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1/21 O after two months denied
Posted On 01/23/2018 13:41:10 by SenecaSky
I want to say my last real O was in October. There have been a couple unintentional ruins since that time, but I've been very good otherwise. I am supposed to edge every day, at least three times. Hubby left it up to me how many more above that I want to do, and I've gotta say, I always do a lot more than that! One of our new rules is that I have to be wearing either a butt plug or benwa balls at all times. I'm never to be doing without one or the other. My other responsibility was to get m... Read More

Long Hard Weeks/Months since last got to cum
Posted On 07/01/2017 03:04:53 by AlexGuy25
Many Long Hard Weeks Now Become Months Without Any Cumming
Just realized I haven't ejaculated in sooooo long I honestly cannot remember how long it's been! For sure it's been at least 3 or 4 weeks since I last cum. Perhaps more like 2 months I've now gone without any cumming nor orgasm. Just been busy and/or distracted by life's happenings. Finally alone for a couple hours and thinking I really 'should' jack off while I have a chance, during this rare moment of privacy. After all, I 'deserve'... Read More

Self denial
Posted On 08/06/2012 00:45:21 by ukboi
I wanted to start a new period of self denial to see if I had enough self control to go a few days without orgasm. I usually have multiple orgasms in one day so any period of denial is hard for me. So far I have reached a week! Much longer than I thought I would have been able to go orgasm free. I haven't worn my chastity device but have managed no to touch myself at all. It is now getting very hard though. I have a constant blue balls pain and my balls feel very heavy and hard. I haven't s... Read More

day 50
Posted On 05/24/2011 05:09:09 by tieguy15
well, i made it to day 50 without any form of an orgasm! my balls feel so full and ache all the time.  i am constantly thinking about jerking off!  my cock is rock hard as i am writing this blog!  this is my personal best denial time!  i am suffering from blue balls at least twice a day, i have to excerise total control to keep from jacking off. i feel so masculine with my balls so full of backed up sperm! it is such a Macho feeling having my balls ache in a way that only a... Read More

day 30
Posted On 03/30/2011 02:58:13 by tieguy15
well, i am almost at my record of 36 days. my balls ache so badly when i get up with morning wood, my erections are so hard, and my cock, as well as my balls have a purple tint to them. i can't help but think about jerking off all day long, especially if a broad with big tits, nice ass is around, hell any broad for that matter. i feel like my cock is half erect in my slacks all day long. my balls ache on and off through out the day.....it makes me feel so Macho to have such a full set of nuts!... Read More

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