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Not Quite
Posted On 11/21/2017 18:43:00 by MsPamela
It has been a difficult month for hubby.  His perfectly ruined orgasm early in the month provided no real release - by the next day he was as just as horny as ever.  Most nights I pinch his nipples and play with his balls until he starts to leak precum, then kiss him goodnight and leave him throbbing in his cage.  But that's nothing compared to how desperate he gets when I unlock him.  His cock instantly stands at attention, and in moments I have him right at the edge. ... Read More

Whoops - had to hide the bondage board from the repairman
Posted On 11/18/2017 14:03:15 by Vengash
Supplemental note:  I called the heating repairman yesterday.  Just as I finished the call I had a passing thought of putting away The Machine (my elaborate bondage setup).  As soon as the thought came I dismissed it believing that he'd never need to see or check anything beyond the furnace located downstairs.   My bondage room/office is upstairs.  So, I left everything in place.   Whoops.  He needed to check all the vents in every room. D=Amazingly, I got him... Read More

Sexual Activity Report 8
Posted On 11/16/2017 19:52:43 by Vengash
My last so called orgasm was three days ago.    I haven't officially scheduled the next hands free cum - but they have been spaced about a week apart.   Mostly, I've been working at my job and putting some time into The Machine - consolidating all the electronic components into one electronic device.  There is a lot to do - and this doesn't get into the firmware and the possibility of software control.   There's a lot of potential here.   I wonder if I could get ang... Read More

Sexual Activity Report 7
Posted On 11/12/2017 19:03:51 by Vengash
My last report covers up to November 5th.  At the time of this writing - It’s the morning of November 12.  Where did the time go?   Well, I have to report something significant - but it didn’t involve any type of direct stimulation to my cock - well, not initially anyway.   On, November 8th, I visited xHamster to delete an old video - and also consider publishing some of the videos I’ve been building that include my hands free cuming sessions superimposed onto... Read More

A Good Start
Posted On 11/12/2017 04:34:35 by MsPamela
November is off to a nice start!  Hubby is spending the month locked up, with no chance of a real orgasm until December.  We've also started a new morning routine.  It starts with breakfast in bed, hubby sitting naked at the foot of the bed, my feet resting in his lap.  He massages my feet and calves as I eat, while I do my best to make him squirm as his cock strains against its confines.  When I've finished eating, hubby runs a bath for me and I relax as he washes my bo... Read More

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