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by littlecaltoy
Posted On 01/19/2019 09:20:06

By my count, today makes 195 days without a full orgasm. I think maybe i've had 4 or 5 ruins during that time.

I think there is a good chance that my last orgasm may have been my *last* orgasm. And I don't really even remember it much. Prior to the current 195 days, my last stretch was about 185, so I'm getting used to going 1/2 year at a time now.

I am horny, though. I now have sex dreams sometimes. But even in them, i never cum. I had one last night about a girl i used to hang out with. In the dream, she was topless and we were making out. But she said she "felt humiliated," but kept making out with me. So, in the dream, I stopped. And left.

My wife has said that we will have a sexless marriage -- meaning i may get some kind of orgasm occasionally but rarley. So we will see. If she keeps this position, though, i actually would like to be caged more often. And i'd love a bit more teasing and conditioning. I've been working on that myself, but so far, she isn't interested in participating.

So.... there you have it.



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From: sillynick
03/03/2019 09:25:20

So what is your days orgasm free counter at now?

From: kels
02/26/2019 13:11:03

awww. Poor little cal.

From: littlecaltoy
02/21/2019 18:04:25

Aaaand I got sick. Feels like a headcold but it may be the end of my orgasm options.

From: littlecaltoy
02/20/2019 11:55:16

I have this week off from work, so it's kind of a vacation for us. I was expecting an orgasm this week. She even bought some condoms while i was with her. Now, I'm not sure. I expected one over the weekend, but it didn't happen. It's only Wednesday. So I've got most of 5 more days to go, so it still may happen.

Of course, part of me is wondering how i will react. I mean. I don't expect more than one orgasm. And my counter is at 227 days.It may actually make it worse.


From: littlecaltoy
02/10/2019 10:24:44

Day 217. Still no relese. My longest is around 300 days. So. we will see if I break the record.

From: Billus
01/19/2019 12:59:50

Very good. Sadly, everyone could use more teasing!

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