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Default The Best Costume at the Party 3 - CFNM suggested by YOU, the reader!

Before we continue with the experiment, two notes:

1. I finally gave in and put all my books on Amazon for sale too. While I still think Smashwords is better for many reasons, (A. you really own the books, Amazon can't secretly delete them from your account one day and B. they've been much more welcoming of erotic authors, fighting for our rights) if you only purchase things through the Big A, you can now do so here:


2. This is the next to last chapter of The Best Costume at the Party! To continue this crowd-sourced experiment, suggest where YOU want this story to end in the comments! The best answer, as decided by ME will show up as the conclusion about a week or so from now. Or maybe I'll do a weird thing and have them all go to space.

You can't complain if you don't vote!

And on to the story:

The Best Costume at the Party, part 3

Each step back to our table increased the dread building in my stomach. Not just for the lost tickets, but because Katrina's Viagra was definitely kicking in. Instead of keeping me slightly chubbed up, I could feel a tightness building at the base of my cock. When this erection came, it was going to be unstoppable.

I dug my fingernails into my palms until it hurt to hold back the inevitable just a few minutes more, and practically jogged back to our dark corner of the huge room, holding my loincloth down; the exertion seemed to keep my erection at bay and gave me less chance to notice the snickers I was getting as well.

Aubrey and the girls were laughing at something she said, but Disney Princess pointed out when I was approaching and they all turned with shining eyes to watch.

“You'll see, girls,” Aubrey was saying with a smile, then her expression turned to disbelief when she saw me. “Where are our drinks?”

My mouth was cotton, I couldn't talk.

“There were... two older women... and they, they wanted drinks! And all I did was hand their glasses to the bartender! And I was trying to tell them I didn't want a handjob, when the bartender charged me for the drinks, and I didn't have any more tickets and-”

Her face turned dark. “Why were you trying to get a handjob from strange women?”

“I wasn't! They just offered and-”

“So you just gave away two of my drink tickets?”

She reached for my beads, and my heart almost stopped.

I tried to stop her, but Katrina caught my bound arms and held them out of the way.

“One string for losing my drink,” Aubrey said, yanking one-eighth of my loincloth's front away as I stood in front of her friends. “And one string for losing Katrina's!”

I was struggling, almost crying. “Aubrey! Don't!”

“And one on the back as well!”


Down to just five strings of beads on the front, my loincloth was now little wider than my palm held in front of my cock and balls! And I had only two strings left on the back!

Katrina let go of my bound wrists and I dove into a seat at the table, covering myself with the tablecloth as all of Aubrey's friends howled in laughter.

“Oh my god!” Spider-Woman said. “You just stripped your boyfriend at the table!”

“Not yet,” Aubrey said, grinning at me. “He's still got a few strings left.”

“Hardly!” the Disney Princess laughed, peeking over the edge of the table at me. “His thighs are totally bare, and his front barely covers more than my bikinis do!”

“And he's totally bare at the back!” the hot girl wearing just a burlap sack giggled.

“It's more like a G-string in the back, I'd say,” my girlfriend laughed, patting my red upper cheeks. “I've made Dave wear a sexy little G-string on the beach before. He liked it so much he got a little boner right there in public!”

The Sack Girl had a hand over her mouth, her shining eyes looking right at while she laughed. “How do you do it, Aubrey? I'm always trying to get my boyfriend to show more skin, especially at the beach! He'd NEVER let me put him in a little getup like this!”

My girlfriend just leaned back and crossed her shapely legs, looking very much like the Queen of all she surveyed. “Just don't let him shoot his load for two weeks. Then he'll let you do anything you want to him.”

All the girls laughed again as my face burned. But Sack Girl still thought she was joking.

“Seriously! I mean it! How do you do it?”

I was begging Aubrey with my eyes. Begging.

My girlfriend just grinned at me, then spoke to her friends.

“Seriously. Two weeks.”

There was a hush around the table, as all the girls were processing the idea that she might not be joking, and my stomach was falling to the center of the Earth.

