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Default Best Costume at the Party 2- CFNM suggested by YOU, the reader!

Robin Wilde and Karijuspet will have to let me know if the story they suggested is going the way they wanted...


The party was happening in the rented ballroom of a five-star hotel. The girls cased the joint like they were planning to rob a Vegas casino.

“It's too bright in the lobby to walk him past,” Aubrey said, driving her SUV sloooooooowy past the row of clear glass entrance doors. “Security cameras in the corners- see them?.”

“And I don't like the looks of that doorman,” Katrina agreed, eyeing up the scowling older man guarding the entrance. “He doesn't look cool enough to let Davey past him dressed like this.”

I was in the back seat, still wearing the beaded loin cloth, Aubrey's slave collar, and nothing else. Well, Katrina had lashed my wrists together and to Aubrey's headrest using a pair of thin leather cuffs she had 'found' in her purse, but I didn't really count that.

“We can still go back home!” I said, pulling at my trapped wrists. The butterflies of fear I had felt in my stomach leaving the house had been replaced by eagles of fear, almost making me throw up. “Please?”

Aubrey parked the car near one of the hotel's locked side entrances and turned the engine off. “Davey, if you don't want to come to the party with us, you can stay right here in the car.”

Oh good.

“But you'll be wearing this instead of that little loincloth,” she said, placing my steel chastity belt onto the SUV's dashboard, “and I'll leave your hands tied and all the interior lights on!”

Oh fuck. Nude, wearing a chastity belt, with my hands tied and in a lit car, right next to one of the hotel's entrances?

“Aubrey, please!” I begged, pulling at the headrest. “I can't even get inside like this! I'll get arrested for indecency!”

“No you won't. Wait here. Keep him company, Kat.”

“Will do,” the blond model laughed, kicking her booted feet up on the dash as my girlfriend got out of the car and strode towards the hotel's main entrance, in a fashion befitting an Egyptian Queen. As Aubrey walked, the slits in the sides of her outfit showed off smooth skin from her ankle to her shoulder.

Katrina chuckled, as we both watched her disappear into the building.

“She's going to find a way to sneak you in, you know.”

I gulped. “I know.”

“When Aubrey gets her mind set on an idea, she's as unstoppable as a hurricane.”

I remembered the tidal wave of wetness between Audrey's thighs Wednesday night, when she and Kat had planned this outfit for me; I had almost drowned.

I gulped again. “I know.”

The relaxing model turned back to me, her feet up on the dash giving me an unsurpassed view of her long, bare legs. They looked like a pro beach volleyball player's- tanned, smooth, and each sexy muscle defined.

“Are you getting nervous?” she giggled, as I stared at her legs. “Of being seen like that in public?”

“A little.”

That was bullshit- my stomach was doing backflips.

“Too nervous to get hard?”

And Katrina reached over with her long arms and plucked the front of my loincloth off my penis, draping the beads over my thigh instead. I tried to stop her, but with my wrists tied to Aubrey's headrest, all I could do was struggle as she exposed me!

“Katrina! Put that back!”

She was laughing, her hand over her mouth. “You ARE nervous! Your little guy's shriveled up into an itty bitty acorn!”

My face was turning red as I still struggled to free my wrists from the headrest.

Katrina had seen me totally nude; more times than I had imagined any friend of my significant other ever would. But I had always been partially, or usually, fully hard around her. It was embarrassing, being that nude and aroused around a dressed woman, but this was worse, having her giggle at the size of my shy, scared soft dick!

“You won't impress any of Aubrey's friends that way,” Kat said, digging for something in her purse. “You don't want them to think she's dating someone with a little two inch baby penis, do you?”

“If you put the loincloth back no one will see it!”

“Oh honey, they're going to see it,” she giggled, still rooting around in her purse. “Never believe the Director when he promises your outfit will keep you covered the entire shoot. 'The glue on those fig leaves definitely won't come off while you're doing the splits, Katrina.' Or 'No, that body paint is definitely water-proof, Katrina'.”

She sighed and shook her head. “I've learned it's better to just show the whole crew everything you've got right up front. Let them get all their giggles out of the way, stare at all the holes they want, and then you can get down to business without worrying about a stagehand dropping a light on your head because he was distracted by seeing your rosebud for the first time. Ah, here we go!”

Katrina was holding her palm out to me, a tiny blue pill in the center of it.

I pulled my head back. “Why... why do you have Viagra?”

“I'm a modern girl, living in the modern world,” she giggled. “Now go on.”

“I can't be... hard at the party! Not wearing this!”

“With your nerves, it will only be taking half a pill. It will just keep you a little chubbed up, so you look good when Aubrey's friends catch a glimpse from the side. It's no different than make up for women.”

“I don't know, Kat. It seems really risk-”

She shoved the pill into my mouth as I was talking then held my mouth and nose closed until I swallowed.

When she let go, I was red-faced and furious, gasping for breath.


And she was laughing her supermodel ass off.

“Happy Birthday Davey! I'm going to look forward to this!” She spotted something coming our way, then smiled. “Oh, looks like Aubrey's brought the cavalry.”

I craned my neck to see out the window, the Viagra pill I had just dry swallowed feeling like a rock in my stomach, and saw that she was right.

Aubrey was striding back our way, her imperial Cleopatra dress flowing with each step.
And behind her was coming a sexy Spiderwoman, a sexy Disney princess, and a sexy girl wearing some sort of burlap party dress.

“Katrina!” I screamed. “Cover me up! Hurry!”

“Remember what I said about getting the nudity out of the way early? You've got to do it fast, just like ripping off a band-aid.”

“No! I don't want that! Cover me!”

She sighed. “You're just drawing out the pain, Davey.”

“I don't care!” I begged, almost yanking Aubrey's seat out of the floor. “Cover me!”

Katrina thought about it for a moment, all while Aubrey's army of hotties got ever closer.

“Maybe. But you've got to agree to do a naked dance for me sometime later. Sometime when Aubrey's not around.” She giggled. “Which means you'll probably need to be wearing this...”

Just seeing her manicured finger stroking the chastity cage Aubrey had left on the dash had blood starting to flow to my cock. Her soft, feminine fingers rubbed and played with the head, just like they had played with mine earlier in the night...

“Fine!” I finally blurted out, when the girls were only feet away. “Hurry!”

“Okay, Davey...”

Katrina was still giggling when the rear door opened to reveal Aubrey, a big grin on her face.

“Just like I said, girls. Meet my boyfriend, Dave.”

That's when I realized that Katrina's pill had just doomed me.

The sexy Spiderwoman was even sexier up close, her tight, shiny outfit practically painted on and showing she was nude underneath it; I could even see the outline of her lower lips if I stared.

The Disney Princess's ruffled skirt stopped halfway down her thighs, high enough to show the garters holding her smooth, white stockings up on her slim, sexy legs.

And the other girl... it looked like ALL she was wearing was the burlap sack and high heels, the sack frayed at the top and sticking to her ample cleavage by some magical force, and frayed at the bottom where it rounded around her bottom with barely an inch to spare.

Unless I swallowed some alcohol to whiskey dick me fast, I was going to be rock hard around these girls all night.

“Holy shit Aubrey, you weren't kidding!” Spidergirl laughed. “He's practically naked!”

“And hot,” the Disney girl giggled. Her eyes ran me up and down, then tried to bore through my half-see-through loincloth.

“Yes, I guess I do forget sometimes how sexy Davey's body can be,” Aubrey sighed, smiling at me. “Since I see it all the time.” I caught her double meaning, even if the girls didn't. “Let him go, Kat, we've got to get inside before people see.”

Katrina reached over and, with a pull of one string, undid the knot holding my wrists to the head rest that I had been struggling with for the past fifteen minutes. She must have been a sailor in a past life, I guess.

I still had Kat's leather bracers on each wrist, and I quickly held my hands over my loincloth, before the Disney princess stared a hole right through it.

“Aubrey, please,” I begged again, rubbing my wrists. “I can't get out of the car! Everyone will see me!”

She smiled. “Not with my friends to help. Beach protocol, ladies!”

Aubrey grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the car- she was much stronger than she looked, all women were- and onto the cold parking lot concrete. The other girls, Katrina included, formed up around me, a phalanx of women, blocking the view of my lower half from every side.

