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A Special Treat
Posted On 04/16/2018 18:03:58 by MsPamela
Last night I gave hubby a blowjob.  I don't do that very often, perhaps because I never feel very confident in my technique.  I just feel I have more control when using my hands, plus I like my face being near his so that I can whisper in his ear and listen to his moans.  But every once in a while the mood strikes me, and last night was one of those nights.
What made it even more unusual was that I didn't unlock him.  I started with his balls, licking them and sucking them... Read More

A New Cage
Posted On 04/14/2018 11:03:38 by MsPamela
Most of the time hubby is on the honor system.  It's simple and works perfectly well for our normal routine.  I allow him to cum about once a week, which is a nice duration for us: long enough that the desire has had time to build, but not so long that it tests his self control.  I also mix it up a little so that there's always some uncertainty.  Sometimes I'll make him wait a few extra days, or once in a while I'll be generous and let him have orgasms two days in a row. ... Read More

I really miss it.
Posted On 04/14/2018 08:45:23 by cincy
My wife is doing good, and gets a little better each day, but she is a long way from her usual standards reguarding tease and denial.  I usually get teased and denied multiple times a day and I also get a wonderful pee treat every morning.  I really miss it…I love being really horny and on edge all the time.  She said I could take a Viagra and bend her over the edge of the bed Wednesday morning after her shower.  I hope she doesn’t force me to give her a ruined orgasm…s... Read More

[Chapter 2] French illustrated story + images to download
Posted On 04/09/2018 12:59:50 by CutenLovelyYetHorny
Title says it all! Sorry for "spam", I realized you need an account to see NSFW tumblr blog, so I'll have no choice that to advertise every few chapters out, especially in the beginning.***
Voici la suite! Le chapitre 2 est fait, je me suis mélangé les pinceaux dans la première archive au niveau des images, maintenant c’est bon! L’archive cryptée n’est pas une erreur ;-)
Chapter 2 is done! There were misplaced images in chapter one, now it’s all right! Sor... Read More

A Messy Diary
Posted On 03/31/2018 05:33:05 by ObedienceIsPleasure
As the title says, today was the big day. Miss Annika told me like 2 weeks ago, that I will be allowed to cum today. So the past couple of days were really hard, which is why I was locked up pretty much the entire time. Thanks to a flu, that got me during the week, I had no problems to stay locked because I really had other things in mind as to be horny. Unfortanetly that same flu was the reason why everything went a bit different as it was planned.Miss Annika really had something special in sto... Read More

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