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Clinical Teasing (Story)
by LegatoXVIII
Posted On 02/01/2009 15:56:57

Synopsis: A businessman checks into a sperm bank for a private donation. He is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac subjected to a prolonged series of series of excruciating teases from the doctor and a pair of young oriental nurses.

	Clinical Teasing

Chapter 1

Alexandra contemplated the dark rosette capping her lush breast before
she lifted it to her lips and kissed herself there gently. Her moist tongue
darted between pearl white teeth, flickering lightly over the nipple tip until
the aureole hardened around the wrinkled point. Almond eyes widened and rolled
upward as she moaned softly through a tempting circle of perfect, red lips. Her
face twisted momentarily in an expression of pure animal lust. Recovering
quickly, satisfied she had impressed her patient significantly, she offered the
stiff, wet morsel to Jimmy.

She allowed herself a small smile, watching him he strain with open lips
to accept her offering. Alexandra held it barely beyond his reach. There were
certain rewards in being head therapist for a sperm bank.

"How are you feeling Jimmy, darling?" She purred. Soft fingertips
pressed her heavy breast down and arranged it primly, barely contained by the
huge cups of a white lace bra. A cute med-tech on a chrome stool next to his hip
suppressed a giggle as she weighed his heavy balls, kneading them gently.

"Oh, Doctor Crisp, I'm so horny!" Jimmy strained weakly at the broad
leather straps holding him firmly in place. "Susan is driving me crazy! Couldn't
she please touch my cock just once?"

The little tease-tech tossed a strand of flaxen blonde hair out of her
eyes and happily raked her specially sharpened nails from his knee to his
puckered anus, leaving five parallel rows of pale stripes on his inner thigh and
the lower slopes of his buttocks.

"Doctor, please! I'm going crazy...."

"I know you are, Honey," the doctor cooed mock sympathy. "That's because
you're supposed to be. I'm having you teased, you know." She pouting through
soft lips deliciously painted with deep red lipstick

"Susan can be quite stimulating, can't she? She really is quite good at
keeping my clients aroused. It doesn't hurt you does it?" The patient had been
strapped to the 'X' shaped examination table for most of the morning, being made
more excited and aroused with each tick of the clock. He'd blocked out his
entire Friday morning for a private donation, and it looked like it was going to
take longer.

"Please let her touch me there," he begged. Trying unsuccessfully to
thrust his cock into the tease-tech's fingers.

"No, Jimmy," Alexandra cooed in her best exaggerated sympathetic tone.
She brushed his cheek soothingly. "You don't need to have your cock touched yet.
We'll reserve that for later. After we have aroused you a tiny bit more."

Although the tease-tech had never touched his cock once, she had taken
him to the brink of orgasm repeatedly and left him teetering, refusing to
provide him the stimulation he needed to be able to cum. Though direct penile
stimulation was reserved for the doctors at the clinic, and for specially
trained nurse masturbatrixes, tease-techs could drive a helpless patient to mind
blowing distraction. Jimmy had never imagined he could be brought to orgasm
without having his cock caressed. The little tease-tech was well aware that
being teased without having his penis touched was a powerful torture in itself.

"When was the last time you had an orgasm?" Alexandra asked. "Remember I
asked you to refrain from letting yourself come for an entire month. Did you do

The med-tech grasped his ball and tugged them downward, squeezing
lightly, ready to provide additional pressure if he did not respond to the
questions promptly and honestly. With the slightest nod from the doctor, a lie
or hesitation would result in crushing pain, something he tried desperately to
avoid in his swollen and sensitive state.

Jimmy quickly nodded affirmatively. The size of his swollen testicles in
the cute blond technician's palms seemed enormous, bloated by more than a
month's worth of unrelieved cum, now boiling under pressure within. Susan
giggled as she tickled her nails through the coarse hairs of his balls as she
squeezed them, making his sack tingle and swell even more. He watched hungrily
as Alexandra lifted the other heavy breast from the confines of her brassiere.
The doctor's lips crinkled as she held the dark nipple to her mouth, and tongue
tickled the tender berry gently.

Jimmy groaned through clenched teeth. It had been more than four weeks
of screaming arousal, made especially difficult since, unknown to him, Dr. Crisp
had enlisted the help of his girlfriend in preparing the donation. Nateesha Li
had purposely made it an excruciating wait, tempting him and teasing him almost
to orgasm a dozen times a day, begging him to fuck her while knowing he was not
permitted to cum. More than once, she had needed to restrain him with handcuffs
when his twitching cock told her he was ready to spurt out a copious sampling of
his male juices.

Alexandra watched his face intently, laughing as she kissed her nipple
to a pointed erection. Susan blew a stream of warm air against the base of his
cock until he gasped for breath. His cock throbbed, untouched, bobbing in the
empty air as his eyes opened wider with lust. Alexandra, reached for the knob,
caressing the air about his shaft without touching it at all. At this point, a
caress could give him sexual relief, however momentary. And sexual relief was
something she would refuse to provide or allow him for some time to come.

She leaned forward as she teased him, giving him a view into the
cavernous cleavage between her breasts as well as her fingers caressing the air
scant centimeters from his swollen cock. "It's purely an animal reaction, you
know. I'm stimulating you, making your body prepare for mating with my body.
Your sex organ stiffens and enlarges, your skin becomes receptive to my touch,
and certain nerve bundles on your body become extremely sensitive pleasure
centers." As she spoke, she illustrated her instruction, using his body as an
example. She smiled at his groan as she smoothed her palms over his abdomen and
chest under his hospital gown and flickered her manicured nails against his

"Red nails on sensitive nipples. You like that, too, don't you," she
purred as she raked his nipples delicately. "That's good. The more stimulated
you become, the better quality sperm you'll produce and in much greater
quantities. That's the reason you're attached to that cross-to make sure we can
take all the time that's necessary to get your sperm built up past the peak of
normal productivity. If you weren't securely bound, you'd surely masturbate
yourself and spoil the sample."

She smiled and opened the top drawer of a stainless steel cabinet. "And
now, I think its time for us to increase your potential for arousal
drastically." Alexandra nodded to the med-tech who withdrew a slender syringe
and a small brown bottle from the drawer. Jimmy's eyes bulged as he watched her
fill the needle and thump the bubbles from the tip.

"Is that the aphrodisiac you told me about?" His voice was thin. Most
clinics sent their customers to a rest room with a test tube and a stack of
men's magazines. He was paying a lot of good money to ensure the very best of
his DNA was preserved.

"Oh, yes. This is indeed the aphrodisiac. You'll notice the initial
effects immediately. Expect them to build drastically over the next few hours."
The med-tech lifted the hem of his blue gown and dabbed his hip with an alcohol

"Hours! How long will I be here?!" He strained against the leather
straps holding him at wrist and elbow, hip and shoulder, ankle, knee and thigh.
"You didn't say anything about hours!"