“Oh my god!” Disney Princess finally blurted out. “I want to make you, like, the President of Women or something!”

“You don't even know the half of it,” Aubrey said, standing up to tower over me. “And I guess since my slave couldn't even do a simple task right, I'll have to go do it myself. Come on Kat, let's go get some more drinks.”

My eyes got huge. She couldn't leave me alone like this!

I wanted to grab her wrist, force her to stay, but that would just make things worse!

Aubrey gave me a wink as she turned away. “I'll punish you for this failing soon, slave.” She finally untied my wrists and took off the bracers so my hands were free and the girls giggled as she and Katrina walked away.

And then I was on my own.

The Princess didn't wait even a five seconds. “You really haven't busted a nut in two weeks?” she asked, looking right at me.

I blushed, but I couldn't lie. If I flatly contradicted something Aubrey had said in public, forget two weeks, she would keep me denied for two months!

“Yes,” I said, my face burning. I used my newly freed hands to fidget with the centerpiece on the table.

“He means they haven't had sex in two weeks,” Sack Girl clarified, then leaned towards me and I was almost looking between her bare tits all the way down to her belly button.
“But you've totally like, jacked it in the shower a few times, right?”

I couldn't even look at her. She had a little bit of baby fat still on her, in her cheeks and arms, but that just made her look younger and more innocent than her friends. And her bare legs were shaved and lotioned so well, they practically shone, even in the low light! On a normal day I would get hard just looking at her. And now, with her sitting right next to me, nude under a thin sack, my erection was fast approaching!

I bit my lip, squeezed my nails into my palms again. The girls were all looking at me- they wanted an answer.

“No. Not that either.”

“There's no way a man could resist masturbating for that long,” SpiderGirl laughed, challenging me to deny it.

Not unless your girlfriend locked you into a steel chastity belt most nights.

And weekends.

And whenever she just wanted to see you squirm.

“How do you do it?” Sack Girl giggled, adjusting her top where it had almost fallen to expose her nipples to me.

I gulped. I couldn't tell them about the chastity belts- I wasn't ready to expose THAT much of myself to strangers!

I shrugged. “I take a lot of cold showers.” That part was true, at least.

The girls laughed and I stopped trying to look up Sack Girl's dress, even though her careless leg crosses seemed determined to show her regions to me. I suddenly noticed that all the other girls had drink tickets in front of them but she didn't. She looked nineteen- could she really be that young?

“Wow. You must be SO horny all the time,” the Disney Princess giggled. “WHY do you do it?”

Her short skirt had ridden up so that I could see her garters stretching over bare thighs, and a little peek of her powder blue panties above those.

That's always been the way to get me to tell the truth- flash a little panty peek at me.

I gulped. “Because Aubrey asks me to.”

“Awwwwwww!” all three girls said again, and this time it was a cute sound, like they had just seen a box full of puppies.

Disney Princess jumped out of her seat to hug me from the left, her silk stockings and silk panties rubbing against my bare, shaved leg, and Sack Girl jumped up to hug me from my right, the top of her bare tits sliding against my arm and her bare something- I didn't dare think about- sliding against my thigh as she straddled it.

“Isn't that the most ROMANTIC thing you've ever heard?!” Sack Girl squealed to the others.

“It is!” the Princess agreed. “I wish ALL boyfriends were like you!”

I, meanwhile, was getting the hardest, longest, thickest erection of my entire life under my loincloth.

“Let's go dancing!” Sack Girl laughed, bouncing up and down. She tugged on my arm. “All of us!”

“Sounds good to me,” Snow White said, putting down her purse and pulling on my other arm.

“No!” I resisted, gripping the table. “I can't! I'm-”

I was too embarrassed to say it. But a quick look down from the Princess revealed the problem anyway.
“So you got a little boner,” she giggled. “I'd expect you would, if you're really as backed up as Aubrey says. It's okay, we don't mind!”

