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Old 09-30-2012, 09:58 PM
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Default Teaser's Divorce (Story)

Teaser's Divorce

This is a transcript of my webtease, which you can see at http://www.milovana.com/webteases/sh...e.php?id=18047.

So, are you all packed?

Well hurry up! You know I want you out of my house by five o'clock today! So go finish packing!

Awww, don't cry, baby! You know that the divorce becomes final tomorrow, and you agreed to move out today...
Look, acting that way isn't going to help you any. I've made up my mind already!

Yes, I know tomorrow was supposed to be our tenth anniversary!

Look, there's no use whining about it! I'm not going to change my mind now.

Oh come on! You know I hate seeing you cry and whine like that...

Look, maybe you should get yourself all excited, just one last time? That always takes your mind off your troubles, doesn't it?

That's it, baby. You sit down over there, and take out that poor, denied cock of yours!

Very good...

Wait! Slow down now! I thought you had learned years ago that you can't stroke so fast! You know you're not permitted to have an orgasm!

Yes, of course I know you were hoping for something special on our anniversary, tomorrow, baby...

Aw, don't be that way. Look I promise I'll arrange something so you won't be so sad tomorrow, but I'll tell you all about it later, okay?

OK; maybe it will help if I go over what I've been thinking, and explain my reasons to you one last time...

No! No, I already said I'm not going to reconsider...

Yes, I see you down there on your knees begging me, and stroking your aching cock, but a rule's a rule, don't you agree?

Oh, ten years later and only *now* you're asking why I'm such a cock-tease?

I don't know, baby, it's just my nature....

Say, do you remember when I asked you on that first date ten and a half years ago?

That's right. Do you remember when you came to pick me up and I was wearing my tiger fur top and a very short jean mini-skirt?

Ah, you do remember that! Good...

Well, you remember the way I looked at you that night? Well, that was the real me -- the cock-tease!

Yes, that's right. I did plan to tease you!

You see, I knew I'd only be interested in you if you were good teasing material. And I could tell you were really shy and hesitant around a beautiful girl like me, so I knew I was going to have fun teasing you that night!

It wasn't hard to get you to agree to sit a while on the porch with me, was it?

Of course, baby. I *did* know you would agree...

Don't be silly, baby. I wasn't taking advantage of you then. I did that with all the boys!

That first night, did you suspect that I could see where your eyes are looking?

Oh yes, I can! It's essential for teasing boys, I think.

No, it's not unfair! You see, it just lets me know if what I'm doing is having the desired cock-stiffening effect on you!

Oh yes, I certainly did see how hard you got looking at my ass!

That's when I knew I was going to have fun that evening!

Oh? You didn't enjoy it?

Well, that's not what I thought back then...

Your eyes got so wide when I took off my skirt! You looked just like our little puppy dog looks when I reach for his treat box!

And I could tell your eyes were glued to my ass!

Yes, I could tell, of course! That's when I stated to really enjoy being with you for the first time...

But you know, that also should have been your first clue that I was a cock-teaser...

That's right, you didn't get anything that night, did you? I just keep talking to you, and teasing you, all the while you tried to look at my pussy through my lacy black panties... Do you remember how *slow* our conversation went?

Oh, no, I *really* enjoyed it! I knew from experience that time always works in my favor when I'm teasing a boy -- especially a shy one like you!

How does it work? Well, you feel the pressure building in your cock, and you get all anxious! Your primitive instincts take over, and your cock makes you more and more horny. You look at my panties, and over time you're able to make out more and more details of my pussy...

And with my pussy attracting your attention, you get more and more embarrassed as you stumble in your conversation!

And the more you stumble in conversation, the more anxious you feel...

And when you feel anxious, you look around for a mother figure...

And there I am! You can't help notice my breasts, which you start looking at as a source of comfort...

That's the stage at which I started playing with the strings holding my top together... Do you remember that?

Oh, I remember that moment very well. I was starting to worry that you were going to have an orgasm right then and there, just from seeing me! That really got me excited, and gave me something to shoot for, so to speak! (giggles)

That's when I started to ask those embarrassing questions. Do you remember?

Yes, I asked: 'do you *always* get a big erection like that when you see a pretty girl like me?'

Oh, yes, I just loved your reaction! You were so shy and embarrassed: it was perfect!

And then I asked: 'how often do you masturbate and think about me?' Do you remember that?

Oh no! Finding out why you *never* got to masturbate was great!

I couldn't believe that you lived at home with a very strict step-mother, who didn't allow you to masturbate! That was the icing on the cake for me!

Do you remember that I told you what I really felt about that? That it was perfect for me that you didn't masturbate?

But I didn't tell you why, did I?

No, of course not dear. But you soon learned, didn't you?

That's right, dear, but you found out what I was really like only later...

At the time, I said that I had better cover up some, since I was sure you couldn't handle seeing me mostly naked!

And then you surprised me: you started begging me not to get more dressed!

Did you know that really started to turn me on?

Of course, I didn't show it. My pride as a cock-teaser wouldn't allow it!

No, you know that! If you want something, then I'm going to deny it to you! That's why I kept getting dressed, even though your begging was getting me more and more turned on!

Since I was so interested by then, that's when I made up my mind to have you take me to that romantic movie all the girls were talking about!

Yes, that's the one! You remember -- good boy! Well, I knew that no self-respecting guy would be caught dead in that movie, so I got to see it and also learned how much of a pushover you were...

That's right, baby -- you're a *total* pushover!

As we dated a bit, I got more and more excited by teasing you!

I'd wear the most short skirts, and tops that emphasized my breasts... And I could see you getting terribly turned on as I watched you looking me over....

I knew your stepmother disapproved...

But you know, she wasn't exactly a model of propriety herself!

That's right! I think she wanted to keep you all to herself so she could tease and deny you!

Anyway, when she was saying about how terribly revealing my clothes were, I could see it made you think I was even more alluring!

And all the time, I knew you couldn't masturbate to relieve the aching, horny feeling I was building in you!

Oh no! It got me tremendously excited! When I'd go home after one of our dates, I would masturbate wildly thinking about how you couldn't relieve the pressure on your cock!

