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Default The Best Costume at the Party 4- End!

Questions to follow.

The Best Costume at the Party- Conclusion

The girls were awash in whispered giggles as the boring business speeches started.

“OMG! I can't believe Aubrey actually did that! Dave was dancing totally nude out on the dance floor!” Sack Girl giggled, her bare legs bouncing under the table, right in my face.

“It's not a big deal,” my girlfriend laughed. “He's nude at home all the time anyway.”

Disney Princess's ankle started rolling excitedly. “You're not kidding, are you? Your boyfriend just walks around naked at home, all day?”

“Not 'walks around',” Aubrey corrected. “I strip him. He really wants to wear clothes, especially when my friends come around.” I could just feel her grin from above the table. “I just don't let him.”

I blushed as all the girls squealed again, their excitement showing in their legs and feet.

My dick got even harder and I gave myself a quick stroke.

The questions started coming fast and furious.

“Why he doesn't he have any hair down there?”

“Because I don't let him,” Aubrey would reply. “I like his dick and balls better smooth.”

“Is that why he shaved his arms and legs too?”

“No, that was Davey's idea,” she chuckled. "But maybe I'll keep it."

“My boyfriend would freak if I tried this- how come Dave got so hard, in front of

“Because he likes being shown off. Back when we were dating in college-”

In a panic, I grabbed one of Aubrey ankles and squeezed, hoping she would get the message.

No! Not this story!

Aubrey just used the flat of her other high heel to grind my fingers against the floor until I let go, not missing a beat.

“-two of my sorority sisters walked in on Dave masturbating in our shower. He was really going at it, apparently, and they took pictures and told everyone. He pretended to be so embarrassed about it, but later, he secretly told me how much it turned him on and how hard it made him cum thinking about it later, just hoping it would happen again!”

All the girls giggled as I died a slow death.

“And so I helped set that up,” she continued. “Every single girl in my pledge class 'caught' Dave nude and going at his dick, usually in a predicament where it was hard for him to quickly cover up before they got a real good look.”

The table practically shook with female laughter.

“Oh my god!” Sack Girl giggled, finally crossing her legs to hide her pussy from me.

“Pervert!” Disney girl laughed.

“I bet he loved it,” Spider-Woman laughed, her skin-suited shin tapping my ass from behind.

“He did,” Aubrey laughed, crossing her legs imperiously in my face again. “After that, we moved in together, and the first time I took away his clothes for a whole weekend, he loved that too. That was also the first time he met my mother. Davey was so polite and respectful to her, even if he was blushing and erect the whole time!”

I squirmed, feeling like the lowest form of life, literally kneeling nude under a table unable to stop her from revealing my worst secrets to her friends!

My aching dick was also dripping onto the floor.

“The first time I met Davey, he was nude as well,” Katrina giggled. “He cooked us dinner, we talked about all sorts of interesting things over the meal, and before I left, Aubrey made him rub and kiss of my feet in thanks. It was a very nice night.”

“It was,” Aubrey agreed. “And Dave loved it too. He's got such foot fetish- he's probably touching himself under the table right now.”

With a blush I let go of my throbbing dick.

The volume on the main speakers came up for a moment. “And now, folks we'll be starting our silent auction for charity. As always, please make your way to the tables in the rear, to place your bids on a fine array of company embroidered clothing and stationary...”

“Ugh, I hate this part,” Sack Girl said, her crossed ankle rolling. “We should be auctioning off something fun at this costume party- like seeing Aubrey's boyfriend nude again!”

“Or as our nude butler for a night!” Disney Princess laughed.

“Psssh,” Spider Girl laughed. “Make it a week and I'm in.”

“Okay,” Aubrey said, and my heart stopped.

“What do you mean, okay?” Katrina laughed.

“I agree, to auction Davey off to do whatever dare you girls want. But only one dare per woman. And to make it fair, we have to give Davey a chance to bid to defend himself.”

“Bid with what?” Sack Girl laughed. “I didn't see him bringing a wallet in that outfit!”

Yes, I was wondering this too.

“Something that makes it fair,” Aubrey laughed. “On his salary, he can't put up money against all four of you. It's got to be something that everyone has an equal supply of... okay, we'll bid with orgasms.”

“What!” I squeaked from under the table, and not just because Katrina had slipped her a bare foot out of her boot and was rubbing my side with it.

