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04-02-2009, 11:29 PM
Most CBelts have ventilation holes.

After going without a while, you're domme says it's time for release...and says she has a special surprise.

She unlocks you...but leaves the belt on. She pulls out a feather...the tip gets inserted in your ventilation holes...she twirls it around, slides the sides of the bristles through the hole, slides the feather in and out of the bottom of your cock which may just be exposed enough.

She furociusly starts teasing you with the feather through the vent holes.
She starts to slip of the belt just a tiny bit. "Are you ready?" She asks, picking up the feather speed.

Then she says..."On the other hand, you know what...now I no longer have a reason to take your belt off at all. YOU HEAR THE SNAP of the lock going shut and stops feathering.

She puts her lips up to yours and asks "No reason at all know. Do I". She kisses you then feathers you up your pee hole slot.

"In fact I can keep you without letting out for a month...maybe two...I don't have to touch your cock ever again in fact".

Feathers away.

Of course this all depends on the feather used, size and model of the belt and size/shape of your cock. Some may be able to thread the feather through one vent to the vent on the opposite side while flacid, then when you get "hard" she can play you like a violin...if the model allows.

Or even get a feather duster for real torture...just oh so subtlly caressing your cock through those quarter inche holes.

Alternate ideas...

1. She inserts the feathers before hand then uses her feet to pull them inside out if you're into soles...if that works for your model. If she's limber enough to hold a feather between her toes, that too.

2. Use a VERY SOFT electric toothbrush, or just attach a short feather to the brush and use that.

3. She punishes you - a month without her touching your cock at all, when you get let out, you have to come only to a tip of the feather gliding it's way up your cock, stopping an inche before she reaches the head, or she dangles a feather duster that's barely in reach of your erect cock during releases...if you can't come, well that's your fault.

04-05-2009, 05:24 AM
Nice thought - I think I may have posted this scenario before but it's been awhile:
The victim spreadeagle on a bed or table ... or the floor ... naked.
The feather duster hanging from the ceiling on a long string, at the right position to caress his cock and balls as it swings...
And - in the corner - a small electric fan, set to "oscillate".

May I suggest a minimum of two hours.