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01-26-2003, 12:43 AM
I've been thinking about this for a long time
and I'd like to hear what others on the
board think about this subject.

As some of you may already know,
I've been fascinated for a long time
with ruining hubby's orgasm by
tying his wrists and ankles in a
spread-eagle position while stroking
his cock till he starts to ejaculate
before I let go at the first sign of
his spurting cum and ruin his orgasm.

Whenever I fantasize about doing this
to him, he is "unsuspecting" of his
approaching agony.

I often wonder what his reactions will be
as well as the expression on his face
as he goes from expecting a satisfying
release to realizing that his orgasm is
being ruined and slipping away forever.

Now back to reality for a moment.
I know that he would be devastated,
not to mention quite upset with me
if I actually did that to him, which
leads me to my next idea.

Instead of "ruining " his orgasm completely
by letting go of his cock when he starts to
ejactulate, thus causing his ejaculation to
dwindle immediately after his first spurt of
cum and leaving completely unsatisfied,

what if I simply made his orgasm not
nearly as satisfying as I usually do,
without ruining it totally for him?

I noticed this week while teasing him
that it drove him wild when I stroked
his hard shaft "very slowly" & "very lightly"
without touching the head of his cock.

He went crazy as my soft and slow stroking
was enough to excited him, but it also fustrated
him by not giving him enough "friction" to
make him cum.

I alternated from stroking the shaft of his cock
for a minute or so as he was unable to cum this
way, to stroking over the head of his cock for
3 or 4 strokes which brought immediate spasms
to his body as it was enough to bring him close to
orgasm before I reverted back to just stroking his shaft.

I found that alternating between the two not only
drove him wild, but fustrated him immensely as
he was not able to cum as long as I didn't stroke
over his head too many times.

I'm thinking of tying him in my favorite position,
(spread-eagle) and stroke him this way so I can
drive him crazy for 30 minutes till I'm ready to
try out my "minimized orgasm" plan on him.

I'll continue stroking his shaft "lightly & slowly",
but each time I move to the head of his cock,
I'll give him two or three more strokes as I slowly
get him ready to ejaculate.

When I get him to the "point of no return"
I'll stop touching his head while continuing
to stroke his shaft as light and slowly as
I can.

Since he'll be on the verge of cumming, I have
no doubt that no matter how soft and slow
I stroke his shaft at that point, he'll start to
ejaculate. But instead of stopping completely,
I'll continue to barely stroke his shaft only
and see how many spurts of cum he'll have
before the lack of friction on his cock is
enough to ensure that he doesn't have a
full release of cum :lol:

Although I would not consider this "ruining"
his orgasm totally. I do think that it would
definately be "minimized" compared to the
fully satisfying orgasms he gets ever
10 - 14 days as I stroke his balls dry.

What I really want to know is how you would
feel If I did this to you???


01-26-2003, 01:09 AM
Well, for one i would be greatly frustrated. Without any means of getting a full orgasm, i might even start humping away into thin air. So humiliating ...

The good thing about not having a full orgasm would mean that the cock would recover easily. for me, i recovered in a day... though i am not so sure if that is good for me .... *giggles*

01-26-2003, 01:18 AM
well, 'hubby' certainly is a lucky man. i think that deep down, he will always know that.

if it would make you feel that good to treat him like that, then i'm sure that he would be happy to endure it for you. of course, he'll be angry and frustrated at first (that's why you tie him up tho - lol).

eventually, after your satisfaction has simmered for a couple of days, i would let him know how much you appreciate a man like him. surprise him; and let him vent all of that frustration.

that's just what would work for me.

keep us posted. :)

01-26-2003, 11:30 AM

I've found that having a "minimized" orgasm increases my "need" once recovered.

Have you thought of getting him to the point of "leaking"? To me this is on the edge but with a relaxation of the right muscles the cum is released without orgasm. Once or twice in a session is incredible. More than that and I need recovery time. :wink:


01-26-2003, 05:12 PM
Go ahead, Jill. Give yourself over to the dark side. If you mess around with half measures, neither one of you will really be satisfied. Why shouldn't you have your fun? He won't enjoy it, but it won't kill him, either. While I wouldn't want that to happen every time, not being able to anticipate what would happen to me would add to the excitement of being tied up. The up-side to "completely spoiling" the orgasm, is that it he will be ready to go sooner than he would if he was really milked completely. You might reward him with a follow-up thorough milking if he's up for it.

01-26-2003, 05:15 PM
I've found that having a "minimized" orgasm increases my "need" once recovered.

That goes for me too. A great orgasm after being teased and denied will satisfy me completely. A minimized orgasm is extremely frustrating and my recovery time is very short. Even at the ripe old age of 48 I could be fully erect less than 20 minutes after a minimized orgasm.

If the goal was to make me really unhappy, the minimized orgasm would be the way to do it. I'd rather be denied until another time.

01-26-2003, 06:46 PM

I think you should try it once and see how he reacts. Of course if he truly needs full relief you will be able to tell and can act accordingly. If it looks as though he is reasonably, but not thoroughly satisfied you can start a whole new denial cycle.

You can always make a plan and modify it as you go along, so why not play with the idea a bit and see what works.



01-27-2003, 02:13 AM
Jill: but please do let us know what You did to Your hubby. i am sure W/we would all like to know ... *smiles*

01-27-2003, 08:14 PM
My wife 'ruins' my orgasms on the occaisions she allows me relief. It makes me very keen for more! She did this to me after a month of denial.... two further weeks of 'ruined' orgasms. Made me scream with frrustration as I started to spurt and her hand moved away!

