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Posted On 05/22/2017 17:06:16 by SenecaSky
I had an orgasm last night. First in a week. Not a long stretch and the only reason I got one if because I was tossing and turning all night and in the past, orgasms sometimes help me to fall asleep. I woke up my husband (who was a bit cranky at me) to ask permission and once given, I fell to servicing myself. I was pretty disappointed. It was a rather ho-hum orgasm and didn't do jack squat to help me to fall asleep. I'm frustrated now that I even asked! :(... Read More

My day off
Posted On 05/22/2017 17:05:39 by SenecaSky
May 15th
Had a fantastic couple of orgasms last night. I expected my body to feel back to normal today, but even though I haven't edged today (taking a day off) I still want to touch myself, and I still feel slightly crampy. I'm getting a brazilian done on Friday, so I'm planning to not edge Wednesday and Thursday so that I'm not all swollen and wet down there when I got to get it done. Hoping a few days off will calm my body down. ... Read More

Lots of edges today
Posted On 05/22/2017 17:04:09 by SenecaSky
May 14th
Hubby was finally feeling well enough to fuck me today. I was waiting for him to get out of the shower so I laid on the bed and surfed the edge for about 10 minutes. It felt fantastic and very frustrating. Then hubby comes out and fucks me over the edge of the bed and tells me to keep edging until he came. I got to 44 edges before he came.I was almost crying by the time he got there. I asked him if I could cum and he said no. I could barely walk to the bathroom afterwards, my legs we... Read More

Up till now...
Posted On 05/19/2017 19:52:07 by SenecaSky
I'm posting my blog posts from another site here as this site gets much more traffic. I'll continue to update as we go along. There's 5 or 6 posts here so far. May 11thWe had explosive sex that night! Amazing, hot, yummy, touch me and I'm gonna explode kind of sex. My husband was over the moon. I enjoy wearing butt plugs and have one in most of the day. So, if I need to do a no-touch day, the plug can keep me mildly aroused and mindful of keeping myself ready for my husband when he gets hom... Read More

Moments that take your breath away
Posted On 06/12/2016 05:02:34 by sticky
I've been incredibly horny lately. I blame my new laptop. It's like I can bring my kinks with me wherever I go. Oops, What if someone gussed my password? Enough about me. Tonight I bore witness to my neighbors hound, loose in the streets. Kind neighbor that I am, I escorted the pup to its home. To find neighbors wife passed out on the couch. Her legs were spread wide as if in eager invitation. Naked below the waist. Door wide open. Least I could do is shut the door behind me. Hoping she's s... Read More

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