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[Français/English - Illustrated story] Red cheeks and blue balls -...
Posted On 08/19/2018 16:57:53 by CutenLovelyYetHorny
Hi! I write and illustrate with an anime software a sweet but rather hard tease an denial story including chastity in a gentle femdom loving atmosphere. It's in french, and english speaking people can also download a captioned summary! Below are also links to my "normal" english stories.
I've made advertisement from april to july, now it's all here! I believe this will more appeal to people closer to my world, introvert sub fantasies in their early 20's rather than married couple playing in m... Read More

Wait for it
Posted On 07/20/2018 20:10:43 by RopedDave
It’s always nervous when you’re going to meet someone you met online. What made this encounter extra frightening for Dave was the manner in which the meeting had taken place. Dave has been a member of the popular fetish community site Fetlife for years now. His interests primarily revolve around rope bondage and orgasm denial. Despite the shared love of these two fetishes, Dave hadn’t been tied up for years. It was mostly due to his shy nature, and an anxiety about attending munches and pl... Read More

Almost Lost the Challenge
Posted On 05/09/2018 13:05:51 by denied_painslut
Today I almost disappointed Mistress as She was giving me some teasing and edges. Luckily I was able to hold off on my impending orgasm, but GOOD LORD was it close.Mistress started by lightly playing with my cock in the Prisoner cage and lightly tapping my balls. She asked if I wanted to be teased properly (She hasn’t been taking the cage off for teasing more than 2-3 times per week). I of course said yes, and She proceeded to lick and suck my caged cock while squeezing my balls off and on. Th... Read More

Something New
Posted On 05/02/2018 23:39:44 by ElStix
Here I sit. Sitting on my hands. Or rather, hammering away at my keyboard. Miss has ordered no touching and I'm inclined to obey. How did it all start? I responed to an ad on another website for submissive males interested in used panties. We chatted. I mentioned chastity and other fetishes. Turns out she's a size queen. I've been on one hell of a dry spell. She has informed me that I'm not well equipped enough to satisfy her. She's local. She's devious and cute. I'm entranced. I'm trying t... Read More

Counter Reset: Zero
Posted On 03/07/2018 05:54:25 by Billus
And so, on the one hundred and second day, we rest. My Domme allowed me to orgasm, and it was a tremendous experience; I won't bore you with the details, but copious is the word that might best describe it. I'm a little sore now, but happy that the shoe has finally dropped. I am experiencing somewhat of a drop in my hormonal levels now, which is a bit surprising. Just yesterday I commented in a forum post that after a long period of denial, generally the first orgasm is nothing much to write hom... Read More

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