I was fully blushing, my heart pounding as one shaking hand tried to hold the scant beads of my loincloth over my hard cock and the other anchored me to the table. I was at least partially exposed to everyone now- they could see my balls, if not my erect shaft!

“I can't go out there- people will see!”

“We'll protect you,” Sack Girl laughed. “Beach Protocol!”

The three girls gathered very closely around my chair again, close enough that their skin touched my shoulders and arms. This did not help my Viagra boner go down in any way.

“No! I can't!” I gulped, looking up at their smiling faces. “Aubrey wouldn't want me to-”

“Aubrey said that we could take you dancing if we wanted to!” Sack Girl said, stamping her foot. “Well, now we want to!”

The other girls were nodding, and I felt sick to my stomach.

On the one hand, Aubrey would be pissed if she came back to find me erect and happily dancing with three scantily clad women, beach protocol or no. On the other, if she had said that I should dance with them, refusing would be like refusing a direct order from her, and she would be even more furious about that!

Oh god- which was the right choice?

I let go of my death grip on the table. “Aubrey really said it was okay?”

SpiderGirl laughed and picked me up from behind, her hands under my arms- her strength truly was amazing.

And then the three girls dragged me out onto the crowded dance floor.


The Beach Protocol worked again; at least, I didn't hear any of the high society wives cry out as me and my mostly exposed boner left our table, even if we did stay closer to the outlying shadows than the well-lit center of the dance floor. But it also meant that the girls had to dance very, very close to me.

“Come on, dance!” Sack Girl laughed over the house music, swaying in front of me while I stood in near-frozen shock. “You're barely moving!”

“I'm barely moving because each inch I move my hips doubles the chances of my costume falling off me!” I hissed back, trying to hold my loincloth somewhat over my hard dick.

“I know, right?” she laughed, pulling up the top of her sack just a second before it would have dropped down to show her firm young breasts to me. But she kept energetically swaying and bopping to the beat even so. “We're like, the same, you and me!”

I gulped. She was nude under that sack, after all. “I guess.”

I looked over her shoulder and saw two guys at the edge of dance floor, eyeing us both up. Well, probably more her than me, although I could see them cocking their head, trying to figure out exactly how dressed I was.

“Ugggh! Are those two creeps trying to look at my ass again?” Sack Girl giggled, noticing where I was looking.

“Yeah,” I gulped.

“The things we do to look hot, am I right?” she giggled, still dancing away.

My dick got even harder as I blushed.

Her outfit, which barely covered her butt when she was standing still, had ridden up to expose the bottom half of her tight, smooth ass. I got her attention over the music. “I think, if you just stop dancing-”

“I can't do that!” she laughed, and I almost fell over as she turned around, and ground her ass into my crotch while wagging a finger at the two peepers. They blushed and turned away as I still stood frozen in shock. She looked back over her shoulder at me. “I bet THIS gets you to dance!”

And then she ground her ass into me harder.

Her lively hip thrusts pulled my loincloth right off my cock, exposing me and made her short burlap sack ride up, exposing more of her. And my hard, naked dick slid between her buttcheeks into a very smooth, very warm, space.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!” I yelped.

“Sammi, I don't think that's the best idea!” the Disney Princess laughed, pulling my hips back so my erection was no longer sliding between the globes of her friend's nude ass.

The Sack Girl pouted and pulled her dress back down, still dancing to the beat, as Snow White turned me around by my shoulders to face her instead, pulling me close enough so that my dick was safely hidden under the ruffles of her skirt.

“Dancing is about moving with your partner,” she told the younger girl, as her prim and proper opera gloves slid down my back to cup my bare ass. She didn't even bother moving the two strings of beads I had 'covering' my asscrack now, just slid her hands right onto my bare cheeks and used them to make my hips to move exactly how she wanted. Which was a regular, steady circular motion that made my dick slowly grind right against the mound of her silky, virginal panties.