As time went on, I got more and more excited as I saw how turned on you were getting: all without hope of release!

That was what made me realize that I wanted to marry you...

The thought of taking total control over your sex life was very exciting for me! Suddenly I just realized how much I wanted that, and how disappointed I would be if some other girl got her clutches into you!

And once I set my mind to it, it didn't take very long for you to get down on your knees and propose to me, did it?

That's right, we had only been dating for 2 months! I bet you thought your poor cock was going to explode by then, didn't you?

And you were so excited after our wedding, weren't you?

Yes, I know. You thought you were finally going to have sex, and your cock was just itching to be inside my pussy, wasn't it?

And I actually dreamed about giving you sex lessons, and helping you experience the wonders of sex with me -- really!

No, that's right. I didn't do that, did I?

Why? Well, when I first started undressing, I could see how excited you were getting, and my old cock-teasing ways took over!

No, I didn't plan it. In fact, it was kind of whim, I just made it up on our wedding night!

I saw how turned on you were. And so I told you that it really turned me on to see how excited you were getting. I said that I didn't want to spoil that all at once, so I asked for you to let me take charge of your sexual education....

And I've kept my word haven't I?

No, really I have: I taught you all about sex!

Well, yes, that's right, I didn't teach you the joy of having an orgasm, but I taught you everything else...

Poor baby, you didn't even know what an orgasm was then, did you?

Yes, I know you have heard what an orgasm is -- now. And you've certainly seen *me* experience orgasms -- many, many orgasms!

Yes, I know, but I wish those guys at your work had never told you about what an orgasm is supposed to be like! That was very mean of them, spoiling your education like that!

You know, I really loved those first few years of our marriage, when it was like we were still dating...

You were so horny all the time! And I could tease you in the most subtle of ways! All I had to do was give you a look while I was lounging by the pool...

And if I would play with my bikini top, then your boner would start leaking pre-cum!

Ah, those were the days! Back then it didn't take much to turn up the pressure on your poor, teased and denied cock!

Seeing you so excited, and knowing that you had no hope of relief, that would always make me really hot!

That's what kept me happy and interested, you know...

I was bringing you along very slowly, and so after our wedding night I never let you see me completely naked.

That's right! Even when we went to sleep in the same bed, I would wear some sheer, lacy lingerie...

And we would kiss until you couldn't take it anymore, do you remember that?

Oh yes, you'd always be the one who had to beg me to stop kissing! I never wanted to stop, because I was getting more and more turned on as you became ever more frustrated!

Did you know that sometimes your frustration would get me me so turned on, that I would have to masturbate to release the tension?

Did you know I did experiments to find out what turned you on the most?

Of course not, I didn't want you to know! But I was figured out what lipstick turned you on, what makeup got you most excited, and what perfume left you breathless!

Oh yes, I did. It didn't take long before I learned all your secrets, and found out how to cause you the most frustration during our long kissing sessions!

I used to really enjoy your begging, when you'd tell me how much frustration you were feeling! That was the greatest thing for me!

That's right, then I'd laugh and tell you that we didn't have to kiss so much if it was causing you trouble!

Silly boy, if only you had only known just how much that frustration was what I wanted from you!

Did you know how happy your sighs, moans, and begging were making me then?

Yes, those were indeed very good days. I knew you were happy being my tease toy, and very excited by it!

Not to mention that your suffering always got my juices flowing!

Did you know I'd often masturbate right there on the bed beside you while you were sleeping?

Oh yes, I did! When I'd masturbate myself while you were asleep, the thought of you waking up and seeing me got me even more turned on!

Unfortunately, after those guys at your work told you about masturbation, you reminded me that I had said that I would 'teach you all about sex'...

Do you remember the night I first taught you how to masturbate?

That's right, I sat you down in the living room, and had you take your pants and underwear off, just like you're doing now...

I asked what your friends had told you about masturbation, and you got very worked up recounting it to me...

No... I *didn't* approve, did I?

That's right. I told you how depraved and base your friends were, and that masturbation was not to be used to have an orgasm, but to enhance your feelings towards your wife.

That's right, and that's the way it has been, right up until today, hasn't it?

Remember how I had you lean back, and I told you how to stroke your cock?

That's right, stroke it very slowly!

Yes, that's right. It did turn out very well in the end, since we both found it very exciting...

I remember thinking that you were really going to suffer for finding out about masturbation... and you have suffered, haven't you?

That's right. It didn't take me long to find out how to get you on the edge, and keep you there!

Yes, baby, all my pretty posing, got you very frustrated, didn't it?

Pretty soon, I couldn't help myself either, and I started to finger my clitoris as I watched you suffer -- slowly stroking your cock!

And I just like happened so many times after that, I had to remind you to slow down and not stroke so fast!

That's right, I have to make sure you don't have an orgasm now, don't I?

I know, it's *very* hard, baby...

And just when you feel like you can't stand it any more, when you're begging me to stop, that's when I show you more skin!

You don't really want to stop now, do you, baby?

No, I didn't let you stop, did I? You know, it really turned me on to think about how I was going to use your masturbation to make you more and more frustrated!

I couldn't help masturbating myself, just thinking about how you were going to be doing this all the time from now on!

Yes, I could speed up my masturbation as much as I wanted to, unlike you...

I explained all that too -- I'm sure you remember -- the woman in a relationship is in charge!

No, I knew you wouldn't stop then. The prospect of seeing my naked breasts was too much of a turn on for you, wasn't it?

That's right, you'd been aching to see them again for so long!

Yes, I know. It felt so good to be stroking your cock while you looked at my naked tits, didn't it?

You know, it really turned me on too, watching you struggle. I could *see* the frustration building in that poor denied cock of yours...

Yes, I know it was *very* frustrating not being able to stroke faster -- you wanted to *so* desperately, didn't you?

That's right! I kept you at it for a very long time, didn't I?

Then just when you were really about to quit, I teased you with something even more enticing than my naked breasts, the prospect of seeing my pussy!

Yes, I know, I'm such a tease! Even though we were married for three years at that time, you had never once seen my naked pussy, had you?