"Oh Jimmy. I'm disappointed in you." Dr. Crisp pouted her glossy red
lips, reaching to pat his cheek soothingly. "Sure we did. You signed a release
saying we could keep you here as long as necessary. Hours, days, even weeks. As
long as necessary, remember?"

"But don't worry, this aphrodisiac is carefully calculated for your body
weight. You'll become extremely aroused, but it won't hurt you.

"However, with a 'cc' or two more, your arousal would become seriously
exaggerated. You'd become crazed with lust, ready to do anything, say anything,
promise anything in exchange for an orgasm.

"Double this amount, and you'd become a hugely erect penis with a
tortured male attached, existing only to relieve your uncontrollable sexual
cravings. In a very short time and you'd become ragingly wild with your need to
have an orgasm." Her warm hand caressed his erection casually through the blue
cotton gown, eliciting an immediate groan.

"And I most certainly assure you, that with your body securely strapped
to that cross as you are, you will find it quite impossible for you to make an
orgasm happen. No matter what, you will just have to wait until I decide to have
one of my nurses milk your cum.

"You simply will not be able to do anything but suffer and beg to cum.
And our staff is far too well trained to allow an inadvertent orgasm. No matter
how aroused you become, no matter how aroused the tease-technicians and the
aphrodisiac make you, you simply won't be permitted to ejaculate until we decide
your sperm is at the proper levels to be extracted. That takes a long while
sometimes. And it always seems to take longer for the patient."

"Please don't, I've changed my mind," Jimmy gasped as he watched the
med-tech meaningfully tilted the syringe slowly downward.

"Ohhh sorry, Jimmy. You're quite committed by now. You really have no
choice now, do you?" She smiled sweetly and patted his cheek as the blonde
technician held the needle up, turning it about slowly in plain sight,
pretending to check the gleaming tip. "We can't possibly stop in the middle of
our little torture session, now can we? Poor helpless horny boy. "

He shrugged away from the needle as Suzie, smiling brightly, brought it
ever so slowly toward his flesh. The hospital bonds held him perfectly immobile
as the tip of the syringe stung his hip momentarily. The blonde clipped the end
into the Sharps collection bin and tossed the plastic syringe into the trash, as
the first wave of arousal rushed over him.

Sweat beaded on his forehed and the room took on a warm glow. Alexandra
had suddenly become astonishingly beautiful, and he found himself straining to
reach for her. The technician checked the creaking buckles, tucking in the loose
tip of one of the leather straps. She touched a button on the cross, spreading
his legs even wider. With the hum of a powerful electric motor, the cross arched
outward, forcing his pelvis forward until it seemed his cock thrust far out past
the rest of his body and his balls hung down into empty space.

"How long?" he groaned as the med-tech applied more straps about his
limbs and torso, rendering him even more helpless. "How long will it take until
I can cum. Please!"

"Sorry, I can't tell you that," Alexandra whispered. Her breath seemed
hot in his ear, even though she had moved back a step. "As long as it takes.
We'll just have to see about that."

"Please tell me," he moaned, the knob of his cock seemed to pulse and
quiver with ever beat of his heart.

"For as long as I feel is necessary," she purred, giving her attention
to tracing the veins of his cock with her nails. She traced the major ones
lightly, making him gasp each time she flicked at the curved corona of his
member. "A long, long time, darling. You have such a long time to go, and you
have only just begun."

He watched her lips move, luscious and red, curving in a sweet smile as
she spoke. "A member of my nurse-masturbatrix team will be in shortly to
'stimulate' you. I sincerely suggest you treat her very nicely. I'll check in
later." His eyes hungrily followed the seductive roll of the doctor and
med-tech's hips as they stated for the door. Dr. Crisp turned and let her lips
twist into a taunting smirk, "Much, much later. Enjoy the ride, sweetie."

As her hand reached the doorknob the tease-tech, Susan, turned back,
smiling even more mysteriously. She folded her elbows behind her head and arched
her lush pair of thrusting globes toward him. Heavy, lush breasts threatened to
burst the buttons of her nurse's uniform. His cock lurched upward, threatening
to spurt. Miraculously, only a single drop of precum appeared at the tip and
fell to the floor between his widely spread legs. "OOOOhhh!" she laughed.
"Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you like me."

"Please! You can't leave me like this," he begged.

"But I can," Dr. Crisp laughed, echoed by the med-tech's mocking giggle.
"We can do absolutely anything we want with you now. Try not to cum too soon,
OK?" She blew him a soft kiss in the instant before the door slammed shut,
leaving him naked, helpless and alone to deal with his raging need.

Chapter 2

It seemed an eternity as he waited, feeling his cock throb and pulse
angrily, unable to touch himself. The brush of the soft robe against the base of
his swollen shaft was maddening. Under the effects of the aphrodisiac, even the
currents of air in the room seemed to tickle the knob like a hundred maddening
feathers. He wished he could stroke himself just once, hating himself for
letting himself get into this. He was becoming more aroused than he had ever
been, even all alone and untouched. And the masturbatrix hadn't even arrived to
begin his stimulation. He wondered how bad it could be when a nurse-masturbatrix
went to work on him.

A soft knock on the door came a spilt second before it opened, and a
cute, young nurse entered. Her sheaf of long black hair swirled around the
shoulders of her white lab coat as the door closed behind her. "Good morning. My
name is Pennyko, I'm a licensed masturbatrix, and I'll be your tease bitch
today. If there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable, please

"Hey! Jimmy! They didn't tell me you were coming here!" Pennyko was
genuinely surprised at seeing her mother's boyfriend preparing to make a private
donation to the sperm bank. "I could have made special arrangements for you if
I'd known you were coming, or not cumming as the case may be," she giggled,
observing the state of his obvious arousal. "Fumiko and I have been doing our
internships here for almost a year, you know."

He didn't know. And he might have gone to a different clinic if he had
known the twins were working in the clinic. Her eyes followed the silhouette of
his gown until she eyed the enormous tent where his drug enhanced erection
thrust out. "I see Doc Crisp and Susan have done the preliminaries."

"Pennyko. Maybe you should get another person. Or turn me loose. I
mean...," he stuttered.

"Absolutely not!" She smiled a sparkling smile. "You are mine, all mine.
At least for the rest of the day." Even without the drugs she was dazzlingly
beautiful. Her mysterious Asian eyes and daring, come-hither smile made his cock
lurch even though he tried to suppress it. Under the effects of the aphrodisiac,
he wanted to wrap his arms around her, throw her to the floor, make love to her.

"You don't know how much I've always wanted to get you like this," she
purred, moving close enough for him to feel her heat. The musk of an exotic
perfume made his head spin, permeating his mind with bolts of lust. "How could I
think of letting someone else service you? I promise, I'll make you give out the
largest sperm sample in history before I'm through." She began to unbutton his
robe, letting it fall open, exposing his naked body.