“Each of us will propose a prize for Davey to do, and then that person and Davey will start bidding against each other, using days of denying themselves orgasms as their bid,” Aubrey explained. “If the girl wins, Davey has to do the task and she goes without orgasms for that long. If Davey wins, he doesn't have to do the task, but he has to agree not to cum for that much longer.” My girlfriend laughed. “Starting from today.”

“But how can we pay a bet like that?” Sack girl laughed, and Katrina answered right away.

“My company can get any of you brand new chastity belts that will make sure you can't cheat!” Her teasing foot slipped below my ribs, to bat at my heavy, swinging cock. “Davey already has his- he was wearing it earlier today!”

The girls gasped and there was a flurry of discussion and clarification about what exactly chastity belts were, during which my blushing only got deeper.

Now they knew about that part of my life too!

“Alright, let the dares begin,” Aubrey declared, and I was shaking. “Who's first?”

“I'll go,” Katrina laughed, her foot still batting at my stiff cock, driving me insane. I later learned that she had done it just to make sure I wasn't beating off. “I dare Davey to... be a male model at the next fetish shoot I do. November is butt plug month!”

I shuddered and I almost came right then, and Katrina's foot stopped just in time.

“Kat, I agree to that dare on Davey's behalf,” Aubrey giggled. “Let the bidding begin!”

“Let's see, I really like cumming, but I really really want to see Davey with his cute bottom blushing and plugged,” the model giggled. “So... I bid three days!”

The other girls giggled as I felt my stomach clench. Aubrey knocked on the top of the table.

“And what do you bid, slave?”

I felt a tightness in my chest. I had really been looking forward to cumming tonight! But I couldn't pose for butt plug pictures for the internet!

“Four days,” I squeaked, hating myself as I did.

“But you would look SO cute on our site!” Kat laughed. “And you're already shaved and ready! I hate to do this, I wanted to cum so badly this week but... six days!”

I was running out of oxygen under the table. Literally, I couldn't breathe.

“Davey?” Aubrey giggled when I stayed silent. “Speak now, or forever be on the internet with your butt spanked and plugged!”


“Seven days!” I gasped. “I'll go seven days!”

“Whew, too rich for my blood!” Katrina giggled. “You win, Davey. I guess I'll just have to be content with giving myself nice, hot, bathtub orgasms twice every day this week... And I think you have to be in the union to model for our site anyway.”

I groaned, pounding the floor with my fist.

Kat had never wanted to win the bet- she had just raised me to trick me into staying in the belt for another week! And Aubrey would honor my bid, I was sure!

“Who's next?” Aubrey said, as the girls laughed at the outcome and Kat's foot went back to batting at my dripping penis.

“I'll go!” Sack Girl giggled. “So my bestie's 18th birthday party is coming up in 2 weeks at my house, and I dare Davey to... be our stripper for the night!”

There were whistles and catcalls above the table as I just blushed more.

“I'll allow it,” Aubrey said. “On one condition: Davey's strip show has to be near the first part of the night, and you can't let him get dressed at all after it!”

“Mister Steel Boner walking around a nude all night?” Spider-Woman laughed. “I might go to this kiddie party myself!”

The women laughed again, but I could see indecision in Sack-Girl's nude legs.

“Well... but my BFF, she's never even SEEN a nude man before... if Dave's going to be naked the whole time... could we play those stripper games where she licks whipped cream off his penis or something?”

Finally, I thought, the condition that would make Aubrey reject the dare. There's no way she'd let me get eager blow-jobs from a group of young, playful-

“Sure,” Aubrey laughed. “You can stick his dick in a slice of birthday cake and have the birthday girl lick it clean for all I care! But if any of you girls make my Davey accidentally pop off during the night, you have to collect all his cum and make him eat it right away. You can't even wait for him to stop cumming before you start feeding him his sperm- that's always his penalty for unauthorized orgasms.”

My jaw dropped as the girls cackled above me, their bare or stockinged legs sliding against my skin.

Aubrey had NEVER made me do that- she was lying!

“Deal!” Sack Girl giggled, and I saw her hips shift as she and Aubrey shook hands. “I start the bidding at... three days!”

I groaned. Three days, on top of the week I had just gotten for beating Katrina? That was going to be hell!

“Four days,” I gulped.

Sack Girl squeezed her perfectly smooth thighs together, in indecision.

“Oh man! I was going to spend the weekend fucking my boyfriend... and I'm kinda horny already....” She whimpered, pressing her thighs together tightly. “I hope my BFF appreciates the gift I'm getting her.... five days!”