Disney girl laughed at my tormented expression as the head of my erection slid against the opening to her silky, panty-covered pussy with every combined rock of our hips, driving me insane. “See? Doesn't it feel better if we move together?”

Oh fuck, she was a good cocktease, this one. Almost as good as Aubrey.

Now SpiderGirl felt left out, and after a minute she pulled me away from the cocktease to dance face to face with her instead.

Her skin-tight suit didn't do anything to hide my bouncing erection unless we were pressed intimately close, which she realized after a few moments. She pulled me to her until we were cheek-to-cheek and navel-to-navel in a very close Tango embrace.

I had never understood bodysuit fetishes until that very moment, when SpiderGirl pressed her skin-tight costumed body against my nude one, sandwiching my erection between our stomachs as we danced. No matter where I put my hands on her soft, thin suit, I could feel her muscles working underneath my palms as if she was naked.

She used one hand on my ass to make my resisting body sway to the beat just like Disney Princess had, but this time I could feel her bare palm gripping my nude cheek and it was so intimate I blushed, unable to look her in the eye even though we were practically kissing.

“Maybe you were telling the truth and you DO never do jack off,” she chuckled into my ear as we did a modified Tango. “You're as nervous as a teenaged virgin at his first dance.”

Maybe more teenage boys would be nervous at their first dance too, if they were naked and all the girls were clothed.

“Aubrey DOES keep you from masturbating, doesn't she?” she whispered, just barely audible over the music. “She controls when you do it?”

My face was red as I nodded. “Yes.”

She had a knowing look in her eyes. “And you're not just her slave for tonight, are you?”

My desperate erection ached as her lithe body pressed it against mine. “No."

She smiled and her hand started caressing my bare bottom, much more intimately than before. Sack Girl and Snow White danced with each other right behind me, covering what SpiderGirl was doing to my naked rear.

“I've read about men like you,” she chuckled right into my ear, her breath hot and electrifying. “What do they call you? Bottoms?”

One of her manicured fingernails teasingly scratched my nude ass as she said it.

I swallowed hard. “Sometimes.”

“Submissives, then?”

My dick twitching against her intimate parts like a tuning fork when she said the word was impossible to deny.

“Yes,” I admitted.

SpiderGirl was grinning at me under her mask. “Let's really dance,” she said, then switched the position of our arms. I had only taken a few Tango classes with Aubrey so it took a minute to recognize what she was doing, and SpiderGirl laughed when it finally registered on my face.

She had put herself in the lead position and me in the female stance.


“Just go loose and stay with me,” she chuckled. “Submissive.”

My heart pounded in my chest from humiliation as the strong, quick SpiderGirl forced my body to move and twirl and dip much more than I wanted. I was exposed in this costume already. The last thing I needed to do was draw attention to myself with flamboyant dancing!

Her strong, confident lead forced me in a feminine spin and my loincloth flew up as I twirled, exposing my shaved cock, balls, and ass to everyone who was looking.

“That's it!” she laughed, pulling me close to her after the twirl. “Flash the rest of the dancers- show them what they're missing!”

She was moving me so quickly I couldn't think about anything besides where to put my feet. And I had to stay up on my toes, just like a woman in high heels, or risk stepping on her fast feet! As bad as being a showy, practically nude dancer for all to see might be, it would be worse to stumble to the floor or knock my partner down. That would really get everyone looking this direction!

Spider-Woman smiled and twirled me three times in a row, and as my beaded loincloth went full horizontal, I just closed my eyes, blushing deeply.

For a few, brief seconds, I felt nothing but air on my cock, balls, and ass.

I would never be able to look any of Audrey's friends in the eyes again!

The song drew to a close and Spider-Woman pulled me close to her and held me there, my body pressed against hers like it was painted on.

With her in heels and me barefoot, she was taller than I was, and I looked up as she held me, making my back arch slightly, just like I was the female partner.

“That was really hot,” she giggled, both our chests heaving. “You got any brothers that are nudie submissives too?”