01-27-2003, 11:14 PM
Hi everyone thank you for sharing
your thoughts on this subject.

Actually, when I first posted this
topic, I was comparing a "ruined"
orgasm for hubby to a "minimized"
orgasm for him.

My interest definately tilts toward
a "minimized orgasm" for him.

I think that if I finally let him cum
after being denied for a few weeks
by lightly stroking his cock without
giving him all of the pressure & speed
he requires for a "fully satisfying" orgasm
while still stroking his cock, I think that I
would love that and he would enjoy the
"bittersweet" experience of cumming
but not the way he wants most :lol:

I will enjoy it cause it will give me the
thrill I've been fantasizing about
seeing how he reacts to a "ruined orgasm",

but at the same time, it will give him an
orgasm that will allow him to release more
cum than if I "ruined" it completely for him
by letting go of his cock after he starts
to spurt his load.

This will also be less devistating to him
and he will be more likely to want to accept
this form of "orgasm" in the future, lol

How would you feel if you were finally
allowed to cum, but only by having your
cock stroked so slowly and so lightly
that it took your 20 or 30 minutes to
orgasm, and as you begged for me to
stroke your cock faster and harder
to drain all of the cum from your balls,
I simply continued to stroke you the same way :lol:

p.s. I'm considering doing this to him on video :lol:


01-28-2003, 01:14 PM

"How would you feel...having your
cock stroked so slowly and so lightly
that it took you 20 or 30 minutes to
orgasm, and as you begged for me to
stroke your cock faster and harder...,
I simply continued to stroke you the same way"

(Chuckle) What's your best guess as to how I'd feel? :)

Actually it would depend on whether you were stroking with feather - light touches while I strained to the limit possible to increase the pressure of your touch, or whether you stroke with a firm enough touch or even a lubricated fist, but at such a slow rate and with such frequent pauses that orgasm is constantly just out of reach.

Which is it, Jill? These details are so important, no? :)



01-28-2003, 05:25 PM
*speechless* :o

1. Lacking the faculty of speech: DUMB
2. Temporarily unable so speak.
3. Refraining from speech: SILENT
4. Unexpressed or inexpressible in words <speechless horror>

(i wasn't sure about the spelling).

01-29-2003, 12:07 AM
Hi jer,

I told hubby that
I'm going to make a 30 minute video
as I "minimize" his orgasm tomorrow
for my weekly (Thursday)
"Teasing & Denial" Video Update at my site.

This way, he's got all night to think
about what awaits him.

I want to stroke his cock after putting
lots of lotion on it

I'll stroke him so lightly and softly at first,
(making sure not to touch the head of his cock)
so it's enough to keep him
hard, but not enough to bring
him to the edge.

Every minute or so, I'll slowly start to
bring him closer to orgasm by strategically
stroking the head of his cock
(with my lubricated fist around him)
just enough to up the pressure on his
balls a bit before I go back to stroking his shaft.

I'll take my time as to make sure that
he doesn't get the satisfaction of hard
and fast stroking.

When I finally have him on the edge,
I'll start going over his head every
3rd or 4th stroke till I can tell he's just aprroaching
"the point of no return"

Then in the final moments as I wait for
him to start ejaculating, I'll go back
to barely stroking his shaft without
touching his head again.

As he starts to spurt his cum,
I'll make sure to keep stroking
his cock, but softly and slowly
enough to make sure that he
DOESN'T get what he wants :lol:

(((all the time warning him that if he tries to
thrust his cock into the air for more pressure,
I'll let go immediately and ruin his orgasm)))

I suspect that after his first big spurt
of cum, the second and third spurts
will be somewhat smaller with the lack
of pressure required to empty his balls fully.
And then the rest of his cum will probably
ooze down his shaft.

If this works the way I hope it does,
I may not let him have another "Satisfying"
orgasm for some time, lol

p.s. I'll post 1 or 2 of the clips from my video
at my yahoo group probably by friday
for everyone to see.

I'll let you know when they are posted.


01-29-2003, 11:08 AM

You do realize you've given every man who reads this an instant hard-on don't you? Ah, but that was of course your intent wasn't it. You could write tease stories with R. Wilde.

Gees Jill, I thought I suggested playing with it a little, not making it into a lifestyle. The poor guy is going to be so frustrated that not jacking off is going to be quite an effort.

Actually I have no idea how he'll react. I have had a couple of minimized orgasms, but none that came at the end of a period of denial like ten days to two weeks.

Please keep us posted.



01-29-2003, 12:10 PM
Dear Jill,

In other posts, you asked about restraints, like the cb-2000. Have you got one for him yet?

If you want to really make him miserable (perhaps you should look at Whirlingskirt's question pondering when teasing becomes sadism), you could finish off this bit by locking up his softened cock.

Think about it. You are such a great teaser. Poor Rob is expecting to go back to his "normal" routine of great stroking ending in denial. That would be a kind of relief by itself. How do you think ... after minimizing his orgasm ... he would react to denial with no physical tease? Doesn't mean no teasing, just no touching.

My guess is he'll bury his head between your legs for a week, and only come up long enough to beg for mercy.

Geez. i must have gotten up on the evil side of the bed this morning.

spankme :twisted: