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Old 03-24-2015, 12:25 AM
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Default The Best Costume at the Party 1- CFNM suggested by you, the reader!

So this will be an experiment; here's the start of the story that Kajiraspet and Robin Wilde suggested on a previous thread.

You all can tell me if I should go on or not.

The Best Costume at The Party

“We should go out this weekend,” my girlfriend said, sipping some wine after dinner. “Would you like that? Getting out of the house?”

I gulped, washing dishes at the sink. “Yeah, that sounds fun.”

Aubrey crossed her legs at the table, letting her bare foot dangle in space. She smiled and took another sip of wine. “You're just agreeing because you think that means I'll let you wear clothes this weekend.”

I blushed and continued doing all the after dinner clean-up, nude as the day I was born. I had also done all the pre-dinner preparation nude as well.

As usual, Aubrey had doffed her suit jacket and high heels when she had gotten home from work, relaxing in a white silk blouse and probably too-short business skirt.

As usual, I had stripped of every bit of my clothes in the foyer, and would stay that way, until about 5 minutes before I had to leave for work tomorrow.

“Maybe we could compromise,” Aubrey laughed, rotating her slim foot because she knew peeking at her high arches kept me at least half hard while cleaning. “How can we get out of the house, but still follow the no-clothes-for-Davey rule, hmm?”

She licked a drop of wine from her top lip with a quick flick of her tongue. She had done the same on our very first date together, and it made me ache to kiss those lips then. It still did now.

“Maybe a nude beach?” she asked. “Do they have even those around here?”

“Not close.”

“Well, you'd know, wouldn't you?” she laughed, then crossed her legs to dangle her other foot. “Maybe I'll take you to a normal beach that accidentally becomes a nude beach for you...”

I shivered and my cock hardened a little bit, a second before there was a knock on our apartment door.

Without hesitating, Aubrey called “Come in!” and I froze, soapy plate in hand.

Aubrey wasn't even looking to see who it was- she was grinning at me instead.

She loved watching my reaction when she played “Russian Roulette” with my nudity and our friends, because only a third of her friends knew about she 'kept' me. So far.

A tall blonde breezed in the door and I relaxed, or relaxed as much as a nude man trapped with two fully dressed, attractive women could get.

“Oh Aubrey, that looks divine, thank you,” the blonde said, taking my girlfriend's wine glass right from her hands, kissing her on the cheek European style, then dropping into my chair at the table and draining half the glass in one go. She saw me looking at her, then giggled.

“Hey Dave. Looking good!”

“Hey Katrina,” I gulped, spinning back to my dishes. I blushed as I could just feel her gaze on my nude backside. My half hard cock got harder and I heard her giggle again.

“Rough day at work?” Aubrey asked, taking a clean glass and pouring wine for herself, again.

“You have no idea,” the blonde sighed, taking another deep draw from Aubrey's former glass then holding it out for more. “Some PA forgot to break in the chastity belts we're shooting this week, so how am I supposed to look helpless and alluring and sexy when I've got two new stiff leather bands cutting my kidneys in half?! Look, they practically left a mark!”

Katrina worked as a fetish model. The tall, willowy blonde with perfect skin and long dancer's legs was a godsend for any adult website looking to boost clicks or sell new toys. If you've ever masturbated to pictures of hot girls 'trapped' in chastity or fiendish sexual restraints, you've probably masturbated to Katrina.

She didn't use the products in her personal life (Katrina was hardly a submissive, even if she was definitely an exhibitionist) but she liked the work because it paid well, was mostly non-nude, and fed her ego well. It also probably explained why she was one of the first people in Aubrey's life who was cool with her best friend keeping a naked, sexually tormented man at her apartment.

Right now, Katrina was pulling up her shirt to show Aubrey some faint, faint, pink marks across her perfectly flat stomach. When she caught me peeking, she pulled her t-shirt higher to expose the top of her perky tits in their demi-bra as well.

“Go ahead and take a closer look Davey,” she giggled. “I don't mind.”

Aubrey had me masturbate to Katrina's fetish images at least once a week (always under Aubrey's strict supervision, and never, ever to completion) just so I'd much more trouble controlling my erections around her best friend.

It worked like a charm.

I heard both Aubrey and Katrina laugh as my cock surged to full hardness in just a few heartbeats, while I was standing in full view at the sink. I spun away and tried to focus on getting the pasta sauce out of the corners of the pan, and not on how good Katrina looked hogtied and ball-gagged on a bed.

“So I was just telling Dave I wanted to get out this weekend. Do something different.”

“Like a club?” Kat said, pulling her shirt down to normal and picking up her wine again.

