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Prostate Removal
Posted On 06/04/2019 05:41:27 by Billus
I've been debating for some time about writing this post, but in the end I decided, why not? Maybe someone else is or will be in the same boat and might be reassured to have a firsthand account like mine. If nothing else, it does have a link to chastity and being denied.
So I'd like to talk about the prostate. As I'm sure you know, it's a walnut-sized organ that wraps around the urethra. When a man takes a whiz, the urine flows down from the bladder, literally passing through the prostate, li... Read More

2018 Tour of Duty - a retrospective on controlled releases
Posted On 05/10/2019 01:54:29 by kajiruspet

Cupcake reports into The Mistress with the year’s denial stats for her amusement: 
·        Just 6 squirts permitted across the year (5 supervised & 1 via the FF reward) – a new record of the least times a boy has ever squirted in a year since adolescence, so in over 3 decades!!!!
·        2 missed squirt opportunities:
o    1 missed for the little cocklet being so small, slipping out of the... Read More

2017 Tour of Duty - a retrospective on controlled releases
Posted On 05/10/2019 01:45:17 by kajiruspet
Cupcake reports into The Mistress with the 2017 stats:  ·        351 days spent chaste and currently 315 consecutive denied days!! (The Mistress wasn’t kidding when she instructed: “a regular once a day cum for you for the next fortnight, then back on track with the denial…”) ·        2 x chaste period records broken: o    156 days which ended in February having roll over form 2016 o  &nb... Read More

How common is it for a woman to have a foot fetish?
Posted On 05/08/2019 17:03:35 by Vengash
Despite not having XX chormosomes or having any type of foot fetish  -  I'd say it almost never occurs that a woman has a foot fetish (with an emphasis on never).   But, if we're talking about a transgender woman then I'd say that's a different story - and quite possible/probable.  Going back to 2006 I can see this now (the Cyclobots whispered in my ear).  That seems to make sense to me.   Not that it bothers me a bit - or anything like that.  It's just interes... Read More

dream last night
Posted On 03/19/2019 16:11:58 by littlecaltoy
It's been a long time since I've had a full orgasm. the horniess is getting to me in a very deep way. Last night, I had this dream that I was wearing a chastity belt - not a cage but full belt. I've never worn one of those before. I was trying it on over my underware in my bathroom and checking it out in the mirror. It was stainless steel and very strong. I realized that there was no way I could get out of that thing! I had the key in my dream, so i was planning on taking it off and putting it o... Read More

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