"I'm going to get you so turned on, you'll spurt out a gallon of sperm
the very first time I make you cum," she purred, reaching to tweak a sensitive
nipple. As she spoke, she pinched it hard, twisting it until he writhed in lust
on the cross. "Maybe even the second time too! After that, who knows..." She was
becoming quite enthusiastic about stimulating his sperm production.

"I'm going to tease the HELL out of you. Your balls will be as fat as
ripe purple plums before I let you come... They might even burst before you get
to cum... Which will be much, much later. I may not ever let you cum... You
won't believe how good I am at teasing a man's cock- professionally speaking, of

Chapter 3

"That's good," she purred, releasing her punishing grip on his nipple,
"because we have so much to do. Mommy is going to be so pleased when I tell her
all about you visiting my clinic! Won't it be cool when she finds out?"

"Pennyko please!" Jimmy pleaded, thinking of Fumiko's spin on his being
tease-masturbated by her daughter, professional or not. With his legs spread
wide, and strapped to the arched cross, he was a bit lower than Pennyko. He
looked up into her excited young face, not knowing if he wanted to escape or to
seize and kiss her soft, pink lips. "Let's not do this, OK? I might want to be
turned loose."

"No way. I've masturbated and teased the sperm from a dozen cocks a week
for over two years here, and I'm not letting yours go. You've got to cum a whole
lot before I'm ready to unbuckle you, wanna bet?" Pennyko replied. She placed
her hands on the hips of her lab coat and smiled coyly, "Anyway, I just might
want to see what kind of cock mommy likes to play with."

"Besides, you signed the release, right? So I don't think you have any
choices about anything for quite a while. You're going to be tease-tortured for
a long, long time before any one who matters thinks you are ready to have your
sperm milked whether you like it or not. And I'm the one who has the pleasure of
cock-teasing you.

"And believe me, doing this to mommy's boyfriend is going to be a very
great pleasure. I'm going to masturbate you ever so slowly. And then I'm going
to tickle your cock until you go insane You'll be out of your mind way before I
finally milk you off. I'm really good at this, you know.

"So let's get you started." She reached into the top drawer and pulled
out another needle and syringe. "I'll even throw in a few more drops for good

"Wait!" Jimmy's voice was urgent as she tossed the wrapper into the
trash, and filled the tube from the brown bottle.. "Dr. Crisp already gave me
the aphrodisiac. I've already had it.!"

"Don't get funny with me, Daddy. All the patients try that one with me
and it never works." She swabbed his hip and pricked him with the slender tip.

"Now look. There are some rules. First, and most important, you have to
call me "Nurse', not 'Pennyko'. And second, you have to answer all my questions,
no matter what I ask, or I'm allowed to use this." She reached into the second
drawer and withdrew a nasty looking braided cat-o-nine-tails, and gave the whip
a swishing swing. "We have some others, but I like using this one.

"If you don't make me happy I'll use it without hesitation, and in your
sensitized state, it won't take very much." She placed the cat within easy reach
and began to unbutton her lab coat.

"I know you do hope you were always nice to me, don't you?" she smiled
mysteriously. "I'm trying to remember how good or bad you might have been."

Jimmy squirmed, trying to remember how he had treated her. Not a single
specific incident came to mind.

She lay a hand on his chest and brushed slowly downward, emphasizing his
helplessness. "Oh yes, I see you are trying to remember. But I do. I remember
very well. Now let's seeee....hmmmm."

She turned the syringe slowly before his eyes, taunting him with it.
"Where would you like the little shot, Daddy-baby? In the shoulder isn't too
bad. The hip is pretty good, too, or the buttocks."

She lowered the needle meaningfully, and lifted his swollen testicles in
her palm. "Or. How about in the balls. That would get the aphrodisiac right down
there where it would do the most good.

"Or how about right in the knob of your cock. That would get right to
the point, don't you think?" His rigid cock thrust out hard and erect, and she
circled the tip with the gleaming needle.

"Wadda you think, Daddy? You want it in the cock, right?"

"Noooo, Pennyko, please!"

"The balls, then. You want it in the balls!" She pricked him sharply in
the balls as she tugged them downward. A single drop of the aphrodisiac injected
into his flesh, making a hot flash of pure lust wash over his loins.

"Ngharrr! Noooo. Not my balls!" Jimmy strained at his bonds, but was
perfectly unable to stop her.

"Just teasing. Its all part of the fun, you know. I can only give this
to you in the hip."

For a moment, she was all business. She swabbed a spot on his right
buttock and quickly injected the serum. He swallowed hard, waiting for the true
torture to begin.

Chapter 4

The rush of lust from the second injection hit him just as her smock
pooled around her red stiletto pumps. Under the effects of the serum, Jimmy's
eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of her luscious body. Black bra
and panties, with red hose and garter belt, matched red high heels that seemed
to lift her to the ceiling above him.

His cock jerked and twitched just as it did right before an orgasm, only
this time it bobbed untouched in empty air. He fought briefly at his bonds, to
no effect. He couldn't have her and he couldn't do anything to make himself come
no matter how much he wanted to.

Pennyko bent and straightened the lacy tops of her red net hose,
pointing one toe and then the other toward him. "Good little girls wear white,"
she said as she kicked the white lab coat aside, " and I'm definitely not a good
little girl."

Jimmy stared helplessly at Penny's spectacular body as she turned slowly
before him. Her mother was a slender, tightly built oriental, dark and
mysterious, while Pennyko's father had been a hulking blonde brute of a Viking.
Penny inherited her mother's lean build and inscrutable eyes, as well as the
lush hips and buxom breasts of her Scandinavian side. Her mother described her
as an oriental Valkyrie.

"Bad girls wear black," she smirked as she unsnapped her black bra,
whirled it around her head, and tossed it away, too. Darkly nippled globes
jiggled as if they were on springs.

"And I'm only a little bit bad." She hooked her thumbs in the waist of
her black panties smoothed them past her rounded hips, and pulled them down her
legs to the floor. She bent from the waist, letting him take a good long look at
her lush hips and plush hanging breasts, and the smooth peach of her sex pouting
back at him. A new drop moisture glistened at the tip of his erection.

"A tease wears only red," she said as she turned toward him. Her red
stiletto heels clicked together, making her thighs quiver beneath the red
thigh-high stockings. "That's the color of sex and the whore house door, you
know. And a tease gets everything she wants." Pennyko moved closer, bracing
herself against the cross he was strapped to so that she could graze her bare
nipples across the front of his chest.

"Would you give me everything I want, Daddy?" Soft lips brushed his
cheek, ignoring the fact that his entire body strained helplessly toward her.
"Would you give me whatever I ask for?"

"Yes, Pennyko! Anything you want." His voice cracked with need. "Just
make me come." The aphrodisiac galvanized his nerves, and skyrockets of helpless
need blasted through his body, sending explosions of lust into his brain.