I know, I started stripping my panties off while I was turned around, just to tease you even more!

I loved watching you while I was stripping and teasing you! Your eyes got so big and wide! And you had to struggle even more to keep stroking at the slow pace I had prescribed...

I know, and even when I turned around, your view of my naked pussy was blocked!

I just *loved* hearing you beg while I was hiding my naked pussy from your view!

I just kept thinking that you were the perfect tease toy! A real man would have gotten up and fucked me right then and there, but not you! Oh no, your reactions always were just what I wanted them to be!

I couldn't believe how much you would go along with being teased out of your mind!

I mean, didn't you even *think* about getting up and ramming your poor, denied cock into my pussy?

No, of course not! You didn't even consciously know that was possible did you?

'Consciously?' Well, I say that because I'm sure that, subconsciously, you had some kind of primitive, ancestral instinct or memory of fucking. Your cock must have been subconsciously imagining me, all naked, shoved down on the pillows and ready to be fucked!

Oh yes, I'm sure that's what your cock craved and desired, as it got more and more frustrated!

I know, you poor baby! But instead of a satisfying fuck, all you got was more instruction in masturbation!

That's right, it was cruel. The more you stroked your cock, ever so slowly, the more frustrated you got!

But you eventually learned to love that feeling of teased frustration, didn't you?

Oh come on! I know you did! You even wanted to keep going when I was ready to stop and have you take me out to a nice dinner!

No, I didn't order you to keep stroking... On the contrary, I teased you about not being able to stop!

Don't you remember me asking you if you were hungry?

Yes, finally you did stop, but only because I insisted you put your cock away and take me out to dinner!

You know, I think that first masturbation session gave me lots of ideas.

Well, you know by now! It made me think how much fun it was going to be to totally control and deny you!

No, stop that crying! Look: just keep stroking your cock slowly -- you'll feel better like you always do!

Boy, those were happy years, weren't they?

You'd come home after work, and I'd be so hot to start teasing you that sometimes I'd meet you in the garage...

I loved the way you would start looking at me: so hungry and anxious...

That made it really exciting for me! I never knew if suddenly you would suddenly be so aroused that your animal instincts would take over...

I sometimes had nightmares that you were capable of stripping all my clothes off and fucking me!

But that was silly of me, wasn't it?

No, all I had to do was to show you a tiny bit more skin, like raising the hem of my ultra-short mini-skirt a bit, and you turned into the same submissive hubby I always knew!

Then the serious teasing started...

I'd ask how your day was, as I watched your erection grow bigger and start to throb!

It never failed to get me more excited as I saw just how much you were in my thrall...

God! I just loved teasing your cock!

On days when I was particularly horny, I wouldn't even let you get up the stairs before asking you to take out your cock for me!

A little more skin was all the encouragement you needed...

'I bet you'd like to stroke that for me, wouldn't you?' I'd say...

And it wouldn't take hardly anything to get you to do it!

I just loved watching you debase yourself, and make yourself even more frustrated, before you even got up the stairs!

Because then I knew it was going to be a very good night for teasing you!

Or, if I really wanted to tease you, then I'd suggest that you take me to a very expensive restaurant...

And you could hardly refuse, could you? Even though you never got any release for your poor, denied cock!

You were always very excited and *so* cooperative. All because your cock was still hoping for some action -- even just an orgasm!

But if I was in a sadistic mood, I'd just lead you upstairs, while slowly stripping my skirt off...

You were always anxious to follow me, weren't you?

Yes, I know, you became my little puppy dog -- always hoping for a treat, but never getting it!

'Don't put your cock back in your pants!' I'd order.

No, I wanted to see first hand just how much it was throbbing and leaking!

I know, and by then you were perfectly trained in that slow stroking technique you're doing right now!

That's right. When you stroked your cock for me like that, you would only make yourself more frustrated!

And then after dinner, or once I got you upstairs, I'd have more fun!

You were always so turned on, that getting you to start masturbating again was easy. I'd just suggest it while I played with the hem of my dress -- so simple!

You poor baby -- my pussy became the object of all your cock's hopes and fantasies!

I only had to show you a bit more thigh, and you'd get even more turned on. Your eyes were glued between my legs as you masturbated for me -- on your knees!

Not that my breasts were any less fascinating to you. Oh no!

But you only got to see my breasts when you were stroking, and turned on, and so soon they were practically a fetish for you!

You would get yourself right to the edge of orgasm as I played with my breasts, even though they were still mostly covered up by my dress...

Did you know how hard my nipples were getting watching you get yourself so worked up over me?

Seeing you struggle, and knowing how much more you would suffer was so exciting to me that often I had to force myself to calm down...

It wouldn't do if your teasing wife just let you do whatever you wanted, would it?

No baby, you've got to keep stroking it the right way! Nice and slow, so that it feels really good, and then starts to ache more and more...

I can't remember how many times I'd have to peel your fingers off your cock, and show you how to stroke it properly...

Did you like my soft, teasing strokes, baby?

Yes, I know, that always got you *so* frustrated! I just *love* doing that to you!

I guess that extra frustration was punishment enough, because eventually you learned to do it right, no matter how much I was teasing you...

But still, I always watched you like a hawk...

No, I didn't mind, baby. In fact, I loved seeing how my tease was affecting you...

You know what? I just love it that when I reveal my panties, you struggle even more, and start moaning and begging! That really gets my juices flowing!

And after I taught you how to think about worshiping me with every stroke, it was great to see you develop such an affection for each part of my body!

You would worship my ass until you were right on the edge....

Then you would worship my legs until you were ready to die for the opportunity to kiss them...

And after that I'd tease you with my breasts...

Poor baby, you wanted your mother badly by that time didn't you?

I know. But I was always very slow in undressing and teasing you, wasn't I?

That was when I'd get you to promise to buy me new things, or to take me out to a fancy restaurant...

And when I got what I wanted, I'd tease you some more by showing my breasts to you...

You couldn't take your eyes off of them as you worshiped their perfect form...

And yet, even after all that suffering and struggling, usually for hours, I would still find ways to make you ache even more, wouldn't I?

Seeing you nearly beside yourself with aching frustration, I couldn't help but play with my gorgeous body more...