My balls ached as the women laughed.

That would be almost another two weeks- on top of the two weeks I was already backed up!

“Davey?” my girlfriend sang. “What do you say?”

I swallowed on a dry throat, but couldn't make myself speak.

“Going once,” she giggled. “Going twice... SOLD to Sammi! One stripper for your friend's birthday party, who agrees to be groped, spanked, licked and sucked as much as the birthday girl wants, as long as she makes him eat any loads he accidentally spills!”

I shivered, even as my cock threatened to cum on the spot.

I was going to be nude at a party full of giggling young girls, some of them eager to grab or lick whipped cream and cake off my dick as a party game, and I'd have to somehow resist their advances or do the most humiliating thing a man could do with his load, in front of all of them?

Aubrey had really done it- she had sold me into hell!

“My turn next,” Spider-Woman chuckled, and I felt the top of her foot swing up to give me a soft but shocking tap right in my balls. She kept idly swinging her foot between my thighs, as I was in all-fours, unable to really move, slapping my nuts with her soft foot as she spoke.

“I want my dare to be something permanent, so Dave will always remember me... So I dare him to... let me take him to a tattoo parlor and have the artist ink “Aubrey's Bitch” right on his shaved ass tonight!”

This brought the loudest cheers yet from the girls, even as I felt like I might throw up.

“Mmmm, 'Bitch' is a such harsh word,” Aubrey said, twirling her ankle in thought. “I don't know if want to see that on Davey's ass every morning, forever...”
I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Make it... 'Aubrey's Slave' and we've got a deal!”

“Deal!” Spider-Woman laughed, and when she leaned over to shake Aubrey's hand, she kicked my balls the hardest she had yet.

Under the table, I squeezed my knees together and her next lazy kick glanced off my bare butt.

She laughed. “I start the bidding at... oh hell, how about where Kat left off- one week!”
I gasped as the women laughed.

I already had an extra week in the cage from Katrina! But I couldn't get tattooed- that was permanent!

“Eight days,” I panted, hating myself.


“Te... ten days,” I said.


There wasn't even the hint of hesitation in her voice.

When I paused, feeling the walls close in on me again, Aubrey said, “Going once...”

“Twelve days!” I blurted out, and all the women above the table laughed again.

“He really doesn't want to get tattooed!” the Disney Princess laughed.

“Sure he does, he's a submissive,” Spider-Woman laughed. Not finding any nuts to kick, she reached out and rested the flat of her heel on my ass. I could feel a little grit grinding between the sole of her shoe and my bare skin, and the tip of her stiletto came dangerously close to penetrating my exposed asshole.

“Davey just wants it to look like he put up a fight before giving in,” she laughed. “Thirteen days!”

She was going to outbid me, I could just hear the certainty in her voice. But I didn't want to be slave branded! I couldn't!

“Four.... four... fourteen days.”

Before Spider-Woman could match my bid, Katrina spoke up. “You know you have to serve those chastity days sequentially if you win, right?” she asked the other woman.
“I'm going to supply the belt- it's one made for long term female wear.”

“Yeah?” my tormenter asked. “So?”

“So you really think that you can go fifteen straight days with a cold, hard metal plate pressed tightly against your vaginal lips?” Katrina asked. “The long term belts all have dual insertable plugs and clitoral guards. You'll have a hard, slippery dildo stuffing your pussy, a smaller one in your rear, all day, and the guards will keep your clit from touching absolutely anything at all, even though it's just right there, just below your fingertips.”

Katrina was stroking the front of her own steel chastity belt as she talked, right where her clit would normally be. Spider-Girl couldn't see it, but I could.

“Do you really think you could take that?” Kat continued. “For fifteen days? There'll be no free time, I promise. I'll come over with Davey each night to conduct your bowel movements and cleaning and shaving under the belt, but your hands are going to be tied behind your back while Davey and I do it. We may even give you a little teasing with your vibrator to make you slippery enough to slide the plugs back in before we lock you up each night. For fifteen straight days.”

Spider-Girl's heel came off my ass. “That... that's not very long.” But now her voice was unsure. “It's just two weeks plus.”

“Honey, I've only been in this thing for two hours now and my clit's already on fire,” Katrina laughed. “After two weeks you'll be a mindless zombie, I promise.”

“Your bid?” Aubrey asked SpiderGirl, after she didn't speak. “Davey's bid fourteen days... going once...”

Spider Woman's voice wavered. “I... um...”