"Not 'Pennyko'. Call me 'Nurse', OK," She smiled sweetly and lifted the
cat. "I warned you about that. Now I get to whip you. I really like this part,
you know." She swished it once in a figure eight before his bulging eyes,
letting the braided tails flair open as it sizzled through the air, then slashed
it across his open thighs. Nine sizzling red stripes painted a wide swath over
his thigh and around his buttock.

"Ngahh!" he cried, jerking at his bonds. "Please don't." She ignored his
cry and swirled the cat through the air once more, letting him anticipate the
pain. Then she let him feel the burn of the knotted tips again twice more,
sizzling once across each of his inner thighs, dangerously close to his bursting

"Remember, call me 'Nurse" from now on," she said calmly, laying the cat
on a table in plain view.

Smooth fingers brushed through the fine hairs behind his neck as she
nuzzled his ear with her lips. She cooed in taunting baby talk, breathing hotly
into his ear. "Sorry, but it really turns me on to whip a man."

She kissed and caressed him, making love to him on the cross. Her
fingers did wonderful things to his flesh as she pressed her body against his,
speaking close to his ear.. Her voice was teasing and purring. The baby talk
turned him on and made him want her. "Sometimes we get a man in here from the

"The always send the offenders over to be punished. We strap them down
like you are, only we give them even more of the aphrodisiac. Stimulants, too.
And a hallucinogenic drug.

"The get so turned on, they don't know what planet they are on. The only
thing they care about is getting to cum. And that's what they can't do. All the
girls get to tease them. They get teased for days. The stimulants keep them
awake the whole time. Really makes them crazy.

"But the part I like is torturing them-whipping them." The baby talk was
driving him wild. "At the end, I get to whip them until the cum from it. The
shoot big-time, all jerking and bucking and screaming and they can't tell if the
whip hurts or feels good. And the cum! All over the place!

"And then, after he cums from being whipped, without even having his
cock rubbed or sucked, we get to milk him." She purred her baby voice against
his neck as she nuzzled and kissed him.

"Do you know what milking is? That's when we masturbate you over and
over again. Make you shoot until there's nothing left to shoot. Even when you
cum, there's nothing there. They spurt until they're dry, and then we keep on
and make their bodies cum again and again.

"They beg not to cum. But we make them anyway. Strapped down, the drugs
keep their cocks hard and turned on. There's nothing they can do about it as we
stroke and caress and suck them and make them cum time after time. They beg, but
we get to torture them anyway. We punish them with too many orgasms.

"Afterwards, I'm so turned on I have to get fucked or die. Sometimes,
I'm tempted to fuck a patient."

"Do you want to fuck me," she purred. "Do you want to fuck Mommie's
little daughter?"

He nodded hopefully.

"I asked you a question. You have to answer, or I get to whip you. Do
you want to fuck me?"

"Yes please!"

"Have you ever wanted to fuck really, really badly?"

"I want to right now!"

"Sorry. You don't get to." She smiled broadly, showing him her teeth.
"Too bad for you."

Her hands on his cock were insistent, making him want to hold her, but
strapped to the cross, he could only deal with the teases she offered.

Chapter 5

"You know, Daddy. I really love this job. Its sort of like being paid to
be a mean, teasing little bitch."

She grasped his balls and squeezed gently, slowly increasing the
pressure until he could not catch his breath. She punctuated her words with a
squeeze for each syllable, "You.. don't.. think.. I'm.. a.. mean. teasing...
little..bitch.. do.. you?"

"Nng-no," h managed to croak.

Her squeezing fingers turned to caressing fingers, sliding delicately up
and down his erection. She caught the knob bellow the head and jerked it gently,
pulling at it rhythmically until his balls began to ache from needing to cum.
She circled the knob gently, twisting about until he threw his head back and
groaned out loud.

Pennyko laughed and pressed her lush body against his, tucking her lips
against his neck and cooed warmly, "Come on, Daddy. Don't you think I'm a little
bit of a bitch?" Her fingers around his knob coaxed him on. Still he denied it.

"Come on. Admit it," she breathed into his ear, "tell me I'm a mean
little bitch. Please...? A mean little teasing bitch"

"No, I can't say it." She knew just how to squeeze and caress his knob,
and she coaxed it rhythmically as she rubbed her body against him. He strained
at his bonds as she ground her pubic mound into his thigh and tugged softly at
his swollen shaft.

She purred softly in baby talk, her tongue tracing his ear tenderly.
"Come on, Daddy. You know I'm a bitch. I'm a cock-teasing little bitch, right?
Why don't you admit it. Don't you really think I'm just a little bit of a mean,
cock-teasing bitch"

With her tongue tickling about his ear and his whole body surging in
response to her rhythmic masturbation, his world was spinning wildly. Finally,
he could not resist her goading any longer. He surged once more against his
bonds and gasped out, "Ok, I admit it. You're a bitch."

"Really? Ohhh, Daddy! You do? What kind of a bitch? A little bitch? Am I
a cock teasing little bitch?" She raked his shaft with her nails lightly,
scraping at the divot below the knob. sending electrical charges through his
whole body.

"Tell me! Daddy..Ohhhhh! Call me a bitch! Please call me a little

"Yes. Sure. You're a cock-teasing bitch. Please let me cum!"

Pennyko laughed softly against his cheek and traced her tongue slowly
around the outline of his ear. Knowing fingers kept raking his cock with
sharpened nails. "Oh, Daddy! A big bitch or a little bitch? Don't you think I'm
a just little bitch?"


"No tell me first. Call me a little bitch." Her breath was hot in his
ear, burning into his brain. He tried to thrust against her hand, but his bonds
held him firmly. She was driving him crazy. "Let me hear you say it....."


"Not yet. You have to say it, Daddy."


"All of it. Come on. Say it all!"

"Bitch. Cock teasing little bitch." He could barely croak it out.

Suddenly her fist was around his balls, squeezing hard enough to make
him cry out. Jolts of searing pain crashed around him. "I'll show you a bitch!
Don't you dare call me a bitch, you fucking asshole!"

The cat of nine tails faired in the air and branded his thighs. He cried
out as over and over again she flailed at him, raking his flesh with the cat
until he was criss-crossed from head to toe with brilliant, red stripes.

Finally, he hung gasping in his bonds, almost sobbing, in awe of the
sudden ferocity of her attack. Then, just as suddenly as she had started, she
laid the cat calmly aside and pressed the soft, soothing nudity of her naked
body against his burning flesh and cooed, "There, now. Do you still think I'm a
cock teasing bitch?"


"No. I need you to tell me!"

"I can't"

"Well, how about if I do this?" She sunk down on her knees and took his
half swollen member in her lips, sucking as hotly as the cat had stung him. His
cock stiffened instantly, swelling into a rigid shaft in her sucking mouth. Her
lips and swirling tongue were magical. Dark hair flew as she pumped his cock
into her mouth, working her head up and down on quick, slurping strokes.