But that was okay, because I knew that would just make it harder on you -- poor baby!

I'd have to remind you to try to control yourself, when I finally took off my dress...

And I'd get you to promise to control yourself and keep stroking at that agonizing slow pace, saying:

'Be a good boy, and behave yourself now, okay?'

But seeing me mostly naked, with you trying to glimpse my pussy through my lacy panties, always got you very worked up...

I just loved seeing those struggles, as I would have to say 'slow down, baby!'

I can be so cruel sometimes, can't I?

Yes, that's right. I would often tease you even more by playing with my nipples as I felt how hard they had gotten...

And I loved making you think I was going to take off my panties each time.

Each time you thought that I would really show you my pussy then, didn't you?

Oh, I got such a turn on from teasing you about whether I was going to show it to you!

There you were, doing your worship strokes, not knowing whether to beg harder or to try to control your enthusiasm...

And then I'd act like I was going to do it -- to finally show you the object of your subconscious desires!

Oh! But not that time! (giggles)

I just had so much fun teasing you! You'd fall for it every time!

And every night, we'd kiss until you were begging me to stop...

Then you'd go to bed all hard and frustrated, right next to your super-hot, cock-teasing wife! Poor baby!

On our fifth anniversary, I decided it was time for you to see my pussy....

Yes, I did get something out of it too, of course. It was an anniversary present for both of us!

I got you all worked up in the usual way, with you slowly stroking your cock while I did a strip-tease for you...

I must have been talking about your present too much, because I could see you were very excited....

When you first got a glimpse of my tits, I had to remind you to slow down your stroking! You were almost getting out of control!

But that was fun for me, and I kept teasing you until you were on the edge of orgasm, while I stripped ever so slowly....

Then as my bra was completely off, I could see you were *so* close, and *so* frustrated, that I just had to tease you some more, saying:

'I don't know, you seem almost out of control, do you think you can handle your anniversary present?'

And you slowed down your strokes even more like the good boy you are, and begged me for it...

And then, as I watched you very carefully, after 5 years, I finally began to tease you with your first glimpses of my pussy!

I said:

'You see this, baby?'

You nodded, transfixed...

'This is going to be the object of your worship from now on!'

And I made you wait for a good view, didn't I?

But I'm a good wife, and this time, since it was your anniversary present, I finally did let you see it!

Ever so slowly, as you worshiped my pussy with your strokes, ever so slowly it came into view....

Then you got carried away, and I had to pry your fingers away from your cock and take control of it with my hand.

I teasingly showed you how to make proper worship strokes as I watched you beg and moan under my cruel, taunting, teasing hand!

Yes, baby. When you had learned your lesson, I went back to teasing you with my pussy...

And you went back to using your hand to frustrate yourself even more!

Showing you my pussy lips, I told you that this is where your cock would go... eventually.

I told you that my pussy was what your cock desired, where it longed to be, where it could find its ultimate release from frustration in utter bliss...

You wanted to see it up close, and I was happy to oblige, by teaching you how to give me cunnilingus...

I kept you at it for a long time as you gave me orgasm after orgasm!

And I didn't neglect you, did I?

No, I used my feet to keep your cock on the brink of orgasm, so that you would be very excited while eating my pussy...

But then you started asking more questions about sex -- how your cock would work inside my pussy.

I had to think about how to show you, because it wasn't yet time for that...

So I fetched a vibrator, and said:

'If you can be a good boy, and stroke slowly while you watch this, then I'll show you how it works with this vibrator.'

You agreed, of course...

I said:

'You see all that pre-cum dripping from your cock?'

You nodded...

'Think of this vibrator as your cock. First it gets all wet like that...'

Then I lewdly licked the vibrator...

You asked me if I would ever lick your cock like that...

I coyly said 'maybe, someday...' and let the thought sink in deeply....

Then I showed you how the vibrator, like your hard cock, would penetrate my soft pussy lips...

You got so excited, that I had to warn you to slow down your stroking again...

As I watched you suffer in frustration, my pussy got wetter and wetter, and the vibrator kept slipping in farther. I felt the vibrator's ribs slipping past my pussy lips... one by one. As that happened I imagined what it would feel like when I finally fucked you, and how excited you would be then!

And I couldn't resist turning the vibrator on, and having orgasm after orgasm, while you suffered!

Soon you were begging me to stop!

Little did you know that just turned me on all the more!

And to increase your frustration, I told you that if you were ever going to fuck me, your cock would have to stay hard all this time, like the vibrator!

Do you remember what you said then?

That's right, that your cock *was* staying hard all this time, and that it was always hard around me!

Awww! That was so cute!

But then I teased you by saying that my pussy would feel so much better than your hand, and that you would have trouble controlling yourself!

Then I made you get some lube, and had you put it on your cock, so it would feel more like my wet pussy!

And I watched you struggle with all these new challenges as I teased you, saying:

'See? Now even that is only an approximation of how good my pussy will feel when I finally let you fuck me!'

Your begging, and the vibrator, both got me so turned on, I started having orgasm after orgasm!

Poor baby, I know. That made it very frustrating for you!

I know, I wouldn't let you stop would I?

But after all, I wanted that night to be really special -- I wanted you to remember it for a long time, since it was our fifth anniversary!

I know it was cruel, but the thought of the torturous teasing I was going to give you in the future really got me so excited! I couldn't stop!

And poor baby, the longer it went on, the more devious plans I thought up for you!

And soon all you would be able to think about was going to be my pussy!

Now that you had seen it, I knew that even when it was covered up by my lacy panties, it would still be the center of your thoughts!

And I teased and taunted you every night.

We'd always kiss and make out before you would try to go to sleep -- totally frustrated...

And now I could see how hungrily you were looking between my legs, trying to glimpse my pussy!

Your hunger intensified our kissing...

And as we kissed, I would always tease your naked cock, because by this time I had gotten you to go to sleep completely naked!

When I felt like being really cruel, after I got you all worked up, then I would have you stroke your cock -- slowly, and with lube on it!

It turned me on even more to watch your struggles while I teased you with glimpses of my panties...