I held my breath.

“...going twice...”

Oh god.

“Sold to Davey!” Aubrey laughed. “He doesn't have to get a tattoo, but he does win two more straight weeks in chastity! Yea!” She turned to her left. “Sorry, Sammi, but it looks like your stripper's going to show up at your party in two weeks with his cock still wrapped in steel!”

Her nude legs stamped on the floor. “That's not fair! I paid for a fully functioning stripper!”

“We'll work something out,” Aubrey laughed. “Only two of us left to bid? Chloe?”

“Yeah I'll go!” the Disney Princess giggled. “I want to dare Dave to... clean my house from top to bottom fully nude!”

After my near permanent slave-branding, that was almost a relief.

“That's boring,” Spider-Woman pouted, crossing her arms.

“My house is pretty dirty,” Disney girl laughed, then her hips turned towards Aubrey. “And I want him OUT of his cage while doing it! I want to see his little cock aching and bobbing as he hand washes my floors!”

I blushed. Little?!

“Fine, I'll let Davey out of chastity for your cleaning and Sammi's party,” Aubrey agreed. “But then those days don't count towards the bids he's made to win the other dares. We have to extend his chastity time by however long it takes to clean your house. Deal?”


Of course, no one asked me. I just hoped her house wasn't too dirty, or I'd be in the belt forever!

“I start the bidding at one day,” Snow White giggled.

I gulped. “Two days.”

“Three,” she laughed, and I was torn in two directions again.

Looking down the barrel of three straight weeks in chastity, I didn't want to add ANY more days! I closed my eyes.

Hopefully she wouldn't make me wash the windows when people could see in...

“Going once?” Aubrey laughed. “Going twice...”

Or mow the lawn...

“Sold to Wendy,” my girlfriend chuckled. “One nude house cleaner, to make her place shine! And the same rules as Sammi: if Davey 'accidentally' starts cumming during the dare, you have to make him eat it, starting even before he's done cumming.”

“I can work with that,” she giggled, and I groaned.

Did that mean she would try to make me cum a lot during her time, or just tease me silly?

“Boring,” Spider-Girl said, still pouting.

“At least I won what I was bidding on,” Wendy laughed, and when she uncrossed her legs, I noticed her virginal Snow White panties had soaked through.

Was that from thinking about winning my services, or from anticipating Katrina holding the key to her sex for three days?

The girls, all except Spider-Woman, laughed, and I exhaled. I had made it through the gauntlet with one nude birthday party and one nude housecleaning added to my schedule, but had avoided being a nude butt plug model or a branded slave for eternity. That was better than I could have hoped for, and hey, the birthday party might even be a little fun-

“And now it's MY turn to propose a dare,” Aubrey giggled, and my head hit the bottom of the table.


All the girls chuckled as Aubrey slid her bare, crossed legs against one another. “Now what should I ask for...?”

She already was my mistress- what more could she want from me?

“I mean, I already control Davey's nudity... and his orgasms... and what goes in his mouth and in his butt,” she giggled, as my last shreds of dignity died, “so what more could I really ask of him? Maybe I don't need to propose a dare after all.”

I exhaled.

“Or maybe,” she giggled, “I'm going to dare Davey to... let me fuck the shit out of Ken Humpries.”

The top of my head hit the table again.

“Him?” Katrina asked for me. “You HATE him. And Davey hates him. You BOTH hate him.”

My girlfriend just laughed. “Well it wouldn't be much of a dare if Davey wanted me to fuck him, would it? I might as well dare Davey to let me fuck you.”

My cock surged at that last thought, then remembered what we were really talking about.
I grabbed her slim ankle again. “Aubrey- please!”

“I start the bidding at... three days.”

“No! I'm not going to let you sleep with Ken Humpries!” I cried. Anyone but him! “Four days!”

“Ohhh, I knew this was a good dare,” she giggled, her other ankle bobbing in anticipation. “Five days!”


But she just laughed. “That's right Davey, bid me up higher! I want you to. That way my pussy will be aching and slippery with need when I finally let Ken take off my chastity belt and slide his huge cock into me. If you get me into double digits, I'll probably cum four or five times with Ken just from penetration!”

She had never cum from just penetration during sex. At least, never with me!

“I bid ten days!” she laughed, and then uncrossed her legs so that I could see up her dress, and how the anticipation was making her wet already.