The clock ticked on as she worked him up, bring him rapidly toward
orgasm. Strapped to the cross, there was nothing he could do as she vacuumed and
pumped, caressing his balls and masturbating the base of his shaft. Hot cum
surged in his balls and his loins clenched as the beginning of orgasm started

Suddenly, just as the first hot blast was entering his shaft, in the
instant before clenching cock muscles could jet it out, she pulled away, leaving
his cock bobbing and twitching untouched in empty air.

Her little laugh mingled with his anguished groan, echoing off the
walls. "So there, Daddy. Now don't you think I'm a cock teasing little bitch?"

She watched his cock throb without reaching to touch it, then turned to
wag her bare bottom inches from the tip of his knob. "Come on, you know I must
be a bitch, now. Wanna fuck a little bitch?"

Bent from the hips, she placed her palms flat on the floor. Perfectly
rounded cheeks, as dark as burnt amber, flexed in slow rhythm inches from his
aching knob. Her waxed and polished pussy winked a welcoming pink eye, beckoning
to his hungry cock.

"Please come fuck me, Daddy."



"Yes. Nurse. Please!"

"Then call me a bitch!"

"I can't!"

"Why not? I want you to...." Her hands were insistent and loving.

"You'll whip me again."

"Of course I will." She kissed his cheek, tonguing her way to his mouth.
"But I want you to do it anyway. Pleeease...call me a bitch. I know how to make
you say it."

She turned and bent again, grazing his cock with the cleavage of her
dusky bottom cheeks. "Oh, nurse, that feels so good!"

"Then do it." She reached back and grasped his balls, pulling his cock
down toward the entrance of her pussy and squeezed lightly. "I said to call me a

"No please! Don't make me say it."

Her fingers gripped harder, crushing his balls. "Say it, Daddy. Say it


"The whole thing." Her grip tightened. Red nails glinted as strong dark
fingers squeezed rhythmically around his balls.

"Bitch. You're a cock teasing little bitch," he croaked out as her
fingers tortured his balls. "Please don't whip me...." It was too late.

Once more the cat faired widely, long braided strands searing the air in
their rush to burn his flesh. Time after time they spread and kissed him with
their fire until his body was aflame with crossed stripes.

This time she didn't stop as quickly, working him slowly and carefully,
circling him to strike painstakingly thoroughly. He cried out his pain, writhing
helplessly in his bonds, unable to escape her singing whip.

Jimmy barely noticed when she grasped his shrunken cock and began
masturbating him between lashes of the cat-of-nine-tails. His cock hardened
swiftly in her fingers, regardless of the whip, and the mixture of pleasure and
pain sent his mind spinning wildly, taking him to heights of sexual arousal he
had never experienced.

"Call me a bitch!"

"No, please!" The cat seared him again.

"Then come fuck me, Daddy." She pressed against him and kissed him
softly. "I want you to fuck me."

"I can't. Please. I mean I want to! No, I don't want to, Oh god,

"Then I'm a bitch, right?" She masturbated his cock at double speed, her
slippery hand flying up and back in a blur over his shaft. Just as he was on the
brink and ready to spurt, she stepped back and lashed him viciously twice more.
"Admit it. I'm a cock teasing little bitch."

Suddenly, Pennyko pressed herself against him, grinding his slippery,
rigid cock against her equally slippery pubic mound. She folded her arms behind
her head so that her breasts thrust out invitingly. Dark nipples, hard with
desire jiggled tantalizingly inches from his lips. She giggled as he licked his
lips and reached for a nipple. With his head strapped down, she could easily
hold it just out of his reach.

"Now am I being a bitch, Daddy?" His cock slipped into the nook at the
top of her pussy, but she had no intent of letting him enter. She grazed his
cheeks with soft breasts and stiffened nipples.


"So why don't you fuck me, Daddy?" She giggled softly, mocking him.

"I can't"

"Because I won't let you, will I, Daddy?"


"So I'm being a teasing little bitch, right? She bit his neck softly,
tonguing the tiny marks, sending shivers through his racked body. "Tell me,

"I can't....."

"Say it, Daddy."


"You'll make me whip again you if you don't say it. Don't make me whip
you." His cock was sliding up and back in the shallow cleavage at the top of her

"You'll whip me if I say it."

"And I'll whip you if you don't." She pressed harder against him,
grinding on his cock. She was making him cum against her tender mound.

Pennyko kissed his ear and cooed in a soft little girl voice. "Please
say it. Say, 'cock teasing little bitch', Daddy. Call me a bitch."

He was almost ready to cum. His loins were clenching, and she could feel
him tensing against her. She almost slithered against him, urging him on. She
snuggled against him, humping his cock, purring in his ear, teasing him with
baby talk.

"Tell me. You know I'm being a bitch, Daddy."


"Then fuck me."


"Because you're all strapped down, Daddy. Your helpless. And I'm making
your cock all hard. And you can't do anything about it.

"I could make you cum right now If I wanted to. It would be so easy. But
I won't let you. Don't you want to cum?"

"Yes, I need to cum."

"Why can't you, Daddy?"

"Because you're teasing me!"

"Yes, I'm teasing you." She could feel him getting ready to spurt
against her warm tummy. In the instant before he could shoot, she deftly moved
aside, still pressing against his side, but leaving his cock bobbing in empty
air once more. I like doing this to you. Its fun!"

He groaned out loud as she laughed into his neck. "So now am I a bitch

"B....," he started, then bit the word from his lips. "P..please, I'll
do anything."

"Anything, Daddy?" she raked a single fingertip just once up the length
of his aching cock. "Would you give me things?"

"I'll give you anything!" He gasped out loud as she caught a male nipple
and tweaked it around sharply.

"What would you give me, Daddy? Pretty things? Expensive pretty things?"

"Yes, anything!"

"I get all kinds of gifts. What do you want to give me?"


"No be specific. What are you going to offer?"

Just as he was about to answer, she jerked her knee up into his balls.
Jimmy turned alternately red, then white, then a color of green. His cock wilted
as he cried out.

"Awww, that's got to hurt. Let me make it better." She knelt and kissed
his aching balls, caressing his stomach and tickling his cock. It took a few
moments for him to recover from the pain, but his cock grew ramrod straight.
Soon, she had him writhing and gasping to cum once more.

Chapter 6

"Now, you were telling me what would you give me?" she stood and
pressed her willing body against his, rubbing her smooth mound against his hip.

"Anything, just please.....!" He jerked in a rictus of pure frustrated
lust as she delved her tongue into his ear and kissed her way across his face.
Her thumb caught his chin and pulled it down gently, opening his mouth, invading
it worth her tongue.

