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[Fran├žais/English - Illustrated story] Red cheeks and blue balls -...
Posted On 08/19/2018 16:57:53 by CutenLovelyYetHorny
Hi! I write and illustrate with an anime software a sweet but rather hard tease an denial story including chastity in a gentle femdom loving atmosphere. It's in french, and english speaking people can also download a captioned summary! Below are also links to my "normal" english stories.
I've made advertisement from april to july, now it's all here! I believe this will more appeal to people closer to my world, introvert sub fantasies in their early 20's rather than married couple playing in m... Read More

Chastity Shopping
Posted On 05/05/2018 13:29:45 by ElStix
Greetings to A/all. I've been interested in orgasm denial and chastity for years now. I had an old profile here with a lot of writings, but I started a new one because I lost my password! So, I've been speaking with someone new. She is devious, cute, and sweet. I have two different plastic cages, but they both seem unfit for long-term wear. Miss wants me to find something I can enjoy comfortably for longer periods. I've been sharing links with Her but some of the seel ones seem so pric... Read More

Something New
Posted On 05/02/2018 23:39:44 by ElStix
Here I sit. Sitting on my hands. Or rather, hammering away at my keyboard. Miss has ordered no touching and I'm inclined to obey. How did it all start? I responed to an ad on another website for submissive males interested in used panties. We chatted. I mentioned chastity and other fetishes. Turns out she's a size queen. I've been on one hell of a dry spell. She has informed me that I'm not well equipped enough to satisfy her. She's local. She's devious and cute. I'm entranced. I'm trying t... Read More

Our Life
Posted On 05/12/2017 07:53:36 by edgedontcum
My Wife and i of 25 years, have finally recently embarked on the lifestyle we should have embraced years ago. We are both very much enjoying our lives together now. She has fully embraced and is enjoying Her role as my Superior and Domiant Wife. i have relinquished virtually all of my previous "freedoms", and am so glad that i have. i cannot leave the house without Her (i am retired). i am allowed to spend a lot of time in our bedroom, masturbating and looking at porn, as long as i ask permissio... Read More

Face to face. a Femdom fiction. Parts one and two
Posted On 07/05/2016 09:52:27 by bus-boy00
The door bell chimed, he took one step back composed himself and took three deep breaths. The Square of frosted glass lit orange and he heard footsteps approaching. He swallowed.They had met online some couple of months previous and instantly liked each other . He appealed to her sensually dominant side, she wanted to respect and enjoy the men in her life . She also wanted to pull them closer, to wrap them around her little finger.She appealed to his submissive. The little boy inside who craved... Read More

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