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eBay Special - Almost Full Erection Chastity Device?
Posted On 09/19/2017 19:20:21 by Vengash
I came across (ha!) an eBay ad selling a metal cock cage that ~almost~ looks as if the cage would support a full erection.  Certainly, it points outward like a gun making a full erection more of a possibility compared to similar devices - which nearly all point downward.  Obviously, this device is highly impractical for stealthy chastity - and quite possibly other functions as well.  But, in the privacy of home the general idea seems interesting - perhaps worth a try.  They s... Read More

Goals a work in progress
Posted On 09/19/2017 02:23:27 by sissy_in_texas
This is very rough and not final by any means.
Goal 1....work on my physical health.  I will walk at least 15000 steps per day and do a set of lunches and planks at lunch each day.  Goal 2 ..... Work on my financial health.  I will put 10 dollars into savings each day.  This is to be used for on my dom/domme as they see fit, if and when I become property to them.Goal 3....abstain from self pleasure.  This probably the hardest but I will not bring myself to an orgasm o... Read More

Just one more
Posted On 09/15/2017 17:39:19 by stubstroker
I will stop with this verse, at least until She commands more.

She taps the key upon the lockThat She has used to trap Her cockAnd says one day She’ll get a kickAnd watch you suck another’s dickYou can’t refuse what can you doShe is your Goddess She owns youFor years now you have lived to pleaseAs She fulfills all of your dreamsNo matter what She really thinksShe indulges all of your kink... Read More

Yet another poem
Posted On 09/15/2017 17:35:18 by stubstroker
Thank you all for indulging me.

          Goddes s
Porcelain skin with a mane of fireBewitching smile bright eyes conspireShe is all that is desireThe curve of Her hipThe tip of Her nipsMakes the strongest hearts skipHer trap is set there’s no evasionThere is no hope of salvationYou can’t escape your destinationShe draws you in just the sameAs all the others who yet remainTrapped like moths in Her flameAnd even when She holds the doo... Read More

Another poem
Posted On 09/15/2017 17:21:52 by stubstroker
I was instructed to post this as well. Maybe we should have a poetry challenge? Any thoghts?I'll always cherish that fateful day
When I gave all to Madame K
She used a cage and locked away
Her property I will stay
Cold steel bars contort Her cock
They crush and pinch yet remain locked
Goddess smiles dances with glee
as Her cock shrinks from atrophy
Her ball swell up Her joy is plain
For with these orbs She'll inflict pain
Aching nipples hard an sore
as Goddess fl... Read More

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