Their tongues battled for a moment while she kissed him thoroughly.
Unexpectedly for him, the kiss was stifled by the intrusion of a reinforced
leather gag she popped into his credulous open mouth. His eyes flew open, but
there was nothing he could do but submit as she buckled it firmly behind his
neck. A strap passed over his forehead and buckled behind his head.

"But you have to tell me what you'd give me, or I can't let you cum. And
then I'll have to tease you more and more to find out. You don't want me to
tease you, do you?" The string ties of his gown were easy to pull apart, and she
tugged bits of it through the straps and let his gown to the floor fall between
his spread legs.

She leaned closer and kissed his cheek, trailing hot lips in a fiery
brand across his neck, along the edges of the gag straps. He could feel the tips
of her nipples burning across his chest. A web of perfumed, black hair fell
across his eyes as she kissed him, filling his mind with visions of fairies and
darkness and hot ejaculations.

"Daddy? Please tell me Daddy," she whispered. "What would you give me
if I let you cum? What would it be? Couldn't you give me a little hint?"

Soft fingers found the tip of his cock and circled it gently. "You were
going to tell me," she cooed, whispering soft sighs against his neck. "Why won't
you tell me now?"

Electric motors hummed as she lowered the cross toward the floor. It
moved smoothly until it lay horizontal, only two feet above the floor.

His erection ached as she stepped astride his hips and let his cock
slip between the hairless folds of her pussy. "Is that what you want? Do you
like having your cock almost in my pussy?"

"Yes! Dammit! Yes!" he wanted to howl through the gag. "Just come on and
put it in," but the gag allowed only the most inarticulate grunts to pass.

She quickly rose from his cock, leaving it bobbing in the air. Cool air
chilled his him as the moisture from her pussy evaporated from his cock. "But I
can't let you do that until you tell me. I'm so sorry. Your cock can't go there
until you tell me what you'd give me if I let you come." He could only strain
and groan as she raked her nails up the length of his cock. "If you won't tell
me, I'll have to keep this up for hours and hours. And make you all horny and
tease you and be mean and make you want to fuck me but not let you do anything
about it."

A sheen of sweat bathed Jimmy's body, and he lay wide-eyed and trembling
in his bonds before Pennyko finally relented. The clock behind his head showed
that time had passed somewhat, but not enough to grant him his freedom or his

"You know how some girls tease you and then won't do anything about it?
Mean little girls, who make your cock all hard for the fun of it, and then laugh
in your face, knowing you'll have to jack yourself off later, probably thinking
of them and their teasing fingers and their hard nipples and their soft, warm
lips?" She caressed his face as she spoke, soothing him, helping him relax as
his eyes began to focus properly again. He nodded faintly.

"You know how they tease you and leave you? And make you suffer? Well, I
won't do that." She leaned close to him and purred warmly into his ear. "I won't
tease you and refuse to do anything about it."

Hope brightened his face as she took his straining member in her fist
and began to masturbate him up and down. She squatted over his cock and pressed
the tip into the very entrance of her hot cunt. The heat of her pussy made his
head swim. Perhaps his torture was about to be over. Perhaps she was going to
make him cum, milk out his juices, give him relief from the hours of teasing he
had endured.

"I'm going to tease you, and do something about it. I'm going to tease
you and make it worse. And then when you're screaming and crazy, that's when
I'll leave you. And you know what? You won't even be able to jack yourself off.
I'll leave you strapped down so that you have to deal with all that sexual
frustration all alone."

"And then, I'm going to bring friends and we're going to do it all over
again, only much worse."

Jimmy was on the verge of cumming when she released his cock. Pennyko
waited a precise minute and then did it again. While the big hand circled the
clock another hour, Pennyko brought him to brink a dozen times, releasing him at
the last moment before he could shoot.

"See," she cooed, gripping his balls with both hands, tugging them
downward slowly and smoothly in her oiled fists. "I'm not a mean little girl.
I'm a mean big girl!"

Jimmy groaned and arched outward toward her, following her pull on his
balls as far as the bonds would let him. "But Jimmy," she purred, breaking into
his pain streaked erotic delirium, "That's all for now." She released his cock,
and tested his swollen balls.

"Full, but not full enough." I'll have to get some help and come back
later for more slippery fun. She wiped her hands on a hospital towel and tossed
it into the bin.

As she pulled her smock over her bare shoulders and closed the front
over her glorious breasts, she quipped, "I can't wait to tell Mommy! She'll be
so surprised. I think I'll call her on my cell right now."

Her hips rolled tantalizingly as she sauntered toward the door.

Chapter 7

Jimmy suffered only a short time before the door opened. The slender
blonde who entered wore a thigh length smock with the number '1" embroidered on
the left breast.

"One" she announced. Electric motors hummed as she raised the
cross-shaped table to waist height.

Without another word, she slapped Jimmy soundly across the face. Then,
she smacked him sharply across the side of his buttock once with a riding crop.

His head was still spinning as she applied a squirt of oil to her hand
and brought him quickly to the brink of orgasm with brisk strokes. And stopped
him. Once. Very gently, she smoothed the oil up the length of his body, tweaking
each of his nipples. Once. She kissed him. Once. With a smile, she leaned and
petted his cheek, then turned and left him gasping. The whole procedure had
taken exactly one minute.

Two minutes later, the door opened. Two girls entered. They were so
similar they might have been twins. One wore a pink floral bikini bottom. Her
bare pale breasts wobbled gently as she moved.

The second wore the matching bikini top, leaving her densely furred
pubic mound fluffy and exposed.

"We're Two," they announced in unison. Each of them slapped his cheeks
resoundingly; first one cheek, then the other; first one girl, then the other.
It left his face and his pride stinging. His vision was barely refocusing when
the girls each seized one of his nipples.

"That's one," the first announced as she tugged the sensitive bud and
twisted it hard. And held it.

"Here's two" the bikini blonde announced as she tugged his second nipple
in the opposite direction and twisted it. Hard. And held it.

Simultaneously, the girls attached a pair of chromed clamps to each
nipple, leaving him gasping in pain. He looked down at the sharply bitten nubs
just as the bare breasted twin seized one of his testicles and pulled. "One"

"Now, Two." The other twin seized his other testicle and pulled in the
opposite direction. His mind swam in pain.

Still stretching his balls, the first one twin circled her fingers just
below his knob and masturbated him firmly upward on his shaft, while then the
other twin circled her finger and thumb near the base and masturbated him
downward on his shaft. Each twin gave him two strokes.

Then the first caressed his length lightly upward, and the second
caressed him lightly and delicately downward. Over and over they repeated the
torture, one, two, one two, firm, gentle, until he was going wild to cum.

"One" the bare breasted twin announced. Suddenly they changed the
rhythm. The twin's hand began to blur as she masturbated him rapidly. Just as
she had him at the brink, she stopped.

While the first twin giggled at his plight, the second repeated the
performance, taking him rapidly to the brink and suddenly stopping.

