wasn't enough that my wife was sharing my humiliation with other women. She had now expanded it to include men. What was next? Anal sex and blow jobs? No way. I just didn't know how to make the cycle stop. I must have been more down that I realized. Three days later, my wife confided in me the truth. It wasn't another man who had made me cum that night. It was her. The whole thing was a test. At that point she broke down and started to cry. She took the key from around her neck, unlocked my CB, and gave me the key.

Tears ran down her cheeks. “You're the best husband I could ever want, sweetie. I need a break from all this – I need to have you back as my man.”

My chastity ended that day. Our new years sex was phenomenal, and my wife is like a new treasure I have discovered. A few months later we moved, back to where we are now closer to her brother and Kim. Things have been incredible between us since. But, sometimes, I still wear my chastity device for old times sake. I think part of me is hoping that she'll catch me in it one day and decide to go for another run of it. Little did I know that my wife was aware of what I was doing the whole time. She was using her laptop to video record me when she was gone. She knew that I was still wearing the device, but she didn't say anything. It was about six months later that I took a big risk and wore it to her brother's house. Kim and I were in the kitchen alone, when out of the blue she said, “Lisa tells me that you're back in chastity. Remember our little video recording that we made together? I kept that handy in case I ever needed it. I was thinking maybe your friends would enjoy it, unless you can persuade me otherwise. Now, be a good boy, drop your shorts, and show me your locked up little pecker.”

The color left my face and my whole being froze, not sure what to do. I had done my best to forget about that video. I had hoped that she had, too. Somehow my arms got a life of their own. My friends must never see that video. My arms, moving like strange alien appendages, unfastened my belt, and dropped my shorts down. My penis filled the CB cage and struggled to become erect for her. My cock locked, balls full of cum, and unable to have an orgasm, I laid myself bare before her. She just smiled. “OK. You can pull them back up. But, I do have one question for you.”


“Where's your key?” She smiled, which disturbed me greatly.

I kept my keys on a carbiner on my belt loop. I looked down at my key ring, where I'd kept it handy at all times that I wore the CB.

The key was gone.

“Lisa said you'd gone downhill lately and needed some encouragement on being good. She gave me the keys. She has one in the key safe, but she doesn't know the combination. She will have to call me to get it if she needs it – she said it was best this way. You'll get out when I decide it's been long enough. Now, would you like cheese on your salad?” she asked with a sweet, innocent smile.
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Talking that would be YOUR SISTER!

incest is best I guess?
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Originally Posted by prplsunsets View Post
incest is best I guess?
i thought the same thing at first, then realized...his Wife's Sister-in-law is Her brother's wife.
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I really liked this, incredibly hot. Really good at capturing the sexuality of teasing and denial and all that. Good characters, good ideas.
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That is really a very good story! i really enjoyed to read it!
maybe i even hope it would happen to me!
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I loved it - a huge turn on. Mystress Nocum
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Default my wife's hot sister-in-law

just the thought of the two of them,what delicious torment! good job!
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Great old story!
I wondered if there were more?
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