Finally, one night, I got so turned on, I couldn't help but masturbate myself!

And then, since we had already been married over 6 years, it occurred to me that this would be the perfect time to introduce a new element into your frustration.

I asked if you were ready to learn more about sex...

And of course you said 'yes'!

And I'm so cruel, I made you wait before I even told you what it was!

Of course, I do that because I know you'll get more and more excited the longer you stroke that cock of yours!

That's when I explained the idea of edging to you...

Of course, you have been bringing your poor, denied cock to the edge of orgasm right now, so I don't have to explain it again, but at the time you were puzzled, which was so cute!

I had an orgasm myself when I realized that you had never, *ever* had an orgasm in your entire life!

And yet there I was, right in front of you -- my pussy holding the promise of the best feeling you would ever have in your life!

Poor baby! I knew that the only thing my pussy was going to do for you that night was to tease you out of your mind!

Your cock wanted inside it so badly -- if you cock had legs it would have run across the room to me by itself!

Too bad for your cock it's attached to your body, which is attached to your submissive mind!

So I explained the rules of edging to you, telling you to make sure that the pre-cum was flowing.

And I made sure that you knew to stop stimulation immediately if an orgasm started!

Yes, I had ruined quite a few of your orgasms when you got too excited, so you understood what I meant immediately...

And then you brought yourself to the first of many deliberate edges.

Yes, I do mean edges you brought on using your own hand. Of course I had edged you many, many times before that, but now I would be able to use your own hand to keep you on edge for even longer periods!

And of course, I still had you eat me out, which caused you even more frustration!

When we kissed again before I let you sleep, I had to wipe away your tears of frustration first...

That's when you first started having those vividly erotic dreams, remember?

You would tell me how you had a dream about me teasing you in some strange location, like a deserted building...

Then I'd invite you to take off my corset...

But then somehow you'd end up on your knees before me, while I teased you...

You'd feel your cock getting harder and harder as the tease went on and I showed you my breasts...

You'd stroke your cock and get to the edge while I towered over you, taunting you with my perfect body...

Then I'd tease you with glimpses of my pussy, which made it harder and harder to stay on the edge...

Then I'd ask if you wanted to fuck me, as I spread my pink pussy lips invitingly before you...

In your dream you always had the courage to approach my pussy, your cock throbbing with desire...

But then, just as you were getting to the climax (giggles), I would interrupt your narrative and tell you how the dream ended...

No, you never liked me changing the ending, did you?

Anyway, I'd say that at the last moment I stood up and took off my corset...

You would ache even more, seeing me completely naked...

But then I would turn cruel, and tell you to kneel before me and stroke your cock with your own hand and some lube...

I would make you eat my pussy...

And you would bring me to many, many wild and screaming orgasms...

All the while, your poor, denied cock was aching to be where only your tongue had been...

Finally when I was satisfied, I would push you away...

Then you would look at me, so fuck-able, so sexy, but you would know what was going to happen by the look on my face...

I'd make some silly excuse, like 'I'm tired now,' and then your dream would be over!

Ta da! Frustrated even in your dreams!

And you'd wake up to see me...

Did you ever think that you couldn't take another *day* of being teased out of your mind like that?

I'll admit that my efforts to tease you even more got a bit out of hand for a while...

You see, at the time I thought that with all the edging you were doing, you were getting too worn out and too used to being teased...

But at least I got some really good orgasms from you when I used that female domination outfit...

Anyway, in the end I decided I didn't want you to submit to me out of pain and fear...

No, I realized that I wanted your submission to be driven by aching lust and love...

That's what really turns me on about teasing you...

So you got a lot of edging practice after that...

And for a while that was really good for me...

I would get very excited teasing you while you edged that poor denied cock of yours, since I knew that you weren't going to get any relief!

I'd have you crawl over to me, on your knees, so I could see how much your cock was dripping pre-cum before you put lube on it...

Poor baby! As I got more turned on, I would start showing you my pussy, which made your ache increase...

Of course, that just led to me getting even more turned on as you kept yourself on the edge of orgasm...

And eventually, I'd ask you if you wanted to eat me out.

Of course you said yes -- each time! I knew you would!

Poor baby, I know that seeing me have all those orgasms made it harder and more frustrating for you!

And then one day I decided that I could be even more cruel to you. Do you remember that?

That's right, that's when I started having you penetrate me by putting your cock right where it wanted to go -- inside my pussy!

Yes, I told you that I was keeping my promise to teach you all about sex, by teaching you how to fuck me...

But it was so hard, wasn't it, having to control those primitive, instinctive urges while your cock was actually inside my pussy?

Still, you have to admit you enjoyed it, right?

I mean you never refused when I asked you to put your cock in my pussy, did you?

No, of course not. I knew you couldn't refuse me anything by then.

No, especially not when being inside my pussy felt better than anything your cock had ever experienced before!

If only I had let you really *fuck* me, your cock would have been happy and satisfied!

But no! I wouldn't let you get out of control, would I?

That's right. You were just training to be able to fuck me properly when I allowed it!

And then, when you couldn't take it anymore, I'd make you masturbate while I explained how you would eventually fuck me...

That's right -- poor baby! I always used a vibrator instead of your cock to explain it, didn't I?

Of course not! We couldn't let you lose control and have an orgasm, could we? And by that time you were already too excited!

Yes, I explained that to you! The wife gets to have as many orgasms as she wants! She's in control, so she doesn't have to control herself! You know that!

Besides, showing you how to fuck really served two purposes.

First, it fulfilled part of my promise to teach you about sex...

And second, it fired your imagination, making you even *more* horny and frustrated!


And seeing your frustration increase was what I lived for!

Unfortunately, I started to run out of ways to frustrate you to any higher levels...

So I did the only thing I could think of...

That's right, I got you to agree to hire a maid.

You should have seen the look on your face when you first met Sandy! It was priceless!

And when she started teasing you -- I thought it was perfect!

I could see you really wanted to grab your rapidly erecting cock and stroke it, right then and there, but you knew you had to control yourself in front of her!

God, that was so much fun!