“No, I'd rather not get groped by five frat boys again on the dance floor all night,” Aubrey laughed, swirling her wine. “Although that muscular one did have a way with his fingers under the table...”

We had agreed that Aubrey could flirt with other men if she wanted.

While my definition of flirting was a shared joke or slight touch of the hand on a leg, hers was anything that two people could possibly do, short of actual or oral sex.

“I let him slip my panties off and then he sold them on eBay the next day!” Aubrey finished. “No, Kat, let's do something more classy this weekend.”

Katrina considered this for a moment. “It's almost Halloween- doesn't your company hold some sort of fancy shareholder dinner this time every year?”

I could almost hear Aubrey rolling her eyes. “That stupid thing? I've worked there three years and I've never gone to it once. It's a costume party.”


“So what are we, ten years old?”

“You never dressed up for a college costume party?” Kat laughed. “Junior year I dressed up as 'Little Blow Peep', with just a shepherd's staff, two pasties over my nipples, and a short lace skirt that blew up to show my bare pussy and ass every third step. God, that outfit helped me get so much oral sex that night!”

I grunted in pain as my penis filled past design capacity, imagining Katrina dressed like that and getting eaten out by a long line of suitors. Both women chuckled before going back to their conversation.

“Of course I did stuff like that. Back then,” Aubrey sighed. “But we're not those young, carefree girls anymore. I'm twenty-six now, and I work in an office. It's hard enough getting away with my required daily dose of cock teasing with HR reps on every other floor. If I tried to pull something like that at a shareholder meeting, I'd get fired!” Aubrey took another sip of her wine, then said, “Although...”

Katrina seized on it right away. “Although what?”

“The owner of the company, Hank Youngman, when he goes around every year announcing the costume party, he does this thing, where he winks at all the cute women and says, 'And remember, ladies... costumes are always optional'. Someone told me that back in the seventies, Hank pressured some of the young secretaries and got them to show up to the shareholder costume party basically nude, and so he says that every year to us, trying to get it to happen again.”

“Pig,” Kat spat. “You should report this guy to HR!”

“He's the owner of the company, Kat. You can't report him to HR.”

“Still, you should teach him a lesson!”

My girlfriend swished her wine around in her glass again.

“Meh. He's older now, so it's kind of cute in a way. It's not like he's asking for blow jobs in our yearly reviews.” She giggled. Maybe the wine was getting to her. “Now, if I brought YOU to the party as 'Nude Cinderella' in nothing but glass slippers and a tiara,
THAT would definitely get me a promotion! He really likes blondes.”

My cock was aching so hard, imagining Katrina in that outfit, that I almost missed what my girlfriend's friend said next.

“Davey's blond,” Kat giggled. “You should take him to the party nude instead.”

Drying dishes, I waited for Aubrey's uproarious laughter in response to Katrina's obvious joke.

It didn't come.

I spun around and Aubrey had her 'thoughtful' face on. Which was slowly turning into a wicked grin. “You know...”

“You can't be serious!” I cried.

Aubrey laughed and drained her drink. “Hank does always say, 'costumes were optional'!”

Katrina giggled, eyeing my rock hard cock. “And Davey's definitely used to being naked.”

I blushed and held a dish towel over my cock and balls. “Aubrey, come on! Not in public! We AGREED that-”

“Take our glasses, Dave,” Aubrey said in a low, commanding voice, one that I had learned to never, ever talk over. “We're done with them. And lose that towel. Now.”

Heart pounding, I did, hanging the dish towel up and walking totally nude to the table where they sat. When I leaned past Katrina to pick up her glass, my erection could feel the heat coming off her face.

“Well... I should go,” Katrina giggled, watching my stiff cock bounce just inches from her lips, then blew a puff of air over my tip as if she was blowing out a birthday candle. My knees almost buckled.

“Bye Davey,” she laughed, deftly avoiding touching me in any way as she leaned forward to air-kiss both of Aubrey's cheeks. “And let me know if this costume party becomes a thing- I can totally borrow some stuff from work for my outfit!”

“Oh, we're going,” Aubrey chuckled as Katrina breezed to the door. My girlfriend was looking right at me as I took her empty glass. “You can count on that.”


Two hours later we were getting ready for sleep, meaning Aubrey was wearing a sleep-shirt and sitting on the edge of the bed, and I was kneeling on the carpet with her legs over my shoulders, licking her pussy in exactly the ways she had trained me.

When Aubrey had gotten her orgasms for the night, she let her thighs stop squeezing my ears so much, but didn't move her legs from my shoulders. She looked down at me and tousled my hair, messing it up on purpose.