Next, the took turns alternately tugging his back and forth balls,
until the urge to cum subsided into a sea of pain.

"Two" the bare bottom twin announced. She began to caress his cock
lightly until he needed the firm strokes more than ever. He was crazy for an
orgasm before she was through.

Each of them took a riding crop from the table and they alternately
struck his buttocks, first one, then the other. Twice each. They both laughed
and left him gasping.

Only minutes later the door opened again, this time to allow a blonde,
a brunette and a redhead.




The were dressed in traditional nurses uniforms, although the dresses
were a little too tight for a traditional nurse. Jimmy quickly noted the
uniforms were not the typical cotton, but were of white latex.

"You're in trouble," the first nurse smiled.

"Double trouble," the second quipped.

"Make that triple," the third laughed. "We're the RN's"


"Guess what that stands for?"

"Rubber nurses. We're the Rubber nurse masterbatrixes."

"So guess what were going to do?"

"We're going to masturbate you."

"Three times."


"But first, a booster shot."

The blonde poured a handful of oil and began to masturbate him. He was
so hot and horny that it took only a few seconds for her to have him on the
brink once more. As she was taking him to the edge of insanity, the brunette
leaned and kissed him, leaving scalding, red lip imprints on his neck and torso.
His nipples screamed beneath her fingers as she tweaked his sore tips.

While the blonde and brunette made sure he was arriving at the point of
no return, the redhead showed him the needle. Even as the blonde's fingers drove
him to distraction and the brunette's kisses goaded him on, Jimmy tried
valiantly to escape the needle. But the redheaded nurse only smiled and pricked
him with the needle anyway.

She was clipping the tip into the Sharps container when the aphrodisiac
hit him. Already nearly insane to be made to cum, the booster of aphrodisiac
serum drowned him in a sea of sexual delirium.

Over and over they masturbated him. Three times for each nurse,
masturbating him to the brink. Three times each cruel nurse laughed as he had
his relief snatched away. He spun mindlessly in a vertigo of latex breasts,
lipstick kisses and slippery oiled caresses.

He almost cried when their time was up and the rubber nurses left him to
suffer alone.

Chapter 8

He wondered if he would have to endure four or five and six when the
door opened again. Not surprisingly another pair of girls entered, but these
were Pennyko and Fumiko, his girlfriend's daughters.

"We call that one-two-three-go." Fumiko laughed. Not every patient gets
that kind of treatment, but then not every girl gets to tease her mother's
boyfriend into producing a ton of cum.

"Or have him tortured however they want to." Pennyko smirked as she
caressed his aroused body.

"You know what we did? We called mother, and she doesn't know where you
are. In fact, I'll bet you didn't tell anyone where you are." She drilled a
slender finger into his anus until she was tickling his prostate. A single
strand of cum dribbled out.

"So you know what? We could keep you here and torture you all the way,
even for days and days, and no one would ever suspect."

"Fun, huh?"

Jimmy shook his head negatively.

"Oh, sure it is," quipped Fumiko. "Here, let me show you something
you'll get really excited about." She whispered something to her sister.

Penny's face brightened. "Yeah! Excited! You are really in trouble now!"
Her breasts wobbled as she stepped to the side and gave her sister the floor.

Chapter 9

Dr. Alexandra Crisp closed the door gently behind herself. She had not
bothered to knock. A wild cherry sucker appeared from the pocket of her lab
coat, and she took her time peeling off the clear plastic wrapper.

Fumiko barely acknowledged her presence, continuing to wipe the sweat
from Jimmy's torso. Several long, surgical steel needles lay scattered about on
a tray next to his cross. Dark stains adorned the tips of more than half of them
and flecks of red adorned the cloth where they lay. Several more lay in a neat
arc, laid in a precise half-moon shape on white cloth beside them.

His eyes bulged beneath his steel reinforced gag. Heavy, brown leather
covered the lower part of his face from below his chin to the bridge of his
nose, where a reinforced strap ran over the top of his head and buckled securely
to the cross behind his head. Two other straps from either side of the gag were
also secured to the cross, holding his head absolutely immobile. A one-way valve
allowed him to inhale through a tube at his mouth, and another valve allowed him
to exhale through a tube at his nose.

Not only did the valves prevent him from uttering a coherent sound, but
Fumiko had mischievously gone to the trouble of adjusting his air-flow down a
little. Just to keep his mind off his predicament, she had told him.

Alexandra stepped forward a bit, sucking intently on her lollipop. "Like
cherry pops? How about a little taste?"

Fumiko knelt down between his widely spread thighs and gave the kilo
weight dangling from the chrome collar around his balls a swing. The heavy
chromed cylinder swung back and forth, tugging his balls back and forth.
Strongly secured, his only reaction was to lift his eyebrows a bit wider.

"I asked you a question." Alexandra leaned over him, holding out the
sucker. "When I ask a question, I expect to be answered!"

The nude oriental teen lifted his bloated balls and squeezed lightly.
In his drug crazed state, the pain was electric. His cock bulged even harder,
and a tiny, shrill sound emitted from his nasal tube. Dr. Crisp gave the nurse
an approving glance.

"That's right, Jimmy. Don't ignore me again," the doctor reprimanded.
Air sucked sharply into his mouth tube as Fumiko squeezed his balls even harder
for a moment, then released. She paused for a moment, letting him think she was
done, and then squeezed again. Jimmy's eyes bugged, almost rolling back into his
head before the teenaged oriental relented.

"Now. If you're ready to be cooperative, do you want a taste?"
Alexandra held out the wet, red candy pop once more.

Jimmy wiggled his eyebrows and his fingertips and toes. Everything else
was strapped down.

"Knew you did." Alexandra slurped noisily on the lollipop and popped it
from her lips. She held it close to his face and let a dribble of saliva run
from the candy ball into his breathing tube. A little gurgle and slurp told her
the sweet spit had made it into his mouth.

Fumiko lifted his balls once more and dropped them, making the weight
swing slowly about. Each time the swinging weight brought his balls back to her,
she caught the bloated globes in her lips and sucked his nuts before letting
them swing away again. The soft, warm sensation and the intermittent pain was
mind boggling.

"Have another taste, Jimmy. Isn't it good?" Jimmy gave a little peep
through his tube. Alexandra leaned closer over his breathing tube and drooled a
slow string of cherry flavored spit into his gag. She wiped her lips, smiling at
the slurping sounds as he fought for breath. She popped the sucker into her
mouth and let it make a lump in her cheek. "I know how you like cherries."

Regardless of the humiliation and the pain, his cock glowed a deep
maroon, swelling massively around the edges of the chrome band circling the
base. A glistening drop of pre-cum ran from the tip and clung to the rim of his
knob. Fumiko ignored it, preferring to torture his balls as the pendulous weight
pulled them back and forth between his legs.

