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Old 09-01-2004, 11:26 PM
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Default Superman -- the Weakness

Here are two videos that look promising:

1. http://www.eroticsuperheroines.com/videos/superman.htm

Here's the writeup from the site:
Superman- The Weakness

Supergirl gets together with her cousin - Superman - wanting to discuss some recent discoveries that she's made.* Her plan is to gain notoriety as THE strongest of the two and in order to do this - she must show that Superman has a weakness.* She learns that Superman can be weakened and overpowered by females who arouse and manually stimulate him.* This has the same effect on Superman as kryptonite.* As they struggle - with Superman easily overpowering her, Supergirl reaches down and starts to stroke the superhero's cock.* Watching her cousin weaken, Supergirl continues in her feisty manner to totally weaken Superman to show who is the strongest.* Supergirl teases him - taunting him verbally about how weak he is - showing his weakness by asking him to lift something (he struggles mightily) -- stroking him weaker and weaker until he falls unconscious.

2. http://www.eroticsuperheroines.com/videos/luticia.htm

And here's the summary:
Superman- The Weakness Vol #2

Lex Luthor has discovered that Supergirl has seduced and weakened her cousin - Superman - leaving him helpless.* He decides to use this knowledge to overpower and capture Superman -- with a little help with his pretty young niece Luticia.* He asks Luticia to set a trap for Superman - pretending that she's being attacked so the superhero will come to her rescue.* Showing Superman how she was attacked - she quickly gains the advantage by grabbing him from behind and quickly massaging his penis.* He tries to stop her but is soon too weak to resist.* Luticia continues this stroke and stop method to keep the superhero down and defenseless.* She calls her uncle Lex Luthor to let him know that his plan has worked and that she'll keep this up - not allowing Superman to cum until Lex Luthor begins the second part of his plan.

Sounds cool!

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Old 12-05-2009, 05:46 AM
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Has anyone seen these?

I was just looking on the site. looks like poor quality, but the idea is pretty sexy.

there are 4 now that I can see and another where supergirl apparently steals supermans powers in a similar fashion.

Don't know about spending $35 on each though...
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Old 12-05-2009, 05:43 PM
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Default Cool, but Prices is too High

The Idea is cool, however the prices per Video are much too high. If you go up to the address bar and delete the back half of the address you can go to the Main Page and check out all their videos. They offer a Lot, including Batman, Catwoman, and More. However besides from the price being high, the videos look like they offer very little nudity and not much sex action. Looks like they are mostly concentrating on Plots and acting. They offer the Videos in DVD Format, or you can download them. Prices run from $25. to $35. per Video.

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