“This is what we do when one of us has to change outfits on the beach,” Aubrey explained, grabbing my leash and pulling me forward. All the girls kept pace, their bodies forming a sexy wall around me as we walked.

Why did I have to take that damn Viagra?

Oh yeah, because Katrina forced it down my throat. I looked at the blond, towering over me in her boots to my left, and she just smirked.

“A leash too?” the Disney girl laughed. “You guys ARE kinky! I'm Angela, by the way,” she giggled, extending an opera-gloved hand across the formation to me.

I blushed, holding up my wrists which were still cuffed before me. “Sorry, my hands are...”

Now her hand was covering her mouth as she laughed. “Ooops! I forgot! I mean, I don't usually meet naked and handcuffed men every day!”

“You should come by my place more often,” Aubrey laughed.

“Hell Aubrey, we've worked together two years, and I didn't have any idea you were into...” Pressed against my right side, Snow White looked me up and down, then broke into giggles again. “...something like this!”

My whole face and chest felt flush, being totally nude this close to a girl I had never met!

And every few steps her white stockings would rub against my shaved leg, sending electric shivers right to my cock.

“God, Aubrey, I can like, totally see his butt through these beads back here!” Spidergirl asked, from behind me. “Did he lose a bet or something?”

“Something like that,” Aubrey said, smiling over her shoulder at me, still holding the leash to the collar around my neck. “The original plan was for Davey to have to be totally naked around my friends at a dinner party where he was the waiter, but he chickened out and choose this instead.”

“Awwwww!” Aubrey's three new friends laughed, and I blushed again. Did that mean ALL of them wanted to see me wearing even LESS than I was right now?!

We walked this way right past the doorman and through the main lobby, the girls pressed close against me from all sides, giggling as they shielded my near-nudity, and my face red, as I tried my hardest not to get an erection.


Since their was free booze at the party, there was a check in table to keep out kids and uninvited guests. A mid-forties-ish woman dressed as a 1920's flapper manned that table, her face lighting up when she saw us heading towards her.

“Good to see you came this year Aubrey!” she said, handing my girlfriend two drink tickets. “And you're... Cleopatra! Oh, I love it!” She leaned forward to stage whisper. “Just keep everything... covered up, if Mister Youngman or his wife come by your table? I'm supposed to enforce the costume rules tonight.”

“Costume rules?” Aubrey laughed, sliding the drink tickets in her headband. She of course, didn't have any pockets or even a bra or panties to tuck them into!

The older woman looked a little embarrassed. “Well, Last year, a couple of girls from Accounting thought they could get a bigger Christmas bonus from Hank if they made their costumes 'Wet T-Shirt' contest. It was embarrassing for Hank's wife, so Deborah made a rule this year... you know, just keep it decent.” She threw a worried glance at Katrina, and her steel female chastity belt, which was her only cover on bottom.

“Well, um, miss, I don't know I can let you inside, since your, um... metal bikini bottom doesn't have much of a back...”

“It does too have a back!” Katrina protested, as more than a few wandering men stopped to stare at the barely dressed model showing her butt to the check-in desk. “There's a metal strip between my butt-cheeks, to make sure I can't get any sex at all, even through the back door! It's the most secure chastity belt that-”

“I'll make sure she stays away from Mr. Youngman,” Aubrey interrupted. “She's my best friend, and I'd hate to have her sitting out here. With you. All night.”

“Well, if Hank doesn't see her, I don't think Deborah will care,” the woman said, crossing off Kat's name and handing her two drink tickets as well. “It's pretty crowded in there, you can't see most costumes more than twenty feet away, so just... stay away from the center tables, okay?”

“Will do!” Katrina giggled, and when she saluted the older woman, her breasts bounced in their barely-restrained metal cups while the rest of her outfit jingled.

The woman shook her head, looked over the rest of the girls from behind the table- how she had a problem with Katrina and not the girl wearing nothing but a burlap sack I don't know- and then waved us all in.

“And this is my boyfriend Dave,” Aubrey said, taking my drink tickets as well, since my hands were still cuffed. “He's Cleopatra's Egyptian slave for tonight.”