I couldn't answer, I was so embarrassed!

There was a laugh and suddenly my Beach Protocol force field parted, to reveal Aubrey and Katrina standing there, to see me flushed, erect, and in the arms of another woman.

“And just what the hell,” my girlfriend said, raising an eyebrow at me, “is going on HERE?”


I jumped out of the Spider-Woman's arms.

“I was... we were... dancing!” I blurted out.

“I see that,” Aubrey said, setting down her half-empty drink. “You put on quite the little show.” She stepped into the center of the circle of girls. “So now dance for me.”

I couldn't read the smile on her face; was she happy, or really pissed off? I gulped and came forward to hold her in the same Tango embrace. She pushed me away.

“No, dance FOR me! If my sexy man is dancing, I want to see it!”

I blushed and started doing a generic white-guy shuffle to the music.

“No, dance sexy!” she said, still giving me that unreadable smirk. “Like you were doing with Jessica.”

I gulped. “Aubrey, she was making me-”

“I said dance, slave!” And then my girlfriend pulled another string of beads off the front of my loincloth.

I jumped as if electrocuted and started dancing more vigorously, waving my hands up near my shoulders.

“You're not trying hard enough!” she laughed, and then pulled another string from my front.

“Aubrey!” I begged.

There wasn't any point of the loincloth now- I was naked! The few remaining beads slapped against the side of my hard cock, looking ridiculous.

“You wanted to dance- so dance!” she laughed, then smacked my hard cock downward with her fingers.

As stiff as I was, it didn't hurt, it just made my cock waggle up and down like a diving board. Spider-Woman, Sack Girl, and the Disney Princess all laughed as I danced faster, trying to please my girlfriend.

Aubrey smacked my steel hard cock again and then started dancing in front of me, a vision of swirling cloth and peek-a-boo flesh. “You look so sexy when you dance,” she giggled. “Lose your inhibitions, slave- make me proud!”

Now I could finally read her expression.

It was her hunting smile.

I fearfully raised my hands over my head, really trying to match the beat.

She snapped another string off my front.

Katrina snapped one off my back.

Aubrey slapped my cock again, this time in time to the music. “Go slave, go slave!” she sang, dancing in front of me as her friends almost fell down, laughing.

Katrina pulled the final bead string off my back- now I was truly bare-assed!

That did it- Aubrey reached for my loincloth again- the waistband this time- and tossed the entire thing away to a nearby table.

I was on the crowded dance floor of my girlfriend's fancy corporate Halloween party.

I was surrounded on all sides by her sexy, scantily clad, giggling friends.

I had a rock hard Viagra erection.

And now I was wearing nothing but a slave collar.

Aubrey's four friends cheered at the top of their lungs, the DJ chose that moment to turn the house music way UP, and the next ten minutes of my life became a blur.

I had to dance- every time I slowed down, Aubrey would slap my cock or Katrina would slap my ass. The other girls pressed against me from all sides, rubbing their breasts against my back or their thighs up between my legs, laughing as I moaned in obvious sexual need.

Katrina loved dancing up against my back, biting my neck and rolling my nipples from behind, which always made me whimper. Spider-Woman's hand never left my butt the entire length of the song, and once, a set of prim opera gloves covered my eyes while a quick hand gave my cock a few fast strokes and then left me hanging. I never found out if that was Sack Girl or Aubrey.

The girls used my collar to make me face them when they wanted attention, and in the fight to dance with me, they spun me around so much I got dizzy.

When I was facing Aubrey she would sometimes kiss me or stroke my cock, and even under the flashing disco lights I could see her mega-watt smile of total and complete victory over me.

Eventually the song ended and the DJ came back on mike.

“Alright folks, we're going to start the boring speeches and awards now, so I'm going to turn up the house lights so we can all see what's going on.”

“Oh shit! Girls, form up!” Aubrey giggled, and I was in the middle of a giggling group of females again. My girlfriend grabbed the lead from my collar and they hustled me back to our table in the corner of the room, someone's hand on my ass, someone's hand on my cock, and all of them giggling the entire time.