“We're going to this party, you know.”

“Yes Mistress, but I'd like to wear a normal costume! Not be nude!”

After 9 PM, I always had to call her Mistress, no matter where we were.

“Katrina and I will pick out your costume, you don't have to worry your little head about that. We'll make sure to pick something that will make quite the splash.”

“Please Mistress! I don't WANT to be naked in public-”

“As Katrina can tell you from her line of work, there's a big difference between being naked in public...”- Aubrey grinned- “...and being practically naked in public. There's going to be stuffy bankers and their trophy wives and all the people I work with coming to this thing. I can't have you prancing around there totally buck naked, now can I?”

Somehow, I felt that was a victory, even if not a total one, and I exhaled in relief.
“Thank you Mistress.”

She laughed and messed up my hair again, pushing it against the grain. “So, pet, are you excited about the idea of being practically naked around hundreds of people in just a few days from now?”

I swallowed. “I don't know, Mistress!”

She laughed. “Don't you? I saw you sneak in a few strokes of that naughty cock while you were licking me. You're really horned up by this idea, aren't you?”

I blushed. “Maybe.”

Aubrey slid one of her smooth feet along my back, making one of her even smoother thighs rub the side of my face. “Isn't it your biggest fantasy?”

I blushed even harder. “Maybe! But the line between having a fantasy and doing it in reality-”

“Is a thin one,” she laughed. “If you're lucky.”

She unhooked her legs off my shoulders and looked down at my hard, heavy cock, dripping untouched below her. “Now, tomorrow's your release day, isn't it?”

“Yes Mistress!”

“But you've been such a good boy, agreeing to go to my big office party practically naked... you deserve a treat. Would you like help relieving that tension so you can get to sleep tonight?”

I exhaled in a rush. “Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress!”

“Stand up.”

I did, my dripping cock right in her face. And with a smile, Aubrey reached into her nightstand to get my steel chastity belt.

“Here we go,” she laughed, enjoying watching my face fall as she slipped the steel ring behind my bursting blue balls. “The perfect way to remove my pet's tension so he doesn't have to think about his naughty cock or its naughty needs all night.”

She used her fingernails on my cock and balls, hard enough to leave faint marks, giggling as the pain made me deflate enough to fit into the small steel cage. Then she shut the lock and kissed my cheek before turning off the light.

“I left your key at work, pet, so anticipate wearing the belt until the night of the party, at the very least.”


Of course I was useless at work all week, distracted thinking of all the horrible 'barely-legal' costume ideas Aubrey and Katrina might invent for me and struggling with caged erections whenever a moderately attractive woman walked by. At home wasn't much better, as Aubrey usually dressed a little cuter and more cheerleader/preppy during my extended chastity periods, because she knew me so well.

About two nights before the party, Katrina came over again.

“Cute jewlery, Davey,” she giggled, as my shiny cage bounced around my straining cock, while I brought her and Aubrey some drinks in the living room. “Glad to see you're still getting so much use out of it!”

She had bought the steel chastity cage for Aubrey, using her 20% employee discount on the website. Without Katrina, Aubrey would have probably gotten a plastic one. Kat slipped off her ballet flats and tucked her slim feet where I could see them, making my small cage even tighter.

I blushed, then looked up at Aubrey.

“Why don't you go to bed, pet? The adults are going to talk about our costumes for this Friday and it's nearly your beddy bye time already.”

It was 7:30.

I blushed again and walked off, as I heard Katrina giggling behind me.

In bed I tossed and turned, nude with a caged hard-on, imagining what the girls might be laughing so loudly about in the living room. And then, around 10 PM, Aubrey rushed in without a word and pulled up her sleep shirt to straddle my face.

She was soaking wet and came in under fifteen seconds from my tongue.

That was a very bad sign.


Friday night, the day of the party, I was stripping in the foyer after work when Aubrey came in, and gave me gentle kiss and my own glass of wine. That was different.

“Shower and shave everything,” she giggled, unlocking my chastity belt and pushing me towards the bathroom, taking the wine glass from my hand on the way.

I had barely been able to steal a sip.

I took my time on my cock and balls, making myself totally bare as Aubrey enjoyed, then paused with the razor below my underarms.

What did everything mean?

Underarms, okay.

Chest? There wasn't much there to begin with, but I did anyway.

Legs? She couldn't really mean...

I gulped. It was better just to do it; I was a few days past my scheduled release already; no reason to risk Aubrey's anger in any way!

I blushed, then took the extra time to make myself smooth and hairless from my ankles to my ears.

When my shaved legs slid against each other, it felt like two woman's legs and the electric shiver almost made me cum right then. I shut the shower off at once, before I was tempted to stroke any more than I had while shaving.