Why? Well, you know! Because it was like the good old days! There was Sandy being an absolute cock-tease, and you couldn't even masturbate! (laughs)

You must have felt like you went right back to square one!

Did you feel that way, baby?

You know, like you were starting all over again, as if you were dating Sandy?

Well, I know I certainly enjoyed teasing you about how you were looking at her!

I pretended to be all jealous...

You must have felt like your whole sexual world was falling apart, right?

But you know what?

It was really good for me. I got to tease you all over again! I knew that seeing Sandy was making you more frustrated...

And I used that as an excuse to deny you even the privileges of seeing me naked that you had gotten so used to!

And it worked for me! I got excited again teasing you as we'd go to bed -- without even letting you kiss me!

Eventually, I stepped up my teasing and I'd let you eat me before you went to bed!

My yes! How you tried to please me when you thought I was jealous of you and Sandy! That made you work extra hard!

And yes, after a long time, eventually I let you masturbate yourself to the edge again as I would use my vibrators!

Poor baby! Did that remind you of when your cock got to be inside my pussy?

And when you were ready to stop, then I would go to sleep naked -- but totally ready to be fucked!

Yes, if you had been more of a man, you could have fucked me!

The only problem was that eventually, I thought that I needed to step up your frustration even more...

Yes, I thought it would make you even more frustrated to have Sandy move in with us!

Oh yes! Then she could tease your cock at night, just before she went to bed, with her door wide open...

Oh yes, you remember that, don't you?

Her lush, young body, always wearing skimpy lingerie...

Yes, I *do* think she waited for you to pass her door before getting into bed!

And she'd always flirt with you saying that she hoped it wouldn't be too *hard* to get to sleep!

Ah yes, she was perfect for the job!

And I could tell she was enjoying teasing you... we could hear her masturbating through the wall!

Did you ever think about how much she was getting excited by teasing you?

And the girl just didn't shut any doors did she?

I mean, practically every day you'd walk by the bathroom, and there she was, taking a bath!

And she was always flirting with you, even when she was in the bath tub, stark naked!

That really got you turned on, didn't it?

I suppose maybe I shouldn't have let her use our pool when she had time off on the weekends...

But it wouldn't have been right, would it? I mean she was living in our house...

Still, it seemed like every time you went for a swim, there she would be, flirting with you!

I would go out there too, to see what was going on, and I could see she was watching your cock very closely!

I could tell she was a true cock-teaser...

I noticed, for example, she would play with her bikini top when you were sufficiently excited, capitalizing on your anxiety and your desire for a mother figure! Just like I always did!

But I started to grow concerned when I saw her wearing ever more teasing dresses...

And she would flirt shamelessly with you, whenever she wasn't working...

I could see that she was using all the tricks in the cock-teaser's book when she would talk with you...

For example, she always talked very slowly, letting you spend all your time looking at her...

On the one hand, it was great that she was making you grow even more horny and frustrated...

But on the other hand, I couldn't help but feel jealous when she would get very close to you and lightly touch you while she was flirting with you!

No, it's true, she did! I could see the effect her touches had on you! You'd practically jump! And sometimes she would laugh very softly when that happened...

Finally I found I was getting really jealous of Sandy!

I decided that we had to have a talk about it. I had you follow me outside.

Yes, I know, I probably shouldn't have teased you so much and had you start stroking your cock...

But it was a habit, and we just started doing it like we always did...

Well, frankly I was relieved that we could share a teasing session together again, just the two of us... it made me feel better!

That's right, I asked you to get on edge while you admired my legs...

And you were on your knees with your pants off and your cock dripping as you worshiped my ass...

We were both getting into it as I slowly undid my lacy bra...

And you were begging to see my tits...

I was feeling really turned on, right up to that point...

Then Sandy caught your eye, as she moaned...

And you turned and suddenly saw her, fondling her breasts!

She smiled and turned away, and said slyly:

'What are you two doing?'

And I said:

'We're just having a little private time, Sandy. Can you leave us alone?'

'Oh!' she said, turning back to you and letting her dress fall off her breasts. (I'm sure that was planned!)

'But his poor cock!' she said. 'It looks so horny! Doesn't that just make you want to fuck it?'

I had to respond with something more than what she was showing, so I started pulling down my panties to hold your attention...

As I stripped, I told her that I had *been* fucking with his cock, in my own way, for years!

Sandy then approached you even closer, and while she played with her tits, said:

'But look! He's practically crying from frustration!'

I think you were crying a bit then...

Then speaking to you she said:

'You poor dear! When's the last time you had an orgasm?'

I told her to leave us alone, and that it was none of her concern!

She did leave, but I could see she was still flirting with you...

And a funny smile crossed her face as she left... Did you wonder about that?

Anyway, I bet she watched from the house as I continued to tease you...

I suppose I should have given you an orgasm right then and there and fired that little teaser...

That's right, I didn't do that. Instead I had you work on your leg fetish...

Yes, I know it was a particularly long tease session...

Frankly, I knew I had to think, but I didn't know any other way to behave!

As I watched you edge yourself I kept thinking that maybe I should really let you have an orgasm...

But every time you would get close to an orgasm, my teasing instincts just took over...

There you were, on your knees, worshiping my beautiful legs and the rest of my perfect body, and I kept thinking about fucking you!

I know, it's ironic: if only you would have known!

But Sandy responded more quickly than I did to the new situation. It was only the next day when I overhead her teasing you in the kitchen. She said:

'Tell me, when *is* the last time you had an orgasm?'

You told her that you had never had one that wasn't ruined, and even those were very rare...

'And you've been married a long time, haven't you?' she teased.

Yes, you replied. Even I felt a bit sorry for you -- you sounded so sad...

'But you must like being teased and denied, right?' she said. 'Otherwise why wouldn't you just take her and fuck her hard?'

You whimpered and said you didn't know. Of course, you never thought of that...

But Sandy wasn't just asking out of curiosity. She continued:

'And what about me? Have you ever wanted to fuck me?'

I looked around the corner and saw her lewdly flashing her pussy at you...

Any normal man would have pulled down his pants and fucked her right then in the kitchen... but no, not you!

