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A Denied Diary
Posted On 02/19/2018 13:43:52 by ObedienceIsPleasure
What I do right now is something I had in mind for a long time already. Sadly my daily schedule doesn´t give me alot of time. This time, it is different. Since it will propably be a pretty long denial period I will go through (no one knows how long yet), I decided to finally start my own blog. I was denied already for nearly 3 months, but there was no edging or even touching involved. This time, it will propably be different and the idea is to find out how long I can go with touching and edging... Read More

Draining Then Denial Challenge
Posted On 02/14/2018 20:10:13 by Ozryck
I had an idea for a game that unowned males might play.  First, cum fifty times. Yes, I said fifty. Obviously, that's going to take some time, which is where the fun is. Keep track of the day you start, and also how many times you were able to jack off each day. They have to be full orgasms, too--ruined ones don't count. Fifty full ejaculations, as fast as you can pump them out. Then when you get to fifty, stop. The denial part starts the next day. Go back over your reco... Read More

The Sex Store!
Posted On 02/05/2018 14:26:12 by SenecaSky
Several years ago, pre-kinky lifestyle, you would have been hard pressed to get me into an adult toy store. But the other day, my husband was a tad grumpy about some mundane thing and so I sidled up to him and wispered in his ear, "let's go look at butt plugs". He definitely perked up. Maybe it's age or familiarity or realizing that these places just aren't that damn scary, but a switch flipped for me at some point. I enjoy looking at everything now and don't mind when employees come over to hel... Read More

70 and going strong
Posted On 02/03/2018 10:26:08 by Billus
Here I am now at seventy days since my last orgasm. I'm finding it mostly very easy. Only every few days do I feel sufficiently aroused enough to think about it at all, and if I just occupy my mind with other tasks, the mood vanishes quickly enough. Ms Donna has denied me any method of arousal such as looking at erotic images, etc. This actually does help immensely, since I just don't think about masturbating much at the moment. I don't foresee any problems with pushing on to 100 days, as she ha... Read More

60 and counting
Posted On 01/24/2018 04:37:31 by Billus
Today marks sixty days since my last orgasm (by masturbation). I'm on course to push ahead to seventy, marking ten weeks since I've ejaculated. The only semen I've expressed during this time has been a single drip which was the result of anal stimulation with a dildo (larger than my own penis, of course) nearly three weeks ago. Otherwise the well has been dry. Physically, it's all been very straightforward - no stimulation of my little penis, no orgasm. Mentally however, the landscape has been v... Read More

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