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Wait for it
Posted On 07/20/2018 20:10:43 by RopedDave
It’s always nervous when you’re going to meet someone you met online. What made this encounter extra frightening for Dave was the manner in which the meeting had taken place. Dave has been a member of the popular fetish community site Fetlife for years now. His interests primarily revolve around rope bondage and orgasm denial. Despite the shared love of these two fetishes, Dave hadn’t been tied up for years. It was mostly due to his shy nature, and an anxiety about attending munches and pl... Read More

Writing fantasy stories
Posted On 05/22/2018 18:52:52 by ErinAckan
Okay, so I'm pretty new to this site and am only barely scratching the surface of it's features. I would like to ask then, do people here enjoy fantasy stories grounded in reality (though usually physically really difficult or impossible for the subject) or would you prefer IRL stories of real happenings? Personally I think that indulging your creativity can inspire new ways to toy and play you'd preciously not have thought of. Whether it works out or not, experimentation is a pleasure in itself... Read More

Risi Simms Interrogation (Story)
Posted On 09/13/2016 19:49:50 by Vengash
You did well during our last interrogation – letting us know about Risi Simms – the girl you’ve been masturbating to, before you were placed in a cock cage indefinitely as per the court order.  And, as you know, we’ve uncovered your pornography collection from your computer.   So, we had a second look at your stash of images and, sure enough, there she was – pictures and videos of Risi Simms.  Today, we will talk about Risi, just as soon as your naked body is secure... Read More

Gift of Submission - Story
Posted On 08/16/2014 13:24:19 by aka_ireland
"Honey, I'm home," Greg said as he hung up his coat and set down his briefcase."I'm upstairs, Greg. So traffic was bad?" Jill asked.Greg answered while pulling off his tie, "There is a game tonight, so around the stadium was all backed up.""Wow, and only 20 minutes late because of it, lucky you," Jill said as she brushed her hair at the vanity in their bedroom."It's not like I could avoid it. We've known for months I had to work late all this week," Greg argued.Jill laughed, "It sounds like y... Read More

The Search is On!
Posted On 11/26/2011 17:30:10 by orgasmsforfitness
I've been fairly lucky in my life. Partners have been pretty easy to come by, and it hasn't been a problem. Except for findng a partner who A) wants to participate in orgasm denial and B) "gets" it.I've had partners in the past who I have told that I'm interested in OD. And they might enjoy the occassional teasing session. Who, in the end, doesn't like to see their partner squirming in pleasure, moaning out their name, and having a good time? However, at the end, my partners want to see me cum.... Read More

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