"Fumiko, would you let me examine the patient for a moment, please,"
Alexandra asked. Fumiko gave the pendulum a final swing and stepped back.

The doctor offered her a cherry sucker from her pocket. "I'll only take
a moment."

She touched a button on the side of the examination table, and let the
motorized legs of the cross hum a bit as she spread his legs impossibly wide.

With a special tool, the doctor loosened the steel band constricting his
cock. A crystal tendril of pre cum dribbled from the tip and clung to the
pulsing shaft. She scraped the trail slowly up his shaft with the edge of her
fingernail, catching all of the escaping moisture.

"Naughty, naughty," she cooed. "Must not waste that! Better put that
back inside." With a tiny laugh, she wiped her fingertip inside his mouth tube,
depositing the precum for him to taste.

A long, crooked penile sound lay on the side tray, appearing
devastatingly thick alongside the slender needles. With a tiny smirk curling the
corners of her lips, the doctor turned the probe before his wide, staring eyes,
letting him absorb the import of the instrument. Still holding it for him to
seem she lubricated the silver probe with a slender forefinger then toyed the
angled tip around the end of his knob.

"Let's see. I think we should plug that cock of your up so no more of
your precious cum can escape. We'll just insert this like so......"

She held his knob in place with one hand and let the blunt tip of the
sound stretch the tiny lips at the tip of his cock. Slowly, she fucked the first
few centimeters of the steel probe in and out of his knob. Soon, the slippery
sound was disappearing more deeply into the slit of his cock, sliding several
inches into his shaft. "Feels good?"

His eyes widened and fluttered as the sensation of having his cock
fucked overpowered him. Dr. Crisp pulled it back and slipped the silvery steel
sound slowly into his shaft once more.

"Makes you feel like a little bitch, doesn't it?" Fumiko taunted.

"Fumi! Don't make fun. He can't help it that I'm probing his erection."
Alexandra continued to fuck the sound deeper with each stroke.

"But he likes it! Just look how much he likes it! His eyes are
practically rolling back into his head with pleasure. He's such a little bitch."


"But he said I was a bitch earlier. He called me a little bitch, so why
can't I call him one?"

"I can't believe he called you a little bitch. And particularly not
when I counseled him to be particularly nice to you." She looked down into
Jimmy's eyes. "I know you weren't foolish enough to call her names in your
predicament, were you."

Jimmy piped a tiny off key note through his breathing tube. "See, he
admits it. Now I get to call him a bitch and be really mean to him, don't I."

"Well, I guess that if he started it, you have every right to call him
a name. But try not to be too mean. In his helpless state there are so many
things you could do to him once you get him all to yourself."

With a satisfied smirk on her dark oriental face, the cute little nurse
reached and pinched his nipple sharply between her filed, red nails, twisting
and pulling hard. "Just a little fuck puppy bitch. Makes you want to cum doesn't
it? Well, too bad. Bitch. You just wait until I have you all alone for myself."

"Fumi, you know he can't possibly cum while the sound is in his cock.
His urethra is plugged. The sperm simply wouldn't have any where to go." She
continued to slide the sound slowly in and out, doing deeper with each stroke.

Fumiko gloated, showing him her sweetest smile. "Well, maybe we should
use the bumpy sound. I'll bet we could really make him wish for sexual relief if
we fucked his erection with the one with the little bumps all over it."

"You know, that might not be a bad idea, although those shaped penile
probes are usually reserved for 'special cases'.

"Well, how about the rippled one? The ripples aren't as severe as the
nubby bumps. He'll be crying for an orgasm. As much as that suffocation gag will
let him cry, that is."

Fumiko leaned forward. "And remember the spikey one? The fat one with
all the little diamond shaped points all over it?

"Ah yes, the interrogation probe. Quite a devastating implement."

"Yeah, and we haven't used it since the police sent over that
terrorist. That one was so much fun. After the tease-techs worked on him for a
week, he was practically drooling precum, but he still wouldn't talk."

"Quite recalcitrant, wasn't he?"

"Yeah, and then you used the probes on him. You were fucking him with
the nubbly one and he started babbling in some foreign language. But after you
probed him with the spiky one for about one minute, he was shouting out
everything he knew."

Alexandra glanced toward the storage cabinets. "And even then, we
didn't have to use the electrical equipment. Those electro probes are sheer
torture. Even though I've used them on quite a number of helpless men, I can
hardly imagine how it must be for a man to be strapped down and teased to near
insanity while high on those aphrodisiacs, and then to have a spiked steel probe
inside his cock delivering a series after series of shaped electrical shocks.

Jimmy's eyes bulged at the thought of having his cock tortured with
electricity. "But don't worry, darling," Dr. Crisp purred. "We have other, more
pleasant, ideas in store for you."

As she spoke, she had entered the sound deep inside Jimmy's cock, far
past the base. She had to straighten his cock away from his body in order to
send the sound even deeper into his urethra.

He didn't know it, but the doctor had probed deeply enough to block his
ejaculatory fluids from being able to dump into his bladder. The couldn't leak
out past the sound, and they couldn't release into his bladder. They had no
where to go while the women made them boil and seethe inside of his body.

He made a shrill noise through his breathing tube at the agonizing
pleasure he had never before experienced.

"There now," the doctor mused. "Far enough. Now let's tighten that cock
ring back down so we can get on with the next part."

Fumiko held the ring in place above his balls as the doctor tightened
the shining steel band around the base of his cock, effectively squeezing the
walls of his urethra around the steel sound embedded so deeply in his cock. His
veins bulged around the band, and his cock took on a deep pink hue, with the
knob turning bright red.

A whimsical smile twisted one corner of her mouth. Alexandra reached
for a second steel band and held it before Jimmy's eyes. This one had six round
beads inside its circumference. For the first time in a long while, he struggled
against his bonds.

The doctor waited for his futile struggles to end, then carefully
placed the ring over his knob and the shining steel probe protruding from the
tip of it. The second ring tightened down just beneath the rim of his knob, with
the six little beads embedding themselves painfully into his cock. It made the
helmet glow a darker red, almost maroon.

"Dr. Crisp, may I rub it now, please," Fumi asked, moving a little

"You can have all the fun in the world with him soon," Dr. Crisp
purred. Her voice turned husky and low. She adjusted his air intake down further
so that he struggled for breath. His chest heaved as

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From: randyslut
02/02/2009 21:22:39
Thank You!

From: LegatoXVIII
02/01/2009 23:02:45

My bad lol I didnt realize it cut off part of the story. Just follow the link I posted for the full version.

From: LegatoXVIII
02/01/2009 23:01:16

randyslut wrote:
WOW! What a story! Where is the rest of it?

Unfortunatley that was all there was, I think its 13 chapters long but kudos to the author.


Thats the link to the place I originally read this many years ago.

From: randyslut
02/01/2009 20:50:06
WOW! What a story! Where is the rest of it?

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