Aubrey, my loving Aubrey, slid one manicured hand under the table and ran her painted fingernail around the edge of her shaved, dampening pussy, right in front of my face where I could see.

“Going once.... going twice...” she giggled as her finger made its circuit around her sex. “Come on Davey, speak up or you might lose this forever!”

But I knew I had already lost it.

Aubrey would have to outbid me in this test of wills or lose face in front of all of her girlfriends in public. She would go into the hundreds of days if she needed; her pride was that strong. And each day I added would just make her that much hornier for Ken's cock.

I did the only thing I could.

Closing my eyes, I lowered my head until my lips touched the top of her sexy, bare, high-heeled foot, and I kissed her arch. When a tear squeezed out of my shut eyes and landed on her skin, I licked it up and then kissed her foot again.

“Did he bid?” Sack Girl asked. “I couldn't hear anything.”

Aubrey put her second high-heeled foot next to her first, and, still blushing in shame, I kissed that one as well.

“Oh, he's bidding,” she laughed, turning her feet so I could kiss all sides of it. “In his own special Davey way. He just gave me his blessing.”

I started crying.

“Sold to me!” she giggled. “Ten days in a tight chastity belt and then one WILD night of sex with Ken Humpries. Now Kat, I want you to tease the shit out of me every night I'm in the belt- vibrators, nipple play, spankings- Davey can help to,” she laughed. “I want you to get me so fucking ready to orgasm with Ken that I give him the best night of sex in his life.”

“But why?” Kat asked, again being my voice.

“So I can finally get that damn promotion!” Aubrey said. “I'm tired of bimbos making regional manager before me. If anyone's going to use the power of sex to get ahead in this company, it might as well be me!”

A soft pat on my head told me I could stop kissing Aubrey's feet and that everything was going to be okay.

But I didn't see how it could be.

“Wow,” Sack Girl giggled, crossing her bare, nineteen year-old legs. “That was a crazy auction. It really went places I didn't expect!”

I agreed with her, my heart broken but my balls painfully full.

I heard the sound of confident high heels approaching our table, then stopping very close.

“Excuse me, but are you Aubrey Gellar?” the heels asked. They belonged to woman older than Aubrey, but one who had taken great care of herself and her feet.

“Yes ma'am- I am!”

Ma'am? Aubrey never called anyone Ma'am!

“I have gotten quite a few reports tonight,” the older woman said, “that you were seen dancing with a nearly nude man out on the dance floor, inside a circle of a Spider Woman, a Snow White and a Barbarian Queen with a metal bikini.”

“And a sexy hobo!” Sack Girl protested.

“Sammi!” Disney Girl hissed. “Shut up!”

I saw the nerves from the way Aubrey uncrossed her legs. “Yes ma'am. That was me.”
“I figured it might be. Since I had previously seen Cleopatra's nearly nude slave myself, when I ran into him at the bar.”

That's where I had heard this voice before! The older woman who had offered me a hand-job!

“Yes ma'am. I sent him to fetch our drinks.”

“And where is your little footman now?”

Aubrey chuckled. “Well, in that case, I guess you could say he's exactly where he should be. Under the table.”

Suddenly the edge of the tablecloth flipped up and I found myself looking at the face of same elegant trophy wife from before,

“Well,” she chuckled, looking my nude form over. “You're wearing even less clothes than when we met before, young man.” Her eyes dropped lower. “And you're much happier to see me.”

I couldn't answer, as my nude, hard cock just bobbed before her eyes. Would this night of humiliation never end?

She flipped the tablecloth back down and took a seat next to Aubrey. Now I was looking at her slim, sexy legs right next to my girlfriend's.

“You were the one who made him dress this way to the party?”

“Yes ma'am.”

“And you were the one who stripped him nude, right out on the dance floor?”

Aubrey giggled. I guessed the older woman was smiling. “Yes ma'am.”

“I could hear you girls giggling all throughout our silent auction. It seemed you were having much more fun here than we were at the expensive tables!”

“Probably,” Aubrey laughed. “We were taking dares on things that my boyfriend Dave had to do while nude. He could bid days of not um, pleasuring himself against the dare-giver's days, and whomever bid the highest got to say if the dare got done or not.”

The older woman purred, thoughtfully crossing her legs.
“Well in that case, I dare your boyfriend to be my pool boy for the next summer season. I kept making my old pool boy's outfit smaller and smaller until he quit, but I guess I won't have to worry about the size of your slave's Speedos if he's just going to work in my backyard all summer nude as the day he was born! I start the bidding at one year.”

The words hit me like a punch to the gut.

I was gasping for breath, but I didn't dare make a peep- I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to match THAT bid!

“Mrs. Youngman, I don't think you understand,” Disney Princess said. “The bid you're making is how long you'll go without orgasm if you win the dare.”

“I know that young lady. I understand game theory, you know; I have an MBA.”

I was still gasping for breath- one year! Or be nude all Summer for the owner's wife!

“Well,” Aubrey laughed nervously. “Dave? Do you have anything to say to that?”

I was still shaking under the table. This was just supposed to be a fun one-night party, not change my whole life! This couldn't be happening!

“Going once, twice, sold to Mrs. Youngman,” Aubrey chuckled. “One nude pool boy, for the entire next summer season, I guess.”

I couldn't understand- what did this mean? Were Katrina and I going to keep the wife of my girlfriend's boss's boss's boss in a chastity belt for a whole year?

“Excellent,” Mrs. Youngman said, her legs disappearing from under the table as she got to her feet. “The pool opens in March, young man. I expect you at my house at least two afternoons a week, all season long.”

“Um... Mrs. Youngman,” Aubrey said. “About your bid...”

“Hank has an alternative heart medication he doesn't like taking,” the older woman said, now only visible to me from her calves down, “because it keeps his penis soft as a noodle, even if he takes a double dose of Viagra afterwards. If I lean on his doctor, and then both of us lean on Hank, we can get him back on that medication as soon as next week. And I promise to keep him on it for 365 straight days, no matter how much he bellyaches about the pain in his testicles.”

She chuckled. “The medication doesn't stop his sperm production, you see,” she
explained to the girls, “just the delivery mechanism. And with the way he leers at you poor women in the office, I've just been looking for an excuse to put him back on the stuff. My poor hubby's going to have a VERY frustrating year, I'm afraid.”

The girls were just as shocked as I, hearing this. Even Aubrey seemed a little flustered.


“I'm a rich millionaire's wife, my dear. I ALWAYS pay my debts using HIS account,” Mrs. Youngman laughed, and after a moment, the girls did as well.

I saw her expensive high heels turn away, then turn back after a step. “Oh, and you girls are free to come by our pool any time you want next summer. I plan on holding many clothing-optional parties just outside Hank's office during the season. And having you five, beautiful young girls tanning in nothing but your sunglasses right below his window while he's horribly horny but his penis refuses to respond seems like the best justice for my lookie-loo husband.”

And as I watched those attractive feet walk away, I could only imagine how I would be serving them in the coming months.

“Well!” Aubrey laughed, crossing her legs in my face again. “Looks like we got Davey a summer job!”

Her friends giggled above me and I felt more than a few female knees and feet nudge me suggestively, one high-heeled foot even slipping between my legs to check if I was still hard.

Suddenly Aubrey's legs disappeared from under the table as well. “And now it's time to get my own,” she stated.

I grasped for her ankle, found nothing but air. “Where are you going?”

“I've still got to sleep with Ken Humpries to get that promotion. I was going to wait until after my locked period, but I think I'm horny enough now!”

“Aubrey!” I hissed. “You can't!”

She laughed, and I saw those beautiful, slim feet that I had pampered so often take two large steps away from the table. “Well, I'm right here Davey. Come out and stop me.”

The lights were still fully on! And I was nude and hard! I couldn't leave the safety of the under table!


Her feet took another large step back, now halfway to the next table. “Last chance Davey. If I take another step, I'm letting Ken have me in the back of our SUV. I'll do everything for him, be his perfect little whore, unless you stop me!”

The fear was shrinking my dick again. She was really going to do it! “Aubrey!” I begged.

“Bye Davey!” she giggled, and I watched those perfect feet skip out of my life.

Katrina's boot kicked me in the side. “Go after her, you idiot.”

“That's easy for you to say!” I shot back, looking at her from under the tablecloth. “You're still wearing clothes!”

Sack Girl's soft foot prodded me from the other side. “It's obvious she wanted you to stop her, duh.”

“Stop her how?” I hissed. “Wrestle her to the ground? Have a huge fight in front of everyone while I'm buck naked?” I was fully blushing from head to toe, as I considered those options. “I can't stop her!”

The girls groaned.

“It's a big sacrifice she's looking for!” Disney girl laughed. “She wants a knight in shining armor!”

“But I'm her... slave!” I whispered the last word.

