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[Fran├žais/English - Illustrated story] Red cheeks and blue balls -...
Posted On 08/19/2018 16:57:53 by CutenLovelyYetHorny
Hi! I write and illustrate with an anime software a sweet but rather hard tease an denial story including chastity in a gentle femdom loving atmosphere. It's in french, and english speaking people can also download a captioned summary! Below are also links to my "normal" english stories.
I've made advertisement from april to july, now it's all here! I believe this will more appeal to people closer to my world, introvert sub fantasies in their early 20's rather than married couple playing in m... Read More

A Messy Diary
Posted On 03/31/2018 05:33:05 by ObedienceIsPleasure
As the title says, today was the big day. Miss Annika told me like 2 weeks ago, that I will be allowed to cum today. So the past couple of days were really hard, which is why I was locked up pretty much the entire time. Thanks to a flu, that got me during the week, I had no problems to stay locked because I really had other things in mind as to be horny. Unfortanetly that same flu was the reason why everything went a bit different as it was planned.Miss Annika really had something special in sto... Read More

[Chapter 1 - 11] French illustrated story + images to download
Posted On 03/28/2018 05:54:29 by CutenLovelyYetHorny
See the blog below!http://www.orgasmdenial.com/blog/view/id_3475/title_-f rancais-english-illustrated-st ory-red/
Not deleting it in case search engines have referenced it a way or another.

... Read More

A Denied Diary #7
Posted On 03/25/2018 14:14:16 by ObedienceIsPleasure
Once upon a time......there was a man, having an amazing orgasm. 5 weeks have passed since that moment and I'm really having hard times every now and then. During the week I actually thought I'm doing so good, I can go alot longer. But this last 2-3 days, were proving me wrong. It happened 3 times now that I was soooooooo close, sooooooo close to asking for permission to cum. Miss Annika really is pushing me towards my limits and tipping me over.I was never locked during the past 3 weeks, so it... Read More

A Denied Diary #6
Posted On 03/18/2018 11:45:49 by ObedienceIsPleasure
Another week, another denied blog. It has been 4 weeks now since I've had my last orgasm and I got to admit, I kinda miss that feeling. When you feel it building up deep inside, crawling higher and higher. Making you tense and shake all over before you finally explode in a wave of pure bliss. I am really suprised that I was still able to hold back since I'm used to need it like multiple times a day.I blame Miss Annika's very good influence she has on me. Showing me all this new stuff, making me... Read More

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