Instead, your natural submissive instincts gave Sandy the opportunity to tease you further. She just asked:

'What was it you were doing with your wife yesterday in the back yard?'

You told her that you were worshiping your wife's legs...

'I don't understand,' Sandy asked. 'Why were you masturbating?'

You explained that your wife wanted you to deepen her attachment to her by masturbating with 'worship strokes'...

'Do you want to do that now?' Sandy said happily.

You agreed of course, and took out your cock and started slowly masturbating...

'So now you're worshiping my pussy, aren't you?' Sandy said.

You grunted out a 'yes' as she continued your torture...

'Good boy!' Sandy said to encourage you. 'I like having you worship me like that! We should do this more often!'

You said you were worried about your wife finding out...

'I know, baby,' Sandy said in a mothering tone. 'But I also know that you want to see more of my pussy, don't you?'

You grunted out a 'yes' again as you continued to stroke your cock slowly...

'I know, baby,' she said in a very mothering, yet husky voice. 'Has your wife taught you how to use your tongue to give a girl pleasure?'

'Yes' you said hopefully, and you hastily explained that you had been taught how to use your cock to fuck her also...

'Without cumming?' Sandy asked.

'Yes' you said glumly.

'You mean you are forced to use your cock -- in her pussy -- and you have to hold back?' Sandy asked, sounding very exited.

'It's torture,' you explained...

'Oh God!' Sandy said even more excitedly. 'I've always dreamed about that! But I didn't know it was possible!' She then groaned! Looking around the corner I could see she was having an orgasm! The little minx!

I quickly but very quietly went upstairs, and then made a loud show of coming down the stairs again, wishing everyone good morning...

Sandy and you both had enough time to look presentable, and I tried to act like nothing had happened....

That day I gave Sandy the night off and told her that I wanted to be alone with you, so she went out to a movie...

When you came home, I said that we had to talk.

You agreed, of course...

I asked you what you thought of our maid, Sandy.

I could tell you were wary to discuss it with me...

But I knew how to get you to cooperate. I started to raise the hem of my dress up, revealing my lacy black panties...

Your eyes were immediately fixed on my pussy, and you got very hard...

I urged you to say what you thought, and let my skirt's hem drop a bit.

I think you understood what that meant: you would only get to see my pussy if you were cooperative...

I turned my back to you, as if I was heading upstairs to our bedroom...

The suggestion of rewards for cooperation made you open your mouth and start trying to make excuses.

At least we were getting somewhere...

But I didn't want excuses. So I turned around again and told you to take out your cock and start playing with it!

As you did that I told you to tell me frankly what you thought of Sandy!

You asked me what I meant.

I said 'Come on! You know! Are you sexually attracted to her?'

At first you just said that she was very beautiful.

'Really?' I said. 'So that's it? You just admire her female form in a artistic sense?' I knew you weren't being honest...

You started to complain about how horny you were, and that the constant masturbation and edging was making it worse!

I said I knew that you were horny, but that was supposed to make you more devoted to me!

I asked if you remembered the purpose of all those masturbation and edging sessions?

Then you started to break down and with a bit of a sob you said that it was really too much! That the constant horniness was starting to drive you insane!
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Default Teaser's Divorce (Story) - conclusion

You babbled on for a long time like that while I played with my the thin straps holding up the top of my dress...

Finally, when I had heard enough, I undid the straps holding up my dress top and said:

'I think somebody needs to worship at my breasts, don't you?'

You gave each breast some worship strokes and I allowed you to kiss each breast tenderly...

I could tell you were very excited.

Your submission excited me too, and gave me the courage to take the next step in my plan...

I had decided that I had to fight fire with fire, and so I asked you if you wanted to join me in the bedroom...

Of course, I knew you would say yes!

I was going to fuck you right then, really I was, but then my teaser's instincts took over.

I asked you if you would promise me something first...

I stripped for you as you continued your worship strokes.

Then I said that I really liked having Sandy around to clean the house, which was very true...

But I said that you had to admit that she was a cock-tease, right?

You said you had noticed that as well...

'You know I'm a cock-tease, right?' I said.

You grudgingly admitted that too...

And I said that the other reason I liked having Sandy around was that it made you more horny.

You seemed shocked! Poor boy, you were naive even then!

Do you remember how I told you it excites me when you get all horny and frustrated?

Right, so my conclusion was that I wanted to keep Sandy...

You agreed.

I added that I needed you to promise that you wouldn't touch Sandy, remember?

That's right, and no orgasms with her either!

That's when I made up my mind that I was going to give you an orgasm myself!

Oh yes! You were very eager for it! I could tell!

It certainly didn't take you long to agree to come upstairs to our bedroom!

I made you strip right there, at the bottom of the stairs...

That was a mistake, sorry. Then my teaser's instinct took over...

I teased you, saying I bet you would rather just fuck me there at the bottom of the stairs, instead of waiting to get all the way up to the top of the stairs and our bedroom, right?

I know! Poor baby, you were really desperate, weren't you?

Yes, and I had changed my mind so many times before... I think you made the right choice...

I teased you, saying you had to make sure that you didn't cum too soon!

I know that was cruel, but I just couldn't help teasing you more...

'Are you ready for your first real orgasm?' I teased as you approached me...

Of course, you said you were! You had been waiting for this for over 9 years!

I know. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself. I started telling you to go real slow and make it last...

Poor baby! All you wanted to do was to ram that poor, denied cock of yours into my pussy and have a great orgasm!

But I kept telling you to slow down!

I know, it was so cruel! I didn't want to, but I couldn't help myself!

Even worse, just as you were about to cum, I made you pull out!

I said I wanted to get into a more comfortable position...

It also gave you a chance to cool off some more, which I knew would just make your ache worse...

It was another bad idea...

The more horny you got, the more I got turned on thinking about how long I could keep you horny and on the edge of your very first orgasm!

It got me very excited, so I let you penetrate me again...

I urged you to fuck me! To let yourself go and have a great orgasm!

And yet... the closer you got to your orgasm, the more I thought about how great it would be if I frustrated you...

Again, at the last second, I asked if you would mind taking a break!

Poor baby. Your moaning and begging was really pathetic then!