I dried myself roughly with the towel just to get farther from the edge, and I was less than half hard when I walked out of the bathroom, to see Aubrey and Katrina laying out their costumes on the bed.

“Oh, hey Davey,” the tall blonde giggled, then gasped as she looked me over. “Wow! You look so smooth! I just want to get naked, dip myself in baby oil and slide my body all over you!”

Both women laughed as the erection I had struggled to lose came roaring back with a vengeance.

“Hey Kat,” I gulped, blushing as my dick saluted her yet again.

Aubrey was in a bathrobe, doing her make-up. “I just meant shave your face and crotch!” she laughed, feeling my hairless ass. “Now you're REALLY going to have some questions to answer when everyone sees you tonight!” I just groaned and she laughed again. “Now help me get into my dress.”

It wasn't so much of a dress as it was a... semi-sheer white curtain with a gold fringe. And it didn't hug her body like stitched clothing, but instead was draped around her shoulders and arms and waist like an Indian sari. Katrina added some exotic-looking gold earrings, bracelets and anklets to go with the fringe and the end effect was an outfit that looked regal and imperious, while still letting Aubrey definitively demonstrate that she wasn't wearing a single thing under it, if she moved in just the right way.

“I love how it shows off the side of your hip and chest!” Katrina giggled, tracing the bare line that ran from my girlfriend's ankle to her armpit. “Side boob is so sexy!”

“I can't believe I'll be going to a fancy office party not even wearing a bra or panties,” Aubrey laughed, doing a few turns in front of the mirror. She used the mirror to catch my eye. “I'll just feel so... naked!”

The girls laughed as I blushed again, my cock throbbing.

“So what are you supposed to be again?” I asked, fighting the urge not to touch myself.

“I am Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!” she boomed, stepping into some stiletto heels that an Egyptian living in 40 A.D. probably wouldn't have worn. Then Katrina added a little tiara/headband thing that had a two inch blue and gold snake rising up from above Aubrey's forehead and I had to admit, Aubrey made a pretty decent Cleopatra.

“Can Davey help me put on my outfit now?” Katrina giggled, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a Victoria Secret's push up bra holding two very perky handful-sized tits.

My hands were shaking as she then unbuttoned her tight jeans and started to shimmy out of them, revealing a tiny purple thong and ass cheeks that could start a war.

“What, um, do you want me to-”

“As if!” Aubrey laughed, and slid her sleeping mask over my eyes, blinding me.


Aubrey had me sit in a chair, sleeping mask still on, and handcuffed my hands behind the chair as Katrina dressed. Even without sight, the conversation was enough to keep my dick at its previous level of hardness.

“Oh god Kat, that's all you're going to wear!? There won't be a soft cock in the house!”

“That's the plan!” the blond giggled. “Should be good advertising for the new line, don't you think? Maybe a lot of the women have young daughters that they want to keep pure?”

Oh god, she was going to wear one of her chastity belts to the party! Was she going to wear it with jeans, so the top peeked out? Or maybe with a short skirt, flashing everyone the steel between her legs as she danced-

“Okay, Davey, it's time to put on your bronzer now,” Aubrey said, somewhere off to my right.

“What?” I pulled against the handcuffs, but of course Aubrey held the only key. “I... I don't think I need that!”

“I'm Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile! I can't have a slave with pasty skin!” she laughed, and a hand slapped some sort of liquid onto my right pec and started rubbing it in. “Help me with this, Kat, or it'll take all night.”

I jerked as a second set of hands started applying the liquid to my left pec and shoulders, rubbing it in lovingly.

“You sure he needs this?” Katrina asked. “Maybe he could be a house slave.”

“Egyptians still have darker skin than this, Kat.”


I swallowed as both sets of hands disappeared, then returned to rub my feet, with more liquid in their palms.

“Wow- his legs are smoother than half the girls I model with!” Kat giggled. “Instead of a barely dressed slave boy, why don't we make him a sexy schoolgirl in panties and stockings instead?”

“Maybe next year,” Aubrey chuckled, as both sets of hands worked their way past my knees.

I was tense, blind, not daring to move. They were rubbing my thighs now! It felt so good! How long until-

A slippery set of hands started applying bronzer to my cock and balls, stroking my length up and down with soft, practiced skill.

“Oh fuccck!”

“I think he likes this,” Katrina giggled from in front of me.

“Who wouldn't,” Aubrey laughed back. Her hands on my cock were stroking, stroking, stroking me from root to tip, while her other hand lovingly caressed my heavy balls.
“Don't cum now Davey. I would be SO fucking pissed if you did.”