The flapper's eyes got big as Aubrey, Katrina and the Disney girl parted so that she could see my lower half for the first time.

Her jaw dropped, and I think she and I were blushing the same amount as the cool hotel air hit my nearly-nude body. “Oh my! Hold on!”

Aubrey stopped pulling on the leash attached to my cuffs, halfway into the ballroom. “What's wrong?”

“He can't... um, Deborah's rules! And he's...” I could see her eyes drop to my swinging, mostly soft cock, which was barely, barely, barely concealed by the ten strings of beads Katrina had made. “He's...”

“Cleopatra's loyal slave!” Aubrey said, showing how the bead colors of my loincloth matched the serpent on her tiara. “They didn't let slaves wear three piece suits back then, you know.”

“Yes, but Deborah said...”

“Libby, come on,” Aubrey laughed. “Deborah won't care if Hank gets to see this. Davey's costume doesn't show Hank anything he hasn't seen before, right?”

“I suppose, but...”

“And after all these years of scantily clad female costumes, isn't it time for us girls to get a little peek ourselves?”

Aubrey had turned me to the side with a firm hand on my shoulder, and with my hands cuffed in front of me, I couldn't stop her from lifting my rear beads and showing my naked butt to a woman I had never seen before in my life!

“Our secret, Libby?” Aubrey giggled, as Spidergirl, Cinderella and Sack girl laughed out loud.

“Well!” the woman laughed, then looking from my butt to my face and back again, fanning herself. “You are a lucky girl, Aubrey! Go on in, hurry, before Deborah comes out here!”

Aubrey pulled my leash and I stumbled forward into the crowded ballroom, the pack of giggling girls right behind me.


It was a fancy party. Only a third of the people were in costume, mostly the younger crowd. Most of the older men were wearing tuxedos or suits and ties, their cougar wives wearing Vera Wang evening dresses, diamond necklaces, and high heels that probably cost more than my beat up car.

I suddenly started feeling very out of place.

“Aubrey,” I hissed. “I don't think this was a good idea!”

“Hush,” she laughed, yanking on my leash, pulling me forward as she looked around. Katrina had already disappeared off towards the drink table. “Don't worry, Davey, there are a lot of people in costume! Look, there's a zombie, there's a... football player zombie and there's a... ice cream man zombie?” She shook her head. “Some people have no imagination!”

But each step forward brought more air over my fully exposed body, more swings of my free hanging cock and balls under the beads, and more stares from fully dressed people around me. I saw one girl dressed as a cheerleader openly laugh as I walked by and her friend, a catgirl, spit out a drink and point.


“Beach protocol, girls!” she laughed, and the giggling girls formed up around me again.

The center of the room was more well lit, obviously the more expensive tables of the night, with older folks in them, and the outside of the ball room was much darker, containing most of the people our age.

Aubrey led the group around the edges of the room to some of the less occupied tables. Along the way I jumped as a soft feminine hand reached under my loincloth to pinch my buttock, and both the Disney girl and the sack-wearing girl giggled.

“How can I get my boyfriend to do something like this?” the sack girl asked. “He's such a prude.”

“This?” Aubrey laughed. “It's more than I let Davey wear at home."

The girls laughed, thinking she was joking. I just blushed and let myself be led around by my collar.

She led us to an empty round table in the darkest corner of the room, then sat down. My protective shield of women fell away and I scrambled to sit as well before someone saw me.

I was as nervous as a rabbit under a field of hawks, looking around constantly. And my loincloth had flipped up in the back when I sat- my bare butt was touching the seat!

Aubrey was watching me with a smile, her beautiful bare legs crossed and pointing at me, her dress showing them off from foot to hip. “How do you feel?”

“Exposed!” I whispered to her. “And helpless! Please Aubrey, let's just-”

She had pulled my face forward for a deep French kiss.

Her tongue darted around in my mouth and her fingernails scratched my thigh, making me shiver and pull at my bound wrists.

“I love it when you're like this,” she giggled in my ear, after breaking the kiss. “Guys get hard over a damsel in distress, but I get wet seeing my boyfriend the same way.” Her whisper was hot and urgent in my ear. “I'm already dripping. I might need you to lick me in the bathroom soon!”