“Go get her Davey!” Katrina said, and her boot prodded me again. “Be a man!”

“Yeah- save her!”

“Do it Davey!”

“Show her you've got the balls!”

But it was showing everyone else that I was worried about.

Katrina stuck her head under the table, looking in my eyes. “After ALL you've been through tonight... you want to lose Aubrey over THIS little thing?” she said, reaching in and shaking my half-hard cock with her hand. “You'll let your best relationship end because you don't want anyone seeing these four inches?”

Disney Princess snickered, looking at me from the other side. “More like three inches.”

I blushed, but Katrina was right! I took a deep exhale, then another one, psyching myself up.

“Oh god, oh god...” I turned to Kat hopefully. “Beach Protocol?”

“Go! Hurry!” she said, pointing at the exit. “Before Aubrey gets a taste of that normal sized cock!”

I blushed even more, then screamed and rushed out.

I heard many gasps and cries as I ran past table after table of fully dressed, conservative men and women. Aubrey's friends were cheering far behind me, but I could barely hear them for the blood pounding in my ears.

I ran past the owner's table, hearing Mrs. Youngman laugh “Look! There goes my new poolboy!”

I ran past the check-in table, making the 1920's flapper gasp.

I ran past the doorman at the door, dodging his attempted tackle as he cursed and yelled that he was calling the police.

Heart about to explode, I scanned the parking lot- there was Aubrey's SUV!

And it was already rocking back and forth.

Sprinting closer, the pavement cold under my bare feet, I heard the worst sound in the world, timed perfectly with the thrusts that were rocking the SUV.

Aubrey's moans of pleasure.

I raced to the passenger door and flung it open to find Aubrey on her back, her nude legs
lewdly spread as far apart as they could go, her bare, shoe-less feet curling in pleasure as her open pussy got pounded over and over again by...

...her own three fingers.

“I was hoping... you'd come...” she laughed, still masturbating herself and bucking against the car seats and ceiling, writing in pleasure.

I scanned the front seat, the trunk, all around the car. “But... Ken?” I cried, confused.

Her chest was flush from pleasure, her mouth half open as she reached so close to the ultimate pleasure. “I'd never cheat... on my slave...” She smiled. “At least... not with a man! I just wanted you to... show me you cared!”

“I do!”

“Did you run... past everyone... naked like that?”


Aubrey arched her back and came, her cries ringing out clear and sharp across the whole parking lot.

There is no more beautiful sight, all men can agree, than a desperately horny woman orgasming with in long, earth-shaking pleasure. The way her legs shook, the way her back arched, the look of victory on my Aubrey's face- if she had asked me right then, to give up ALL my future orgasms for the right to see her cum like that whenever I wanted to... I would have been sorely tempted.

Fortunately, she only asked me to give up some of them.

“Hand me your belt,” she panted as she came down, waving at the chastity cage still sitting on the car's dash. “Hurry, before the afterglow fades.”

I got in, closed the door, and reached between the front seats to get that cursed steel.
“Good, you're already kind of soft,” she giggled, pulling me to her by my balls and starting to thread my genitals into the metal even as she breathed hard, trying to recover. “I'd hate to have trouble as I locked you away for the next three weeks.”

Panic set my heart racing. I had been hoping for at least a little relief before starting my bid terms!

“Aubrey! You can't be serious!”

“Deadly serious,” she giggled, squeezing my balls to make me softer. It worked and then I was almost in. If I didn't stop her now-


She looked me right in the eyes, then clicked the lock shut. “I LOVE being the one in charge,” she laughed, and then took me in her mouth. She sucked on the outside of my cage with her warm wet mouth, making my cage a vise! “I LOVE being able to do this to you!”

I pounded the car's roof in frustration. “No! NO!”

A loud banging of fists on the SUV's windows pulled us out of our faux oral sex. “What the-?”

“Get in, get in!” Katrina was laughing, as she pulled the passenger door open and jumped inside. The back door, where my nude ass was, opened as well, and a sexy Disney Princess, sexy Spider-Woman and a sexy Hobo all piled into the crowded car.

“They're coming Aubrey! The hotel security guards!” Snow White laughed. “We've got to
go! Now!”

“Shit!” My girlfriend crawled into the driver's seat, pushing me back. I fell into the arms of Snow White, my nude skin rubbing against her soft dress and stockings in amazing ways.

Aubrey started the car and we peeled out of there, me and her friends piled in the back of the SUV like disorganized clowns, just seconds before three guys waving flashlights ran up to our parking spot.