And I'm so mean, but I just had to see if I could deny you when you were *so* close... when you thought that this was really going to be the moment!

Do you remember how I asked you if you felt you just absolutely *needed* to have an orgasm right then? Whether you felt like you wouldn't be able to take another moment of teasing?

Poor baby, you didn't know that your whining and begging and protests about how you couldn't stand another moment made up my mind for me!

Do you remember how I teased you about your lack of self control?

That's right. I said that it was almost as if my pussy was a fetish object for you!

And of course, it was! I had made sure of that!

Then it occurred to me that I could take your teasing even farther!

So I asked you how you would feel if I just used a dildo instead of your cock?

Poor baby! I know! I don't think you even heard me teasing you because you were crying so much!

And then it was too late for you. I was in full teasing mode!

I forgot all about giving you an orgasm, and just wanted to see how much I could tease and frustrate you!

I made you masturbate yourself very slowly again, with lube, as you watched me recreate your penetration with the dildo!

Poor baby! That was really cruel of me, I know! Your own cock was just where the dildo was going!

And I made you keep at it a long time, until you were struggling to hold back where you rode the edge of another denied orgasm!

I watched as your eyes were glued to the dildo as it slowly penetrated me...

Your own hand was torturing your cock, as your mind played back the blissful feeling of being inside my pussy!

I looked at you, and as much as I wanted to give you an orgasm, I couldn't control my habitual, teasing ways!

Finally, after I was satisfied with the dildo, I took you up to our bedroom...

I was really planning on giving you an orgasm then.

And it started out really good... I could tell how hot you were!

And besides, I was really horny. And I knew I wanted to keep you away from Sandy's clutches!

But then, when I knew you were ready to blow your load, I stopped you!

I know! I felt bad about it, but I got an idea for making it really special for you...

I turned over on my back, and told you that I would let you fuck me in the missionary position...

I knew how much you loved my kisses. So I thought that kissing you while you fucked me would make it extra special for you...

I thought I was finally doing things right, when I kissed you so intensely.

I told you not to hold back! That this was finally your chance!

Of course! I don't blame you for trying to cum as fast as possible! I was almost ready to change my mind again!

The only problem was that after you had your orgasm, I felt like my whole purpose for being with you was gone!

You know, it's just that our whole time from dating up to that moment had been about me teasing and denying you!

I looked at you in a new way now...

I head you telling me how wonderful your orgasm was, and promising that you would never look at Sandy again...

But as I dressed for the wonderful dinner you promised me, I wasn't so sure that even beating Sandy was going to be worth it for me...

And then after that, you didn't keep your promise to me, did you?

You know what I mean! You kept flirting with Sandy!

She was always wearing something sexy and revealing. And she was always smiling at you and flirting with you!

It drove me crazy to see her talking with you while you ogled her and tried to look up her short miniskirt!

Yes, it's true. Her teasing always got you more horny -- I could tell that even if I hadn't seen her flirting with you.

Oh come on! I could see your cock straining against your shorts and throbbing when she was with you!

Yes, baby. I know you didn't take out your cock and masturbate for her any more...

Yes, that *was* good of you. But I imagined that she was breaking down your willpower, bit by bit...

And it really worried me that at any moment she might make you masturbate for her...

It got to the point where I was always worried about you and Sandy...

And although I could still tease you, it wasn't as much fun now...

Even watching you masturbate for me was failing to get me very excited...

You see, the trouble was that I always felt like I had to give you an orgasm now!

I know, it *was* my fault...

Yes, I'm the one who brought Sandy into our home...

But I realized that it would never be the same between us...

Well, sure, I'm jealous. But the main problem is that the whole element of *denial* was gone from our relationship...

You see, when I was still denying your cock, everything was more exciting for me...

It didn't take so much for me to tease you out of your mind...

But now you're jaded...

Yes, I know you are still giving me your worship strokes...

But I can't go on like this...

No, it's not you! It's just not working for me...

You see, baby, the thing is, our sexual relationship feels like it is over, for me...

Yes, I know you've gotten used to being denied...

And don't worry, baby, I'm still going to make that happen for you!

How? Well, I'll tell you in a bit...

Why don't you give me one more edge, just for old times' sake, OK?

That's it baby! Keep it up!

No, I'm sorry baby. Your edging just doesn't do it for me any more! I'm not even the least bit wet!

But you know what? I have something for you, now that we're getting divorced...

Well, you finish packing and take all your stuff out to your truck, and I'll tell you then!

All packed, baby? Good. Well, I was thinking that it would be a shame to let all your training and your horny urges go to waste... But then I hit on the perfect solution: Sandy! That's right, baby, she's going to take over from me, isn't that great?

(Sandy says "Hey baby, I bet you have no place to go right now... How about you move in with me?"

You see, baby. She'll be perfect for you. She really finds cock-teasing exciting, and I'm giving her all the tips she'll need to take care of your cock in the way it deserves! (they giggle excitedly)

(Sandy continues "And the best part is, your ex-wife told me all about that denial thing you two were into! And I just love the idea!"
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Awesome as always.
The pictures are perfect and the words sent it through the roof!!
Thank you VERY much!!
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Default Cactusman2 - Great Story !

Very Hot Tease and Denial Story. I think though that it might have been better if broken up into Chapters - with some kind of ending at the end of each chapter. A Denial? A Ruined Orgasm? Tied-up with electrical stimulus attached? or just regulated to more Pussy and Ass Worship. Etc?

I am not too fond of the Milinova Web-site. It takes too long going thru a story and can take hours. You have to click thru too many pages, - and their newer automated stories actually include Timers to stoip you from clicking thru too fast.

Please post more of your stories.
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Default Thanks

Thanks Magnum045 and RamseyS for your kind words.

Magnum045, you should know that on Milovana.com, you can page through a regular (non-flash) tease like mine by using the space bar. That may help :-)
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I too prefer the regular (non-flash) teases on milovana.com
Thanks for keeping them alive with your webteases on tease and denial. I think they are the best on the web.
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Another great one - thanks.
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I actually jumped over to milonova to see you masterpiece. Great work.
I will come back and read your work here a little later LOL

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