“Oh god Aubrey!” I cried, as the beads in my lap started to shift.

“I don't think it's a good idea to get an erection in that little outfit of yours,” she giggled. “Katrina promised to make it so short that everyone would see your goods the second you popped a boner.”

“Then please stop talking like that!” I begged, my face red. With my hands bound, it was hard to adjust the loincloth to keep myself covered, if that was even possible to begin with!

She giggled and leaned back, turning her attention to her friends and talking about work issues.

I couldn't really contribute to that, and so I just sat in a nervous ball, bare shirted, barefoot, my bare butt touching the cold hotel chair, and my legs crossed to keep the fickle loincloth over my cock and balls!

At least the break let the erection she had started to create with her kissing go down, although my skin still felt warm and flushed, my blood vessels dilated because of stupid Katrina's pill! How long did Viagra last, anyway- thirty minutes?

“Ugh,” Aubrey spat, as one of friends pointed something out along the wall. “There's Ken Humphries, at it again.”

I looked over and saw a rugged, handsome man dressed as an Ebola doctor laughing, with a girl dressed as a College Cheerleader under one arm and another, dressed in a skin-tight Black Widow outfit under his other.

The day Ken Humphries had smoozed his way to the promotion that had been promised to Aubrey had been one of my few scheduled orgasms for that month, but she had been so livid she had canceled it and instead had paddled my ass over the dining room table until she was finally calm enough to talk about it.

It was safe to say we both hated Ken Humphries.

As I watched, Ken's right hand drifted down the cheerleader's back and under her short skirt, to grab a confident handful of her silky, pantied ass. The girl just giggled and leaned closer to him.

“I can't believe they let him get away with sleeping with every intern that comes through here,” Aubrey growled, grinding her teeth. “If they had made me division lead, I wouldn't allow any of that shit!”

“The company's a boy's club, there's no doubt about that. Women don't get any respect around here,” the sack-wearing girl agreed, then saw me staring at her.

The petite girl looked like she was literally nude underneath that sack, the tops of it taped just above the nipples of her firm, high breasts. Which, from the look of their size, shape and how proudly they stood on her chest even when obviously unsupported, were probably implants. Expensive ones.

“Hi, I'm Kikki,” she giggled, and I shook her soft, tiny female hand.

“Dave,” I gulped, then pulling back my bound wrists. “And I was trying to figure out... you're a....?”

“Sexy hobo!” she giggled, smoothing her burlap sack around her. “You know, like those guys on old cartoons who would go around wearing nothing but a barrel? Well, I didn't have any barrels at home, so....”

Katrina plopped down at our table, panting but with two drinks in her hands.

“Whew! It's a jungle out there!” she laughed, handing one of the dirty martinis to Aubrey. “I got my ass pinched three times waiting in line for a drink and two propositions on the way back!” She bumped shoulders with me and gave me a wink. “Good thing I'm wearing a chastity belt, huh?”

Aubrey smiled and sipped her drink. “You didn't really lock that thing, right Kat?”

“Oh gods no! Can you imagine, having the most pleasurable, parts of your body locked away behind hard steel, unable to get to them whenever you wanted to?” she laughed, crossing her long, bare legs and scanning the room. “That'd be torture!”

“Torture indeed,” my girlfriend giggled, as I just blushed more. She pulled two drink tickets from her Cleopatra headband and handed them to me. “Get us two more martinis, won't you babe?”

I looked for the drink table- across the crowded ballroom, it looked a mile away!

“Aubrey! I can't!” I whispered to her, shrinking behind the partial cover of the tablecloth. “I'm... I'm practically naked!”

She raised her nose into the air. “What good is having a bound slave if he's not serving me hand and foot?” she laughed, loud enough for all her friends to hear. They instantly chimed in.

“Yeah slave! Get her a drink!” Spidergirl laughed.

“And you better look hot doing it!” Disney girl agreed.

I shook my head, blushing. “Aubrey, please- not tonight! Just let me sit here until we go home!”

She just grinned. “Katrina, do you want to show him?”


My girlfriend pinned my bound wrists to the table with one hand, and then she and Katrina both reached for the front of my loincloth, with me unable to stop them.