I grunted, trying to hold back. She always knew how to stroke me!

Aubrey's hands had been my main sexual release for years. My cock inside her was only for special occasions, and her dildos inside me never made me cum, even though she kept trying. So the vast majority of my spurts with Aubrey had been at the mercy of her skilled fingers, and she had me trained to respond to them like a drooling dog.

The other set of hands, Katrina's, moved to rubbing bronzer on my left arm.

“Do you think the other girls will laugh at the size of Davey's penis?” she giggled, as the hands on my cock continued their slippery erotic torture. I was breathing like I had just run a mile, trying so hard not to cum.

“Probably,” Aubrey laughed. “But that will just make him harder.” The set of hands on my arm disappeared. “You finish up here, Kat. I've got to check on something.”

My worldview shattered into a thousand pieces as I heard Aubrey's high heeled steps click away on our hardwood floors, while the two slippery hands stroking my desperate penis remained.

“I told her you wouldn't be able to tell,” Kat giggled, her soft voice coming from right in front of me. “She tells me the way she strokes you often enough, and well, I get a lot of practice with men on my own.”

Every nerve in my cock was alive. My girlfriend was letting her hot best friend stroke my cock! I tried to remember every sensation, storing it in my mind forever!

“I think she's a little pissed that you couldn't tell though,” Kat whispered to me, her strokes getting as soft as her voice. “You better be extra good to her tonight. A perfect little slave for Cleopatra while you're at the party. A practically nude slave, in front of everyone there...”

“Oh god, Kat, please! I'm going to cum!”

The hands disappeared at once, and I throbbed, right on the edge, but safe.

“You're such a good boyfriend,” Katrina giggled. “Most men would have just cum in my hands. I would have kept stroking.” I heard a rustle off to my right. “The bottle says we have to wait fifteen minutes. Hang tight, Davey.”

I heard her bare feet pad out of the room, and I was sure the thought of what had just happened would keep me hard until she came back.


Some unknowable amount of time later, I heard soft female footsteps pad back into the room with me. Slippery female hands gripped and stroked my half hard cock again, pulling me to hardness and making me squirm in the chair. I felt manicured fingernails lightly pressing into my full shaved balls.

“Aubrey,” I panted.

“Good boy,” she chuckled, increasing the pressure of her nails into my nuts. “Guessed wrong again, I would have had you in your cage until New Year's and beyond.”

My stomach flip-flopped even as her hands worked their magic. With Aubrey, that was no idle threat.

“Now that all of you is the right color,” she laughed, bringing my cock back to the edge of orgasm again, “would you like to put on the rest of your costume?”

“Yes, please!”

The sleep mask came off and I blinked at the sudden light.

Katrina was standing behind Aubrey wearing furry gray knee-high boots, a steel female chastity belt with fur-trimmed panties underneath, and metal cups and fur strips over her chest and breasts.


“I am Zoradak, Warrior Queen from the Northern Ice!” she laughed, standing tall in her boots. “Here to abduct the men of your country for breeding!”

Aubrey had been right; if Katrina worked it right, there wasn't going to be a soft cock in the house!

“Um...” I forced myself to look away, to the waiting Aubrey, who was going to inspire a lot of tight pants and wet panties herself. “You were saying, about the rest of my costume?”

Aubrey undid my handcuffs, put a slave collar and leash around my neck, holding the thin leather lead in her hand.

“Do we even need to give him the loincloth, Kat, or do you think this is enough?”

“Aubrey!” I cried, my face turning red.

When they stopped giggling and my face was fully red, she waved at the other girl.

“Show him, Kat.”

The tall blond pulled what looked like a rack of blue and gold beads out of her purse.

“What is that?” I demanded.

“Your loincloth!” she chirped, starting to tie it around my waist. “I sewed it today between shoots!” She arranged the scandalously skimpy garment over my half-hard boner and bare butt.

Just like Aubrey, I was bare at the hips, just the string of the loincloth stretching between front and back. A front which was ten bead strips wide, barely two hand widths wide, and the back was only five marble-sized beads across, about a hand width itself.

“I can't wear this outside!” I cried, turning in the mirror to see that most of my buttcheeks were still bare. “I'd be-”

I stopped when I realized.

“Practically naked!” the girls sang in unison, and I shivered, fearing what was going to happen tonight.

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Heck yes.
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Default Definitely!

I love it!
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Awesome start! Sounds like a fun party!!!
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Default loving it, loving it!

thank you!

do you have a picture from google images of the garment you have in mind for him by chance?

respect pet
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Count me as another vote for keeping this going. It's off to a great start.
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