When we got close I dove into my chair, covering my crotch with the table cloth just as the lights started getting brighter.

And brighter.

And brighter.

Aubrey and I looked at each other in shock as it became nearly as well-lit as a normal office.

“Oh shit!” I gasped, turning red. “Aubrey!”

She held up the tablecloth. “Under the table Dave! Hurry!”

I didn't have a choice- someone was going to see my bare chest, and probably bare ass, any moment now!

I dove under the tablecloth, going to my hands and knees, nude, in the middle of a crowded ballroom. But at least I was covered, for the first time that night; the table cloth was thick and reached almost to ankle level. And then the girls started sitting down.

Aubrey first, crossing her legs in her Cleopatra dress so that she showed skin from her upper thigh to the sexy heel she was letting dangle off her painted toes. And then Katrina, with her long toned legs, her bare knees practically poking my ribs. The Disney Princess's smooth stockings and garters were in my face too, as were her panties until she crossed her legs a second later. SpiderGirl skin-tight legs were at my rear, and her knee bumped my ass as I started running out of room down there. And Sack Girl apparently totally forgot I was down there and sat with her legs uncrossed. Her knees were sort of pressed together, but not tightly enough for me not to be able to look at her bare, completely shaved, nineteen-year-old pussy as long as I wanted.

My heart started racing as my dick became a painful lead pipe between my legs. I had to get out of here- a few more minutes of this view and I'd wouldn't be able to help but start touching myself!

“Alright folks, grab your last drinks,” the DJ said on the speakers. “Mr. Youngman's coming to the stage and he's told me he's got about an hour of speeches and awards to go through before we can get back to dancing again.”

*** TO BE CONTINUED... BUT HOW???? ***
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Default how about

continued great stuff - thank you!

as for the ending, how about:

they end up taking him to tattoo and piercing parlor?


they do a charity auction at the event, so the girls put him up for sale: a weekend of cfnm cleaning & domestic chores?


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A tattoo parlor seems a bit too... permanent. But a charity auction, hmmm.... It IS called The Best Costume At The Party after all!

That has potential.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Default The Best Costume at the Party

Maybe after the party finishes the owner's wife tells Aubrey she want's dave to do a show for all her female guests as the two ladies who saw him at the bar earlier had secretly told all the women that he was Aubreys slave.

not the best idea maybe but the best i can come up with at the moment
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That's actually not too far from what my original direction for this tale was. You guys still don't know exactly who those two older women were, but I do!

And thanks for the comment, I hadn't seen your handle in the Story Board before!

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Thanks for another great story!

I think the auction is a great idea. Even better if one of the friends wins him and he has to serve in nothing but his collar and cage for a weekend. Maybe that weekend culminates with him serving all the group dressed as a French maid!

Thanks for sharing your awesome stories!!
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Enjoying it, as always. I'll go with auction as well.

Robin Wilde is the author of Tabitha's Tease and Tabitha's Tickle, The Capture of Archer Cordell, and The Taming of Archer Cordell, all available from https://www.smashwords.com/profile/v...inwildeerotica!
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Default Love it!

I like the auction idea as well, and now i'm really curious about the two older Women....
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Old 04-07-2015, 12:26 AM
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Agree with the "meaner girls" thing! Like the auction, also like the idea that his gf passes a note telling him she's intending to leave with the office junior who's been itching to get into her pants....if he doesn't like it he should just man up, get out from under the table and walk right over to their table and damned well tell him where to go!
Also maybe the three costumed girls may announce they are leaving,...and taking the table cloth with them....unless he has something to offer in exchange for them helping him out?

Like everyone else I'm also intrigued by the two older women and what you are planning there. Great story, thanks for posting.
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Old 04-07-2015, 12:38 AM
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Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed the story (as with all your work) and like this community approach.

I'd just say, whatever happens to him, it should involve the friends and more teasing.
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