They each grabbed a vertical string of beads from my front and pulled. There was a sharp SNAP, and now I had only eight strings of beads covering my front instead of ten.

“Aubrey!” I shrieked, and all her friends were giggling as Katrina held up the beads they had stripped from me.

“Katrina made your loincloth so that each string was separate,” she told me. “And every time you disobey my commands tonight... I'm taking a string. If you're good, you can go home with something still covering you. Bad boys go home naked.”

I was shivering, terrified, blushing, as her friends were dying of laughter. But I was also getting a little hard. Aubrey saw the look in my eyes and laughed.

“Now go on, get us our drinks.”

And Katrina snapped off one of the strings covering my butt as I was hurrying away.


The path to the drink table was just as rough as Katrina had described, but I didn't get my butt pinched, probably because I was a man.

That is, until I got up to the bar itself.

Leaning over the bar, trying to get the bartender's attention, I heard female laughter behind me.

“Well now! What are YOU supposed to be?”

I turned to see two older women, dressed in elegant black evening gowns, pearls around
their necks and wrists, smiling, their eyes fixed at my waist. I realized my rear loincloth must have ridden up while I was leaning, but I had no way to fix it with my hands tied, so I spun to put my butt to the bar.

“I'm uh... Egyptian slave boy!” I stammered, showing her my bound hands.

“Mmmm, you make me want to legalize slavery again,” she purred. She was quite a attractive blond, barely forty, with a sunny bright disposition and a slight southern accent. “Get these topped off, won't you, sugar?”

I handed the two glasses I was given over to the bartender, and as we waited for their refill, the sunny woman couldn't stop looking me up and down.

“Good gosh, you're barely covered, aren't you honey?” she laughed. “Look at the abs on him, Teresa. He's better than my last pool-boy!”

Her friend purred in agreement, and I felt like meat on display.

The older woman ran a perfectly manicured finger down the center of my chest. “You know, sugar, if I wasn't married, I'd pull you into a dark coatroom, flip up that little beaded curtain and give you a nice hand job, just to thank you for showing up in that little getup and making our lives brighter tonight!”

Her friend laughed, looking at my beads and the outline of my growing cock. “You still can! Boys his age pop in ten seconds and we'd be back to our husbands before they even missed us.”

“And then I could do it to him again ten minutes later,” the first woman laughed, accepting her drink from the bartender. “Ahh, the pleasures of young lovers.”

As she leaned forward to reach her drink, the side of her soft gown rubbed against my bare, shaved arm and leg. These women were dressed like they were attending a White house dinner and I was just trying to keep my cock from erecting and moving my loincloth!

She placed a hand on my bare back, just above my butt, and whispered in my ear.

“How about it, sugar? I bet my hands can make you explode so hard you'll pass out.”

“Please, ma'am- I have a girlfriend!”

“You have a girlfriend?” she laughed. “And she lets you dress like that?”

“She's the one who made me dress this way!” I said. “She's over there!”

“Then I'll have to thank her later as well,” the older woman said. “Pity. Why are all the good nude men taken, Teresa?” she laughed.

And as her and her friend walked back on their expensive high heels towards the center tables, holding the drinks I had handed to the bartender empty and returned full for them, I felt the bartender tap my shoulder hard.

“That'll be two drink tickets, Kimosabe,” he said, holding out his hand expectantly.

Oh shit.

*** TO BE CONTINUED????***
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pretty much!
though in my mind, the girls would be meaner
still loving it, especially the disappearing beads for disobedient slave boys!!
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Delightful, and looking forward to more.

Robin Wilde is the author of Tabitha's Tease and Tabitha's Tickle, The Capture of Archer Cordell, and The Taming of Archer Cordell, all available from https://www.smashwords.com/profile/v...inwildeerotica!
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Default Awesome!

Great new chapter! I love how humiliating it is and that he is so well received by the women. This is a fantastic story!!
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Another excellent chapter. Definitely looking forward to the next one.
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I am loving it as well. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us.
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Default Keep it up!

Great story. Would also love for the Women to be meaner, but still great!
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Meaner? Wow, you guys really like bitchy girlfriends, I guess!

I'll have to think about it...
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