The girls were cheering as we sped down the roads, high-fiving themselves and laughing. But all I could think about was how I was laying across the lap of Snow White, my face buried in the lap of the sexy Hobo, with my legs tangled up with the sexy Spider-Woman's.

I cried out in pain and grabbed my tight cage, which made the three girls laugh even

“Oh shit! Is this that metal penis cage thingy you were telling us about?” Snow White laughed. “Hey Aubrey- can I touch it?”

“Do whatever you want with it!” my girlfriend called back from the front, still taking corners like a getaway driver. “His dick can't get hard- so what ever you do to Davey back there- it's not cheating in my book!”

The three women cheered again and fell on me, kissing my face and body, rubbing my bare chest and ass as they giggled, and pulling, sucking and squeezing on my chastity cage and balls, just to see what interesting noises they could get me to make as Aubrey drove us home after our night out.

***THE END***
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Old 04-08-2015, 02:02 AM
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So my plan is to clean this story up, add a sexy cover picture, then put in on Smashwords for $0.99 or something.

As a crowd-sourced story (how many of you saw your suggestions in that last bit?) this would be your LAST chance to tailor it to your desires.

So, if you liked it, if you could tell me:

1. What parts did you really like and wish I lingered on more?

2. What parts did you hate and wish were over faster?

3. Any last suggestions?

Anyway, I won't take all suggestions, but I just wanted to get a sense of what parts were hot or not. (All 4 parts.)

Thanks for all the ideas and hoped you enjoyed it!

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Old 04-08-2015, 07:47 PM
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Default Sequel! Sequel!

Overall, I think it was great. I could have used another paragraph or so at the end, describing the teasing torment the Girls inflict on Davey. I liked the predicament scenarios. I'm glad Aubrey didn't do it with the old sexist boss. I really like the strong-willed, sophisticated, somewhat diabolical Katrina character as well as the spoiled, imperious boss's Wife. I think a poolboy-themed sequel could be very entertaining. I'm imagining the wild pool parties now....
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Old 04-08-2015, 08:27 PM
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I thought about having an epilogue for all the scenarios Dave lost bids on, but I liked ending the piece on a high note instead.

I even wrote out a little section describing how Dave had to stay nude but locked for all the sexy pool parties Mrs. Youngman threw while he was there, and how her MILF-aged friends gleefully ordered him around, as likely to make him use his tongue on them as get them more towels. But I liked the more abrupt ending, so those scenes will just have to go into the fire pit I guess...

Thanks for reading!
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Old 04-10-2015, 12:00 AM
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PFD, thanks for a memorable story and for listening to our various suggestions.

You asked for feedback, what we really liked and hated - didn't actually hate any of it, but my personal ups and downs were:

A couple too many characters: Katrina was ok in part one, but thereafter just hung about and got in the way, especially in part four with all the female chastity belt stuff. The two older women were cool for a brief encounter at the bar, but again the late intervention with all that pool boy stuff and heart pills talk just distracted. Also would have preffered him to be more "forced" into it by Aubrey, rather than the references to him "wanting it and enjoying it".

Best parts for me were the initial suggestion/threat of the party and his dread of it; (the beads were a nice touch), the extra days locked up in order to avoid the embarassing scenarios, the three fancy dress girls questioning him and forcing him into humiliating confessions of his chastity and his submissive lifestyle.

Final suggestions/thoughts: The small penis stuff near the end was hot, would have loved that to be exploited more deeply to his shame, plus the relative ages of him and Aubrey as against the younger women, especially the much younger "sack girl" would be very humiliating if say he was in his 30's and being exposed to and bossed by the junior member of the group in front of the others could be hellish for him!

Thanks again for a great concept, hope to read some more of your work soon.
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Thanks for that!

More forced... Hmmm, I might be able to filter more of that into the final draft.

SPH is a fave of mine too, that likewise might get added for a little spice...

And for age domme, that might be hard to add without distracting (I hadn't planned on the narrative leaving the party) but it may show up in another story down the line. I've had an idea for a 'Princess Day Care' where rich spoiled Paris Hilton types are paid to watch nude and/or caged husbands at their mansion while their wives go shopping. Lots of age/power differences there.

Thanks for the feedback, it's the only way authors know what works!

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Oh. My. Gawd.... I'm salivating already over the thought of a "Princess Day Care" like you mentioned...

Bless you, bless you, bless you....
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